Serendipity Doll – Clara


Tonight’s Serendipity Doll is Clara. She has fair skin, long hair made with mohair and wool yarns in a sandy blonde color with blonde dreadlocks, and green eyes. She is wearing a gathered top, leggings, underpants and wool felt shoes.

To enter in for a chance to buy this little sweetie – please leave a comment on this blog. ONE entry per household please! Buyer will be chosen on Feb 28th at 8pm PST

Do not click the picture to enter – just at the end of the blog – thanks!






334 responses to “Serendipity Doll – Clara”

  1. Robin Chase Avatar
    Robin Chase

    Love her!

  2. erica Avatar


  3. Dustin Avatar

    thanks for the chance!

  4. Cassie Avatar

    Love her! Thanks 😉

  5. Steph S. Avatar
    Steph S.

    Precious, she is precious! xo

  6. Jaime Thomas Avatar
    Jaime Thomas

    Oh please let us win her!

  7. Laura Avatar

    Oh, I wanted her!!!

  8. Anne Avatar

    Thanks for the chance at getting her. Clara is beautiful!

  9. Kent Avatar

    Clicked on her forever but couldn’t get her into my cart! 🙁 We would LOVE to give her a forever home!

  10. jai conroy Avatar
    jai conroy

    I tried and tried to get her. Maybe now…

  11. erin kimmons Avatar
    erin kimmons


  12. Becky Avatar

    Love Love Love!

  13. TARA Avatar

    she’s my dd’s mini-me. Love her!

  14. Katherine Avatar

    Would love to say hi to Clara

  15. Linsay Avatar

    She is the most adorable little girl EVAH! LOVE

  16. Heathir Avatar

    Green eyes. I’m melting!

  17. amy Avatar

    I need her for my Clare!

  18. Brian Avatar

    oh gosh…my daughter would lose her mind over this beauty. She is so cute!!!

  19. R. Joy Avatar
    R. Joy

    oh my. She is perfect.

  20. Michael Avatar

    She is a doll!

  21. audrey scalzo Avatar
    audrey scalzo

    ohhhh the love you give each of us shines thru your dolls!!!

  22. Stacey Womack Avatar

    What a gem!!! She is quite the princess!

  23. Beth Kirksey Avatar
    Beth Kirksey

    Look at the little imp! I love the expression on her face. Looks like she’s up to something. Love her!

  24. Dawn Avatar


  25. Jennifer L Avatar
    Jennifer L

    clara! i know someone who would love you! 🙂

  26. Katie Rourke Avatar
    Katie Rourke

    My niece would love her!!!

  27. Katie B. Avatar
    Katie B.


  28. Barbara Dodd Avatar
    Barbara Dodd

    Aww she’s a doll isn’t she? Love her.

  29. alison Avatar

    another beautiful creation <3

  30. Colleen Sauter Avatar
    Colleen Sauter

    My daughter would love her to pieces!!!

  31. Shannan Avatar

    Pick me! Pick me!

  32. Christi H Avatar
    Christi H

    Wish that Ciarra was mine!

  33. Teddi L Avatar
    Teddi L

    She was my favorite!

  34. Erin Sauter Avatar
    Erin Sauter

    My wife and daughter would fight over her!!!

  35. Derek Avatar

    my wife loves her!

  36. james Avatar

    my daughters would fall in love with her…

  37. Christine S Avatar
    Christine S

    I love having a chance at this gorgeous little blonde! I hope we get to give her a new home!!

  38. Molly Avatar

    Love, love, love her!!!!!!

  39. Moni Sauter Avatar
    Moni Sauter

    My granddaughter would love her for her birthday!!!

  40. Jolene Avatar

    Pick me!

  41. Hanna J Avatar
    Hanna J

    Love her!!! 🙂

  42. Bill "papa" Collins Avatar
    Bill “papa” Collins

    My granddaughter would love this beauty!!!

