Serendipity Doll – Meredith


This is Meredith. She has beige skin, hair made with wool yarns and mohair in a soft violet color and olive green eyes. She is wearing the pictured outfit, underpants and wool felt shoes.

To enter for a chance to buy Meredith please leave a comment at the end of this post (NOT THE PICTURE) ONE comment per family. Winner will be chosen on June 12 th at 8pm PDT. Doll costs $190 plus shipping.

Please note that people who have never commented before will get the note comments ‘await moderation’  – please don’t keep entering – I have to manually approve these comments and sometimes it takes me a few hours. Thanks!






230 responses to “Serendipity Doll – Meredith”

  1. stephanie Avatar

    Not sure if “1” is ever picked…maybe I’ll be lucky and get to adopt this little girl for oneof my little girls! Lets end the newbie status this weekend!!!

  2. Addy Van Anne Avatar
    Addy Van Anne

    We would love to adopt Meredith! My daughters favorite color is violet. She is gorgeous! Fingers and toes crossed here! 🙂

  3. Michele Avatar

    She is beautiful. We would love to adopt her. 🙂

  4. Jennifer Evangelista Avatar
    Jennifer Evangelista

    Lovely lady!

  5. Sally Avatar

    PURPLE!! 🙂

  6. Jaime Thomas Avatar
    Jaime Thomas

    Enter us!

  7. Stef G Avatar
    Stef G

    Love her. It’s my daughters favorite color.

  8. mandi Avatar

    My Meredith would love her own Meredith.

  9. Kelli W-S Avatar
    Kelli W-S

    She’s perfectly purple! Love her!

  10. Mindy Avatar

    She is perfect! We would love to bring her home to Oklahoma!

  11. Deborah Johnston Avatar
    Deborah Johnston

    Purple is my daughters favorite color. She would love this doll.

  12. Erin Walker Avatar
    Erin Walker

    Meredith is so beautiful! I love her purpley-ness! Purple hair is my personal fav!

  13. alicia marie Avatar

    she’s stunning!

  14. karen Avatar

    Me! Me! Me! Merideth is a piece of our family I’m like 110% sure lol!

  15. Reagan Avatar

    Purple…my favorite colour!!!

  16. Meredith Klobucnik Avatar
    Meredith Klobucnik

    Oh my gosh my name is Meredith, I think this was meant to be <3 My girls would LOVE her!

  17. Rebecca jennison Avatar
    Rebecca jennison

    She is precious!

  18. Rebecca Avatar

    Meredith can come live with this newbie family!

  19. Starr Avatar

    Love her!

  20. Jennifer Thibodeaux Avatar
    Jennifer Thibodeaux

    Just want to bring her home and hug her:)

  21. Carol F. Avatar
    Carol F.

    Yay! I missed the upload today, but Merideth was going to be our adoptee-to-be. Yay for the second opportunity!

  22. Janet Wagner Avatar
    Janet Wagner

    Would love to have her

  23. Holly Avatar

    She’s a doll!

  24. Sarahjane Avatar

    She’s got such a sweet face!

  25. Terry Coriell Avatar

    wow she is beautiful. Her blue hair is gorgeous

  26. Nadia Avatar

    Id LOVE to have Meredith!!!! She is an absolute cutie!!!!!!! Purple is PERFECT =D!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Leanne C Avatar
    Leanne C

    Very Sweet!

  28. Kris R. Avatar
    Kris R.

    She’s adorable – thank you!

  29. Sharon Avatar

    She was one of my favorites today… her purple hair stands out and purple is my daughters favorite color

  30. Meli Avatar

    Love love love her!!!!! My sweetie would love this pretty purple girl.

  31. Meredith Avatar

    We would love to welcome Meredith into our home. Mommy wants a doll of her own. 🙂

  32. Lori Avatar

    She would have her nose loved off in no time with my two girls!

  33. Jennifer Avatar

    Meredith is who I tried for today. She is stunning, and we love her.

