Purchasing a doll also known as “OMG! DID I GET IT?!”

Fantastic title by Petra!

This is by no way a guarantee! I just wanted to share some tips on how to make the process much smoother – level the playing field out a bit.. These tips apply to the ‘Ready to Go Home’  dolls.. I’ve decided that I’ll be posting most dolls at scheduled times (listed on the homepage) but I’ll also post a few randomly. The random postings will start next week.

So – most important – make sure all  your billing information, contact info is filled out before hand. If  you have an existing account, make sure your credit card expiry date is correct ( the system resets your card number after an item is shipped – security). Basically you want it to be where all you need to do is click on your doll, click order and then check out. Fast. Once the doll is in your cart – it doens’t mean it’s bought. The doll goes to whoever completes payment first. Don’t go shopping for clothing after – you can do that later and I’ll combine invoices manually.

It’s best to go on the site a few minutes before upload time. The new dolls available (so all the different kinds) will be under ‘New Items’ – get into that section and keep refreshing for the new dolls to appear. I’ll try to keep uploads under 9 doll at a time – so that they all appear on one page (one page only holds 9 items). I may be doing several uploads per week now to keep this under control.

If the system seems slow – it’s not your computer! It’s my system trying to handle so many people on at once. I”ve increased my bandwidth on the shop to try to accommodate this as much as possible – but it does happen. I’ve had moms with dial up get dolls – it’s all serendipity! After it’s all said and done – you will receive an email confirming. IT will have the dolls name and all  your info in it. If you get an email with NO name – then sadly you didn’t get the doll. Once in a while the same doll sells twice (because 2 people have checked out within seconds).

I’ve also been working with my web designer and the software developer to adjust and tweak some things to make this process more fair – hopefully these changes will result in more mama’s getting dolls. The sad emails I get daily kill me – I feel so badly for moms that have been trying week after week. But  – the good news is that they all do eventually end up with dolls. If you are new at this, that may seem impossible and unlikely – but it does happen. Think of it as your perfect doll is out there waiting for you – it will happen! It’s so hard to wait for something – I know- but please bear in mind that these gals take a long time to make and that we can only make so many of them.

The following applies to tonight’s ( Jan 12th)  Custom Dolls Upload. After tonight I am going to be taking some time off of doing custom work. We need to re organize and simplify the process. We will be doing them again, just not for a while.

For the Custom Dolls – having your contact and billing info preloaded is essential – same as above. Also – there is a ‘Additional Comment’ section – it’s best if you write out anything you need to write out in there somewhere before hand and then simply cut and paste the info into that section. Below is an example of what the custom form looks like, each one of those pictures opens up to show you the options to choose from.

Picture 4Picture 2

Picture 6

Good Luck everyone!

BTW – Have you heard the new Animal Collective? Wow – what a feast for ears! ‘Summertime Clothes’ is a good one..






5 responses to “Purchasing a doll also known as “OMG! DID I GET IT?!””

  1. Michelle Avatar

    This will make things tons simpler! Thanks so much.

  2. Amber Avatar

    These are good tips. I am thrilled for you that your work is in such high demand – rightly so! But it’s pretty crazy when you’re in the rush of the doll buying. You sell out faster than hot concert tickets, I think. 🙂

  3. shannon Avatar

    ok this helps a lot!!im gonna get one im gonna get one I can feel it in my soul!!!

  4. Kristina Avatar

    I think I can, I think I can, I think I can……!!!!

  5. Abbie Avatar

    Thanks for some fantastic tips, Now to put them to good practise. 😉

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