Serendipity Doll – Ava


Tonight’s Serendipity is Ava – what a cutie – I do love the curly hair gals! She is a 15″ doll – stuffed with wool and made cotton interlock – such a pretty girl.

ONE comment per person โ€ฆ2 comments per household. Leave the comment at the end of this blog. A winner is chosen randomly for the opportunity to buy Ava (price is $180). Contest ends tomorrow at 9pm PST! (Feb 12th). Sorry for the late time – I’m going away this weekend and don’t know when I’ll get online – it may be 9 or 10 .. depends when I get back from dinner!







261 responses to “Serendipity Doll – Ava”

  1. Megan Avatar

    Oh I would love to give my daughter a boucle girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Beth Kirksey Avatar
    Beth Kirksey

    We would so love the opportunity to give Ava a home! She is gorgeous!!!! Thanks for the chance!!!!!

  3. Heather Derksen Avatar
    Heather Derksen

    Oh, gorgeous Ava. Come live with us, please!!!

  4. Vanessa Avatar

    Love her!!!!!!

  5. Barbara Dodd Avatar
    Barbara Dodd

    She is so cute! She would be perfect for my grand daughter! Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. Justin Avatar

    My daughter (& wife) would love her.

  7. Sheri Avatar

    So pretty! Would love to give her a new home!

  8. Boon Avatar

    Love her!!

  9. Melissa C Avatar
    Melissa C

    Here’s hoping I can get her ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Lisa M. Avatar
    Lisa M.

    We would love her so!

  11. Sho Avatar

    She is my favorite!! <3 her

  12. Amanda Colbeth Avatar

    Would love love love to have Ava join our family! :o)

  13. Tara Turano Avatar
    Tara Turano

    She’s beautiful! Would love her. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Colleen Sauter Avatar
    Colleen Sauter

    Oh no! She was in my cart and jumped ship!! Why oh why?!

  15. Brianna Avatar

    We’d love to have Ava join our family!

  16. Tami-Lyn Avatar

    Ohh I would be amazing to have the luck to get to bring her home for my little girl!

  17. Sonja Avatar

    would love her to come and live with usxoxo

  18. Erin sauter Avatar
    Erin sauter

    My wife tried so hard for Ava tonight!

  19. Karyn G. Avatar
    Karyn G.

    Love the brown boucle!

  20. Rebecca Jennison Avatar
    Rebecca Jennison

    She is very cute!

  21. Justin G. Avatar
    Justin G.

    Very sweet.

  22. Brianna Avatar

    We would love to have Little Miss Ava join our family!

  23. Vicki Gomes Avatar

    Would love to have Miss Ava for one of my grandaughters! Thank-you ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. dawn dangelo Avatar
    dawn dangelo

    me please

  25. Lindsay Adams Avatar
    Lindsay Adams

    I would love for her to join our family!!

  26. Athena Avatar

    I would love to have an Ava for my little ava. thanks for the chance!

  27. Tracy D. Avatar
    Tracy D.

    We would give her a wonderful home!

  28. Kari Bennett Avatar
    Kari Bennett

    Love her. (& have a great night out!)

  29. Nancy F Henderson Avatar
    Nancy F Henderson

    She is gorgeous!! Love the curlies!!

  30. Jean W Avatar
    Jean W

    Hi there – we would love the chance! She was stuck in the cart of a very good friend, and I’d love to make her day tomorrow!

  31. Linda Jones Avatar
    Linda Jones

    SO CUTE!! Love her hair.

  32. Nicole Romeo Avatar

    Oh how fun it would be to get Ava, maybe luck would strike me tonight!! Excited!!

  33. Caryn Avatar

    Oh!!!! Please let me the lucky winner!!!!

  34. Ali Avatar

    So cute! I’d love to have her for my daughter!

  35. Mike Romeo Avatar

    My daughter would be so happy with her!! Luck for the Romeo household??

  36. Elena Avatar

    Love her hair!

  37. Kevin Avatar

    My daughter would like her a lot.

  38. Tuan Avatar

    My niece has been wanting a curly hair doll!