  34. Heather Avatar

    I love her hairstyle – side-buns rocks!

  35. Stacie Avatar

    She is a real beauty! We would love Meredith!!

  36. Jenny Avatar

    Wishing on my lucky stars for this one.

  37. nancyh Avatar

    Would love a chance; she is gorgeous

  38. Merrill Avatar

    her buns are so so cute!

  39. TotallyBlessed Avatar

    LOVE her:)

  40. Kathy Garcia Avatar
    Kathy Garcia

    Trying again… It’s gotta happen at some point. Love the dolly!

  41. Amy Fisher Avatar
    Amy Fisher

    Yes please!

  42. Holly Jean Donovan Avatar
    Holly Jean Donovan

    I think she is wonderful in every way, I’d love to have her here and all of her purpleness!!

  43. Joan Avatar

    Love her!

  44. erika Avatar

    can i bring her home?

  45. Shelly Gudmunsen Avatar
    Shelly Gudmunsen

    She’s a sweetie!!

  46. Claire Avatar

    What a cutie!

  47. Abbi Avatar

    Lovely girl 🙂

  48. Meaghan Hubert Avatar
    Meaghan Hubert

    Oh my gosh, she is beautiful! My daughters would loooove her!!!

  49. Jennifer L. Avatar
    Jennifer L.

    She is a cutie!! Would love her!! 🙂

  50. Malia G. Avatar
    Malia G.

    Love her purple hair!!!

  51. Twyla Avatar

    I would love to have this sweet little doll.

  52. Nadine Avatar

    This is the doll i was in search of this week!!! Ahhh!!! Would love her to come live with us!!

  53. Ann Avatar

    Wow! She’s gorgeous!

  54. Diana Avatar

    Sweet, sweet Meredith.

  55. Kristin Avatar

    Love her hair!

  56. Rhonda. hendrix Avatar
    Rhonda. hendrix

    Love her. Perfect.

  57. crystal Avatar

    Wow she is so pretty!

  58. Allison Avatar

    Love her!

  59. Carrie Mc W Avatar
    Carrie Mc W


  60. michelle h Avatar
    michelle h

    What a dream it would be!!!

  61. Megan Avatar

    She’s precious!

  62. Melissa Avatar

    “Curcle” (purple) is my daughter’s favorite color!!!

  63. megan gillikin Avatar
    megan gillikin

    Oh, she was actually my first choice this week. Sweet Meredith. It wasn’t meant to be in the upload but maybe this is our second chance!!!!!

  64. tammy Avatar

    love her!! Want her!!!

  65. Mandy M. Avatar

    Sweet little girl! You’ll be snuggled and loved here!

  66. April C. Avatar
    April C.

    She is BEAUTIFUL, would love to give her a home!

  67. linda jt Avatar
    linda jt

    Come to mama!

  68. Patsy Avatar

    My daughters fav colour. We would love her.

  69. Stacey R Avatar
    Stacey R

    Love her! 🙂

  70. Jennifer Bohlen Avatar
    Jennifer Bohlen

    Yes please.

  71. Sarah Avatar

    Pretty lady!

  72. susie reed Avatar
    susie reed

    Oh Please come live with me!!!! I love her:) Come on…Random number!!!

  73. Kate Avatar

    Love her x

  74. Melanie Avatar

    She is beautiful! My daughter would love her!

  75. Kelly Franz Avatar
    Kelly Franz

    Perhaps this will be my lucky number! She is too cute!

  76. Stephanie Avatar

    Beautiful hair!

  77. Melissa H Avatar
    Melissa H

    so cute!

  78. Carlin Avatar

    She has the cutest little pixie face!

  79. Stephanie Avatar

    Love her! <3

  80. Heather Avatar


  81. Rebecca Avatar

    So sweet! Love the buns!

  82. jami smith Avatar
    jami smith

    Me me me me me

  83. Matthew Avatar

    she is very sweet and purple. would love to bring her home to our family

  84. Jeanne Kimble Avatar
    Jeanne Kimble

    Love the buns! Would just love to bring her home.

