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I’m really busy. All the time busy. I’m not complaining, I like being busy – I work well with this kind of energy. About two days ago I found myself with some time to myself in the bathroom without one child asking me to make voices for his cars or the other one wanting to be picked up. With glee I started to pluck my eyebrows, I used to be obsessive about my eyebrows. I often have very short bangs and sometimes wear thick framed glasses so eyebrows are something that I try to keep under control. It had been months since I had a tweezer near them and they were in pretty rough shape. In the midst of plucking Jasper awoke so I went to get him and totally forgot about the eyebrows. I only did just the arch part, so there were still hairs on the other side. Do you know how ridiculous that looks? So, I’ve been going around town, grocery shopping, to the bank, wherever with just one half eyebrow done – for 2 days. You may think I’m making a deal out of nothing, but it was really, really noticable – I’m Italian.  What a goof .

On to other things, I just found out that Bamboletta will be in the May issue of Canadian Family magazine! I’ll be in the ‘Must Have’ section. I’m not sure what they will be writting..they emailed me asking my kid’s ages and my last name.

I love this picture. This is what I normally have to do when I talk on the phone. It’ s insane – I know.






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  1. 2boyzmum Avatar

    Looks very familiar! My boys are 4 and 2 and they always seem to pick their crabby, clingy times when I’m on the phone! BTW, I love your dolls – do you have masculine ones? 😉

  2. admin Avatar

    Ha, I let my son take all the tissues out of the box just so he’d stay quiet while I was on the phone with a customer!

    I do make boy dolls, I love boy dolls. I’m going to try to post some onto my Etsy site soon. I made one last week but he sold pretty quickly.

  3. Jacqui Avatar

    And this is the picture I was looking for! I love busy Mom photos.

    Your eyebrow story cracked me up and I’m looking forward to reading more entries.

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