Serendipity Doll – Bailey


To enter for a chance to buy Bailey please leave a comment at the end of this post (NOT THE PICTURE) ONE comment per family. Winner will be chosen on June 26th at 8pm PDT. Doll costs $200 plus shipping.

Please note that people who have never commented before will get the note comments ‘await moderation’  – please don’t keep entering – I have to manually approve these comments and sometimes it takes me a few hours. Thanks!






228 responses to “Serendipity Doll – Bailey”

  1. Jeasica Avatar

    She’s SOoooo adorable!

  2. Angela Avatar

    Bailey’s such a cutie!!

  3. Rebecca Avatar

    I adore Bailey’s dress and her green eyes!

  4. Kristen C. Avatar
    Kristen C.

    she’s ADORABLE!

  5. Vanessa Avatar

    She is my dream doll!!!! Love, love, love her 😀

  6. tara ess Avatar
    tara ess

    gorgi! seriously one of the most beautiful bambos i’ve ever laid eyes on..

  7. kate Avatar

    She’s so cute 🙂 I love her outfit!!!!

  8. pamela r. Avatar
    pamela r.

    would love to have this one!!

  9. Michelle Avatar

    She is amazing and we sure would give her lots of love at our house!!!

  10. Kate Avatar

    Adorbs! We would love her lots.

  11. Kim S. Avatar
    Kim S.


  12. Lisa Avatar

    Pick me, please!!

  13. Tiffany O'C Avatar
    Tiffany O’C

    She is really sweet. Would love to give her a home!!

  14. Erica Eley Avatar
    Erica Eley

    So tender, and that hair is TDF!

  15. Corina Avatar


  16. Melissa Avatar

    She’s beautiful!!!

  17. Kerri Rikke Avatar
    Kerri Rikke

    so cute!! i love he green eyes <3

  18. Diana Avatar

    A redhead, dreadie girl with freckles!! My dream!! My daughter is up late (darn late nap) and she just said “Mommy, I want that doll!”. I told her I did too and she said “but Mommy, you don’t have toys. It has to be for me.”. Fair enough babe.

  19. Kellie Martin Avatar
    Kellie Martin

    awww, totally love her! I tried so hard to get her last night 🙂

  20. Angie T. Avatar
    Angie T.

    Love, love, love her!! Please pick us 🙂

  21. Jennifer Chesla Avatar
    Jennifer Chesla

    we would love her 🙂

  22. Heather Avatar

    What a sweetheart! Love the new dress pattern.

  23. Heather Avatar

    Bailey would fit right into our Van Island family!

  24. mandi Avatar

    LOVE this one!!!!!!! A dream doll!

  25. Allison Schultz Avatar
    Allison Schultz

    Would love this little gal!!!

  26. Christine Avatar

    We love her!

  27. Patricia P Avatar
    Patricia P

    My dd would love her Thank You!

  28. Melissa Williams Avatar
    Melissa Williams

    Would love her!!

  29. Jaime Thomas Avatar
    Jaime Thomas

    She is awesome! Love the halter top 😉

  30. Evette Avatar

    We would love her! Thanks for the chance!

  31. Tia Avatar

    Would love to give her a good home 🙂

  32. penelope haynes Avatar
    penelope haynes

    I want her to live with me

  33. Suzi C Avatar
    Suzi C


  34. Cheryl Ch Avatar
    Cheryl Ch

    would jump for joy if i won this one!!!

  35. Megan B. Avatar
    Megan B.

    Just lovely!

  36. Stacey Poortenga Avatar
    Stacey Poortenga


  37. Heather Avatar

    Just love her 🙂

  38. Holly Avatar

    Gorgeous!!! I could use a redhead in my family. 🙂

  39. Rene G Avatar
    Rene G

    We love her!

  40. Angie Avatar


  41. Kelly W Avatar
    Kelly W

    🙂 🙂 🙂 love her 🙂 🙂 🙂

  42. Lori Avatar

    Bailey’s got Georgia on her mind!

  43. Bethie Avatar


  44. Angela Shipley Avatar
    Angela Shipley

    I want to bring this baby home to my empty nesting home so my granddaughters will have a baby to play with!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Katie C. Avatar
    Katie C.

    Love love love her!

  46. Alison Avatar

    Bailey for my Bailey would be perfect! Hope she can join our family:-)

  47. megan gillikin Avatar
    megan gillikin

    she is a cutie!!!

  48. Julie Avatar

    Love, love, love her!

  49. Jennie H Avatar
    Jennie H

    She is amazing!!!

  50. FLR Avatar

    love her!!!!

  51. regan Avatar

    My F5 broke on her Thurs night 🙂

  52. Rebecca Billington Avatar
    Rebecca Billington

    oh wow this is the girl i wanted! Please please please!!!

