Olympic Doll Giveaway!

Thank you all for entering! The winner of  ‘Spirit’ is Misha – Congrats lady!!

‘Oh my gosh – she’s so gorgeous. And the knit set is incredible. Thanks for the generous giveaway. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Lucy and I!’

Yeah Misha!!!


As you all know – I LOVE doing Giveaways – it is such a small thing I can do to thank you all for your amazing support and kindness! Ingrid  (if you are on Facebook you know Ingrid – best lady ever!) and I have teamed up to present this latest giveaway in honour of the 2010 games in our hometown Vancouver. Ingrid posted a pic of this sweet little set she knitted her daughter’s doll last week and then offered to knit up one for our Giveaway.. yeah Ingrid! Rules are easy – just leave a comment to enter, one entry per person – contest is open to anyone, anywhere. Giveaway closes on Feb 28th @ 9pm PST. Winner chosen by Random Number Generator. Good Luck Ladies! Thanks for entering!

Christina and Ingrid

PS Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up for a few hours – I have to manually approve them unless you’ve posted a comment on my blog before.






876 responses to “Olympic Doll Giveaway!”

  1. Jessica Avatar

    How sweet! We love watching the Olympics at our house. Our 2 1/2 year old wants to be a snowboarder!

  2. Diana G. Avatar
    Diana G.

    Christina – your gentle spirit and kindness never cease to amaze me. Thank you for opening your heart to everyone again! 🙂

  3. Cheri Avatar

    Oh yay! I’m so excited – she is beautiful <3 Thank you so much for this opportunity 🙂

  4. Christine Avatar

    What a great idea ladies! Thanks for your generosity and hard work!

  5. Tonya Avatar

    Sooo cute! Thanks for another awesome giveaway! And thanks to Ingrid, too!

  6. Sandi Avatar

    She’s adorable and I love her outfit!!!

  7. Leanne Avatar

    What a winning team! She’s beautiful and the Olympic gear is ADORABLE! Thanks Christina & Ingrid 🙂

  8. Kate Lougee Avatar
    Kate Lougee

    Great Doll! thanks for doing a give-a-way!

  9. Allison Avatar

    Oh what a sweetie you are Christina! She is toooo cute!! And Ingrid…so kind of you to knit this set…sooo talented!!

  10. Sara Avatar

    what a cutie! thank you for being so generous!

  11. lucie Avatar

    oh wow, I love watching the Olympics but I love your dolls even more! thanks

  12. Angela Neil Avatar

    She’s so CUTE! My little girl would LOVE her – of course! Her outfit is just adorable!

  13. Jodi Avatar

    We love the Olympic Games and love Bamboletta dolls. What a great combination!!!

  14. Carla Avatar

    What a cutie!

  15. Jodi Haselden Avatar
    Jodi Haselden

    What a beautiful doll! Thank you so much for sharing your art with the world!

  16. Amy Ellis Avatar
    Amy Ellis

    Could she be any cuter….sure has the Olympic Spirit……way to go Christina and Ingrid….she is adorable!!!

  17. pongoandbindi Avatar

    You are so sweet Christina. We have been having fun watching the Olympics.

  18. Elainw Armstrong Avatar
    Elainw Armstrong

    She is so cute!!! thanks for the giveaway!!

  19. Andi Avatar

    She is adorable!! Watching the Olympics right now!!

  20. Tracy Avatar

    Wow this is so cool, I would love to win her for my daughter!

  21. Sandra Avatar

    What a beautiful doll and a great giveaway, thanks everyone!

  22. amy Avatar

    Oh so cool a giveaway! And what a perfect doll! Thanks to both of you. We would love for this Olympic girl to be our first Bambo doll… we have been trying so long. It would thrill us!!!

  23. amorita clayton Avatar
    amorita clayton

    aaw my she’s gorgeous!
    what a kind and generous thing to do 🙂

  24. Stephanie Avatar

    What a wonderful team you make! Thank you Christina and Ingrid…She is the perfect tribute to these 2010 Canadian Olympics!!

  25. Catherine G. Avatar
    Catherine G.

    She’s wonderful!

  26. Jacob Avatar

    We would love to add this doll to our family. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Kerry Harris Avatar
    Kerry Harris

    Oh, she is a BEAUTY!! I just love her! And the knitted outfit — just precious. Crossing my fingers that I may win this one for my boy, who adores his stuffed animals and needs a doll to love… 🙂

  28. Ana Ramos Avatar
    Ana Ramos

    Love the new dolly! Wonderful knit set. Thanks Christina and Ingrid for this chance!

  29. Michelle Avatar

    She is so beautiful!!!! what a great idea!

  30. Arkay Avatar

    This is an adorable doll-goes well with the Olympic fever that is in our home right now! I have been wishing for a doll of yours since discovering our toddler’s synthetic fabric allergy, I hope we win!

    peace mamas-

    arkay and baby freya

  31. Cristina Avatar

    I love this doll and love this gorgeous outfit! What a beautiful picture as well! So does an American turned Team Canada Olympics supporter have better odds for winning her? LOL!

    Thank you Ingrid for your hard work! And thanks again to Christina and the sewing Mamas!!!

  32. Jennifer Martinez Avatar
    Jennifer Martinez

    I would love the chance to win one of your beautiful dolls. I know my daughter would love it!! Thanks so much for the chance.

  33. serena Avatar

    That is such an adorable sweater and toque set – and of course a beautiful doll! We were in Vancouver in December and got a little taste of the Olympic excitement!

  34. Catherine Avatar

    Oh, I love her. She radiates an adventurous spirit to me.

  35. Delaney Smith Avatar
    Delaney Smith

    What a neat idea and what a beautiful doll!

  36. Carla Avatar

    She is adorable! What is her name?
    And I am still awe struck at the kindness of the Bambo-family!

  37. Marah Mason Avatar

    What a generous thing to do…and so adorable! Good luck everyone!

  38. Amy Avatar

    This is so sweet of you guys!! She is super cute in her Olympic outfit!!