  39. Jenifer Avatar

    What a sweetie pie in a rockin’ outfit ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. Claudia C Avatar
    Claudia C

    Beautiful doll!

  41. Cara C. Avatar
    Cara C.

    Oh, I love the curly-haired girls, too!! We would love to have her ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Katie Avatar

    Love Ava!! Would love to have her be part of our family!!

  43. Amey A. Avatar
    Amey A.

    perfect for my grandbabies.

  44. Stephanie L. Avatar
    Stephanie L.

    I hope that I have a chance at this beauty! I am not sure what time it even is PST right now! Good luck to all, she is a gorgeous one!

  45. Kristen Avatar

    I love boucle hair girls! Love the chance to win her!

  46. Ryan Avatar

    Would love to have Ava for my beautiful daughters!!

  47. Aliana Avatar

    we would love her to bits!

  48. Kimberly Avatar

    Oh we’d just love her please. Crossing fingers!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Abigail Avatar

    Super cute!

  50. Amanda Johnson Avatar
    Amanda Johnson

    She would be perfect for my little girl!

  51. Bob Avatar

    A beauty!

  52. Laura Lou Avatar
    Laura Lou

    We would love the opportunity to give Ava a loving home here in Australia! She would love it here and be able to wear her stunning sun dress all year round! She would be adored!! xx

  53. Jenn Avatar

    Too Cute!

  54. Michelle Avatar

    My little sweetie would be thrilled to shower Ava with infinite hugs and kisses!!XoXoXo

  55. Gareth Avatar

    My daughter would love her.

  56. michelle h Avatar
    michelle h

    She’s gorgeous!!

  57. Randolph Wagner Avatar
    Randolph Wagner

    Would like to have another chance on Ava. Really hoping for the best, would be great in the family.

  58. Jaime T Avatar
    Jaime T

    Boucle! Lovely!

  59. Jamie Hicks Avatar
    Jamie Hicks

    such a love

  60. Greg Avatar

    would love this for my little girl.

  61. Eva Dorman Avatar
    Eva Dorman

    Oh, can we be so lucky!! We would give her a loving home! <3

  62. Lynn Avatar

    One chance please!

  63. Matt Avatar

    sweet doll

  64. Megan benson Avatar
    Megan benson

    Lovely Ava!

  65. Erika Davison Avatar
    Erika Davison

    She would be the best birthday present for me and my niece!!

  66. Rhonda Waldorf Avatar
    Rhonda Waldorf

    Our Abby would love to have Ava as her own!!!

  67. Emily Avatar

    I would love to win this little beauty!

  68. Joe Campagna Avatar
    Joe Campagna


  69. Heather H Avatar
    Heather H

    Tried for Ava … hoping this 2nd chance makes her ours! ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Lindsey Avatar

    She is a sweetie

  71. Jennifer Avatar

    I love her!

  72. Denny Avatar

    My wife would love her.

  73. Ryan Avatar

    Our girls would love to bring Ava home!

  74. Liana Avatar

    I love Ava! Curly hair just like my daughter…. please come to us, Ava!

  75. Paul Avatar

    My granddaughter would love this doll

  76. Tiffany Avatar

    Hi – I love her

  77. Dan Avatar

    Would love to give this to my daughter!

  78. Brianna Steffen Avatar

    We have Maggie and love her so much! we have been stalking for curls too because my baby gal has curls… mommy has been working hard each upload to get me a dolly with curls. We are hoping she is the one who can come home with us and complete our family.

  79. Krista M Avatar
    Krista M

    Ava what a cutie, you are. Please come home to my house.

  80. Daddy B Avatar
    Daddy B

    We’d love to give her a new home!

  81. Caitlin Avatar

    I love her. She’s perfect.

  82. Kim Steffen Avatar

    My baby gal has been begging for a dolly with curls. I’ve been trying very hard to secure one. Really it is hard to find a dolly with curls like my hunny… so here we are hoping to complete our lil family with a dolly with curls. It would feel good to have our family completed:-) Thanks for the chance!

