Serendipity Doll – Penelope


Long story but Penelope became available again – I think there will be a bunch of you lovely ladies happy to see a pinky up for Serendipity! If you are interested in buying Penelope please leave your comment at the end of this blog (not on the picture). Please, one comment per family. I’ll draw a name on Sunday June 17th at 8pm PDT. Doll is $200 plus shipping.

If you see ‘Comment awaiting moderation’ don’t sweat! It just means that I have to manually approve it and that can take me a few hours if I’m away from my laptop.

Good luck!






213 responses to “Serendipity Doll – Penelope”

  1. Sharon Cahoon Avatar
    Sharon Cahoon

    She’s lovely! Tried so hard to get one, but upload was too slow. Crossing my fingers!

  2. Teri Avatar

    Can I seriously be the first to comment???? Maybe that will bring me some luck! I love her!!!!

  3. Jennifer Obrien Avatar
    Jennifer Obrien

    oh wow my dream doll pink hair aand blue eyse ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jessica McDonald Avatar
    Jessica McDonald

    We love her! Tried once again this week but my office computer is to slow…. Fingers Crossed! <3 : )

  5. erin kimmons Avatar
    erin kimmons

    oh my

  6. Tami D. in Ohio Avatar
    Tami D. in Ohio

    Love this girlie and think it would be great if she were our first Bambo! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. anar Avatar


  8. Rhonda Avatar

    She’s a dream!

  9. Jaime Thomas Avatar
    Jaime Thomas

    She is just divine!

  10. Kristen Avatar

    Would looooove to give her a good home! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Melinda guthman Avatar
    Melinda guthman

    Love her!

  12. Anne Sopiarz Avatar
    Anne Sopiarz

    She is adorable! Love her hair!

  13. Jennifer Chesla Avatar
    Jennifer Chesla

    Please come to live with us. It was love at first sight ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Vanessa Giasi Avatar

    We would love to have her!

  15. regan Avatar

    please take my newbie status

  16. Stephanie Avatar

    I would love her. I LOVE the pink hair!

  17. Hanna C Avatar
    Hanna C

    She is absolutely gorgeous and we would love her!

  18. Frank Avatar

    My little girl wants a blue eyed doll!

  19. Amy G Avatar
    Amy G

    omg. absolutely gorgeous. someone’s gonna be very, very happy! =)

  20. Julie S Avatar
    Julie S

    Our dream doll!!! Fingers crossed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Diana Avatar

    Gorgeous pinky dreads!

  22. Ashli Avatar

    Pink hair with blue eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Tiphini Avatar


  24. Meaghan mcdowall Avatar
    Meaghan mcdowall

    Love her!!

  25. Bethany Hilkert Avatar
    Bethany Hilkert

    I believe in pink! ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Carrie Avatar

    I would LOVE to welcome her to our home!

  27. Erica Avatar

    Me please!

  28. Esther Avatar

    She’s perfectly pink and beautiful!

  29. Sarah Fitzpatrick Avatar
    Sarah Fitzpatrick

    Me please !!!

  30. Rachel Joy Avatar
    Rachel Joy

    Oh so pretty in pink. Looove!

  31. linda jones Avatar
    linda jones


  32. Cassandra Avatar

    Us please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Travis Avatar

    Very cute.

  34. Lindsey Jordan Avatar
    Lindsey Jordan

    Love this sweetie! Would love to give her a home ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Christina Kinser Avatar
    Christina Kinser

    We would love to welcome her into her forever home! She is beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Lindsay Avatar

    We’d love to have her!

  37. Deborah Johnston Avatar
    Deborah Johnston

    LOve the pink. please come home to me.

  38. Barbara H Avatar
    Barbara H

    Would LOVE a chance to bring Penelope home! Pink hair and beige skin- what more could a girl ask for?!

  39. Tiffany L Avatar
    Tiffany L

    She is gorgeous! We lover her.

  40. Heather Avatar

    Fingers crossed!

  41. April C. Avatar
    April C.

    LOVE her!!

  42. Rebecca jennison Avatar
    Rebecca jennison

    A dream doll!!!!!!!

  43. Vanessa Avatar

    Wow! Love her!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Tawnya Avatar

    Love her!

  45. Lea Gose Avatar
    Lea Gose


  46. Tiffany Avatar

    My daughter’s name was almost Penelope! Taking it as a sign and giving this thing a try!

  47. Anne Avatar

    She’s beautiful! We would love her forever!

  48. Amy Fisher Avatar
    Amy Fisher

    Yes oh yes oh yes please ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Stacy Avatar

    She is gorgeous!

  50. Ace E. Avatar
    Ace E.

    Thanks for the chance.