  39. devin Avatar

    Adorable! Thank you for the chance!

  40. mary Avatar

    what a beauty! i love her 🙂

  41. Leah Avatar

    I’m a relatively new fan/subscriber, and I love your sweet dolls. I would love to win the beautiful girl with her Olympic gear. Thanks for the giveaway.

  42. Abbie Avatar

    She is adoreable!! It is so lovely of you Christina, Sewing mummas and Ingrid for the work you have put into her. <3

  43. Melissa Avatar

    What a wonderful way to honor Vancouver and the Olympics! Thanks to everyone at Bamboletta and Ingrid!

  44. Beth Avatar

    oh my cuteness! I would LOVE to win her!

  45. Jennifer M Avatar
    Jennifer M

    How cute and perfect timing as I sit here watching the Olympics!!

  46. Melissa N Avatar

    Oh what a wonderful little lady! Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Melissa Avatar

    GO CANADA!!! What a nice treat…..thanks Christina and Ingrid!

  48. Casey Avatar

    What a wonderfully sweet doll and an incredibly sweet giveaway! <3

  49. Meredith Klobucnik Avatar
    Meredith Klobucnik

    She is the sweetest and I love what she represents, thanks for offering up a giveaway.

  50. Jay Avatar

    OOh, love the doll, the clothes and the pic…everything is just perfect! She is adorable and what a souvenir of the Olympics:) Blown away is right C! 🙂

  51. karina Avatar

    oh my gosh!! the talent of you ladies is unbelievable!! she is just gorgeous… I would LOVE to win this one 🙂 thankyou for wonderful generous heart 🙂

  52. Lori M Shomphe Avatar
    Lori M Shomphe

    OOOH…I love her she is so very lovely 🙂

  53. Amie Marshall Avatar
    Amie Marshall

    Oh My!!! It was the Ingrid surprise! Beautiful, lovely, and amazing as always!

  54. Corina Young Avatar
    Corina Young

    What a beautiful doll!

  55. Autumn Burton Avatar
    Autumn Burton

    What an awesome idea! She is such a cute doll!

  56. Nikia Avatar

    She is such an adorable doll!! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway, my 2y/o daughter is starting lessons for Ice Hockey this Summer!! Thank you for the opportunity to win her!

  57. Caprice Avatar

    Beautiful Doll!!!!!! Thank You!

  58. Jennifer Jeffries Avatar
    Jennifer Jeffries

    Cool, an olympic doll! That is a SUPER idea, maybe you could name her “Spirit”! She would be our first!!

  59. Anne P Avatar
    Anne P

    She is beautiful!!!! We are in love with our Little Buddy and hope to someday score a 15″ dolly.

  60. Julie Avatar

    Oh thank you, we would love a chance to win.

  61. Meghan Schmidt Avatar
    Meghan Schmidt

    Awhhh how sweet!!!! This is amazing. I’ve been wanting a
    doll! Thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  62. Kari Moroz Avatar

    thanks for the chance to win! I love your work!

  63. cherie nixon Avatar
    cherie nixon

    No Poem this time, they are just so wonderful and amazing! i feel like a poem is not enough..
    Thank you again for another amazaing giveaway

  64. Shoshannah Guerrero Avatar
    Shoshannah Guerrero

    Beautiful dolls! From one of my favorite places in the world. A great combination

  65. Lynn Rebello Avatar
    Lynn Rebello

    this could fulfill two obsessions….watching the winter games and trying to get a bamboletta!! fantastic idea! thank you heaps!

  66. Alicia Avatar

    Oh, she’s SO adorable in her Bambolympic wear! I <3 her!!! 🙂

  67. koneko Avatar

    oh she’s so cute! i’d love to give her to my niece. 🙂

  68. BonnieG Avatar

    Goodness, does she look like a sweetheart or what?? I love the knitted hat and sweater! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  69. Nichole Avatar

    You are one of the sweetest people seriously. You are going to make some little girl very happy 🙂

  70. Kira Avatar

    She is so loveable! Loving her olympic duds! How sweet!

  71. Erika Avatar

    Love her!! Thanks for doing another giveaway!!

  72. Nicole LaCroix Avatar
    Nicole LaCroix

    I was introduced to your blog today by “treasure for tots” Angie. I love it and i can’t stop showing everyone the adorable dolls that you create. You have an awesome talent and gift. Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!

  73. Danita Avatar

    Please Universe – let us win! 😉 She is gorgeous!

  74. Elena Avatar

    What a beautiful way to commemorate the Olympic spirit– teamwork! A gorgeous doll with a lovely outfit to match! She gets the “gold”!

  75. Kellie Avatar

    She is just gorgeous and would be very loved if she come to live with us 🙂

  76. Rachelle Avatar

    We love the Olympics and we love this little lady!!!!!!! Wow Ingrid…..breathtaking and Christina always makes the most perfect dolls. Eye Candy!

  77. Cheri Avatar

    She is adorable and Ingrid did an awesome job on her sweater and hat. SO stinkin cute!

  78. alison Avatar

    love her deep eyes, super cute doll. thanks for another awesome giveaway for us!

  79. Sarah Avatar

    Very cute doll, I love the sweater.

  80. Allyson Goz Avatar
    Allyson Goz

    She is adorable! We love watching the olympics! What a great giveaway!

  81. Carli Avatar

    So adorable! Love her!

  82. Kimberly Avatar

    Wow…what a cute doll! And what a fabulous outfit!! You girls are amazing! 🙂

  83. Carolyn Avatar

    Oh she is so cute! Thanks for doing a giveaway. My fingers are crossed. my little lady would flip for her!

    GO TEAM CANADA! woot!

    █ ♥ █

  84. Stephanie Avatar

    Oh my goodness! She is just too precious! I love her to pieces. 🙂

  85. Lisa Avatar

    You and Ingrid are both just amazing, love her! Does she have a name? 🙂

  86. Jen A Avatar
    Jen A

    She is beautiful!! What a great contest:)

  87. Kim Avatar

    Wow, what a beautiful little girly and how fantastic of you to give her away. Such a beautiful backdrop too. 🙂

  88. Genia Avatar

    Love watching the Olympics….She is adorable…Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  89. mrs.doubtfire69 Avatar

    She is so cute!!!! Love the name Cocoa for her!

