Serendipity Doll – Tessa


Mid week Serendipity! I may put dolls up through the week .. breaks things up a bit ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyhow, this is Tessa and she is up for Serendipity today. What is a Serendipity Doll? Well, it’s a doll for sale but the buyer is chosen via a raffle. So, if you are interested in Miss Tessa here – put your name on the bottom of this blog post and not on the picture! One comment per household please ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll draw Tessa’s new family tomorrow night at 8pm PDT.






124 responses to “Serendipity Doll – Tessa”

  1. Ida Norwood Avatar
    Ida Norwood

    I’m new to Bamboletta Dolls but am really excited about the beautiful dolls you create. I would love to receive Tessa into my family. My little girl is all grown up and I need a little girl to share with my nieces and nephews and to keep me company! Thanks for the chance. Ida Norwood

  2. Kristen C. Avatar
    Kristen C.

    loving the red hair! again, so pretty!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Tami D. in Ohio Avatar
    Tami D. in Ohio

    Would love the chance – love her hair! So cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. stephanie K Avatar
    stephanie K

    Would love her too!

  5. Lara Avatar

    Tessa baby dolly….we would love to have you too!

  6. Rebecca jennison Avatar
    Rebecca jennison

    Tessa we would love to bring you home!!!!!!

  7. tara ess Avatar
    tara ess

    love these red-heads! xoxo

  8. rickiann roush Avatar
    rickiann roush

    hooray so is a beauty

  9. Kelli W-S Avatar
    Kelli W-S

    Tessa is so sweet! We’d love to have her at home with us!

  10. Lesley wheeler Avatar
    Lesley wheeler

    We sooooo want a red head!!!! Thanks for the chance!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Amy D Avatar
    Amy D

    Oh my is she cute!

  12. Ace E. Avatar
    Ace E.

    Thanks for the chance.

  13. Elizabeth B Avatar
    Elizabeth B

    Love her too!

  14. Vanessa Avatar


  15. kathlin Avatar

    she’d fit right into my house full of gingers

  16. Michelle H. Avatar
    Michelle H.

    She is just lovely and I adore her outfit!

  17. Athena Avatar

    Cute girl!

  18. Katie B. Avatar
    Katie B.


  19. Cheryl Ch Avatar
    Cheryl Ch

    Please Tessa come to live w/ us!

  20. Angela Y. Avatar

    Two reds in one day I am beside myself…please be me.

  21. Monique Avatar

    Love the hair and matching outfit!

  22. Melissa H. Avatar
    Melissa H.

    <3 <3 <3 great gal!

  23. Wendy Avatar

    yes please

  24. regan Avatar


  25. Rhonda Avatar

    We’d love to have her!

  26. Ava B. Avatar
    Ava B.

    I love her. I love the red hair.

  27. Samantha C Avatar
    Samantha C

    LOVE, LOVE her!!! She needs to come to TX ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Erica Avatar

    Oooh gorgeous!

  29. Rachel Joy Avatar
    Rachel Joy

    She is seriously ca-ute! Beautiful work once again Team Bambo! Love her!

  30. Tonya Avatar

    Such a cutie!

  31. mark Avatar

    she is beautiful

  32. Jenn L Avatar
    Jenn L

    tessa is so pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Lisa Avatar


  34. Vanessa Giasi Avatar

    Ok, we’ll get our hopes up!

  35. Jaime Thomas Avatar
    Jaime Thomas

    Please enter us!

  36. Melissa Avatar

    Thanks for the chance!

  37. Paula Avatar

    Love red hair!

  38. Jennifer Kundert Avatar
    Jennifer Kundert

    Beautiful! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. Corrine Avatar

    Pls include us for a chance to will this Devine lil girl

  40. Crystal Kareem Avatar
    Crystal Kareem

    Would Love…Love…Love 2 have her for my baby girl, Zoe x0x0x0’s

  41. Jennifer Thibodeaux Avatar
    Jennifer Thibodeaux

    what a cutie:)love her hair

  42. Tanya Walery Avatar
    Tanya Walery

    wow, 2 red head serendips! My red head daughter loves these

  43. Deborah Johnston Avatar
    Deborah Johnston

    She can find a nice home here.:)

  44. Andrea Avatar

    redheads x2!!! My redhead would melt for a redhead bambo!

  45. FLR Avatar


  46. Julie Avatar

    She’s precious, I’d love her to pieces!!

  47. Molly Avatar

    Love the red hair and blue eyes!!

  48. anar Avatar

    So cute!

  49. Jen Avatar

    Oh Tessa! She is a beauty! : )

  50. Chantelle Avatar

    love the funky red hair!

  51. Hanna J Avatar
    Hanna J

    She’s gorgeous and we would LOVE her!

  52. Michelle Avatar

    Tessa~you are a lovely girl! Pick us;)

  53. susie reed Avatar
    susie reed

    Love the redheads!!! Please me:)

  54. Jessica K Avatar
    Jessica K

    She is adorable!

  55. jacqueline Avatar

    Love the red hair!