  51. Michelle c Avatar
    Michelle c


  52. Tracy Avatar

    Love her sweet pinkie hair!!

  53. Kylie C Avatar
    Kylie C

    Love her, this was Bella’s fav this week. Hope to bring her home!!!

  54. Dana Avatar

    Oh I’d love her. I tried for one of the other pinky’s this week. I <3 her!

  55. Abbi Avatar

    Love the pink girls! We would give her a happy home ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Michelle Dierker Avatar
    Michelle Dierker

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! She’s beautiful and we’d love to give her a new home! ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Talisha Cunningham Avatar
    Talisha Cunningham

    My daughter is in love with her. We would love to bring her to our home. Love the pink.

  58. shannon Avatar

    Please enter me! We’re hoping to name our future baby girl Penelope, and she would be perfect <3

  59. Molly Avatar

    My daughter would love some pinky!!

  60. Melissa Avatar

    yes, please ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. carrie Avatar

    cute <3

  62. Amanda H Avatar
    Amanda H

    She is gorgeous and has the most BEAUTIFUL hair! We would love, love, love to have her!!! She might be the only thing my daughter loves more than her big brother ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Shannon Avatar

    She’s beautiful!

  64. Katie G. Avatar
    Katie G.

    I LOVE this one! This was a great upload in general but this one is really special. Fingers are crossed!

  65. rhonda hendrix Avatar
    rhonda hendrix

    i want..i want..i wanna so bad. perfect for us.

  66. Cheryl Avatar

    Super duper adorable!!

  67. nadia Avatar

    Ok, there is hope!!!!!! I’ve lost count of how many weeks I’ve tried for…pick me!!

  68. Ashley Avatar

    She is super cute!!

  69. megan gillikin Avatar
    megan gillikin

    Pink, my favorite

  70. Rebecca Billington Avatar
    Rebecca Billington

    yes please!

  71. Steph Avatar

    She would make me the most fabulous birthday present! Love her.

  72. Elaine Avatar

    Would love to have her in the family.

  73. Sarah Avatar

    She’s devine!

  74. Christina W. Avatar
    Christina W.

    Love, love her!

  75. Tanya Walery Avatar
    Tanya Walery


  76. Valerie Avatar

    Such a pretty little girly!!

  77. Debby L. Avatar
    Debby L.

    Heehee..We are a fan of pink in this house!!

  78. Courtney Avatar

    I’ll take her!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. tara ess Avatar
    tara ess

    looove her!

  80. Jenifer Avatar

    She is sooooo cute. ๐Ÿ™‚ we’d love her!

  81. Jaclyn Avatar

    WOW! She is BEAUTIFUL and DD would LOVE her!! Love the pink hair and blue eyes! This would be perfect for our first bamboletta doll!

  82. Desiree Avatar

    She is exactly what I envision for our first doll! I love her hair color and texture. ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. Amy D Avatar
    Amy D

    Such a sweet girl. Love to have her.

  84. jen Avatar

    Pink is my daughters favorite color!

  85. Lisa Delcourt Avatar
    Lisa Delcourt

    Love her!

  86. Melissa Elliott Avatar
    Melissa Elliott

    pick us!

  87. Angela Avatar

    Wow, we need this girl!

  88. Janet Avatar

    I think she might be the dream baby doll for us!

  89. Natalie Avatar

    I love her, what a little pink fluff ball.

  90. Jennifer Kundert Avatar
    Jennifer Kundert

    Love, Love, Love!

  91. Lisa Avatar

    She is gorgeous. My Ava would love the pink hair.

  92. Julia Avatar

    Love her!

  93. Melissa H. Avatar
    Melissa H.

    I wanted to name our girl Penelope…

  94. Chrystel Avatar


  95. Carrie Mc W Avatar
    Carrie Mc W


  96. Tam Totter Avatar
    Tam Totter

    Yes please ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. Anna Lindsay Keen Avatar
    Anna Lindsay Keen

    Love her!!!

  98. Ida Norwood Avatar
    Ida Norwood

    love to have her!

  99. Jennifer Thibodeaux Avatar
    Jennifer Thibodeaux

    Waiting for you:) love your hair:)

  100. Mandy M. Avatar

    Gotta love the sweet little light pinky. You’d be in hiding until Christmas, but I promise to take you out and give hugs.

  101. Amy E. Avatar
    Amy E.

    We would love a pink gal ๐Ÿ™‚ So pretty!!!

  102. katie Avatar

    My little one turns 3 on Monday and I am SO hoping you will be a surprise bday gift!!!

  103. Chantelle Avatar

    …..and now toes crossed too ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. Melissa Avatar

    Would absolutely love her!

  105. Athena Avatar

    Would love a dreamy pink girl for my little ones!

