Serendipity Doll – Archer NEWBIES ONLY


This is Archer. He has beige skin, hair made with mohair boucle in a natural copper color, and green eyes. He is wearing the pictured outfit, underpants and wool felt shoes.

These dolls measure approximately 15″ in height.  They are hand made with wool, cotton, and lots of love.  Skin tones and color of clothing may vary slightly because of circumstances beyond our control due to lighting and various computer monitor settings.  Made by team Bamboletta in Canada.

To enter for a chance to buy Archer please leave a comment at the end of this post (NOT THE PICTURE) ONE comment per family. Winner will be chosen on Sunday April 3rd at 8pm PST. Doll costs $195 plus shipping. NEWBIES ONLY to enter for this doll (so – no Bamboletta in the house aside from Blanket Dolls)

Please note that people who have never commented before will get the note comments ‘await moderation’  – please don’t keep entering – I have to manually approve these comments and sometimes it takes me a few hours. Thanks!






147 responses to “Serendipity Doll – Archer NEWBIES ONLY”

  1. Esther Avatar

    He’s lovely. Thank you for the chance!



  3. Cat Avatar

    What a cutie! 🙂

  4. Stephanie H. Avatar
    Stephanie H.

    My little boy would love a little buddy!

  5. audrey scalzo Avatar
    audrey scalzo

    im a newbie so excited for a chance

  6. Erica Kirkland-Weeks Avatar
    Erica Kirkland-Weeks

    My daughter asks for a brother all the time. She would love him!

  7. Melonie Avatar

    Would love for this little fella to find a home with us!

  8. Alex Fox Avatar
    Alex Fox

    He would be welcome to come to our home.

  9. Jill Avatar

    He would fit right in with my family!

  10. Luke Avatar

    Oh please pick us for Archer!!! My 6 yr old autistic son loves soft “lovies” & I would love to get him a Bambo to hug!

  11. Katie C Avatar
    Katie C

    Sweet little boy.

  12. Danielle K Avatar
    Danielle K

    I would love to have this little boy for my little boy!

  13. Jennie H Avatar
    Jennie H

    Sooo cute!! Would love to give him a home 🙂

  14. robyn perry Avatar
    robyn perry

    I think my son would him.

  15. Jen Boschman Avatar
    Jen Boschman

    He is so sweet!

  16. Amey A. Avatar
    Amey A.

    He is so handsome!

  17. Libbi Avatar

    He is just sooo cute!!

  18. Connie Evens Avatar

    My grandson would love him so much!!! xoxo

  19. sarah Avatar

    My boys would love a bamboletta buddy and I missed the upload for a dr. appointment.

  20. Colleen Sauter Avatar
    Colleen Sauter

    My little man would be best friends with Archer!!!

  21. Libby Cantrell Avatar
    Libby Cantrell

    Cutie patootie!

  22. Tiffany Quintana Avatar
    Tiffany Quintana

    My son would love him for his birthday in May.

  23. Meg Desrosiers Avatar
    Meg Desrosiers

    Would love the chance to bring him home!

  24. Renee Ferrett Avatar
    Renee Ferrett

    My Bo would love this little boy! Thanks for the chance to win

  25. Lisa P Avatar
    Lisa P

    He’s so cute! My Ava would love him =)

  26. Leifschon Walker Avatar
    Leifschon Walker

    My Son would love him, he is adorable!

  27. Karen Avatar

    id love this for my little mans birthday <3

  28. Shana Avatar

    My son would love him.

  29. brenda Avatar

    Archer is soooo cute! I’m in love! LOL

  30. Sarah Martin Avatar
    Sarah Martin

    My boys would love him!!!

  31. julia g Avatar
    julia g

    Love him!!!

  32. Stephanie Avatar

    Such a doll! I just can’t wait to get a Bamboletta in our house for my girls!

  33. Amanda Maples Avatar
    Amanda Maples

    Oh what a little love!! I adore him!!

  34. Diana Avatar

    Such a handsome boy!

  35. Delicia Avatar

    Would love to have this little guy!!

  36. Dixie Avatar

    Cute lil’ boy

  37. Molly's Mom Avatar
    Molly’s Mom

    So sweet!

  38. Heather Truelove Avatar
    Heather Truelove

    Archer please!!!

  39. Kevin Avatar

    Hoping for some Newbie luck!!

  40. Channey Avatar

    oh I Love this one, fingers crossed again!