  90. Brandie Avatar

    She is gorgeous! I will scream if I am lucky enough to bring her home. I know what I will be dreaming about tonight;)

  91. Kristie Avatar

    Generous and fun, thanks Christina & Ingrid!

  92. Tom Shannon Avatar
    Tom Shannon

    Thumbs up and going for Gold. This doll’s got what it takes to be on the winning team.

  93. Sarah Wong Avatar

    What a sweet little girl. I love her hand-knit hat and sweater. These are the best dolls.

  94. Tina @ Squirrel Acorns Avatar

    She’s gorgeous! I love her Olympic hat and sweater. What a generous giveaway. We are having so much fun watching all of the events.

  95. Bj Chrestay Avatar
    Bj Chrestay

    Amazing doll as always! What an awesome giveaway!

  96. Tania Avatar

    again – so wonderful of you to do this!! wouldn’t this just be the perfect doll to remember this special time here in Vancouver … fingers crossed!!

  97. fuzzmama Avatar

    love the doll. Watched the women’s curling in Montreal airport yesterday. go canada, go bamboletta!

  98. Jeannine Avatar

    Christina, she is too beautiful for words. LOVE her.

  99. Candice Avatar

    Thank you so very much for this wonderful chance- what an amazing momento to have for the Olympics in your backyard 🙂 We had them in Salt Lake (about 30 min away) not long ago, and it’s such an awesome experience! Thanks for the giveaway- keeping EVERYTHING crossed 🙂 She’s absolutely darling!!

  100. Wendie Avatar

    She couldn’t possibly be cuter! And what a perfect representation of such a momentous event in the Pacific Northwest! She looks like a local! 😉 (BTW, what IS her name?)

  101. Ellen Avatar

    Adorable dolls. Watching snow boarding stunts right now….awesome!!

  102. Eryn Avatar

    I just love the doll, and the outfit is amazing- what a great way to comemmorate the olympics!

  103. Liz Rego Avatar
    Liz Rego

    My girl would love this! Thanks for the chance to win.

  104. Candy Avatar

    She is nearly Abby’s twin how fun that would be!

  105. Jen Avatar

    You ladies never cease to amaze me! What a cutie this doll is!

  106. Jennyfer Osecheck Avatar
    Jennyfer Osecheck

    Thanks for the chance to win one of your beautiful dolls. I just recently discovered these beautiful dolls and really would like one for my daughter!!

  107. Ann Avatar

    Amazing! What a wonderful way to share the Olympic spirit with the Bambo family. Thankk You

  108. Sheena Avatar

    Love her sooo much!

  109. Amy B. Avatar
    Amy B.

    She is absolutely adorable! Thanks for the contest!

  110. Hilary Avatar

    Go Canada! Thanks for the contest!

  111. Trevor Avatar

    My daughter would LOVE her!

  112. Stephanie Pajak Avatar
    Stephanie Pajak

    Another cutie! Thank you for this opportunity!

  113. Ann Avatar

    Amazing! What a wonderful way to share the Olympic spirit with the whole Bambo family. Thank You.

  114. Teryn Avatar

    Oh, so sweet, as always!! Thank you both, Christina & Ingrid!

  115. Rebekah Avatar

    So cute! Thank you for the chance to win one of your wonderful dolls.

  116. Bunny Avatar

    You two are fantastic! You know what? I don’t care if I don’t win her for my son or little cousins — I’m just happy to see the adorable photos! Good luck everyone, and thanks Christina for another awesome giveaway!

  117. Charity Avatar

    She is adorable!

  118. Jennifer Avatar

    She is adorable! I love Bamboletta!!!

  119. Erin McDonald Avatar
    Erin McDonald

    Ah!! An Olympic Dolly!! I don’t think I’ve seen a cuter one than this! I sure hope she gets to live with 1 of my future olympians!! xoxo

  120. Heather Avatar

    We would love her & give her a good home. Go Canada!

  121. Melissa Scamuffa Avatar
    Melissa Scamuffa

    OMG!! she is soooo cute!!

  122. Laura Avatar

    She’s wonderful! I love the Olympics gear!

  123. emily Avatar

    she is adorable! great job, christina and ingrid!!!

  124. Nikki Rattray Avatar
    Nikki Rattray

    Oh Wow!!! This doll is the CUTEST with her Olympic outfit on! She wins GOLD!!! Go CANADA Go!!!

  125. Katie Avatar

    She is absolutely lovely. A real treasure.

  126. Shannon Avatar

    we have been watching every night, the winter Olympics are the BEST!

  127. Ally Avatar

    We need some Olympic spirit in our house! The line ups are long and the patience is wearing thin. She would lighten the mood. Such a cutie!

  128. tabitha lew Avatar
    tabitha lew

    Go Canada Go! what cute Olympic gear :o)

  129. Krista Avatar

    Go Canada Go!

  130. Julie Vila Avatar
    Julie Vila

    Here I am happy to enter and loving Bamboletta =)

  131. Crystal Morris Avatar
    Crystal Morris

    She’s a beautiful little doll. I love that she represents the diversity of our amazing country!

  132. Sabine Bateman Avatar
    Sabine Bateman

    YAY!!! too cute! all your dolls are sooo beautiful. : )
    Please enter me in this amazing giveaway! : )
    thank you so much for all your hard work!

  133. Natasha Avatar

    I LURVE her and she’d be absolutely perfect for my neighbor’s daughter. She’s soooo excited about the olympics and has a birthday the beginning of next month! <>

  134. Jason Pedherney Avatar
    Jason Pedherney

    Just great! Not a big fan of dolls, but I know this little girl that would absolutely love her! Fingers crossed 🙂

  135. Heather Avatar

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you!!!

  136. Crystal Avatar

    Love, love, LOVE her!

  137. Jennifer Avatar

    CUTE doll! What a great memento of the games!
    Thanks for sharing her!