  56. Jamie Montei Whalen Avatar
    Jamie Montei Whalen

    Come play with us Tessa!

  57. Heather H. Avatar
    Heather H.

    Such a sweet face!

  58. Amanda H Avatar
    Amanda H

    I’m typing this one handed while holding my daughter so I’ll keep it short, we would LOVE to be able to love her! <3

  59. Jess Avatar

    She is very lovely! Love the outfit, face, hair everything!

  60. Jill Avatar

    She is adorable.. I would so love to have a crayola red sweetie come to my house.

  61. Natalie Avatar

    What a little stunner! how can anyone not LOVE redhair.

  62. Sarah Avatar


  63. Sue Avatar

    We’d love Tessa for our redheaded little girl –

  64. Jeanne Kimble Avatar
    Jeanne Kimble

    The red hair is awesome!

  65. Angela Simpson Avatar
    Angela Simpson

    Adorably cute! Would love her!

  66. Nadija Avatar

    Hope I get lucky this would be my grand daughters first doll

  67. JennyO Avatar

    We would adore to have Tessa in the house! Fingers crossed…

  68. PC Avatar

    Kawaiiiiiiiiii !!!!

  69. Craig Avatar

    My girls would love this doll. Here’s hoping.

  70. Allison Avatar

    love her!

  71. Lori O. Avatar
    Lori O.

    โ€œI wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.โ€ ~Yves Saint Laurent

  72. Kelly Avatar

    The little girl in all of us – spices i love her

  73. Debby L. Avatar
    Debby L.

    Sign me up, Please….Thanks

  74. Jaime Avatar

    Please enter me! Another perfect match for my beautiful daughter!

  75. Kelsey Avatar

    I love her colors!

  76. Sarah Fitzpatrick Avatar
    Sarah Fitzpatrick

    Love that red hair !

  77. Teri Avatar

    I think serendipities are my only hope for a doll lately. Here’s to crossing my fingers for this one – she’s a sweetheart!!

  78. Jen Avatar

    Love the hair!!! She will be very loved in our house.

  79. Kimber Avatar

    Soo cute! Thank you so much for the chance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Theresa S Avatar
    Theresa S

    I love her sweet face!

  81. Nicole Goodsell Avatar
    Nicole Goodsell


  82. Dianne Avatar

    Sweet , sweet, Tessa……….hoping she could come here !!!

  83. Denise Avatar

    Closing in on a year of trying for a beautiful baby like you. Thanks so much for this chance!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. Tracy Avatar

    Thank you for doing a few mid-week. I’m never online on Sunday and would love the opportunity to get this cutie!

  85. Rei Tsou-Pfund Avatar

    Thank you for the chance! we LOVE Bamboletta!!! She is so beautiful ๐Ÿ˜‰

  86. Jennifer Avatar

    Really, really cute!

  87. Stacey Poortenga Avatar
    Stacey Poortenga


  88. Mary Jane Pilgrim Avatar
    Mary Jane Pilgrim

    Love the strawberry girl!

  89. Donna W Avatar
    Donna W

    cute, cute, cute

  90. Kathleen M Avatar
    Kathleen M

    she’s perfect too!

  91. Melissa Andersson Avatar
    Melissa Andersson


  92. Sarah F Avatar
    Sarah F


  93. Sally Avatar

    Count me in!

  94. Cathy O Avatar
    Cathy O


  95. marita Avatar

    my sister has red hair and blue eyes!

  96. Christine M Avatar
    Christine M

    Loooove her!!!

  97. Katie Rogers Avatar
    Katie Rogers

    Love this girl, thanks for the chance!

  98. Heather Truelove Avatar
    Heather Truelove

    Love Her!!!

  99. Lori Avatar

    Thanks for the chance, C! ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Melinda Avatar

    Would love her!!

  101. Brenda Avatar

    Love Tessa’s red hair with the touch of purple!

  102. Fiona Avatar

    Love her red hair and outfit

  103. Carrie Mc Wright Avatar
    Carrie Mc Wright


  104. Miriam Avatar


  105. Melissa Avatar

    Love that little face!!!

  106. crystal kareem Avatar
    crystal kareem

    Love her want her

  107. Tracy Avatar

    Yes, please! Gorgeous!!!

  108. Rebecca Avatar

    So sweet! I love her!

  109. Gemma Avatar

    I love her!

  110. Pam Avatar

    Love her hair do! Thank you for the chance.

  111. Cait Avatar

    So pretty.

  112. Alyson Avatar


  113. Penelope Haynes Avatar
    Penelope Haynes

    Me please. She pretty.

  114. Esther Avatar

    She’s lovely

  115. Barbara Avatar

    So cute!!!

  116. Angela B Avatar
    Angela B

    Fingers crossed!

  117. Mary Tschakert Avatar

    I am in my sixties and have always loved dolls. Tessa would have a good home and would be well taken care of.

  118. Kathy Avatar

    Very cute!

  119. Debra Stallings Avatar

    Love these redhead babies. Would love to have either one..Pretty Please..

  120. Justine Semple Avatar
    Justine Semple

    Just how funky is her red hair ….LOVE HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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