Serendipity Doll – Geranium NEWBIES ONLY


This is Geranium. She has beige skin, long hair made with mohair and wool yarns in a golden blonde color with blonde dreadlocks, and brown eyes. She is wearing the pictured outfit, underpants and wool felt shoes.

These dolls measure approximately 15″ in height.  They are hand made with wool, cotton, and lots of love.  Skin tones and color of clothing may vary slightly because of circumstances beyond our control due to lighting and various computer monitor settings.  Made by team Bamboletta in Canada.

To enter for a chance to buy Geranium please leave a comment at the end of this post (NOT THE PICTURE) ONE comment per family. Winner will be chosen on Sunday April 3rd at 8pm PST. Doll costs $190 plus shipping. NEWBIES ONLY to enter for this doll (so – no Bamboletta in the house aside from Blanket Dolls)

Please note that people who have never commented before will get the note comments ‘await moderation’  – please don’t keep entering – I have to manually approve these comments and sometimes it takes me a few hours. Thanks!






236 responses to “Serendipity Doll – Geranium NEWBIES ONLY”

  1. Lizzie Avatar

    What are the chances that the first comment will win?!?!? I AM HOPING AND PRAYING!!!

  2. Renee Avatar

    Would love to have her!

  3. Jamie Avatar

    Definitely would love for Geranium to come live with us!!

  4. Kristen Avatar

    My sweet Caroline would love to give Geranium a wonderful home!!
    Please & thank you! 🙂

  5. Allison S Avatar
    Allison S

    I would love to have Geranium!!!

  6. Ashley Clark Avatar

    She’s beautiful!! My daughter would LOVE her!!

  7. Erica Kirkland-Weeks Avatar
    Erica Kirkland-Weeks

    My daughter would love for her to come live with us!!

  8. Stephanie H. Avatar
    Stephanie H.

    Beautiful Flower come to our garden!

  9. Chris Avatar

    We would love her forever!

  10. Cat Avatar

    So cute!!

  11. Esther Avatar

    Gorgeous. Fingers crossed!

  12. audrey scalzo Avatar
    audrey scalzo

    im a newbie wanting to hold my own doll

  13. Kerri Rikke Avatar
    Kerri Rikke

    awe – she is one of the girls i was trying for today!! hope this gives me a second chance!! thanks 🙂

  14. Katie Coe Avatar
    Katie Coe

    What a beautiful girl.

  15. Tatum Ann Avatar
    Tatum Ann

    Little “Geri” would be loved to pieces here!!!

  16. Melonie Avatar

    This sweet little girl would be a wonderful first bambo for my daughter

  17. Alex Fox Avatar
    Alex Fox

    A beautiful girl for my girl.

  18. Brandi Borchardt Avatar

    LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!!!

  19. Atarah Avatar

    So sweet!

  20. Glenda Avatar

    This “newbie” would love to surprise my little lovie with Miss Geranium!

  21. Katie Keepman Avatar

    I would love to give my sweet Maggie her very own Geranium doll!

  22. Shana Avatar

    She will make an adorable gift for my darling daughter’s birthday!

  23. Lindsay Avatar

    She is perfect!

  24. Jessica McDonald Avatar
    Jessica McDonald

    Our sweet little Carolina would love her. : ) We can’t wait to have a Bamboletta come live with us.. I HOPE SOON! <3

  25. Melissa H. Avatar
    Melissa H.


  26. nicole Avatar

    Love her!

  27. Jennie H Avatar
    Jennie H

    She is beautiful!! 🙂

  28. Elyse Avatar

    Would love a chance!

  29. Danielle K Avatar
    Danielle K

    I tried to get Geranium this afternoon too… Glad to have another chance. Thanks!

  30. Jackie Huhn Avatar
    Jackie Huhn

    My daughters, Maggie and Lily, and I would love to bring this sweet angel home!

  31. jami smith Avatar
    jami smith

    We would love this little girl!

  32. Shannon Avatar

    Would love to bring her home!

  33. Jen Boschman Avatar
    Jen Boschman

    I love her!!!!!

  34. Tonya Avatar

    Would love her- another of our faves from today!

  35. Amey A. Avatar
    Amey A.

    Love this little lady!!

  36. Libbi Avatar

    I LOVE HER!! We would give her the best home!!