  138. Tanya Avatar

    Wow…what a fantastic giveaway! She’s such a cutie! Thanks Christina and Ingrid :o) We’ve been busy streaming the Olympics every chance we get…our kids fave so far is speed skating! (favourite thing that is, next to seeing places they actually *know* on TV…my boys are so thrilled the Olympics are in Vancouver!)

  139. Kristin Avatar

    Thank you for the chance to win this gorgeous girl! We are really enjoying watching the Olympics while sweltering here in Australia. My daughter now wants us to move to Canada! x

  140. Beth Avatar

    How cute! Thanks for the chance to win this lovely doll 🙂

  141. Amy Ferguson Avatar
    Amy Ferguson

    Thank you Bamboletta, for being so generous. My little girl is so hoping that she can get her baby, Iris, a new little sister!

  142. Genevieve Avatar

    My daughter would just adore her!

  143. Kim Avatar

    LOVE HER. My daughter would flip.

  144. Misha Avatar

    Oh my gosh – she’s so gorgeous. And the knit set is incredible. Thanks for the generous giveaway. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Lucy and I! 😉

  145. Agnes Avatar

    I’m loving every second of the Olympics! Thanks for another great and generous give away!

  146. andrea Avatar

    Cutest doll ever!

  147. Janet Avatar

    This is the cutest doll ever! I’d buy one if one were available!!

  148. Jodi Robin Avatar
    Jodi Robin

    This Olympic doll is sooo cute, I would love to have her come to our home for my daughter!!! Thanks so much!!

  149. Stacy Avatar

    Yay! Thank you Christina and thank you Ingrid! The Olympic spirit is alive in this dollie! She is so cute. Hope she comes to live with us!

  150. cara Avatar

    pretty darn cute, thanks for the chance…

  151. Lillian Avatar

    So sweet – she’s adorable!!1

  152. Lisa Marie Macri Avatar
    Lisa Marie Macri

    Well she is just as cute as a button and we’re hoping to bring home some Bamboletta gold and have this mini-Olympian come live with us. Thanks for the chance!

    -Lisa, Olivia (20 months) and Sylvie (6 weeks)

  153. Kelly Avatar

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And perfect for any little one who’s Olympics-obsessed – right now we’re all about the “holding” (what my 3-year old calls figure skating)!

  154. Kristin G Avatar

    Oh she’s adorable! We’d love for her to come live at our house!

  155. kate Avatar

    What a cutie! And what an outfit! I still can’t believe you are kind enough to not only make these dolls, but give one away too! 🙂

  156. Emily S. Avatar
    Emily S.

    So cute, can’t pass up the chance to bring home a beauty. Thanks Christina!!! and Ingrid too!!!

  157. Sascha Melnechuk Avatar

    She is beautiful! Thank you for been so kind to do an Olympic give away. We love the Olympics in our home. We just watched Maelle Richer win the gold (snow boarding border cross) and are so excited as our baby girl is also a Maelle. My good friend who is working up the mountain apparently got our Mielle an autograph from the olympian Maelle. I cant wait to tell her the story when she is older. Thanks Christina and gang!

  158. Kara Avatar

    What a special remembrance of these fabulous winter Olympics! I love reading the stories of mamas telling their kiddos that Canada is where the Bamboletta babies come from. Too cute! Thanks for the chance to win, Christina!

  159. Stephanie Avatar

    I love your burnettes! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your lovely dolls!

  160. brooke Avatar

    oh, how I love her! We have been watching the Olympics nonstop in our house AND my husband has said since the beginning of our pregnancy that we would have the baby on the 28th of February, SO maybe it will be a lucky day for us!! Love your work, Christina! I have tried for a Bamboletta for my daughter a couple times… her birthday is in September, so maybe I will be lucky by then! You are awesome, though – and so is your team!

  161. Jenny Avatar

    She is beautiful! Also, i can’t wait for the day when I will be able to knit up a sweater and hat that quickly!

  162. Megan Avatar

    Wow, she is a cutie! Fabulous job as always Christina. Good job Ingrid on the knitting! I was encouraging my son to knit hats because he has a set of knitting rings that he could use for Bamboletta dolls:) Maybe he could sell them on Etsy.. with some help from Ingrid for designs LOL.

  163. Katie Cox Avatar
    Katie Cox

    Yah! A giveaway and what a wonderful one!! I heart the Olympics, I heart Maella (I named her for the Canadian Gold medalist)!

  164. Erin Avatar

    What a cutie, and I love the location! Given a clear enough day you might see our house!

    Fingers crossed that this little Bambolympian will come our way…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  165. Jesse Rumsey Avatar
    Jesse Rumsey

    A baby for my Olympic baby! Fingers crossed…

  166. Elisa Avatar

    Totally adorable! The two things I’m obsessed with this month — Olympics and Bamboletta Dolls! You’re so amazing to do these giveaways — I’m sure this little cutie will have a very loving home, no matter where she ends up!

  167. Jesse Rumsey Avatar
    Jesse Rumsey

    A baby for my Olympic baby…fingers crossed.

  168. Serena Avatar

    So, should we christen her ‘Ingrid’, in honor of the one who provided such cute duds? ;P

  169. Katie Avatar

    I heart the Olympics, I heart Maella (I named her after the Canadian Gold Medalist!)

  170. Lisa Avatar

    Oh this is amazing! I love the thought and creativity that has gone into this giveaway and each and every doll for that matter! I’d LOVE to bring her home. L.

  171. Brandy Avatar

    GO CANADA, eh?!

  172. Shana Avatar

    What an adorable doll! Thank you for this opportunity!!

  173. erin Avatar

    awesome…and great west-coast pic!
    i’m surprised how excited about the olympics i have become…we’ve just been huddling around the laptop watching women’s downhill…yeow!
    lots of love – xo e.

  174. Danielle Battistelli Avatar
    Danielle Battistelli

    Very Cute, love the outfit..you two ladies did a wonderful job!!!

