planning, planning, planning..

The past few days have seen me and John planning our holiday doll ‘schedule’. I didn’t have the store to plan for last year and I want to make sure that it’s kept well stocked during the crazy time. Anyhow, it may be early September that we’ll stop accepting custom orders for the holidays – just so I have enough time to make sure they are delivered on time. I am such a Virgo – making sure everything is planned and mapped out. What a geek! So – as an incentive to get those orders in early, if you order between now and July 15th you will get a free outfit with your custom doll. Just use the code FreeOutfit at checkout!


I sent out a newsletter today about my new custom fairy option. I’ll only do a very small number per month as they are really time consuming. All those wee bits of felt to be cut out, then glued, then sewn. It’s my favorite thing to do though – that’s why I want to do more of them. You’ll be able to chose an ‘inspiration’ for me – so like flowers, or fruit, or just colours and then kind of leave the rest to me. Those are my best fairies – the ones where I just ‘let it happen’. Each fairy will have also have a regular outfit with her.. because sometimes fairies get tired of being fairies! Oh, and the wings are detachable too!


In my last post there was a comment about this doll , the dark doll, named Koah – I just wanted to show her in her happy new home. Thanks Anne for sharing this picture – it’s lovely!

Okay – off to sew and pack orders now. John is super excited because the Tour de France has started – the only sporting event I will watch with half interest. Men on bikes, French countryside and crazy fans – what’s not to love?







4 responses to “planning, planning, planning..”

  1. AmandaNickie Avatar

    Oh! She is just gorgeous! Absolutely whimsical and I love the detail work on her clothing and wings. Beautiful job!

  2. Monica Avatar

    Christina…I am so excited for Emma’s fairy. I can not wait to see what magic you give her!!

    I agree about the Tour de France. 馃槈

  3. Bergl贸 and daughter Krumma Avatar

    WOW this fairy’s hair is the best! 馃檪 Each new doll you make is more beautiful than the one before 馃檪

  4. Marissa Avatar

    Christina, love your babies! I’ve signed up for your newsletter twice, but for some reason am not receiving them. Even got the confirmation email stating I’d signed up, so I can’t figure out the problem. Any ideas??


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