  37. robyn perry Avatar
    robyn perry

    She was my fav. this week.

  38. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    Recently discovered Bamboletta and must have her for my daughter. A true work of art!

  39. Corey Avatar

    What a cute little girl!

  40. Colleen Sauter Avatar
    Colleen Sauter

    We absolutely love her!!! Pretty please with sugar on top!?

  41. Brianna Avatar

    She is really cute!

  42. Melissa Korta Avatar

    she is beautiful!

  43. Rachellee Avatar

    She is SO pretty! We’d love her:)

  44. Libby Cantrell Avatar
    Libby Cantrell


  45. Reily Avatar

    Love her!

  46. Britt Avatar

    Very cute!

  47. Tiffany Q Avatar
    Tiffany Q

    Love her! I tried to cart her for 20 minutes!

  48. Lisa P Avatar
    Lisa P

    We would love to give her a loving home =)

  49. Stacey M Avatar
    Stacey M

    Love this little lady.

  50. Jessica M Avatar
    Jessica M

    Would LOVE her as a gift for my daughter who will soon be a big sister for the 1st time. Would be absolutely perfect!

  51. Amanda B Avatar
    Amanda B

    She was one of my favs!!! Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  52. Melanie Bridges Avatar
    Melanie Bridges

    Oh, we sooo want her!!!!!

  53. Meg Desrosiers Avatar
    Meg Desrosiers

    Just adorable!

  54. Carol T Avatar
    Carol T

    She’s perfect! Resembles my granddaughter.

  55. Donají Avatar

    love her!

  56. Carissa Avatar

    Totally missed today’s upload. I’ll try not to miss the next newbie upload. This girl is gorgy. 🙂

  57. Rachel Avatar

    My daughter would love her! 🙂

  58. Kathleen Avatar

    I love her springy outfit!!

  59. Lara Avatar

    We would love to give your dolly to our little girl Scarlett on her First birthday. Scarlett and her twin brother Alex’s birthday is April 9th. We bought Alex a Steiff bear to love, keep and pass down to his family. We would love to give our Scarlett a Bambo dolly to love and then pass down to her family. Thank you.

  60. Karen Avatar

    pick me please

  61. Victoria Lee Avatar
    Victoria Lee

    Love! 🙂

  62. Mercedes Avatar

    Such a cutie!

  63. Christy Avatar

    Please oh please!! My daughter and I would love to have her!!

  64. Leifschon Walker Avatar
    Leifschon Walker

    I commented on Archer too so I hope it wasn’t one comment altogether but I could not decide. My daughter would love her… so would my son too so I may still have to decide if we won who would get her. I need to get on the site and buy one but I am not good at being on in time, thanks for the chance!

  65. Michelle bergstrom Avatar
    Michelle bergstrom

    Love her!!

  66. Sarah Martin Avatar
    Sarah Martin


  67. Stephanie Avatar

    Such a doll! I just can’t wait to get a Bamboletta in our house for my girls!

  68. Michelle bergstrom Avatar
    Michelle bergstrom

    Kajsa would love you

  69. brett Avatar

    My daughter would love her-newbie here!

  70. Dixie Avatar

    Cute pig-tails

  71. Diana Avatar

    Oh Geranium! A beautiful name for a beautiful girl!

  72. brenda Avatar

    Geranium is bright and cheerful! Love her!

  73. Delicia Avatar

    What a cutie pie!!!

  74. jaqui Avatar


  75. Heather Truelove Avatar
    Heather Truelove

    Would love to have this Bamboletta! She is precious!!!

  76. Molly's Mom Avatar
    Molly’s Mom

    Pretty please with cherries on top!

  77. Kevin Avatar

    Hoping for some Newbie luck!!

  78. Mary Clark Avatar
    Mary Clark

    She was our favorite…fingers crossed!

  79. kezia Avatar

    i was trying for her today! we would love another chance!!!

  80. Channey Avatar

    please please please, fingers crossed

  81. Kimberly Avatar

    My daughter loves this doll!!!

  82. amy Schillinger Avatar
    amy Schillinger

    I love her. I hope my girls win!

  83. Marianna Avatar

    Adore her!

  84. Robin Morey Avatar
    Robin Morey

    We would LOVE this for our daughter’s birthday!

