I came home the other day to find my son’s Little Buddy “Timbee’s” witch Halloween costume laying on the floor at the front door.  It seemed strange because I clearly remember seeing him all dressed up when we left that morning.

Following the trail I then found pieces of wool and then Timbee’s witch hat.

Then I realized that we could be in for a gruesome surprise.  I took a deep breath and continued to follow the wool, fearing the worse…that Timbee would no longer be at all.  But alas there he was, quite slobbered and loved but just fine.

The culprit was fast asleep.

xo Shauna







7 responses to “Peekaboo!”

  1. Laurie S Avatar
    Laurie S

    Glad he survived! Looks as though his undies didn’t quite make it, but I think that’s a small price to pay when your dog “undresses” your dolls!

  2. CelesteJW Avatar

    Awww look at that sweet puppy face… 😉

  3. Jax Anderson Avatar
    Jax Anderson

    Awwww…how can one be upset when you find Peekaboo asleep next to the dollies! LOL looks like you have quite the mischeivious dog on your hands, maybe you should make a LB just for him? I had to put our LB Alice up so our greyhound pups can’t check her out 😉

  4. Nikki Avatar

    So where did the wool come from?

  5. Janice Avatar

    This is my daughter’s biggest fear, now that we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our first Little Buddies. She has made all family members agree to keep the puppy gates to the upstairs closed.

  6. Shauna Avatar

    Nikki, the wool came from the inside of the witches hat 🙂

  7. Cassandra Avatar

    PHEW is all I can say!
    I seriously held my breathe while reading and omgoodness….thank gawd for only slobber.
    lol….I seriously thought it was going to be a tragedy and glad it was a drama kind of thing! lol! Great story!

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