First off I have to say how much I LOVE this toy I got for Ben. We originally bought it for him as a birthday present but he was a tad too young for it a few months ago. Yesterday he was telling me about this contraption that he built, he’s really into contraptions lately. So, I brought this out as a ‘ it’s Thrusday present!!’  and he played with it for 3 straight hours. 3! Yes 3!  It’s a bit pricey but I am telling you it’s worth every penny. It’s huge and so incredibly well built. I know that I’ve gone on about Brian at Countree Toy Shoppe before and I swear that I’m not related to him. This marble run is up there with the Like a Bike, which is Ben’s most favorite thing in the world. This too gets so much play out of it and is so beautifully built.


I finished up a batch of new gals today. There are some for Natural Pod that should be up in the next day or two. Two on Etsy (Ellia has sold) and a few for Trendy Tots in Duncan. I’m working next week on a few more for Natural Pod and some custom work that I have to get caught up on. I just did a doll for a celebrity but I don’t want to say who because I don’t think I can. I remember a story about this eyebrow guy who said that he did Madonna’s eyebrows and he never actually did her eyebrows. She sued him. So it’s not like I didn’t make the doll, but I don’t want to go around saying that this person has my doll. I mean who really cares? Kid’s are kids.  I feel bad for celebrities, it’s really like you make a deal with the devil now when you enter into that kind of life. I don’t feel too bad, but kind of guilty bad. I do take secret thrills out of what Angelina is doing, only because I think she is a pretty neat lady. All that charity work, kids and Brad . What the heck am I talking about? I’m so tired.

We’ve really been chatting about moving. It won’t happen for a few years. This is how I operate, I like long term planning and goals- I’m such a Virgo. Living off the land, animals and dolls.. sounds pretty dreamy to me.  John’s talking about going off the grid, that’s a little too intense for me. God, a month ago the man was against chickens and now he wants away from ‘the man’. What have I done to him?






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  1. Christine Avatar

    I understand you can’t say who the celebrity is, but of course I’m dying to know!!! Will I see a picture on Perez soon of a little girl with a Bamboletta? 🙂
    I’m married to a Virgo btw, and I never knew about how much they love long term planning. I should pay attention more! Although we did talk about saving money to also make a big move in about 5 yrs, and that was his idea. Hmmm…

    Christine from the NL

  2. Leanna Avatar

    I totally understand the celebrity thing too, although I would secretly want to scream it from the rooftops! That is pretty cool. I am just happy that “regular” people think my dolls are pretty cool! Congrats

    How goes the chickens?

  3. admin Avatar

    No Perez I’m afraid 🙂 Well, maybe.. who knows? Us Virgos love long term planning, oh god it makes me so happy. researching is my favorite!
    Leanna- no chickens yet. we just bought some plans for the coop and my friend is hooking us up with the Banties. I’m a tad nervous about building a coop with John. I love my man but he has a hard time putting ikea together. it’s always the alan key’s fault.

  4. Allison Avatar

    My daughter looooooooovvves the marble thing at school, I’ve been thinking about getting her one at some point for home too. Thanks for the reminder! And I too am dying to know which celeb bought a doll from you!

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