  85. Darlene Gil Avatar
    Darlene Gil

    I would love to have her! She would make a perfect first doll for my only daughter! Please please please!!! 🙂

  86. Jessy T Avatar
    Jessy T

    Love, love, love her!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  87. pamelaG Avatar

    que sera sera <3

  88. Suzanne Hurlston Avatar
    Suzanne Hurlston

    Such a cutie!!

  89. shannon renee Avatar
    shannon renee

    her forever home is waiting… 🙂

  90. Shan A Avatar
    Shan A

    Oh I tried for her!

  91. Lesley wheeler Avatar
    Lesley wheeler

    We really want to give geranium a loving home!!! She is TDF!!! We will give her all the love she deserves!!!

  92. Liz H Avatar
    Liz H

    She was my favorite!!!!

  93. Jamie Scott Avatar
    Jamie Scott

    She is perfect 🙂

  94. amanda onstott Avatar

    we would love her at our house!

  95. Rya Hibbard Avatar

    My Sophie would be a great Mommy to Geranium. We would love her forever and ever. She’s our favorite and our best!

  96. Anna Avatar

    She’s adorable!!

  97. Lori Glynn Avatar

    Oh I SO hope I win her!!!

  98. Sarah Craig Avatar
    Sarah Craig

    She is just lovely. One of my faves from this week!

  99. Jill Avatar

    She looks like two of my girls.

  100. Mag Hughes Avatar

    What a cutie! And the name!

  101. Cheryel Swisher Avatar
    Cheryel Swisher

    she is so cute too! Thank you for the chance!

  102. Patricia Avatar

    At this point I don’t know if DS would love a boy or a girl, he always picks out the blonds when we look at the dolls. What am I in for when he gets older.

  103. Missy Avatar

    I love LOVE her, she reminds me of my daughter she would be my perfect custom!

  104. Tammy Whitehead Avatar
    Tammy Whitehead

    I saw these dolls for the first time on the Matilda Jane website. Now I’m on a mission for my baby girl. These dolls ROCK!

  105. Starr Avatar

    We would love her 🙂

  106. Jodi Avatar

    Oh my. So darling!

  107. Robin Chase Avatar
    Robin Chase

    LOVE her! 🙂

  108. rhaylynn Avatar

    ohhh i love her!

  109. Karen Avatar

    I think serendipity’s and golden tickets might be my only chance since I stink at uploads! I will never give up because I know one day I will get one! 🙂

  110. Stacey R Avatar
    Stacey R

    So pretty <3

  111. Lisa G. Avatar
    Lisa G.

    Please pick me! I tried to buy her today but got there too late.

  112. Klaire Avatar

    Love to be able to love on her.

  113. janeb Avatar

    Just as sweet as she can be!!!

  114. Haley Avatar

    Oh Corinne would LOVE her!

  115. Sara P. Avatar
    Sara P.

    I keep dreaming of owning one of these beautiful dolls…..hopefully my dreams will come true someday!

  116. Jennifer Varanini Avatar

    Please please please be Sofia’s sweet dollie. We saw our first Bambo yesterday, my friend Sheree brought her new Bambo over for us all to drool over and Sofia took the doll, hugged it, rocked it and gave it a kiss. This is my girl who was an orphan in Ukraine 9 months ago and had never bonded or had a role model for showing love. I absolutely MELTED when I saw this and decided that I MUST get Sofia a Bambo. PRAYING for a serendipity and this one is PERFECTION…reminds me of Sofia.

  117. Andrea Avatar

    My DD’s favorite 🙂

  118. Melissa Elliott Avatar
    Melissa Elliott

    come on lucky #110!

  119. Karyn Avatar

    Love her!! Hope I get a chance to purchase!!

  120. Jena Nicole Avatar
    Jena Nicole

    *I say a little prayer for you…*

  121. Margaret Howard Avatar
    Margaret Howard

    She is a beauty!

  122. Melissa Avatar

    Would love her, thanks for the chance!

  123. Nicole Merryman Avatar
    Nicole Merryman

    For my daughter Kaia she would be the perfect friend, (and she is MY favorite this week <3)
    Thank you for the chance.

  124. Kate Avatar

    Sweet Geranium, please come and join our little family in Australia. You will be so loved x

  125. Vanessa Luengas Avatar
    Vanessa Luengas

    She would be the perfect birthday gift for my daughter!

  126. Emily L Avatar
    Emily L

    She is beautiful! Hair is awesome!