  43. Jennifer Thibodeaux Avatar
    Jennifer Thibodeaux

    Would love to buy this for my daughters birthday:)

  44. Kelly Avatar

    Love her so much!

  45. michelle h Avatar
    michelle h

    Super sweet! !

  46. Tracy Avatar

    oh please oh please pick my name!!! I was trying so hard to snag her the other night. She is perfect for my Harper.

  47. Marianne Avatar

    Please pick me!

  48. Jena Nicole Avatar
    Jena Nicole

    Please, dear Lord in heaven, I really would like to give this doll to my daughter.

  49. Melissa Avatar

    Would love her here, so cute!

  50. Stephanee Avatar

    Would love her for my “Habibti”!! Her highlights remind me of my daughters. Thanks for the opportunity!

  51. Ginny Hutchison Avatar
    Ginny Hutchison

    She wants to come live in Colorado!

  52. Jennifer Bohlen Avatar
    Jennifer Bohlen

    Love her! Tried and tried to get her on Friday. Thanks for another chance.

  53. Tonya Avatar

    Aw, what a cutie pie!

  54. Lexi Lucas Avatar
    Lexi Lucas

    She is adorable!

  55. Suzi Avatar


  56. Cassandra Avatar

    YIPPEE! A second chance to try for her! <3
    Fingers crossed! 🙂

  57. Krista M Avatar
    Krista M

    Love the name and she is adorable.

  58. Shelley C. Avatar
    Shelley C.

    LOVE her!

  59. Samantha Cardiff Avatar
    Samantha Cardiff

    One word – Beautiful!!!!

  60. Lisa F Avatar
    Lisa F

    She’s beautiful!!

  61. Angela W. Avatar
    Angela W.

    So grateful for another opportunity for this lovie! Count us in! Thanks!

  62. Nathan F Avatar
    Nathan F

    Pick us pretty please!!

  63. Suzanne Hurlston Avatar
    Suzanne Hurlston

    Lovely, absolutely lovely!! <3

  64. Meghan Kohles Avatar
    Meghan Kohles

    She is SO lovely! Fingers crossed!

  65. Tonya Scarborough Avatar
    Tonya Scarborough

    Love the stripey leggings! I have 3 blondies here who would love her.

  66. Susan K Avatar
    Susan K

    I tried for her Friday too – her tights are too cute!!!! fingers are crossed 🙂

  67. Stacey R Avatar
    Stacey R

    We would love the chance to love this sweet girl:)

  68. Denny Avatar

    We would love her!

  69. Katie M. Avatar
    Katie M.

    Such a cutie!

  70. Angel Avatar

    I SOOO love Clara she is a beautiful dolly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Scott M. Avatar
    Scott M.

    gorgeous girl!!! Enter me in please!!!

  72. Anne Avatar

    Gorgeous!!!!!!!! Fingers crossed!

  73. Julie templeton Avatar
    Julie templeton

    Oh please, please, please, please, please let her be ours!! We love her and need her to be a part of our family!

  74. Erin McNamara Avatar
    Erin McNamara

    love those chunky legs and green eyes!

  75. Rebecca Harvey Avatar
    Rebecca Harvey

    Please come and live with us Clara!!

  76. Jennifer W Avatar
    Jennifer W

    She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! We would LOVE to have her come live here!

  77. Will Avatar

    back again!

  78. Lisa M. Avatar
    Lisa M.

    So darling! We would so love her!

  79. Jay6 Avatar

    WE’d love to love her;)

  80. KT Avatar

    come to grammy!

  81. Debra Avatar

    Beautiful! She’d be the perfect doll for my own blondie Klara! 🙂

  82. lelan Avatar

    oh little C , did you get stuck in the cart?

  83. Denise Avatar

    Darling!!! Thanks for this opportunity. 🙂

  84. Kristin Avatar

    Crossing every crossable for this girl!

  85. Sharyl Avatar

    She is lovely. <3

  86. Kevin Avatar

    third times a charm right? Fingers crossed!