  175. Andrea Avatar

    I love her so much… I’ve been working so hard on my Olympic event at work, volunteering over 40 hours of my own time and sacrificing time spent with my son. I’d love to have a little something for me 🙂 She’s sooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!

  176. Jane Avatar

    Hooray! She is just awesome! BTW, I am so loving seeing your hometown on TV every night. I hope to get up there for a vacation on day soon. So beautiful!

  177. Kellie Avatar

    What a great idea. Here is hoping for win for me, a gold. ha ha ha
    This will make someone a great memory for 2010.

  178. Carlin Avatar

    What a great doll! We’ve been enjoying the Olympics, especially the skiing. What a great way to remember Vancouver 2010!

  179. Kristin Avatar

    She’s beautiful! Great picture. My dad was an Olympic Biathlete in 1976, so we always watch. Thanks for doing this, Christina & Ingrid. It’s very generous.

  180. Jeanne Avatar

    So loving your brunette. Thanks for doing the giveaway. Hoping someday I’ll get our own bambo doll.

  181. Robin Avatar

    Oh, I’ve been wanting a Bamboletta for AGES now, & watching my favourite Olympics in my favourite city long-distance from TX & not getting to be there is torture! A Vancouver 2010 Olympic Bamboletta might soothe my woes… 🙂
    She’s lovely!!! Thanks for the opportunity.
    GO Canada!!!

  182. Angie Heintz Avatar

    i would love to have a chance to win this lovely little lady. Can’t wait to have a Beansprouts Baby again one day.

  183. Natalie Avatar

    She’s a beauty. I have Bamboletta AND Olympic Fever!

  184. Krysti Avatar

    So cute… and so in the Olympic spirit! Love it!

  185. Jill Avatar

    wow, talented knitter Ingrid! what a winning combo! Go Canada!

  186. Melanie Avatar

    She’s adorable and what a fantastic set! I’m enjoying the games and was thinking about how that is where all the Bambo Magic Happens. 😀

  187. Aimee Boda Avatar
    Aimee Boda

    Amazing! She is perfect! I love that they scheduled the Winter Olympics to coincide with the recent Bamboletta Mania! ^_^ Perfect way to highlight the Bambo/B.C./Olympics connection!

  188. manazalie Avatar

    Thank you! she is so cute!

  189. Carly Martin Avatar
    Carly Martin


  190. Kristin Avatar

    Love the outfit!

  191. April O. Avatar
    April O.

    Oh what fun! We are enjoying watching the good job your home country is doing with these games! Thank you. 🙂

  192. pipsqueak Avatar

    Another beautiful doll! Here’s hoping – fingers crossed….

  193. Cristina Avatar

    She is absolutely wonderful! And I am pretty sure my daughter will love her, as every day we look at the Olimpics and she is so thrilled 🙂 She even made some skis and skates and now she imaginary pplays the Olimpics 🙂 Thank you Christina and Ingrid! Best wishes from Romania…

  194. Monica Avatar

    Love your work!

  195. Janie Avatar

    How lovely of you, Christina and Ingrid.
    I live on Dartmoor in England where it is snowing now, so she is all dressed for the weather here.
    Thank you both again.

  196. Heather Avatar

    We’re having lots of fun watching the Olympics here in Victoria and I’m taking my daughter over to watch Womens’ hockey next week to soak up the energy! She’d love to have a handmade reminder!

  197. Alison Haworth Avatar
    Alison Haworth

    She is wonderful, and would make us smile as she’d be a constant reminder of the wonder of 6 year olds! Dotty really believes that if she continues practicing her ski jumping on the wii fit then she’ll be able to compete in the next winter olympics!

  198. Lola Avatar

    So lovely! My little girl will love her so much! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway

  199. Cass Avatar

    She is gorgeous! My daughter would love her. Thank you for your kindness in giving her away.

  200. Jen. Avatar

    Oh, how delightfully sweet!

  201. Martha Avatar

    She looks great! Thanks for yet another generous give-away 🙂

  202. em Avatar

    cute! i love getting into the olympic spirit!

  203. W. E Avatar
    W. E

    Love the doll in Olympic outfit 🙂 !

  204. Paula Avatar

    Go Canada! Christina and Ingrid thank you very much for adding more beauty to the world….

  205. Carla Avatar

    Cute cute cute!

  206. Samantha Avatar

    What a lovely doll. We would love to offer her a new home over the pond in sunny 😉 yorkshire.

  207. Jena Avatar

    Super cute & a team player to boot!

  208. Emma G Avatar
    Emma G

    Love this doll, please let us win!

  209. Holly Keller-Moul Avatar
    Holly Keller-Moul

    Lovely Little Lady! I love her!!!

  210. Abby Avatar

    You’re so generous! What a gorgeous little beauty she is.

  211. Kateri Steele Avatar
    Kateri Steele

    Love love love your dolls! My daughter Charlotte will have new “little friends”!

  212. Alice S Avatar
    Alice S

    What a special doll! I’ve been a fan of the Olympics since childhood and am enjoying this year’s winter games. My daughter would love to play with this cute doll!

  213. Jennifer Avatar

    so cute! I’m enjoying the olympics too 🙂

  214. Jennifer Diehl Avatar
    Jennifer Diehl

    Oh, she is gorgeous, just like all of your dolls!!!

  215. Amie C. Avatar
    Amie C.

    What a sweet doll and set! Thank you for your big heart C and Ingrid, such talent!

  216. Kristina S Avatar
    Kristina S

    What a great combined effort!!! Ingrid and Christina – thank you for sharing your talents – it is truly delightful to see what you both come up with!! Have a great day!! I am keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

  217. Shelley Avatar

    What a wonderful give away. When I showed my 2 1/2 year old she said “I want to win, she could be a friend for Sage.” Crossing my fingers.

  218. Suzannah Avatar

    Her little hands look as though they are cheering – thumbs up!
    Bambo’s on the podium!!

