Park Day

Last Monday afternoon brought blazing Spring sunshine here in the Cowichan Valley, so my little family took a trip to Centennial Park in Duncan to soak in the rays. There’s a water park within the playground next to the community gardens and courts, so we brought our bathing suits and towels just in case the water had been turned on.

My cousin, her 2 year old, my aunt, my 5 year old Emily (and her Little Buddy ‘Diamonds’) and myself joined the rest of the local crowd. It turned our the park was dry , but there was enough bubbles and street chalk to keep us and the kids busy. The girls covered the sidewalk in floating rainbows and beautiful children’s art. I couldn’t resist either and left my signature flower in chalk among the collage.

At the end of the day we all went home for dinner with enough rosey cheeks and smiles to last the whole year through.









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