  87. Melissa Avatar

    I held back on the others…but this girl could be the one!

  88. Jodi Avatar

    so cute!

  89. Tina @ Squirrel Acorns Avatar

    She is beautiful. Love those green eyes.

  90. Estelle Avatar

    another day, another chance!

  91. Will M. Avatar
    Will M.

    Trying for my two little dolls at home 🙂

  92. Bill Avatar

    enlisted again.

  93. Nicole M. Avatar
    Nicole M.

    Oh if I could be so lucky!!!!!

  94. Samuelsfam Avatar

    hellO clara!

  95. Kathy Avatar

    So cute!

  96. Rachel Carlisle Avatar
    Rachel Carlisle

    Thank you so much for the second chance at this girl. I clicked on her forever, but didn’t get her in my cart.

  97. Sandra Avatar

    Clara is beautiful!! Love her green eyes and purple stockings.

  98. Wsmom Avatar

    hey there Clara-belle!

  99. Karyn G. Avatar
    Karyn G.

    She is a sweetie pie!! Love her!

  100. Chrystel Avatar

    LOVE HER!!!!

  101. Kent C Avatar
    Kent C

    My daughter would love her!

  102. Volleyball Mamma Avatar
    Volleyball Mamma

    Oh we love her!

  103. Wsmom Avatar

    we love her leggings;0

  104. Barbara Houck Avatar
    Barbara Houck

    Pure and utter gorgeousness!!!!

  105. Lotte Avatar

    what a chubbykins!

  106. Lil Avatar

    Oh my goodness she is the prettiest doll I have seen as of YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am totally in LOVE!

  107. Elizabeth J Avatar
    Elizabeth J

    So cute! I just love the multi-textured hair.

  108. Rachel Avatar

    Love her!!!!

  109. Barb Mc Avatar
    Barb Mc

    She is darling !

  110. Karyn Avatar

    She is a gorgeous girl! Clara-we would love to give you a wonderful home.

  111. Melissa Avatar

    Oh, we would love her here!

  112. Stacie May Avatar
    Stacie May

    So hoping my name is chosen this time!!! Love her bunches 🙂

  113. Daddy J Avatar
    Daddy J

    My dd would love her 😉

  114. anna middlebrook Avatar
    anna middlebrook

    awwwww i love her

  115. Jenn Avatar

    Love the leggings!

  116. Tory Avatar

    My girl would love this girl

  117. Carol F Avatar
    Carol F

    Good luck everyone!

  118. Amanda Avatar

    LOVE her!!

  119. Shannon Avatar

    Oh I wanted her so badly! We would love her!

  120. Lori S Avatar
    Lori S

    Yes Please….Love her sweet tights 😉

  121. Keri Avatar

    ….LOVE HER….<3

  122. Anne B Avatar
    Anne B

    Hoping I’m the lucky mama this time! 🙂

  123. Greg Avatar

    Would love to have her join my daughter.

  124. Nina Avatar

    What a sweetie!

  125. Becky W Avatar
    Becky W

    OMGosh…Clara is the “one”! Pick us, pick us!! 🙂

  126. Donita Porter Avatar

    This one is waiting to come home to ME!

  127. Jamie Scott Avatar
    Jamie Scott

    Love her!!

  128. Aliana Avatar

    trying my luck yet again:)

  129. Haley S. Avatar
    Haley S.

    She is beautiful

  130. Ceinwen Avatar

    Purple stripy leggings … I am in heaven !!!!!!

  131. Kelsey Avatar

    Oh she has the sweetest face!

  132. Grandma Matney Avatar
    Grandma Matney

    She’s a beauty.

  133. Azalea Avatar

    goodness, I’m obsessed with her hair! My 3-yr-old daughter would love this one!

  134. Jennifer I Avatar
    Jennifer I

    Clara is perfect!

  135. wendy Avatar

    Love that hair!

  136. janeb Avatar

    oh a green eyed blond beauty!