  83. Rob Avatar

    My little girl would be so happy to have Ava as her first Bamboletta doll!

  84. Megan D Avatar
    Megan D

    She is adorable! ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. Dan D Avatar
    Dan D

    My wife wants her and my daughter would like her too.

  86. Rich port Avatar
    Rich port

    My daughter would love her!,

  87. Susie H. Avatar
    Susie H.

    I’m so happy the Serendipity is Ava!!! Would be even happier to welcome her home! Hoping it’s meant to be! xo

  88. Whitney port Avatar
    Whitney port

    Love her!

  89. Heather Avatar

    She reminds me of my girls!! So precious!

  90. Melissa Marie Avatar
    Melissa Marie

    Here’s hoping!

  91. Amyt Avatar

    Would love her for my baby.

  92. Daddy Dan Avatar
    Daddy Dan

    My gals would love this doll : )

  93. Grandma Matney Avatar
    Grandma Matney

    She can come live at my house ๐Ÿ˜‰

  94. Melanie Catterson Avatar
    Melanie Catterson

    She is gorgeous!!

  95. Amy Avatar

    Fingers crossed, again!

  96. Maenad Avatar

    That is one awesomely cute doll! The Grandbabies would love her!!!

  97. nancyh Avatar

    My daughter would love her and this would be our first doll. She has been swooning over her best friend’s dolls. We have been trying for weeks with no luck.

  98. .Libbi Avatar

    Oh please, please, please!!!

  99. dsully Avatar

    We have been trying to get a doll for my daughter for a long time with no luck. We would love an opportunity to get her.

  100. Holly Avatar

    Would love to have her!

  101. Danielle Avatar

    She is a beauty! Thanks for the chance!

  102. Kevin E. Avatar
    Kevin E.

    Entering for my daughter – thanks

  103. Suzi Avatar

    She is so cute. We would love her.

  104. Lance C Avatar
    Lance C

    Would love a chance to get her for my daughter.

  105. Jessica H Avatar
    Jessica H

    Ava you are such a cutie!! My Ava would love to call you her very own bebe! Please come live with us in Alaska

  106. Lisa P Avatar
    Lisa P

    My little Ava needs an Ava =)

  107. Ava Claire Avatar
    Ava Claire

    Please be my Valentine!

  108. Tonya Avatar

    Such a cutie pie! She’d have a good home here!

  109. Dave Hicks Avatar
    Dave Hicks

    one left on wifes list, boucle!

  110. jodie Avatar

    I would love her.

  111. jenny Avatar

    She is perfect. My daughter would love her.

  112. Stacey Avatar

    She is beautiful…we would love to have little Ava live with us ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. Inbal Avatar

    She is gorgeous! My daughters would adore her!

  114. Kelli Avatar

    Would love to have Ava at our house.

  115. zulekha Avatar

    me me me

  116. Allison Avatar

    She is just perfect!

  117. Kourtney Avatar

    Super cute!

  118. Shannan Vaughn Avatar
    Shannan Vaughn

    Pick me! Pick me!

  119. Rhaylynn Avatar

    what a sweet little doll!

  120. Jenny H Avatar

    We would love to have her join our family ๐Ÿ™‚

  121. Robin Chase Avatar
    Robin Chase

    me me me!!!

  122. Jenny Avatar

    Oh, I hope it’s me. I can’t seem to ever make it online at upload time.

  123. Charlotte Avatar


  124. Tracy Herron Avatar

    I would be thrilled to give her a home. I am hopeless with BC uploads. ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. Teddi Linkous Avatar
    Teddi Linkous

    I would love a boucle doll!!!

  126. Caitlin Avatar

    She is beautiful!

  127. Mary Grace Avatar
    Mary Grace

    I would love to make her my first bambo!

  128. Barbie Huff Avatar
    Barbie Huff

    We would LOVE to have this beautiful doll! My daughter Olivia especially! ๐Ÿ™‚ We have not been able to get one though we keep trying! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Barbie Huff and Olivia Grace

  129. Carol Pegura Avatar
    Carol Pegura

    Never mind the kiddies, I am a 60 year old grandma – Gma is my name- kiddies are my game…………..I want her for me…….love this doll!!