  41. Kimberly Avatar

    My son Kyle wants this doll to love forever. Thanks for considering him.

  42. Fawntel Romero Avatar
    Fawntel Romero

    Love him!

  43. kezia Avatar

    how fun. a boy!!! i never even try for a boy in an upload!

  44. Heidi Avatar

    Oh my goodness. He looks just like my Bruno! We would love to have him in our house. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. My boys would be so excited to have him!

  45. Darlene Gil Avatar
    Darlene Gil

    what a cute one!! Fingers crossed!

  46. Suzanne Hurlston Avatar
    Suzanne Hurlston

    Such a sweet little boy! We need some newbie luck this week!

  47. Lisa Avatar

    I tried so hard for you in the upload Archer. Please come to my little Atticus man.

  48. Lara Avatar

    What a cute little dude!!

  49. Lesley Wheeler Avatar
    Lesley Wheeler

    so handsome! hope we have some newbie luck!

  50. Kerri Rikke Avatar
    Kerri Rikke

    oh how we would love a little boy bambo!! <3 Archer is too cute!!!

  51. Hugs & Love to Spare Avatar
    Hugs & Love to Spare

    OMiGosh! This little man is adorable!

  52. Patricia Avatar

    I tried for the entire time to get that cutie into my cart and I had a feeling he did not get anywhere. Maybe I will get lucky now. I am so excited there is a boy left. I have been trying forever to get one for my little guy.

  53. Cheryel Swisher Avatar
    Cheryel Swisher

    He is so cute! love to have him:)

  54. Missy Avatar

    He is such a cutie!

  55. Elizabeth Avatar

    We would love to give Archer a home, he’s adorable!!

  56. Robin Chase Avatar
    Robin Chase

    Cutie Pie!

  57. Karen W. Avatar
    Karen W.

    I keep missing the upload days because of my son’s therapy appointments, so I am LOVING the serendipity chances. Makes it doubly-exciting. Cheeers!

  58. Karen W. Avatar
    Karen W.

    OOPS! Just realized it was for Newbies… so sorry!

  59. Haley Avatar

    Oh he is adorable…and what a great name!

  60. Andrea Avatar

    Perfect!!! My two year old son wants one with orange hair 🙂

  61. Maiyah Johnson Avatar
    Maiyah Johnson

    He is so cute!!

  62. Angela Avatar

    Archer is adorable, and beautifully made! You doll makers are amazing. My 3 year old boy would love him. Come live with us Archer.

  63. Megan C. Avatar
    Megan C.

    love!! what a sweetie!

  64. Nicole Merryman Avatar
    Nicole Merryman

    He would be a perfect friend for my son Corbin,
    Thank you for the chance!

  65. Melissa Avatar

    Cuteness! Thx for the chance!

  66. Dan Avatar

    Please include me. Thanks for the chance.

  67. Margie Richie Avatar
    Margie Richie

    So adorable! I would love to have Archer for my grandson.

  68. Andrea Avatar

    Fingers crossed! 🙂

  69. Kathie Avatar

    Thanks for the chance! He’s adorable!

  70. Sarah Avatar

    I was so disappointed to have missed the upload today — thanks for the chance at such a lovely friend!

  71. Marian Smith Avatar
    Marian Smith

    He is a adorable!! Please count me in!

  72. Sonya C. Avatar
    Sonya C.

    Love him!! Thanks so much for the chance to bring him to our house.

  73. Karyn Avatar

    We would love to give adorable Archer a home.

  74. Christie B. Avatar

    He’s adorable!

  75. Andrea D. Avatar
    Andrea D.

    My daughter Adelaide wants a little brother ;)…and of course his name has to start with an “A” like hers!

  76. Megan Avatar

    Love him!!!!

  77. jodi haselden Avatar
    jodi haselden

    Newbies who would LOVE to give Archer a new home 🙂

  78. Katie Rourke Avatar
    Katie Rourke


  79. Jenn Avatar

    So cute! He looks like my youngest, who would adore him!

  80. Caryn Avatar

    I love him and his sweater is so cute.

  81. Beth Avatar

    I would love him!

  82. Deb Gabriel Avatar
    Deb Gabriel

    I would absolutely love the opportunity to give this sweetie a home – with my grandson!


  83. Matthew Avatar

    Would love to win this one.

  84. Celia Avatar

    My boys would love him.