  137. Elaine Avatar

    She was the only one I tried for. Look at that sweet face!!!

  138. cara Z. Avatar
    cara Z.

    May fate bring you this way!

  139. Matthew Avatar

    would love to win her.

  140. Emily L Avatar
    Emily L

    Clara is perfect, as all are! 🙂

  141. Evan Avatar


  142. Tina Avatar

    Oh, she’s lovely!!!

  143. Tommy B Avatar
    Tommy B

    My daughter would love her!

  144. Francesca Avatar

    Hi Clara! Please come live with us, we’ll take good care of you!

  145. Denise C Avatar
    Denise C

    She has a gorgeous face

  146. Jill Avatar

    Oh my I love Clara. She is adorable. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!

  147. Harper Avatar

    she is lovely! we would love to give her a home! xoxox

  148. Lindsay Adams Avatar
    Lindsay Adams

    Swoooooon!!! Wishes do come true, right?! I wish for this little sweetie pie to come home and join my family!!!!

  149. Lila Avatar

    She is amazing!!!!

  150. Jacqueline Avatar

    Oh! she was the one i really wanted this week!

  151. Randy Avatar

    Thank you for the chance to try for this very pretty doll. Every little girls dream.

  152. Jennifer Avatar

    I love her classic look!

  153. Gabby Rosi Avatar
    Gabby Rosi

    My little girl will look just like this one day soon….if only the curly hair could grow faster.

  154. Diane Avatar

    I would love Clara!

  155. Heather Derksen Avatar
    Heather Derksen

    Oooohhhh, Clara! Sooo sweet!

  156. Jennifer Varanini Avatar

    Oh MY gosh! This doll is perfect for Sofia. We brought her home from an orphanage in Ukraine last summer and she has NO dolls yet. Just two baby dolls. Would LOVE one with hair for her to play with and bond with. OH I love this doll!!!! Clara is blonde like our sweet Sofia.

  157. Tara B Avatar
    Tara B

    I love her green eyes!

  158. Jennifer Varanini Avatar

    Oh MY gosh! This doll is perfect for Sofia. We brought her home from an orphanage in Ukraine last summer and she has NO dolls yet. Just two baby dolls. Would LOVE one with hair for her to play with and bond with. OH I love this doll!!!! Clara is blonde like our sweet Sofia and Sofia’s eyes are hazel…so I love that Clara has green eyes!

  159. Sonja Avatar

    absolutely adorable 🙂

  160. Barbara Avatar

    Love her!!!

  161. TKJT Avatar

    Oh my <3! Just gorgeous!

  162. Carissa Avatar

    Too cute.

  163. Jenny Avatar

    Oh she is beeeee-u-ti-ful!

  164. Tracy L Avatar
    Tracy L

    I just have to have this one. She is just who we have been waiting for. 🙂

  165. Caity Avatar

    She is stunning beyond belief. I love her.

  166. Richard Avatar

    Would love the chance. Thank you.

  167. Jem Avatar

    My sisters would go crazy to have this one.

  168. Paddy Avatar

    Would be stoked to win. My girl would be thrilled.

  169. Jack Avatar

    My granddaughters would love to have her. Hoping to win.

  170. Rachel K. Holly's Mama Avatar

    This doll looks similar to my daughter! She would love her!!!

  171. Abbi Avatar

    Oh I loved her in the last upload, such a great outfit! 🙂

  172. Libbi Avatar

    Oh please, please, please let it be us! We’ve been trying for sooo long!!

  173. rafiq Avatar

    entering for our girl ..

  174. Scott Avatar

    My girls say that they neeed this girl!

  175. Emma Rose Avatar
    Emma Rose

    Please be my dolly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. Ann Avatar

    Please come home to us!

  177. George Avatar


  178. Shannon Avatar

    Would love Clara!

  179. Michelle H Avatar
    Michelle H

    Love her!

  180. Annie Avatar

    She’s amazing!