  130. Emily Avatar

    February 12 is my birthday and my daughter is an Ava! Perfect match I’d say!

  131. Toni Avatar

    Today was my lucky day. I was a “victim” of a random act of kindness. Now I’m hoping to win this beautiful doll in your drawing. :0)

  132. Brady Avatar

    My lil girls best friend is named Ava.

  133. celine Avatar

    i am hoping and praying that it will be me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  134. Caitlin Avatar

    I would be so excited if I could bring her home!

  135. Derek L Avatar
    Derek L

    please let my wife buy this doll!

  136. Amy E. Avatar
    Amy E.

    She is adorable…..of course I had to enter my Ava for this little Ava ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. Renee. F Avatar
    Renee. F

    She’s beautiful!!

  138. Kristin Avatar

    Ava is such a cutie pie…love her! xx

  139. Melinda Avatar

    Oh I love her, she is gorgeous!

  140. Chloe Avatar

    what a pretty doll, I love her hair!

  141. Carla Aldag Avatar
    Carla Aldag

    Sooo cute, still don’t have one : (

  142. Fran Finucan Avatar
    Fran Finucan

    Sunny Brisbane is a gorgeous place to live and be loved Miss Ava!

  143. Alison W Avatar
    Alison W

    Adorabble…hoping, hoping, hoping!!!

  144. Steve Avatar

    Please enter me. Thanks!

  145. Annie Avatar

    Love her!

  146. Craig Avatar

    Am hoping to be able to buy this for my daughters. Please count me in.

  147. Dawn Avatar

    What a sweetie, we would love to meet her.

  148. Debby L. Avatar
    Debby L.

    Sign me up!! We’d love her here.

  149. Deborah Avatar

    Ava please come and live with us,I know Australia is a long way to travel,but you will be a much loved part of our family. We are sure you will feel very welcome in our family home ,and I can promise you that you will be loved and cared for by our daughter Emma-Rose.

  150. Kelly Avatar

    My best friend’s daughter would really love to have Ava!

  151. emma-rose Avatar

    Ava is soooooooooo……… cute, please come and be my dolly, I will love you for ever and ever…..

  152. France Avatar

    Ava is adorable, I love her curls!! I would love to have her for my daughter!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  153. Sonya C. Avatar
    Sonya C.

    My boyfriend’s daughter Ava would love to have Ava ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. cassie K Avatar
    cassie K

    We love her! Hope we can bring her home!

  155. Dustin Avatar

    My DD would love her.

  156. Michelle Avatar

    My DGD would be the perfect little mommy for her!

  157. irina williams Avatar
    irina williams

    she is super adorable

  158. Kinda Avatar

    She is a sweetie!

  159. Kiel Avatar


  160. David Avatar

    My wife would love to have her!

  161. Kelly Fewins Avatar
    Kelly Fewins

    She is so cute!! My daughter would love to have her. Thanks for giving us all another chance!!!

  162. Allison Avatar

    Would LOVE her for my niece’s bday!!! She loves these beautiful babies

  163. Liesl Avatar

    super cute!

  164. Jennifer L. Avatar
    Jennifer L.

    She is too cute! Love her!

  165. Cole Avatar

    I would love to get her for my little sister.

  166. Bill Avatar

    Send her to Ontario please for my grandkids!

  167. Denise D Avatar
    Denise D

    I would love Ava!

  168. Christopher Avatar

    My daughter would love to have this doll as her companion.

  169. Rebecca Avatar

    Oh, she’s gorgeous! Hoping this is our time! Lovely work, as always, such a sweet face!

  170. Heathir Avatar

    Ava would make a lovely gift for our Ava.

  171. Lacy Avatar

    Love the boucle babies! Come home to mama Ava!!!!

  172. Kristi S Avatar
    Kristi S

    She is adorable!!