  53. Emmeline Avatar

    i love her…pleaseee i want just one and ill take care of her forever.

  54. Willow G. Avatar
    Willow G.


  55. Esther Avatar

    She’s lovely!

  56. Robin Morey Avatar
    Robin Morey

    She’s a beauty!

  57. Tammy Avatar


  58. erika Avatar

    please please please

  59. Tonya Avatar

    LOVE her! This is the little lady I really wanted! Hopefully this will be the one after a year and a half!

  60. Jennifer Thibodeaux Avatar
    Jennifer Thibodeaux

    What a cutie!! Hope I can bring her home!

  61. anar Avatar


  62. Julie Yeoward Avatar
    Julie Yeoward

    I always tell my freckled face girls … Freckles are kisses from angels. Bailey would fit right in with our family.

  63. Melanie P Avatar
    Melanie P

    Love love love her!! She’s a perfect fit for our first Bambo!!

  64. Shana Avatar

    Love, love, love Bailey – tried for her for quite a while late last night 🙂

  65. Melanie Avatar

    She is gorgeous!!! Please come to our little home!!!

  66. Jennifer Avatar

    Love her!! she is a dream!

  67. Ashley Avatar

    She’s beautiful!!

  68. Lee Ann Murray Avatar
    Lee Ann Murray

    Little miss Bailey – I love you and wish that I looked just like you! You are simply gorgeous! you will be loved on by 3 sweet baby girls while I work on bringing more of your sisters home with us 🙂 <3 mama Murray

  69. Janet Avatar

    LOVE her!

  70. Juana M Avatar
    Juana M

    Love her!! She’s SO ready for summer 😉

  71. Kelli W-S Avatar
    Kelli W-S

    She’s so cute!!

  72. Shelby Avatar

    My daughter is just getting freckles now. None of her preschool friends have freckles. It would be so nice for Olivia to know shes not the only one.

  73. Lauren Avatar

    We would love to have her join our home she is precious

  74. Sonya C. Avatar
    Sonya C.

    She is adorable!! Love everything about her. 🙂

  75. Melissa H. Avatar
    Melissa H.

    I like this girl. I think I’d have to call her Shirley Bailey.

  76. Kathleen Avatar

    Love that hair! Such a pretty doll.

  77. Denise Avatar

    Darling! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  78. Megan W. Avatar
    Megan W.

    Love her!

  79. Lauren W Avatar
    Lauren W

    So, so cute! Fingers crossed 🙂

  80. Addy Van Anne Avatar
    Addy Van Anne

    Bailey needs to come live with us. She looks just like my daughter. She would fit right in, my childrens names all start with the letter B. She would be perfect for my daughters first Bambo! Come live with us Bailey!

  81. Jen Avatar

    I would love this doll!!!

  82. Kris R. Avatar
    Kris R.

    We would love Bailey. Thanks.

  83. Julie L Avatar
    Julie L

    just stunning!

  84. Lesley wheeler Avatar
    Lesley wheeler

    Love her!!! Thanks for the chance!

  85. Alla Kogan Avatar
    Alla Kogan

    She’s the one I was trying for!

  86. Sarah A. Avatar
    Sarah A.

    She is incredible and we would love her!

  87. Tonya Avatar

    If my daughter didn’t like her she would be my new best friend!!!!! Love her!

  88. Sarah M Avatar
    Sarah M

    I don’t think it could get any better than this sweet girl. <3

  89. Jennifer Evangelista Avatar
    Jennifer Evangelista

    Thank you, team bamboletta for all the love and hard work y’all put in day after day into making these wonderful dolls. I hope we will be lucky enough to have her. Thanks for the chance.

  90. Karen Avatar

    I would love the opportunity to buy her!

  91. Kjristi Avatar

    Love, love, love her!

  92. Amanda M Avatar
    Amanda M

    LOVE HER!!!

  93. Kelly Z Avatar
    Kelly Z

    She is TO DIE FOR!

  94. Wendy Avatar

    Mine…mine…mine…mine… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  95. Melissa Avatar

    Thanks for the chance!

  96. Lizzy Ruffles Avatar

    I love her hair and freckles, she’s gorgeous.

  97. Jenny Raineygibson Avatar

    Freckles are so cute on her.

  98. Andrea G Avatar
    Andrea G

    she just makes me smile!!!!

  99. Bernardete Avatar

    She is adorable. Would love to have her!

  100. Justine Semple Avatar
    Justine Semple

    How cute are those freckles !!!! She just looks like she should live in Australia !!!! Gorgeous !!!

  101. linda jt Avatar
    linda jt

    Love her freckles and sassy attitude.

