prep work and zuchinni loaf…

This was our first Monday work day together for me and John. Usually when he makes heads its at night, after dinner while watching something on the Discovery Channel *.  Our dream, sorry to be repetitive, is to be able to make this what supports our family financially. Anyhow, today we took another small step with John and I working together. He made heads for 3 hours while I traced, cut and organized bodies. It was really dreamy… we just sat together and listened to music and old Ricky Gervais podcasts.


John was a bit reluctant to have his picture taken. He managed to make 12 Bamboletta heads today and  10 little heads.


Tracing, sewing and cutting.


This is what I’ve been doing lately with my ‘bodies’ I’ve organized them into to tones and then by size. Having everything ready has been really handy. I’m going to do this with hair next.


Look at this loaf! I got this recipe from KimmyMade this morning and I made it this afternoon. Super yummy and a great way to sneak  veggies in to my very picky four year old. I topped the loaf with hazelnuts. I put hazelnuts in everything.

Speaking of Discovery Channel. Last night we watched a documentary on ‘Buddah Boy’. I’ve been reading about this boy since 2005 trying to find information about him online. I find this all so fascinating.






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  1. Meike Avatar

    Wow. You look like a great team! Very jealous. 😀 (And you yourself look so very happy, love the picture!)

    Yesterday, my husband said I should ask the boy across the road from us to make my heads, because he looks so strong. Sigh. But your John… I mean, he’s a lean mean head machine! 12 big ones and 10 little ones in just three hours? That’s amazing!

    Yummy yummy yummy looking loaf BTW… Mmmmm!

  2. Sue Avatar

    Wow,it sure makes a difference when you don’t have to do everything by yourself and you can spend lots of time to make dolls. Looks like you have a nice setup for working as well…
    With the kids on summer vacation here, I only get half as much done as when they are in school. Only 20 more days until they go back… :0)
    Sofar, the only thing not made by me are the knitted booties. My lovely mother-in-law makes them for me.

    That loaf looks tasty….I love hazelnuts as well. Many of my German recepies ask for hazelnuts as well.

  3. Leanna Avatar

    It’s nice to see another husband getting involoved. My hubby does most of my cutting, except for the hair…he hates the hair, but I can’t complain, I hate the cutting part. He keeps asking to sew, but I just can’t let him. 🙂

    It is nice to be able to put faces with the names, and really cool to see a little glimpse of your work space.

  4. tressa Avatar

    now, this is the way it should be done (both loaf and team work). i love the captured reluctance and can only imagine the encouraging and prodding and whisperings of sweet nothings to get john to sit still, and then agree to be posted (or does he not know?). i’ve got a few pics of nathaniel doing dress me up duty. did you see the father’s day bike shot on my blog?

    he insisted on no face visible. cute ankle, eh. ah, that’s may safety guy.

  5. Adrianne Avatar

    No wonder your dolls are so wonderful. Look where they come from! Thanks for sharing your work day. You both look so happy and productive working away. It’s the like pages from a storybook. 🙂

  6. admin Avatar

    Meike, John is a head making machine! He really has quite the system, it’s amazing. I think it’s a good idea to get the boy helping you, it helps out so much making the dolls.
    Hi Sue, yes it does help a lot! I couldn’t do it without him or Christie my sitter. I’m trying to build a Bamboletta ‘team’..slowly but surely 🙂
    Leanne..let your husband sew! Are you kidding me? Ohh, I am so jealous 😉, if you only knew what I had to do to convince him.. and to get his pic taken to boot! You know that he works in paint, his co workers call him ‘Doll Boy’! Poor sweet John. Give me a shout soon, I’d love to catch up.
    Adrianne- Thanks for the compliments 🙂 We both love making them (John does too..he just won’t outwardly admit it!)

  7. Christine Avatar

    Hey, you are so cute! What nice pictures!!
    And way to go husband, to make so many heads in “just” 3 hours!
    The loaf looks great, funny you’re a nutlover too? I could eat nuts all day, any kind.


  8. admin Avatar

    Thanks Christine. I love nuts too.. I’m constantly munching on them. I really love Brazil nuts too.

  9. Berrie Avatar

    (high pitch voice) Awwwwwwww……soooo sweeeeeeet. You two are just darling. Just one question. John are you a roller or a stuffer?

    xoxo Berrie

  10. admin Avatar

    Lol Berrie! Couldn’t you just barf? John is a roller. We get the wool cut into slivers especially for us, we just bought 40 lbs of it and it comes in these coils.I’ll take a pic when it gets here.

  11. Kim Avatar

    LOVE the inclusion of the hazelnuts … what a great idea! More protein that way, too, plus I’m all about adding some textural variety. *crunch*

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