  85. Wendy Avatar

    love her and love serendipities! thank you for this chance!

  86. Laura Ring Avatar

    I love her purple hair!

  87. Amy Avatar

    Yikes!!! Love her!!

  88. megan Avatar

    try again this week

  89. Jenn L Avatar
    Jenn L

    She is a sweetie! 🙂

  90. Cricket Avatar

    Purple ♥ it

  91. Melissa Avatar

    She is very sweet!

  92. Melinda Avatar

    I tried and tried for Meredith this morning. I hope I’m the lucky one who she comes to live with!

  93. Jessica Lynn K. Avatar
    Jessica Lynn K.


  94. Valerie Avatar

    Would love Meredith!

  95. josey Avatar

    oh i love her eyes and shoes. she looks like she’s asking for a hug, i would love for my daughter’s arms to be her home!!!

  96. fern Avatar

    she is a cutie pie!
    we would love to make a home for her here in the kootenays!

  97. Jodi Avatar

    aw-she is such a sweetie – we would love to have her!

  98. Sarah M Avatar
    Sarah M

    Such a lovely violet fairy doll. Thank you for bringing such beauty and love into the world.

  99. Suzanne Hurlston Avatar
    Suzanne Hurlston

    So lovely!!

  100. Steph Avatar

    You are lovely, Meredith! And I adore your name.

  101. Angela Simpson Avatar
    Angela Simpson

    Would adore her.

  102. Meghann Avatar

    We’d love her!

  103. Jenny Acs Avatar
    Jenny Acs

    Another beauty! We would love to give her a new home and lots of love!!! <3

  104. Nicole Romeo Avatar
    Nicole Romeo

    Oh it was Meredeth!! I was trying for her soo hard!!

  105. Kelly Avatar

    Ooohhh, love her!

  106. Hillary Avatar

    Purple love

  107. Kimberly Sullivan Avatar

    Nothing could make my day any better than getting a purple haired doll!


  108. Jennifer O. Avatar
    Jennifer O.


  109. Vivienne A. Avatar
    Vivienne A.

    Hello lovely Meredith! We would love to give you a home! 🙂

  110. Brenda Avatar

    Love her purple hair!

  111. regan Avatar

    oh please! I F5’d her for 5 minutes 🙂

  112. Jennifer Avatar

    what a darling!

  113. Ruth Avatar

    Us please! She’s got such a sweet face.

  114. Lauren W Avatar
    Lauren W

    Oh so cute! Thanks for the chance bambo team xx

  115. jacqueline Avatar

    Love her purple hair! She’s gorgeous!

  116. Michelle Avatar

    Your dolls are beautiful and my daughter would simply adore one. 😀

  117. Denise Avatar

    LOVE! Thanks for this chance.

  118. Penelope Haynes Avatar
    Penelope Haynes

    She’s gorgeous. Hope she can come live with me.

  119. Laurie Avatar

    awwwww she is so cute…we would love her Please!

  120. Tracy Avatar

    One day!! I love her!

  121. Jenny Avatar

    There is something about this wee little lass that makes me think of my daughters best friend. Good luck everyone!

  122. jennyo Avatar

    Yey for purple. We would love to give her a home. 🙂

  123. Leeann murray Avatar
    Leeann murray

    Enter me please 🙂 we would love to snuggle her!!

  124. Suzi Avatar

    Love her.

  125. Jessica Avatar

    We would love to adopt this special girl!

  126. celine Avatar

    me, please 🙂

  127. liz Avatar

    Would love to bring her home to Nova Scotia!!

  128. Victoria Avatar

    Another gem! My granddaughter would love to shower her with hugs, tea parties, share special secrets with, and of course,lots of tender loving care!

  129. Sarah Avatar

    Love her !!

  130. Simone Avatar

    Thanks for the opportunity. S x

  131. Colleen Avatar

    I love her!!!

  132. Jenny Hay Avatar
    Jenny Hay

    I love her sweet little purple buns. Please pick me!