  127. Andrea Avatar

    I was hoping for her all day!!!

  128. Judy Avatar

    SO pretty! 🙂

  129. Kathie Avatar

    My favorite Bambo EVER! Please pick me! Thank you!

  130. Sarah Avatar

    Lovely little lady! We’d be so happy to have her in our family.

  131. Stephanee Avatar

    We would love to give her a new home! She has the sweetest smile and loves the outfit!! Thanks for the second chance! Good luck everyone!

  132. Terra A Avatar
    Terra A

    Looove this little cutie!!!

  133. Carol F Avatar
    Carol F

    She is absolutely wonderful! I hope I’m lucky enough to give her a new home!

  134. Kimberly Yanovak Avatar

    We would love to have her join our family- she is adorable!!

  135. Sonya C. Avatar
    Sonya C.

    Oh my gosh, she was my favorite this week. Me please!! 🙂

  136. Tiffany Vank Avatar
    Tiffany Vank

    she is so beautiful!! we’re hoping!!

  137. Amy D Avatar
    Amy D

    Just like the flower she is so sweet.

  138. Jennifer Avatar

    She’s too sweet.

  139. Heather Avatar


  140. Wendy Avatar

    After this winter, I need a little flower 🙂

  141. Andrea D. Avatar
    Andrea D.

    love her!!!

  142. Megan Avatar

    Sooo sweet!!

  143. jodi haselden Avatar
    jodi haselden

    Gorgeous, my Quinny would LOVE her 🙂

  144. Katie Rourke Avatar
    Katie Rourke


  145. Tricia Sendelbach Avatar
    Tricia Sendelbach

    Love this doll!!

  146. Jenn Avatar

    Great name great doll!

  147. Elizabeth B Avatar
    Elizabeth B

    We would welcome her home!

  148. Vin Avatar

    Would love to surprise my wife and daughter w/this beauty!

  149. Tami B Avatar
    Tami B

    I would love the chance to buy her 🙂

  150. Melonie Little Avatar
    Melonie Little

    Would love to have her!

  151. Brie G. Avatar
    Brie G.

    Cutie Pie!

  152. Beth Avatar

    So cute!

  153. Amanda Avatar

    Oh, how I LOVE her! Please let me win this one!

  154. Caryn Avatar

    AHe looks so much like my little Hannah. I would love for her to come live with us.

  155. Matthew Avatar

    would love to win her!

  156. Lina Avatar

    Would love to have her!

  157. Celia Frost Avatar
    Celia Frost

    This was my favorite doll this week.

  158. April C. Avatar
    April C.

    We tried so hard for you during the upload and have been given a second chance, Thanks C!

  159. Jennifer Chesla Avatar
    Jennifer Chesla

    I would be over the moon and honored to give Geranium a home. She is beautiful 🙂

  160. Heather Avatar

    This was the one that I wanted to get for my little girl!!! It is her birthday in a few short weeks and this would be perfect!!!

  161. Lissa Avatar

    Such a cutie!

  162. Jen Willard Avatar
    Jen Willard

    I am in love with her <3. My girlies would loooooove a Bamboletta with all their little hearts:)

  163. Beth Avatar


  164. Jillian M Avatar
    Jillian M

    So beautiful!

  165. Lorraine W Avatar
    Lorraine W

    Love her outfit! She’s a cutie

  166. Sarah fitzpatrick Avatar
    Sarah fitzpatrick

    Love her 🙂

  167. Margaret Avatar

    she’s perfect!

  168. Jill Avatar

    Love her

  169. Deanne Avatar

    I would love to give Geranium to my niece! What an opportunity this would be, I know she would love her to pieces 🙂 Such a beautiful and spunky little doll.

  170. Donna Avatar

    so sweet!!

  171. Heather Avatar

    So excited for a second chance!

  172. Penny N Avatar
    Penny N

    We would love to have her 🙂

  173. Sherri Adams Avatar
    Sherri Adams

    This little one is filled with love and light! She would make a wonderful new family member!

  174. tara Avatar

    oh little honey..i tried to get you yesterday for 15 minutes..please come home to mama. lol

  175. jeanne wargo Avatar
    jeanne wargo

    sooo adorable!!

  176. charmaine Avatar

    Love her! Maybe this will be my lucky time.