  219. becka Avatar

    she is beautiful! what a special way to commemorate the games 🙂

  220. Kathleen Avatar

    Oh, she is so cute! Thank you for doing a giveaway! 🙂

  221. Jane Avatar

    How lovely, you two wonderful ladies.
    Please please choose me to look after this little gem.

  222. Joan Avatar

    She is soooo cute. Your imagination is endless, thank you for the joy you bring to others.

  223. Theresa Avatar

    She is amazing! The outfit is amazing….makes for one over-the-top giveaway!!!

    🙂 Theresa

  224. Valery Avatar

    Beautiful, of course 🙂

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    awesome handwork!
    thank you for this giveaway!

  227. gabriella Avatar

    I just KNEW you’d come up with an Olympic doll! Love her!

  228. sue Avatar

    Oh how cute! :0) Beautiful picture with the background.
    Watching the Olympics every day!
    Go Canada! :0)

  229. Amber Lee Avatar

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  230. Michelle Morra Avatar
    Michelle Morra

    what a sweet doll! Great Olympic giveaway!

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    Sandi Fraser

    She is just adorable! What a great doll, and an amazing outfit!


  232. Cory Avatar

    Cute! My little one loves your dolls!

  233. Dayna Avatar

    Oh my goodness! You ladies- and John, have outdone yourselves AGAIN! 😉 She’s beautiful. She’s make a really fun friend for my Abigail to play with!

  234. Amy Avatar

    Thank you for doing a doll giveaway! She’s beautiful!!! Thanks Christina and Ingrid!!!

  235. Ona Avatar

    Oh. So amazing – as usual. Your talent and kindness are such a gift!!!!

  236. Sarah Avatar

    She’s beautiful! We’d be sure to give her a loving home if we could be so lucky 🙂

  237. Jennifer R Avatar

    Oh my goodness, how cute!! This doll would be perfect for my daughter to remember her very first Winter Olympics.

  238. Lisa Dryden Avatar
    Lisa Dryden

    What a great way to celebrate the Olympics. My husband actually got a bit excited when he saw this doll in her Olympic wear. Great Job Christina and Ingrid

  239. Elle Avatar

    I love your dolls and hope to purchase two for my twin girls but this little sweetheart would be such a treasure. Thank you!

  240. Desiree Avatar

    Love her! Thanks!

  241. Lori Avatar

    What an amazing doll! Someone will have such a special treasure to remember this year’s Olympic games.

  242. Amy Avatar

    Wow! Big thanks to Ingrid for knitting up that set! As a knitter myself I can really appreciate the thought and effort.

  243. Janet McG Avatar
    Janet McG

    Oh my goodness, how adorable! Thank you for the opportunity! My daughter and I have been loving these dolls for a while.

  244. joann Avatar

    Great way to support the olympics!! and my grand-daughter would go crazy for this little cutie!

  245. Michelle Avatar

    Wow, I cant believe that there are so many responses already!
    DH made me watch the mens snowboarding last night, he was on pins and needles watching Shaun White.

  246. Pia Avatar

    What a beautiful doll! Thanks for the chance to win.

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    Thank you for the opportunity!

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  253. Gloria Avatar

    my grandchildren would love this doll. very cute.

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    if only i could knit like ingrid!! amazing doll!! love the colors.

  255. Alison Avatar

    Oh Christine and Ingrid, she’s BEAUTIFUL!!! We would love, love, love, love to win her and have her as a reminder of the 2010 Olympics!!!

    Christina, your kind heart and warm spirit wins you a GOLD medal from our grateful family.

  256. marta Avatar

    ohh i love her!! that is so generous of you again! keeping fingers crossed :))

  257. Dani Avatar

    You are simply amazing! With your business expanding by leaps and bounds you still have time for another fantastic giveaway! Love her knitted outfit! We would feel lucky to call her a member of our family!

  258. Desha Avatar

    How beautiful. I love the little sweater and hat.

  259. cheryl Avatar

    So love her! I would love to have her join our family so she could climb trees, which I am sure will one day be an olympic event. Thank you so much Christina and Ingrid!!!

  260. Kristine Avatar

    We are loving the Olympics this year! She would be perfect in our house.

  261. Kendal Avatar

    Oh she is cute! Edie saw her on the screen and started shouting “UNCLE! UNCLE!” (her bamboletta is named Uncle Lee) thanks for the giveaway

  262. Alice Avatar

    beautiful dolls …love the 2010 olympic spirit. my granddaughter would love to have this doll!
    Thank-you Christina and Ingrid!

  263. Chelsie Avatar

    awwwww!!! Thanks for the give away!

  264. Emily Avatar

    What a great doll! You 2 make a great team putting this together!

  265. Duane Avatar

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  267. Leah Lundy Avatar
    Leah Lundy

    Love her!

  268. Amy Steele Avatar
    Amy Steele

    She is beautiful!!! Love the name Spirit for her. Go Canada!!

  269. Monica Avatar

    Oh my gosh…seriously? She is amazing…and speaking to me. ♥
    YOU are amazing my friend. Are you enjoying this Olympic experience?

  270. mindy t Avatar
    mindy t

    Just beautiful as always! Would love to welcome her to our house!

  271. Diego Ibarra Avatar
    Diego Ibarra

    A sporty doll would be great for my daughter. Count me in!

  272. Deborah Dewbury-Langley Avatar
    Deborah Dewbury-Langley

    I know my children would be thrilled to have this little Olympic beauty be part of our family. Great work Christina & Ingrid!!
    What is this doll’s name?

  273. Yamie Boakes Avatar
    Yamie Boakes

    I am addicted to watching the Winter Olympics over here in England – I would love this little one to come on over to stay!

    She looks very cute and I love her wooly jumper and hat!

    Well done Christina and Ingrid!

  274. Maggie Avatar

    She is beautiful. We are all watching at my house and my preschooler is learning all about the Olympics at school. They even make medals!