  181. Debra Stallings Avatar
    Debra Stallings

    she is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. Brie Avatar

    She is the ONE we wanted! She is just perfect! Fingers crossed!

  183. Heather Avatar

    Beautiful! I love her!

  184. Jamie C Avatar
    Jamie C

    What a beautiful little girl. Hopeful…

  185. Sonya C. Avatar
    Sonya C.

    She is just beautiful!! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  186. Jennifer Avatar

    Sweet perfection! We would love to have her in our house!

  187. Nicola Avatar

    Third time lucky?

  188. Allison Avatar

    Oh we’d love her!

  189. Anabella Avatar

    So cute! I know just the right little girl for her!

  190. Sarah S Avatar
    Sarah S

    What a cutie! We would love a blonde girl.

  191. Autumn Avatar

    Oh please please please let me bring her home to my house!!! 🙂

  192. Eric J Avatar
    Eric J

    We would love her!,,

  193. Alicia V Avatar
    Alicia V

    She is so cute!!! Love the outfit!

  194. Toni durbano Avatar
    Toni durbano

    Oh my! My daughter’s name is Clara! This cutie would
    Be perfect for her!!

  195. Theresa Avatar


  196. natali p. Avatar
    natali p.

    She is precious!!

  197. Trish P Avatar
    Trish P

    She is so cute! My daughters would love her.

  198. Kim G. Avatar
    Kim G.

    Clara, you are a beauty! We would love to have her…

  199. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    We would love the chance to bring Clara home! Thanks.

  200. Rei Tsou-Pfund Avatar

    we would very much Love to have the chance to have Clara as a member of our family! We have two loving girls age 6 & 4, awaits here in Switzerland for her! Please Please! Appreciate the chance!

  201. Brianna W. Avatar
    Brianna W.

    My wife and daughter are crazy about this cute doll!

  202. Kimber Avatar

    We love her. Crossing fingers again!! 🙂

  203. Lora Prince Avatar
    Lora Prince

    We would love to have her in our home!!!

  204. Wendy T Avatar
    Wendy T

    She is a dream! She would be so loved at our house!!!!

  205. Aart Avatar

    I know this is the one!

  206. Ashley Avatar

    we would love her!! thanks for the chance 🙂

  207. Debby L. Avatar
    Debby L.

    This is the doll I spent 12 min. on trying to win out of the last upload while someone held her in their cart!!! Come home to me now….. Thanks.

  208. Kinda Avatar

    Ooh, I loved Clara!

  209. jette Avatar

    Clara was my first choice in last Friday’a download. I would be thrilled to bring her home to love!!

  210. Andrea Avatar

    I would love to win her!

  211. Alma Avatar

    She’s adorable!

  212. Bridgett Avatar

    Oh, Clara!

  213. Brian Avatar

    For my litle girl…

  214. Rick Avatar

    She is cute!

  215. Lizzie Avatar

    LOVE clara!!!

  216. Krystal B Avatar
    Krystal B

    I have a goddaughter who would LOVE this. Too cute!

  217. melissa Avatar

    Come home with us Clara. We love you Bamboletta!!

  218. Jen Avatar

    She was my favorite last week. 🙂

  219. Whitney Avatar


  220. Melanie Bridges Avatar
    Melanie Bridges

    Oh, she was the one I tried to get in my cart!! My daughter’s favorite!!

  221. Amanda Avatar

    Love her!! She is perfect for my little blondie! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  222. Charity Avatar

    I LOVE her hair!!!! Hopefully this is our turn! 🙂 Blessings!

  223. krista Avatar

    my son thinks she’s perfect for his baby sister!

  224. Claire D. Avatar
    Claire D.

    I was trying to get her for my niece!!! So glad for a second chance.

  225. Heather Avatar

    Another beauty! 🙂

  226. Erika Avatar

    Such serendipitous lovelies!

  227. AngelaSimpson Avatar

    Super sweet!

  228. Mindy K Avatar
    Mindy K

    I would love the chance to give her a new home!