  106. Penelope Haynes Avatar
    Penelope Haynes

    I tried so hard to get her. I need her to come live with me. She has my name. I need her. Please please pretty please

  107. Andrea Avatar

    so, so sweet…….

  108. Lissa T Avatar
    Lissa T

    Pure love!

  109. Amy Avatar

    So cute!

  110. Jill Avatar

    She is adorable.. I love those pinkies..DGD would LOVE her. !

  111. Nancy K Avatar
    Nancy K

    Yay, thx for the second chance at a pink gal… she’s lovely!

  112. Krista M Avatar
    Krista M

    So cute!!!

  113. Lauren W Avatar
    Lauren W

    Gorgeous! <3

  114. Ann K. Avatar
    Ann K.

    I fall for those blue eyes an pink hair every time.

  115. Jennifer Avatar

    wow cotton candy sweetness!

  116. Cheryl Clinton Avatar
    Cheryl Clinton

    Would love her for my daughter! Pink & Blonde what’s not to love!!!

  117. Staci Avatar

    Now that is a lovely girl!!

  118. Jenny Avatar

    Such a pretty pretty girl!

  119. Nicole Merryman Avatar
    Nicole Merryman

    Oh sweet Penelope…please come here to be my daughter Kaia’s best friend forever!!

  120. Barbara Avatar

    We love her!!!

  121. Fatmah Benkaram Avatar
    Fatmah Benkaram

    Oh please please, she’s so lovely ! <3

  122. Ruth Collar Avatar
    Ruth Collar

    Us please!

  123. charlotte's doll Avatar
    charlotte’s doll

    would be the perfect 1st bamboletta doll for us! yes, yes, yes… keeping fingers crossed

  124. Jason Avatar

    For my daughter.

  125. Allison Avatar

    so sweet!! we would love her

  126. Louise Avatar

    Would love to have Penelope! For some reason I see her in a little blouse and corset and skirt, like an Austrian costume. How cute would that be?:)

  127. Kimberly Yanovak Avatar

    OH- love, love, love this pinkie!!! Please come live with us Penelope:)

  128. rob franchi Avatar
    rob franchi

    my wife needs this!

  129. stephanie K Avatar
    stephanie K

    Hope she gets to come to live here!

  130. Kim C Avatar
    Kim C

    Would love her! : )

  131. Lillybugs mama Avatar
    Lillybugs mama

    Gorgeous…love her

  132. Sarah Martin Avatar
    Sarah Martin


  133. Kelly Avatar

    a angle …. so pretty

  134. Julie Avatar

    She’s beautiful!!

  135. Josie Avatar

    She is beautiful!!

  136. Cindy Roberts Avatar
    Cindy Roberts

    Love the pink! She’s pink-o-licious!

  137. Tracy Avatar

    My OWN daughter PENELOPE would love to have this little namesake as a beloved companion! Oh, please pick us!

  138. Michelle H. Avatar
    Michelle H.

    Wow! She is gorgeous!

  139. Helen G. Avatar
    Helen G.

    Such a cute doll, would love to have her in our family!

  140. Angela B Avatar
    Angela B

    Please, please! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  141. Lori O. Avatar
    Lori O.

    โ€œI can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is that I can’t find anybody who can tell me what they want.โ€ ~Mark Twain
    (I know what I want! Her name is Penelope.)

  142. Dianne Avatar

    Love her like everyone else……..her hair & outfit are so cute…… are all the dolls !!! Would love her too !

  143. Angel Avatar

    Me! Me! Me! OHHH how I LOVE HER!!!!! Would love a chance for her! She is so gorgeous!!!!!
    THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Michelle Avatar

    And she’s the other one…. : ) At least I get a second change at both!

  145. Susan E.S.M. Avatar
    Susan E.S.M.

    She’s lovely! DD loves pink!

  146. Maranda Benckendorf Avatar
    Maranda Benckendorf

    She is lovely!

  147. ashley helms Avatar
    ashley helms

    hooray!!!! pink!

  148. Jen G Avatar
    Jen G

    I love the pink hair!

  149. Cathy O Avatar
    Cathy O


  150. Sarah Avatar

    Can you please pick me?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. JB Avatar

    We would love her!

  152. Kathy Avatar

    Was trying for a pink haired girl! Wouldn’t it be nice to get one!

  153. Jenifer Avatar

    She is gorgeous, I can never resist a pinky girl.

  154. Molly Avatar

    So cute would love a chance

  155. Lisa M. Avatar
    Lisa M.

    Love the pinkies!

  156. andria lappa Avatar
    andria lappa

    Perfect for my princess!!!!

  157. Heather Avatar

    Gorgeous!!! <3

  158. keri roberts Avatar
    keri roberts

    I love her and her fabulous pink hair!!!!! yay for Serendipities…..