  177. Gena C Avatar
    Gena C

    This is my favorite little girl ever!

  178. Laurie Roche Avatar
    Laurie Roche

    She’s so cute! Perfect for my little strawberry blond daughter!!!

  179. Jan Avatar

    What a cutie!

  180. Lindsey Avatar

    Would love a chance she is adorable

  181. Jen Avatar

    Love her! She’s precious!!

  182. Inbal Avatar

    She is a beauty!

  183. STEPH Avatar


  184. iris Avatar

    a real work of art.

  185. Mindy Avatar

    She is sooo stinkin cute. Please enter us. 🙂

  186. Melodie Avatar

    she is so cute!!!

  187. Lindsay Avatar

    She looks like my little girl!

  188. Jacqueline Avatar

    We’d love to have her join our family!

  189. Elizabeth Avatar

    My blond haired, brown eyed little girl would love to squeeze her!

  190. Kelly Fewins Avatar
    Kelly Fewins

    She is my favorite and I missed the upload yesterday!! Thanks for the second chance!! Fingers and everything else crossed:)

  191. Carolyn Ellis Avatar
    Carolyn Ellis

    Such a sweetie pie!!

  192. Nadine Avatar


  193. JB Avatar

    Very cute

  194. Gabby Rosi Avatar
    Gabby Rosi

    Identical twin to my daughter!

  195. Lori G. Avatar
    Lori G.

    Please, oh please! After having such a rotten day I sooo need a ray of sunshine and Geranium is just perfect!

  196. Cori K. Avatar
    Cori K.

    She’s beautiful!! 🙂

  197. Rachel Avatar

    So pretty!

  198. Betsy K. Avatar
    Betsy K.

    She is so sweet and would have two big sisters to love her.

  199. michelle mccloskey Avatar
    michelle mccloskey

    Please pick me. Please please.

  200. Robetta Baker Avatar
    Robetta Baker

    She is a beauty!!!

  201. Kristen TW Avatar
    Kristen TW

    I can only dream of maybe bringing this lovely one into our home.

  202. Tana W Avatar
    Tana W

    I keep trying and maybe Geranium will be the one!

  203. Denise Avatar

    Darling! Thanks for the chance.

  204. Kelli Bryington Avatar
    Kelli Bryington

    Fingers crossed 🙂

  205. Jamie T. Avatar
    Jamie T.

    She could quite possibly be my dream doll.

  206. Amie Avatar

    Perhaps the most perfect birthday gift ever for one of my sweet little girls!

  207. m claire Avatar
    m claire

    My little blonde would love this little blonde

  208. Allison S. Avatar
    Allison S.

    Geranium, you remind me of my little girl. You gals would look so cute together!

  209. DM Pennington Avatar
    DM Pennington

    thank you.

  210. Melissa A Avatar
    Melissa A

    Man, oh man…This girl has gotta come home to us!!!

  211. Paul Avatar


  212. Chris Avatar

    My baby girl would be very happy

  213. Todd Avatar

    Would love her for my daughter!

  214. Teresa Brown Avatar
    Teresa Brown

    What a wonderful little girl

  215. Ted Avatar


  216. Jenny Avatar

    Very pretty!

  217. Paddy Avatar

    She’s gorgeous. Blonde and brown-eyed like my granddaughter.

  218. Joan Avatar

    Thanks for the chance!!!

  219. Jamie R. Avatar
    Jamie R.


  220. Judy H. Avatar
    Judy H.

    Great for my grand daughters!

  221. Sara Avatar

    She’s adorable!

  222. Erin Cullen Avatar
    Erin Cullen

    Please enter me for this doll… she is so sweet!

  223. Erin sauter Avatar
    Erin sauter

    Oh my…

  224. Brian Avatar

    My daughter would love this and so would my wife 🙂

  225. James Avatar

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  226. Christina A. Avatar
    Christina A.

    She is so cute!!!!

  227. Amanda Avatar


  228. Charon fannin Avatar
    Charon fannin

    Love her!

  229. Staci Avatar

    She is sooooooo cute!!!

  230. Trish B. Avatar
    Trish B.


  231. Kelia Elkins Avatar

    Would love to have her for my little blondie

  232. Angela Avatar

    love her polka top ruffle top.

  233. Leigh Ann White Avatar
    Leigh Ann White

    LOVE this sweet little lady!

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