  133. Abby Avatar

    Love her! She is so sweet.

  134. Lindsay Avatar


  135. Gena Avatar

    ME ME ME!! Please!!!

  136. Ily Avatar

    My purple princess Leia!

  137. Annie Avatar

    Pick me, pick me!

  138. Katie G. Avatar
    Katie G.

    She’s beautiful!

  139. Lori O. Avatar
    Lori O.

    Welsh Name Meaning – Guardian of the sea. Great chief. Would love my own little Guardian of the Sea!

  140. Lacey Avatar

    I hope it’s our time!

  141. Theresa Suarez Avatar
    Theresa Suarez

    She is perfect! I love the hair, the face, the dress, ….

  142. Lisa Avatar

    I love the purple hair! I hope I win!

  143. Marie-Claire Avatar

    I’m ready for another doll right now :))))

  144. Libby cantrell Avatar
    Libby cantrell

    My daughter loves purple! Please pick me!

  145. Christine M Avatar
    Christine M

    sooo cute!

  146. Lisa Macri Avatar
    Lisa Macri

    This sweet-faced gal looks like my youngest daughter Sylvie with her green eyes and lovely little cheeks! Since my 3 year old got one for her birthday, it’s time to start trying now for Sylvie’s 2nd birthday in December. Fingers crossed!

  147. Jodi Huddleston Avatar
    Jodi Huddleston

    I would love to adopt this doll for my sweet little niece, Meredith. She would absolutely love it, especially since they share their name.

  148. Arika Avatar

    Me Please! She is so beautiful!

  149. Brian S Avatar
    Brian S

    I hope we get picked. She would be a wonderful surprise for my daughters.

  150. Teri Avatar

    My daughter has changed her favorite color from pink to purple now so this little girl would be a huge hit!! Love her!

  151. Tegan Avatar

    Love her!

  152. Lelonie Avatar

    My daughter loves purple!!

  153. Caryn Avatar

    Green eyes and purple hair just perfect.

  154. Lin Avatar

    Sweet face! 🙂

  155. Angela Avatar

    She is absolutely adorable and purple is my dd’s fav color !! I have seen so many people get bambos, but have never been so lucky myself 🙁 We would love to call her our own 😉

  156. Kathy Avatar

    Quite cute!

  157. Aliana Avatar

    we want herrr! 🙂

  158. Angel Avatar

    PLEASE enter me! She is soooo LOVELY!!!!!

  159. Amy schillinger Avatar
    Amy schillinger

    Still a newbie!!! I’d love to win her. Love the blue hair

  160. tara Avatar

    all of your dolls are gorgeous and she is no exception 🙂

  161. Jacqueline Avatar

    She’s adorable!

  162. Mary Jane Pilgrim Avatar
    Mary Jane Pilgrim

    Thank you for yet another chance!

  163. gita Avatar

    LOVE her!

  164. Meghan Avatar

    Here’s to second chances!

  165. Vanessa Avatar

    Sooo pretty!!!!

  166. Marie-Claude Avatar

    She’s so cute!

  167. amanda Avatar

    pick us 🙂

  168. Depritchett Avatar

    She is gorgeous!! If only this could be our week . . . . 😉

  169. georgie's mum Avatar
    georgie’s mum

    Beautiful Meredith is going to be very loved in her new home— I just hope that maybe it will be mine!

  170. Tammy Whitehead Avatar
    Tammy Whitehead

    Adorable <3

  171. Tracy D Avatar
    Tracy D


  172. Amy D Avatar
    Amy D

    Oh she is so precious. I really want to be lucky enough to get one this year.

  173. Cindy Roberts Avatar
    Cindy Roberts

    What a cutie-pie!

  174. Amy Shepperd Avatar
    Amy Shepperd

    Love her hair!!

  175. jennie Avatar

    Love her!

  176. Andrea G Avatar
    Andrea G

    So sweet!

  177. Heather Avatar

    Love her!

  178. Angela Avatar

    Such a cutie!!