  275. Jenifer Avatar

    She is soooooo cute!!!!
    and I LOVe LOVE LOVE her outfit too!!!!!
    I cant help but hope she would come home to us~ 🙂

  276. Krysta Avatar

    This is the cutest sweater set ever!! Thanks Ingrid you are awesome! You too Christina 😉
    She’s a beauty as per usual!!! 🙂

  277. Teresa Sirois Avatar
    Teresa Sirois

    Christina and Ingrid, such beautiful work you both have done. Hope she can come home to be a sister to Thalia

  278. Alisa Avatar

    I have not seen one of your dolls in person, I think she is so beautiful! My daughter has just turned one and has began kissing her teddybears, we’re looking to get her a dolly soon. XOX

  279. Jennifer Hsiehford Avatar

    Ingrid is amazing!! And Christina, what a cute little doll! may the best person win ;D!

  280. Marla Stout Avatar
    Marla Stout

    Love her and perfect timing for our brand new baby brunette, Bronwyn.

  281. Amy S. Avatar
    Amy S.

    She is such a sweet little doll and would be loved very much in our home 🙂

  282. Tiffani Munzinger Avatar
    Tiffani Munzinger

    OMG! These are the most beautiful dolls I have ever seen. Now I am on the wagon about getting one! Thank you so much for the chance!

  283. Heather Avatar

    Oh my gosh! I just love this doll (well, I love all your dolls). She is so special. I have three little girls and we have really enjoyed watching the Olympics with them and explaining all about it. I was lucky enough to see The Men’s Snowboard Final’s in Salt Lake (where the USA swept) and have been so excited to see how they did this year (it was amazing). I would love to have this little beauty for my pretty babies 🙂

  284. Meg Avatar

    What a beautiful girl she is. I wonder what sport she would do in the olympics? Maybe speed skating? Luge? hmmm…
    Thank you for the great opportunity to win!

  285. Coogle Avatar

    I cant believe what beautiful dolls you make – and how fast they sell!. Fingers crossed my mouse-clicks are quick enough to buy one for my daughter!

  286. Leila Avatar

    She’s so beautiful! I love the matching outfit. =)

  287. Nele Avatar

    What a wonderful idea… an olympic dress set. She’s a beautiful girl with beautiful gear… my girls would be thrilled with her!

  288. melissa t Avatar
    melissa t

    Go Canada, we are on Vancouver Island and are really enjoying the Olympics, my little daughter would love the dolly.Thank You.

  289. rowan cooper Avatar
    rowan cooper

    what a lovely little thing she is 🙂

  290. heather Avatar

    she is beautiful christina… what a nice idea. thanks for always sharing your work with us!

  291. Rachel Avatar

    Beautiful doll, and beautiful sweater. Thank you for the chance at this very generous giveaway!!!

  292. Rochelle T. Avatar
    Rochelle T.

    Wow, what a cute outfit and a sweet thing to do! We LOVE the Olympics too, so much fun to watch!

  293. Tony Vila Avatar
    Tony Vila

    My baby loves her Bamboletta Doll.

  294. Emily Avatar

    What a beautiful girl! I love the knits!

  295. Aubrey Avatar

    Adorable, as always! You are awesome, as always! xoxo

  296. Deborah Kettner Avatar

    What a cutie! Thanks for sharing her, good luck to everyone.

  297. Khristine Angulo Avatar
    Khristine Angulo

    My heart is aglow…what a beautiful spirit. Thank you for creating her and dressing her so well:)

  298. Melissa T. Avatar

    Gorgeous girl! I want to squeeze her – so looks so sweet!

  299. Jennifer Witt Avatar
    Jennifer Witt

    I love this sweet doll! Love the brown hair and brown eyes! Whoever wins her will be very lucky!

  300. Katie Reid Avatar
    Katie Reid

    She’s beautiful!!! I love her sweet face and Olympic spirit!! I’d love to bring her home to my girls!

  301. Cari Avatar

    Awesome!! and I know that beach, having grown up in Sidney on the Island 🙂 We are now in Port Moody on the mainland, with all the Olympic craziness! She’s so cute, and the outfit is perfect!

  302. vicki Avatar

    I have some very Olympic crazy little ones that would be thrilled with this wee doll…fingers crossed!

  303. Tara Avatar

    These dolls are so cute. Hopefully one will come to our home someday. Good Luck. ☺

  304. Bonnie Avatar

    Oh, it’s soooo adorable! My littlest daughter would love to give her a good home.

    Even if I don’t win, now I have to get to work with some extra red yarn and knit up an Olympic something for my oldest daughter’s doll. I am a Vancouverite, so, really, there are no excuses!

  305. Sabrina Lindsay Avatar
    Sabrina Lindsay

    She is sweetie. What is her name? Thanks again for sharing the love x

  306. Tonya Avatar

    All I can say is wow! If I win!!!!!!! A really special event it would be.

  307. Shanon Avatar

    I am sooo in love with these dolls and hope that I can win one for my little girl and to win one that was made in the same city as the 2010 Olymics would be EXTRA special!!!

    GO CANADA GO!!!!

  308. Janice Avatar

    Hey, she looks like me! Gotta have her…fingers crossed!

  309. Cheryl Avatar

    Love it! Love the spirit of giving, and the olympic spirit. My little girls are baby crazy, and would love to bring home a Bamboletta!

  310. mike Avatar

    my daughter is in love with your dolls…she has 3 waldorf-style dolls, but loves her bamboletta the best!

  311. Sara Avatar

    with my daughter’s birthday coming up may 3…i could not think of a better gift for her

  312. Shannon Avatar

    Oh! She’s wonderful!
    Thanks to you and Ingrid for such a generous giveaway!

  313. Hannah Avatar

    Clearly she wins the gold for cuteness!

  314. Rebecca Avatar

    Lovely! What fun!

  315. Caleb Avatar

    Hooray for Olympics in Canada!

  316. Luke Avatar

    I love the games, and would love this doll for our family!

  317. Tia Webb Avatar

    My litle girl has been desperately waiting for the figure skating highlights and has also been very eager for one of your dolls since the first time she saw a picture (they’re a little out of our “normal” finances, but yes I’m saving!!! Perhaps if I win she might get one before she’s to old too appreciate it!!!)

    Thanks so much for your beautiful and inspiring work!