  102. Kim R Avatar
    Kim R

    One of my favorites in a long time! I just love her!!

  103. allison Avatar

    Loved her the moment I saw her!

  104. Sarah Avatar

    Love, love, love her!

  105. Tanya Thom Avatar

    Seriously ADORABLE face… love the freckles! And the hair texture is my fave!!! Count me in on Miss Bailey… YES, P’LEASE! 🙂

  106. Tawnya Avatar

    Love her dreads!

  107. Wendy Avatar

    love love love her!

  108. Brenda Avatar

    She’s just too cute!

  109. Jenny Avatar

    My little Freya would say you have yoghurty hair. I have no idea why it’s yoghurty but there you go! 😉

  110. Jessica P Avatar
    Jessica P

    OMG she was the one I was trying for….ok here is to lucky me. possibly!!

  111. Sarah Avatar

    Fingers crossed.

  112. Sharon Avatar

    Freckles! Love her!

  113. Melissa S Avatar
    Melissa S

    Please enter me!

  114. MammaLin Avatar

    Love her!!

  115. Kimberly Yanovak Avatar

    She is so adorable!!

  116. Samantha Avatar

    <3 her! She is so sweet.

  117. Erin Avatar

    Love her!!!!

  118. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    We would love to welcome Bailey to our family!!! <3

  119. Stephanie Avatar

    Love her!

  120. Amanda Avatar

    What a cutie! Thank you for the chance to bring Bailey home! 🙂

  121. Rachel Rimmer Avatar
    Rachel Rimmer

    My daughter is sitting here with me and begging to look at all the dolls and said “mommy when are you going to get me one of those dolls”………….. if only it were that easy!!! thanks for the chance! off to drool and look!

  122. abby Avatar

    love her!

  123. Mandy M. Avatar

    Such pretty hair and eyes! Would love her!

  124. Brian S Avatar
    Brian S

    My girls would love her.

  125. Theresa Avatar

    Love her!

  126. Lala Avatar

    She is ammmmazing!

  127. Lin Avatar


  128. Susan Robertson Avatar
    Susan Robertson


  129. Debby L. Avatar
    Debby L.

    Ohh…Sign me up…my daughter thought she was your cutest this week. Thanks.

  130. Theresa s Avatar
    Theresa s

    Very pretty!

  131. Cindy Roberts Avatar
    Cindy Roberts

    What a beauty!

  132. Jennie F Avatar
    Jennie F


  133. Jacinta Tracey Avatar
    Jacinta Tracey

    I love her hair and her dress is really gorgeous.
    Could this be the girl who will be first in Ireland.
    A thousand welcomes will await her.

  134. Julie Avatar


  135. lelan Avatar


  136. ameliaw Avatar


  137. Jennifer L. Avatar
    Jennifer L.

    She is AMAZING!!! We would love her!!!! 🙂

  138. Trish Avatar

    We would love to bring Bailey Home!

  139. Michelle Avatar

    She is most incredibly awesome. Would love her for my Kajsa

  140. sara Avatar

    we would love to have her in our family!

  141. Michael Avatar

    She is adorable!

  142. Heather Bhatti Avatar
    Heather Bhatti

    I want ALL the serendipities this week. What a sweetie!

  143. jen willard Avatar
    jen willard

    She looks like my little girl. I would love to have her!

  144. Melissa tranquilli Avatar

    She needs to come to buffalo and live with us……

  145. Tammy Dean Avatar
    Tammy Dean

    She look’s like an Illinois girl!

  146. Linda Greenwood Avatar

    another Bambo star!

  147. Mary Jane Pilgrim Avatar
    Mary Jane Pilgrim

    Praying it’s our turn!

  148. Sarah Fitzpatrick Avatar
    Sarah Fitzpatrick

    I tried so hard to get her !! She is gorgeous !!

  149. JennyO Avatar

    We were trying to get Bailey into our cart for what felt like forever! Please choose us. xxx

  150. Hope Avatar

    My daughter Rachel would love her to pieces

  151. Sarah F Avatar
    Sarah F


  152. Elaine Avatar

    Love her!!!

  153. Christine M Avatar
    Christine M

    soooo cute!!

  154. diana Avatar

    very cute. perfection.

  155. Meg Avatar

    She is stunning

  156. Melissa Avatar

    Love her!!

  157. Eva C. Avatar
    Eva C.

    too cute!!!

  158. Aliana Avatar

    trying yet again 🙂

  159. Morgan Avatar

    Bailey is so, so sweet!!

  160. Sarah R. Avatar
    Sarah R.

    SO CUTE – I don’t know what to do, but taking a chance that we have a chance for you to come live with us pretty one!