  85. Amber Avatar

    He’s so cute! I would love him! 🙂

  86. Ashley Bent Avatar
    Ashley Bent

    I would love the opportunity to get this guy. Thanks so much!

  87. Lissa Avatar

    What a sweet boy… would love a little boy!

  88. Lin Avatar

    Love his hair and eyes! Adorable 🙂

  89. Rebekah Avatar

    My 22 month old son just saw him and started laughing! I think he likes him.

  90. Lorraine W Avatar
    Lorraine W

    Oh I think he’s the cutest boy ever!

  91. Karla Lilley Avatar
    Karla Lilley

    Hello handsome! 🙂

  92. Jeremy Avatar

    Love him. He’s adorable!!

  93. Tarsha-Marie Avatar

    Oh he is such a beautiful boy, I’d love to get him for my baby 🙂

  94. Anabella Avatar

    Love that hair!!!

  95. Margaret Avatar

    my little guys would love him!

  96. Jill Avatar

    So cute!

  97. Donna Avatar

    too cute!!

  98. Sherri Adaams Avatar
    Sherri Adaams

    He would be a precious new grandson for us! : >

  99. Sherri Adams Avatar
    Sherri Adams

    keeping fingers crossed!

  100. tara Avatar

    I’ve always wanted a boy..

  101. Gena C Avatar
    Gena C

    Archer would fit right into my house, of 7 boys 🙂

  102. Michael S. Avatar

    My boy would love him 🙂

  103. Jan Avatar

    Great hair! Very cute!

  104. Lindsey Avatar

    Would love achance he is so cute

  105. Inbal Avatar

    We would love him!!!! So handsome 🙂

  106. Mindy Avatar

    We would love to enter, thank you so much. 🙂

  107. gwynette Avatar

    We would love to give him a home! He’s precious!

  108. Brad Avatar

    He is very sweet (according to my daughter!) I would love one for her!

  109. Laura Avatar

    Put me in the running, please?

  110. Elizabeth Avatar

    Amazingly adorable.

  111. tagan Avatar

    this little man would make my son and i so happy.
    fingers crossed 🙁

  112. Nadine Avatar

    so cute!

  113. JB Avatar

    He is great!

  114. Leslie Avatar

    he looks just like my son – Luka! Would love him!

  115. Lori G. Avatar
    Lori G.

    What a cutie!

  116. Michelle Avatar

    Such a cutie!

  117. Robetta Baker Avatar
    Robetta Baker

    I love this little guy!

  118. Shannon Avatar

    Please enter me! He looks so much like my son <3

  119. Kristen TW Avatar
    Kristen TW

    So adorable with the curly hair! eeek.

  120. Cynthia Thomas Avatar
    Cynthia Thomas

    What a sweet face!

  121. Jamie T. Avatar
    Jamie T.

    Archer would be the perfect companion for my Son.

  122. Amie Avatar

    Shhh! Don’t tell, but my big boy would love this sweet little man.

  123. m claire Avatar
    m claire

    My son would love him

  124. DM Pennington Avatar
    DM Pennington

    thank you.

  125. Melissa A Avatar
    Melissa A

    Would love him around here!!!

  126. Paul Avatar


  127. Linda B Avatar
    Linda B

    He is my dream doll that is Golden Ticket worthy!!

  128. Teresa Brown Avatar
    Teresa Brown

    Beautiful boy

  129. Melody Masters Avatar

    Oh we would love to have Archie come home with us! I know a little boy who would just adore him xx

  130. Jenny Avatar


  131. audra siman Avatar
    audra siman

    LOve him!!

  132. David Avatar

    Archer would make a nice buddy for my son!

  133. Judy H. Avatar
    Judy H.

    My grandson would love him! Perfect for his b-day coming up next week!

  134. jeanne w Avatar
    jeanne w

    looove Asher

  135. Erin sauter Avatar
    Erin sauter

    Oh my…

  136. jamie Avatar


  137. Amanda Avatar


  138. Charon fannin Avatar
    Charon fannin


  139. Trish B. Avatar
    Trish B.

    yes please!

  140. marlana Avatar

    Go Dawn

  141. margarita Avatar

    Me encanta es demasiado lindo, me gustaria tenerlo.

  142. Michelle Avatar

    Love him! 🙂

  143. Hillary Avatar

    DS would LOVE him!!!

  144. Hillary Avatar

    DS would LOVE him!

  145. Kristen C Avatar
    Kristen C

    Love him!!!

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