  173. Chris Avatar

    I know the perfect home for Ava with the sweetest birthday girl.She will be loved dearly. Praying for beginners luck!

  174. Barbara Houck Avatar
    Barbara Houck

    Oh! Ava was one of my favorites from the week! I ended up missing the upload because of an unexpected emergency so I appreciate the chance at one of the lovelies this week!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  175. jeannette Avatar

    She is so cute LOve her!!!!!:)

  176. Kelsey F Avatar

    Oh she has the sweetest little face!! We would love if she could make a short trip across the ferry and come see us over here

  177. Chris F Avatar
    Chris F

    What a cutie! Love her funky hair

  178. Jake&Luke Avatar

    Our sister would flip over Ava!! We want to give her a new baby to hug~so she doesn’t always want to hug us in front of our friends~hehehe!!

  179. Mark H Avatar
    Mark H

    Would love her for my daughter.

  180. Hilary Avatar

    I know a little girl who would love her!

  181. Katie Avatar

    Come on home Ava girl!

  182. France Avatar

    Sorry that was the wrong e-mail…my daughter Isabelle would love Ava…:)

  183. Jacqueline Avatar

    She is gorgeous!

  184. Zara Avatar

    I would love to have her!

  185. Barbie Huff Avatar
    Barbie Huff

    That last comment should read “my daughter Olivia and I ” LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Barbie Huff:)

  186. Denise Avatar

    So pretty!!! Thanks for this opportunity! ๐Ÿ™‚

  187. jai conroy Avatar
    jai conroy

    Love that hair!

  188. Brian Simpson Avatar
    Brian Simpson

    Will try for her for my wife I can never do anything on the uploads.

  189. denise Avatar

    Love her hair and skin…….will she be the one……please!

  190. Angela Simpson Avatar
    Angela Simpson

    Pretty please me me!

  191. Shane Jackson Avatar
    Shane Jackson

    LoVE her! Brown skin and brown eyed beauty!

  192. Mary E Avatar
    Mary E

    We would LOVE her! Her hair is gorgeous! I’ve been trying every upload for a while and we have yet to get a doll!

  193. Peg Avatar


  194. AJ Avatar

    Thank you

  195. TARA Avatar

    oh please, oh please, Oh please…I would love her. LOL.

  196. Athena Avatar

    I would LOVE to give her a home as we’ve yet to get one of your beautiful dolls. ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to get one for my daughter’s upcoming birthday & this little sweetie would be PERFECT! ๐Ÿ™‚

  197. Angela Yamamura Avatar

    Truly a precious hand to hold and a heart to love for someone special…

  198. Barbara Avatar

    She is a cutie!!!

  199. Angela Yamamura Avatar

    I’m rooting for Brian Simpson. If hubby is trying to get one you know it will be loved by the whole family! Our’s will come when it’s meant to be.

  200. Khristie Avatar

    She’s a cutie – thanks for the chance

  201. Jen L Avatar
    Jen L

    I tried for her and she wouldn’t get in my cart! Maybe this time!

  202. Leslie Avatar

    love the boucle!

  203. Tom McG Avatar
    Tom McG

    My daughter would love this doll. Please enter us for a chance.

  204. Kevin C. Avatar
    Kevin C.

    Entering for my wife and daughter.

  205. tony Avatar

    a cutie for my cutie

  206. Tom Avatar

    Happy Valentine’s Day to my girls!

  207. Heather Bhatti Avatar
    Heather Bhatti

    Sooooo cute!

  208. Jennifer Avatar

    She certainly is a cutie!

  209. Melissa Avatar

    Ava would be perfect for my daughter!!!

  210. Cathy O Avatar
    Cathy O

    Love her! Love her hair especially! ๐Ÿ™‚

  211. Mike Avatar

    Would love to get her for my daughter’s birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  212. Katherine Avatar

    Please, please, please.

  213. anar Avatar

    Oh Ava! Hope you can come home with us! We were trying to get you last night. She has the most amazing hair!

  214. Myra Avatar

    This beauty caught my eye in the preview, she is going to make some family very happy!! Will it be ours?