  161. Chris Avatar

    So cute! Would love a chance to win

  162. Haley Avatar

    We love her!

  163. Lacy Avatar


  164. Shaun Avatar

    Just wonderful!

  165. Melissa Avatar

    Oh I would LOVE to win this adorable girl!

  166. Khris Avatar

    Love her hair!

  167. amie Avatar

    Oh she is just gorgeous, would be perfect for a special little girl I know.

  168. Cait Avatar

    She is incredibly lovely.

  169. Steph Avatar

    She is adorable!

  170. Teri Avatar

    Oh my goodness, I think she may be possibly my favorite Bambo ever!!! I looooove her!!

  171. Valerie Avatar

    Lovely girl! Would love to have her.

  172. Lori G. Avatar
    Lori G.

    We’re waiting for you to come home, Bailey!

  173. Ashley Avatar

    She is lovely!

  174. Dianne Avatar

    She is such a cutie & love her hairdo!!!Would love to have her !!!

  175. georgie's mum Avatar
    georgie’s mum

    a little bit curly, and a little bit frilly, and just so sweet – with freckles to boot!

  176. T. Wildi Avatar
    T. Wildi

    WOW! I love her!!!

  177. Amy D Avatar
    Amy D

    Love her with the red hair!

  178. Alma Avatar

    She’s really pretty!

  179. Mia J. Avatar
    Mia J.


  180. Jennie B Avatar
    Jennie B

    Would love to have her!

  181. Sue Weier Avatar
    Sue Weier

    A face without freckles is like a night without stars

  182. Bonnie Nassau Avatar
    Bonnie Nassau

    She’s a cutie!

  183. tara Avatar

    Love this one!

  184. Sharon Avatar

    she is sooo cute

  185. Julia Avatar

    We love her!

  186. Robert P. Avatar
    Robert P.

    My daughter would love her!

  187. Jillian Avatar

    So sweet!

  188. Melinda guthman Avatar
    Melinda guthman

    Would love this doll!!!!

  189. Denise T. Avatar
    Denise T.

    Her outfit is just darling 🙂

  190. Jennifer B Avatar
    Jennifer B

    Would love her

  191. Caryn Avatar

    I love her hair color and her freckles.

  192. Jenelle Avatar

    She wants to come live here!!!

  193. Laurie Avatar

    LOVE her! <3

  194. Hanna J Avatar
    Hanna J

    Love love love her!

  195. Tracy Avatar

    What a beauty!

  196. Belinda Avatar

    Little Princess with a Beautiful Name!

  197. Isabel Avatar

    my dream doll!!!!!!!! please come home with us!!!

  198. Carrie Mc Wright Avatar
    Carrie Mc Wright

    Love the hair!

  199. Jamie C Avatar
    Jamie C

    freckled and fabulous. love her!

  200. Marie-Claire Avatar

    Good luck to me :))))

  201. jai conroy Avatar
    jai conroy

    What a great face!

  202. jeannette holt Avatar
    jeannette holt

    LOve this one she is a cutie!!!

  203. Yvonne Folsom Avatar
    Yvonne Folsom

    She is a cutie!

  204. Suzanne Hurlston Avatar
    Suzanne Hurlston

    Such a beautiful doll!

  205. Erin Avatar


  206. Marie-Claude Avatar

    Love her!

  207. Sherry Avatar

    What a little beauty!

  208. Linda S. Avatar
    Linda S.

    I would love her for my granddaughter:)

  209. monica Avatar

    My daughter would love her!

  210. Stacey Avatar

    Love her!

  211. Katie Ethridge Avatar
    Katie Ethridge

    She’s great!!

  212. Natalie Avatar

    I love her name. She looks like she has lots of love to give

  213. Joan Avatar

    I love those freckles.

  214. Cath Avatar

    We would love the chance to give this beauty a home!

  215. Kim C Avatar
    Kim C


  216. katie Avatar

    love the ginger girls!!!

  217. janeb Avatar

    she’s ca-ute!

  218. Jacqueline Avatar

    I want to win to make this obsession stop.. Please help me win!

  219. Jen D. Avatar
    Jen D.

    Love it! I want to win!

  220. Melissa A Avatar
    Melissa A

    Dreamy dolly!!! Green eyes and freckles!

  221. Katie B. Avatar
    Katie B.


  222. Carrie Avatar

    Love get!

  223. Tracy Avatar

    So so cute!

  224. Jessica Avatar

    Bailey is just gorgeous!

  225. Amy Schillinger Avatar
    Amy Schillinger

    i love her. be a sister to our bambo.

  226. Gary Avatar

    wow it would make my daughter’s day….year actually….maybe life… 🙂

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