Tia, up on Etsy today, will be going to live in Pennsylvania soon! Thanks Audrey

We’ve been ill over here all week. I don’t think I ever got as many colds as I have since Ben has started school, I think all moms say this.

I got a couple of very exciting packages this week. I heart mail, so much so that I think the primary reason I shop online is just so that I can get mail. First – I received my very first wholesale order of yarn. Lots. Of. Yarn. Holy smokes – I better be making dolls for a long time, either that or I have to take up knitting. My camera batteries have died (after my last Etsy photo shoot) so I can’t show you a visual. And then another package of  a huge, huge stack of felt for fairies and doll shoes. Seeing these large quantities of supplies make me so excited – I’m taking the next step you know?

I’m still humming and hawing over my website. I don’t know why I’m so flaky about this – I just want it to work well ,you know? I’m talking now to Ella about some really cute matchy (doll and child) sets in her crowns and of course Constance for more clothing and matchy clothing sets – there are a few other mamas that I’m hoping to work with as well.  I’m thinking of starting a ‘Things I Made for My Bamboletta’ Flickr pool. I get so many wicked pictures of things people have made for their dolls, or for their children and dolls, I’d love to showcase all of your crafty goodness. I’ll get it going with the new site , we’ll link it somehow.

The lovely Constance has a brand spanking new blog . Enter in her contest for one of her awesome popover aprons.  Very handy, very cute. I’ll be posting a contest soon for a wooden sewing machine soon made by Constances lovely ‘husband not husband’ Mike.

I’m out of here for now. Stay tuned for more of Lucy’s adventures coming up. She is in Guatemala and getting settled in her new apartment. I’m excited to get the report!

Off to sew faces! xo C






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  1. Amber Avatar

    Hooray for next steps! And hooray for Mike’s wooden sewing machines. I recently bought one for my daughter and it’s amazing. I love that you let us know about all these other people making fabulous things for kids.

    Good luck with the website. I’m eager to see what you finally decide on. 🙂

  2. LisaZ Avatar

    I’d love to see that flickr site! Yay for you taking the next steps. I just adore your dolls. Someday I’ll have one!

  3. Heather Avatar

    Lucy and I are just working on our update right now. It’s on its way with some great photos! Heather

  4. Hilary Avatar

    How about this idea…(as if you don’t already have enough of your own)….I bought my daughter (now 16months) a toddler doll for Christmas. She loves her! But, she is getting ready for an in between sort of doll…between a toddler doll and one of your 3 and up dolls. She is so excited about zippers and buttons and snaps…I had a “bigger” toddler, hand size doll when I was a kid that the clothes sort of came off of her. Do you know what I mean? You could undo buttons, zip zippers, snap snaps, etc but the clothes did not come all the way off. So there is my ramble for the evening. Take care…

  5. cheryl Avatar

    I love to get packages too! except they are always intercepted by a certian child of mine. I would love to see what other people made for their dolls, that would be great! and of course I cant wait to hear of lucys adventures. My kids love to see where she has traveled.

  6. admin Avatar

    Lol – Amber, I saw Mike at the post office delivering the sewing machine – I live in a REALLY small town 🙂
    That is a great idea Hilary.. except that things like snaps and zippers are essentially ‘illegal’ now in the US unless you go through a crazy testing process – I even got rid of most of my buttons and replaced them with wood buttons, eventually it will be all velcro – ugh! I could have a doll that had ties and velcro though, that may work..hmmm.. if I come up with one you can have the first one I make 🙂 Deal?
    Hi Lisa! Hi Cheryl!!

  7. Hilary Avatar

    Deal! I can’t wait until she is old enough for the doll she can dress! Have a great day!

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