  215. Craig Avatar

    My wife would love her for my daughter.

  216. Nadine Fournier Avatar
    Nadine Fournier

    I would love to have this cutie for my little girl’s 2nd birthday!

  217. Emily O Avatar
    Emily O

    We would love her! I am not quick enough anymore it seems. ๐Ÿ™‚

  218. karen Avatar

    pickme! ๐Ÿ™‚

  219. rachael Avatar

    Please enter us.

  220. Jean Avatar

    So cute!

  221. Kinsy Scott Avatar
    Kinsy Scott

    Love her!

  222. Donna Weninger Avatar
    Donna Weninger

    So cute!

  223. Kathleen Meyer Avatar
    Kathleen Meyer

    Love the brown eyes.

  224. Maya F Avatar
    Maya F

    Too Cute!

  225. Ceinwen Avatar

    Fantastic hair , what a cutie !!!

  226. Heidi Avatar

    I’ll give it another try. Would love to win one…eventually! Love what you all have done for Little Molly! Very touching story!

  227. Justine Semple Avatar
    Justine Semple

    Oh, I could only dream….she is simply gorgeous…..

  228. Stephanie S Avatar
    Stephanie S

    She’s super cute!

  229. Sarah F Avatar
    Sarah F

    Lovely hair! ๐Ÿ™‚

  230. Tim Avatar

    my wife and daughter sent me for the ‘most darling doll ever’….

  231. Sarah Avatar

    I tried for her last night.

  232. Angie Avatar

    Would love to have Ava come live with us! She’d arrive just in time for a trip to Disney World. We have a special spot reserved in our suitcase…

  233. Natalie Avatar

    Swoon! She is so lovely!

  234. Jonathan Avatar

    My daughter would love this doll!

  235. Kenzie Simpson Avatar
    Kenzie Simpson

    I would love her to come to University with me.

  236. Danny Avatar

    I would love to win this doll.

  237. Annethra Shreffler Avatar

    We are so new to your website, but first found out about your Bamboletta Dolls through MJ clothes..=) Love love your Ava, and my Hailie would love to give her a great home here in our home in Oklahoma..I’m a single mom to this great 6 1/2 year old..she has to be strong in so many ways cause her daddy is locked up for awhile…So please pick me!!!! =)

  238. Betty Avatar

    Would love to give this doll to our Granddaughter!

  239. kristen hebert Avatar
    kristen hebert

    OH!! So cute, we would gift you to our Gimmy so she can play dolls with us!!

  240. Michael L. Avatar
    Michael L.

    My daughter would love her!

  241. Aribbe Burch Avatar
    Aribbe Burch

    We would love this little girl.

  242. Frank Avatar

    I would like this doll for my daughter.

  243. Fiona Avatar

    What a cutie

  244. Tina Avatar

    Thanks for the chance! XO

  245. EWalters Avatar

    Would love her for our girl!

  246. david Avatar

    would luv get this for my wife ….. for valentine’s day.

  247. Linda Greenwood Avatar

    Ava you make my heart sing!! One is never too old to love and need the comfort of a doll like this.

  248. Michelle B. Avatar
    Michelle B.

    Oh she’s adorable, we’d love to give her a new home!

  249. Marisely Avatar

    Ava is a cutie ๐Ÿ™‚

  250. REO Avatar


  251. Michael Avatar

    Thanks for the chance!

  252. taylor bennett Avatar
    taylor bennett

    Love her!

  253. Chloe Marshall Avatar
    Chloe Marshall

    I love her!!

  254. Nicholas Avatar

    My little sister would love this one.

  255. Jennifer Bohlen Avatar
    Jennifer Bohlen

    Am I too late?

  256. David the greek Avatar
    David the greek

    Need this for my Hannah boo!

  257. Lynn Avatar

    Fingers crossed!

  258. Delaney Avatar

    so adorable!!!

  259. Wendy Avatar

    We want her!

  260. Ryan R Avatar
    Ryan R

    My daughter would love her, send her home.

  261. Hillary Avatar

    Love her!!