  229. Lynne H. Avatar
    Lynne H.

    Here’s hoping we get lucky with Clara!

  230. Rhonda Avatar

    She’s beautiful…we’d so love to have her join our family! : )

  231. Vanessa Avatar

    We would love this little gal to come live with us!!!!!

  232. Lindsay Avatar

    Here’s to hoping 😉

  233. Kinsy Avatar

    So cute!

  234. Donna Avatar

    Love her!

  235. Donna W. Avatar
    Donna W.

    Pick me!

  236. Kathleen Avatar

    Love her!

  237. sarah Avatar

    She’s another cutie.

  238. Shana Avatar

    So adorable!

  239. Gareth J Avatar
    Gareth J

    My DD would love her!

  240. Stacey Avatar

    Love her! She is beautiful!

  241. Heather Avatar

    Aww she was in my top two!!!

  242. Adam Avatar

    Perfect for my girl!

  243. Linda Avatar

    I would love to get her for my granddaughter:)

  244. Christina Albrigo-DAloisio Avatar
    Christina Albrigo-DAloisio

    I would love a chance to buy her!

  245. Trisha Avatar

    We have a love for names that end in a. Clara would be well loved by my daughters Julia & Alexa!

  246. Kim S. Avatar

    My niece would love her!

  247. Christie B Avatar

    She’s sooooo cute!

  248. Jillian Avatar

    So cute! Love her!

  249. Kim Steffen Avatar

    I thought we wanted curls and then this doll stole my heart.

  250. Rene Avatar

    Yay! She’s so cute!

  251. Rebecca Gorton Avatar
    Rebecca Gorton

    Beautiful! Thanks for all the blondies in this group!

  252. Merrill Avatar

    nice hair!

  253. megan Avatar

    What a cutie!

  254. Andi Avatar

    Oh…she is super cute!! She was my favorite from the recent upload!!

  255. Delaney Avatar

    Love her!

  256. Jacqueline Avatar

    Love her!

  257. sue shermetaro Avatar
    sue shermetaro

    Soooooooooooo cute!!

  258. Joy Avatar

    She’s a cutie!!

  259. Amanda Avatar

    she wants to live with us!

  260. Darlene Avatar

    yes please.

  261. Khris E. Avatar
    Khris E.

    We’d love to give her a home!

  262. Fiona P Avatar
    Fiona P

    She is adorable

  263. Christy Steadman Avatar

    My sweet little Averie would LOVE her to pieces!! We would love to be her caregivers!

  264. charlotte Avatar

    What a lovely doll!

  265. Melissa I Avatar
    Melissa I

    thanks for the chance! she is beautiful!

  266. Jen L Avatar
    Jen L

    Thanks so much for the chance!

  267. Corina Avatar

    what a cutie!

  268. Mimi Avatar

    So cute! Boo will love her.

  269. Rebecca Avatar

    Cara mia! She’s beautiful!

  270. Mimi Avatar

    Just precious for my special grandchild!

  271. Lisa M Avatar

    We would love to have her:)

  272. Brian Avatar

    hope I can win her for my daughter!

  273. kristina Avatar

    She is precious!

  274. Mindy C. Avatar
    Mindy C.

    She is just adorable!!!

  275. kristen hebert Avatar
    kristen hebert


  276. Kat Avatar

    Yes please – love her 🙂

  277. Heidi Avatar

    She is beautiful! Would love to have her show up on my doorstep! Thanks for the opportunity!

  278. Kelly Fewins Avatar
    Kelly Fewins

    OH PLease let me have better luck getting her with this than I did getting her in the upload!!! I tried until the end to get her with no luck!! She is the one that I have been waiting for:)!!!!

  279. Cheryel Swisher Avatar
    Cheryel Swisher

    I’d love the chance to buy this sweet doll for my sweet granddaughter. Thank you.

  280. Tracy S Avatar

    I’d love to get her for my niece:)

  281. Heather Avatar

    Would love to get this for my daughters birthday!!!!