  179. Pam Avatar

    Awww, I really like her purple hair.

  180. Denise D Avatar
    Denise D

    Love her!!!!!

  181. Tara T Avatar
    Tara T

    I would love her to join our family. 🙂

  182. Jen Chesla Avatar
    Jen Chesla

    would love love love to have her 🙂 She is so beautiful 🙂

  183. Diane Avatar


  184. Yvonne Folsom Avatar
    Yvonne Folsom

    Beautiful purple…couldn’t ask for a better color!

  185. Holly Collins Avatar
    Holly Collins

    Oh…I love her : )

  186. Elena Avatar

    She’s a sweetheart.

  187. melissa Rosado Avatar
    melissa Rosado

    Meredith…. please come live w/ us in VA.

  188. keri roberts Avatar
    keri roberts

    Oh I love her with her pretty purple buns!!!! Fingers crossed 🙂

  189. Stacey Poortenga Avatar
    Stacey Poortenga

    Love her purple hair!

  190. Heather B Avatar
    Heather B

    Would love to have her.

  191. Claudia D Avatar
    Claudia D

    My granddaughters would love to have Meredith!

  192. GaBriella Avatar

    One more Mama loving the purple hair!!

  193. Ashley A. Russell Avatar
    Ashley A. Russell

    Purple is my all time favorite…fingers crossed for you Meredith <3

  194. Jessica Rabbitt Avatar
    Jessica Rabbitt

    Such a pretty girl!

  195. Cait Avatar

    What I would not GIVE to buy this beauty!

  196. Craig Avatar

    Please include my name in the draw. My wife and girls would love her, thanks.

  197. Courtney Avatar

    Cutie Pie!!

  198. Victoria Lee Avatar
    Victoria Lee

    Would love her. 🙂

  199. nicole Goodsell Avatar
    nicole Goodsell

    Loving a second shot at this gal! 🙂

  200. Jennifer Avatar

    Would love her!

  201. Diane Avatar

    Meredith is beautiful! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  202. Tonya Avatar

    All it takes is a little luck and a whole lot of faith ;0)

  203. Cheryl Avatar

    This newbie would love a chance to present this freind to my daughter. Fingers crossed!

  204. Elizabeth B Avatar
    Elizabeth B

    We love the purple

  205. Ashley Avatar

    Her purple hair is adorable!!

  206. Linda Greenwood Avatar

    purple hair is magnificent!!!

  207. Sheila Avatar

    we love her!

  208. lea gose Avatar
    lea gose

    Such a sweet face, purple hair, and buns! Perfect! Would love her! Thanks for the chance.

  209. jeannette holt Avatar
    jeannette holt

    Dream doll!!!would love her to come to live here!!!:)

  210. Heather Avatar

    Looks like she’s waiting to be hugged!

  211. laura Avatar

    she’s so sweet!

  212. Hillary Avatar

    We would love her!!!

  213. Christine Brunell Hammock Avatar
    Christine Brunell Hammock

    So sweet. Love her hair!

  214. Karen Avatar

    Purple is my daughter’s favorite color!

  215. Frances M. Avatar
    Frances M.

    Love her!!!

  216. Tricia S Avatar
    Tricia S

    My daughter Piper would just love her!!!

  217. Christine S Avatar
    Christine S

    She’s precious!!

  218. Frances Avatar

    Would love her

  219. Shannon Avatar


  220. Brandi Smith Avatar
    Brandi Smith

    Would love to give her a home. She is adorable!!!!!

  221. lizzie Avatar

    Love this gal!! Thanks for the chance <3

  222. Sarah R. Avatar
    Sarah R.

    There is something so endearing about her face… I would love a shot! THANKS, Team Bamboletta!

  223. Sarah Avatar

    Please come and live with us! You’re devine!

  224. Justine Semple Avatar
    Justine Semple

    Oh she is just so gorgeous…….my favorite flowers are bluebell’s !!! Perfection !!

  225. Tammy Avatar


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