  159. Shelly Gudmunsen Avatar
    Shelly Gudmunsen

    She’s darling!!!!!

  160. susie reed Avatar
    susie reed

    I Pinkie Promise to love her and give her a good home to play in:)

  161. Hillary Avatar

    I love the pink hair!

  162. Karly Avatar

    Love her!!!

  163. Jennifer Avatar

    Would love her!

  164. Karen Avatar

    Please pick us! We love pink!

  165. Linda Greenwood Avatar

    pink is the new black!

  166. kara s Avatar
    kara s

    gorgeous!! enter us for sweet penelope.

  167. Christina Avatar

    She is gorgeous & my daughter lovers her. I tried so hard for her on the upload . Thanks!

  168. brandi borchardt Avatar

    LOVE her!! ADORBS!!!

  169. Elisabeth Avatar

    Oh I love her!!! I would love the chance to own a bamboletta doll.

  170. Heather H. Avatar
    Heather H.

    Eep! Pink!!! Love!

  171. Debra Stallings Avatar

    Swoon!!! Love her…….Me please….

  172. Craig Avatar

    Hoping to get her for my girls, please. And my wife!

  173. Sonya C. Avatar
    Sonya C.

    She is beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  174. Lori G. Avatar
    Lori G.

    Fingers crossed that 9 months of trying to get a Bambo finally comes to an end with Penelope coming home to my twins. Thanks for the chance!

  175. jacqueline Avatar

    she’s our dream dolly!

  176. meghan Avatar


  177. Melissa tranquilli Avatar

    We would love her!!!

  178. Suzanne Hurlston Avatar
    Suzanne Hurlston

    Beautiful little Pinkie girl!

  179. mark Avatar

    she is wonderfu.

  180. Corrine Avatar

    I’m dreaming I know, mire chance of us wining the 30million lotto last night but a girl can dream can’t she??

  181. Melissa Andersson Avatar
    Melissa Andersson

    So happy for a chance at a pinkie!

  182. georgie's mum Avatar
    georgie’s mum

    so absolutely cute. <3

  183. Jenn A Avatar
    Jenn A

    Love her…she would be perfect for my daughter’s birthday next month!

  184. Priscilla Edson Avatar
    Priscilla Edson

    <3 her

  185. Jenny Rainey-Gibson Avatar
    Jenny Rainey-Gibson

    So pretty

  186. Kathy Rainey Avatar
    Kathy Rainey

    Love her

  187. Robin Morey Avatar
    Robin Morey


  188. Katie B. Avatar
    Katie B.


  189. Robyn Avatar

    Oh, she’s so pretty! Love the shade of pink and so does my daughter!

  190. louise lappa Avatar
    louise lappa

    Perfect for my little Sophia!

  191. Carrie Avatar

    Giving it a try!

  192. Sarah Avatar

    Beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  193. Jenna Avatar

    how gorgeous is this little baby!

  194. Darlene Burchfield Avatar
    Darlene Burchfield

    Hello, I would LOVE the chance at bringing this beautiful dolly home to my little girls. My dream would be a chance at both dollys since I have two little girls:) I have a total of four daughters and we have never owned a bamboletta doll. So hard to get one. Please consider Gracey and Lindsey as the new little owners of this Precious Doll:):)

  195. Denise Avatar

    She is darling!!! Hoping luck strikes twice to get me out of trouble. ๐Ÿ™‚

  196. Justine Semple Avatar
    Justine Semple

    Perfect !!!!!

  197. Brian S Avatar
    Brian S

    My daughter loves her.

  198. Gita Avatar

    LOVE her!!!!

  199. Marie-Claude Avatar

    We want her!

  200. Libby Cantrell Avatar
    Libby Cantrell

    I love her! My fav!

  201. Colleen Avatar

    Oh I love the pink!

  202. Jacinta Avatar

    sweetness – fingers, toes, eyes crossed!!!

  203. Brenda Avatar

    Love her softness and pink!!!

  204. Alma Avatar

    Please come home to us ๐Ÿ™‚ We love you.

  205. Che Melanson Avatar
    Che Melanson

    Would love to bring this doll home!

  206. Katie Ethridge Avatar
    Katie Ethridge

    So pretty!

  207. kyra lloyd Avatar
    kyra lloyd

    Penelope is precious too!! We would love to welcome her into our family.

  208. Yvonne Folsom Avatar
    Yvonne Folsom

    Love the pink hair!

  209. shana Avatar

    Oh my, what sweetness! Pink and lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

  210. Jennifer L. Avatar
    Jennifer L.

    She is beautiful! A dream!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  211. Pauline Avatar

    me please

  212. Donna W. Avatar
    Donna W.


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