  282. Ruth Collar Avatar
    Ruth Collar

    Lovely girlie!

  283. Kimberly Avatar

    We really want to adopt a Babmoletta doll. Please give us a chance to raise one is our house. We promise to love it and give her a lifetime of memories!!! The Heaths (Kimberly, Kendyl, and Kyle)

  284. Angie B Avatar
    Angie B

    Too Cute

  285. Melissa Avatar

    I LOVE Clara!! I’d be thrilled to have her down to Tennesse 🙂

  286. Rei Tsou-Pfund Avatar

    Please choose us! We would provide her a loving home with hugs & kisses from Aisha, Aimee & Rei

  287. Hillary Avatar

    My girls would love her!!!

  288. Bridget Avatar

    Clare is c-u-t-e 🙂

  289. Bridget Avatar

    Clara is c-u-t-e

  290. Ash Smith Avatar
    Ash Smith

    Clara is so beautiful! Hopefully I can welcome her into my home!

  291. mandy huber Avatar
    mandy huber

    ooohhhh we want her:)

  292. Laurie Avatar

    You are beautiful dolly girl!

  293. Mark Avatar

    For my daughter 🙂

  294. Bret Avatar

    Luck be a lady tonight!

  295. Aribbe Avatar

    Cute dollie.

  296. eric rs Avatar
    eric rs

    my daughter would LOVE her!

  297. danielle s Avatar
    danielle s

    oh i would LOVE to get her!! 🙂

  298. Sarah Avatar

    ME WANT!!

  299. Elizabeth Avatar

    Very Pretty!

  300. Brandon G Avatar
    Brandon G

    My little girl would love her!

  301. Leslie Avatar

    so cute!

  302. Lissa Avatar

    She is just the sweetest thing <3

  303. Justine Semple Avatar
    Justine Semple

    She is simply gorgeous……

  304. Melissa A Avatar
    Melissa A

    This is the special one that I kept going back to!!! Hoping and praying that she would come out of someone’s cart after the 10 minutes were up :thud:!!!!! Please, please, please, please wish me luck <3 Oh, Clara, how we would love you!

  305. Shelly Gudmunsen Avatar
    Shelly Gudmunsen

    Thanks, C!

  306. Linda Greenwood Avatar

    she is a super cutie!!

  307. Eric Gudmunsen Avatar
    Eric Gudmunsen

    Another cutie!

  308. Angela Avatar

    Absolutely adorable for my daughter!

  309. Teri Avatar

    She is a sweetie! I’ll keep crossing my fingers and toes : )

  310. Joetta Martin Avatar
    Joetta Martin

    This doll would be loved.

  311. Leanne C Avatar
    Leanne C

    Clara is adorable!

  312. Michelle Avatar

    Oooh! Love her.

  313. Juliet L. Avatar
    Juliet L.

    Such a sweet one.

  314. Sara Avatar

    Would love to have this doll!

  315. Kathy Avatar

    She is a beautiful doll!

  316. Andrea M. Avatar

    I love her outfit!!!…..and her hair and her eyes……everything about her is perfect!

  317. Carla J Avatar
    Carla J


  318. Kaila Avatar

    Oh she is beautiful how i would love love to have her

  319. Renee Avatar

    I need her. She is perfect!!!

  320. Dena S. Avatar

    OMG She is amazing! I love her.

  321. Trish Boyer Avatar
    Trish Boyer

    pick us please!

  322. Morgan Avatar

    Pick Me! Pick Me!

  323. kimbalina Avatar

    Love her!

  324. Carla Avatar


  325. Alison Avatar

    Would love her!

  326. kevin Avatar

    My daughter would love her.

  327. Katherine Avatar

    hope i’m not too late… she is gorgeous

  328. Sarah Avatar

    so cute!

  329. melinda Avatar


  330. Justine Semple Avatar
    Justine Semple

    oh….Miss Simply divine !!!!

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