    Tia xxx

  318. Lisa Avatar

    So sweet, my daughter would love her!

  319. Tanya B Avatar
    Tanya B

    She is beautiful! I would love to win her as a reminder of these Olympics. This is the first time we have watched as a family and even though my 3 year old doesn’t quite follow along, my 7 year old is glued to the t.v. I love answering all his questions. 🙂

  320. Sara Avatar

    Wow – does she ever have olympic spirit – with a west coast flare, of course! Thank-you for the opportunity to enter!

  321. Miriam Avatar

    She is too cute. I love watching the Olympic’s were the Bambos are born….Go Canada(for my Dad) He played hockey.

  322. Emily F Avatar
    Emily F

    She’s beautiful! Thanks so much–your generosity is amazing!

  323. Amber Avatar

    She’s gorgeous! I know that my children would both love her, and adore having a souvenir of the time when the Olympics happened right here in our own backyard. 🙂

  324. genevieve Avatar

    What a beautiful dolly! She makes every bone in my patriotic body tingle!!! We would love her to bits in our Ontario home….Three homemade waldorf dolly lovers here!

  325. Catherine Avatar

    What a beauty! What a wonderful sweater set. Thanks!

  326. Audrey Avatar

    I bought precious little Faire for my granddaughter’s first Christmas! I love Bamboletta!

  327. jen Avatar

    Wow, how cute! What a creative little girlie in honor of the Olympics.

  328. Melissa Avatar

    Love Her. What is her event? Very thoughtful, you are the best!

  329. Alexandra Avatar

    The perfect doll for my granddaughter – what amazing craftsmanship!

  330. Lillie Avatar

    I love Spirit 🙂 She looks as if she is full of live and she’s so beautiful…. 🙂 Anyone/everyone would love to have her… Thanks for making such a lovely doll <3

  331. Samantha Avatar

    What a sweetheart! Love her! Thank you so much for being such a generous person…

  332. Chris Gross Avatar
    Chris Gross

    Love these little sweethearts and the Olympics. Would LOVE to win!

  333. Barbara Kervaski Avatar
    Barbara Kervaski

    Entering to win for my granddaughter. She would love a friend like this little girl.

  334. Geoff Gross Avatar
    Geoff Gross

    I’d be the coolest dad ever if I could win this for my daughter. Here’s hoping.

  335. Jamie Hicks Avatar
    Jamie Hicks

    She is absolutely adorable!

  336. Dawn S Avatar

    What a cutie! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  337. Geneviève Avatar

    She is so cute!! Thank you once again!!

  338. Melissa Avatar

    I don’t have any souvenirs from my hometown Olympics yet and this would be the most perfect one of all! In fact, I think she should have applied to be the official mascot!! Love her, and thanks again for the chance to win one of your beautiful creations!

  339. Ashley Vargo Avatar
    Ashley Vargo

    You and Ingrid are amazing, kind, and generous 🙂 Thank you for the chance to when a GORGEOUS doll with a charming outfit that represents a world-wide tradition!!!! I would love to share this doll with my pride and joy (my niece)!!

  340. Chris Avatar

    What a cutie! She would be a great companion for my daughter’s Maggie. I love to see all the dolls you create, Christina. Thanks for the chance to win.

  341. Carris Avatar

    Love her she is beautiful. Pick me please:)

  342. catherine Avatar

    Beautiful doll as always!

  343. Fiona Avatar

    Oh, if only we could be there. Watching from down under and would love the doll. thank you

  344. Michelle Z Avatar
    Michelle Z

    What a sweet doll! I’ve been enjoying the Olympics so much this year because my kids are all old enough to get “into” them, and they are so excited! Having kids makes everything more fun!

  345. Teri Avatar

    What a fun idea! I love the special and unique additions that you always add to give the dolls those wonderful details! We will be crossing our fingers – and toes – to try and win this beauty!!

  346. Sue C Avatar
    Sue C

    Go Canada! We have 3 little ones very interested in the Olympics and they would be so excited to win!
    I love this.. thank you for such a generous giveaway!

  347. Brandon Avatar

    Thanks for the chance to win an amazing doll and Olympic souvenir!!

    Go Canada go!!

  348. Rema-Lian Bell Avatar
    Rema-Lian Bell

    She is so adorable, good luck everyone 😉

  349. Kerry Avatar

    What a way to get into the Olympic spirit, give the gift of this doll to somebody, and look back many years later and remember that Vancouver hosted in 2010! Beautiful doll, beautiful day. Go Canada!

  350. M.Sam Avatar

    She’s beautiful!
    I know my little one would love her to pieces, and thank you for the opportunity to win her

  351. Susan Avatar

    Oh I would love to win this for my grandchild! thank you for the opportunity

  352. Andy Avatar

    I would love to win this for my wife (and daughter!) they are the loves of my life.

  353. jezahel Avatar

    thank you for the giveaway, your doll is really beautiful!

  354. shanda walker Avatar
    shanda walker

    OMG!!! She is so much cuter than my Heidi and Howdy from the 1988 Olympics here in Calgary, and yes I do still have them.. Great Job Ladies…. Maybe we need to speak to the Olympic commitee about changing the mascots to dolls?

  355. Vera Avatar

    Thanks so much..she is so cute.

  356. Viola Avatar

    Great! Thanks so much Christina and Ingrid! Would be great to win- and so fitting. My roommate in Berlin, Germany, is from Vancouver, Canada as well- so it would be great to have Spirit, little Vancouver doll travel to Germany as well, as Hannah did…;-) Wonderful way to celebrate the Olympics….-and such a great outfit….perfect….

  357. Andrea Leva Avatar
    Andrea Leva

    Trying to purchase a Bamboletta doll has become our family’s own olympic sport!

  358. Karen Avatar

    This is a sweet doll. I would love to have it. Thank you for this give-away.

  359. Angela Simpson Avatar

    This Doll is super adorable!!! This doll makes me want to move to Canada alone! Great idea Christina and super outfit Ingrid!

  360. Jennifer N. Avatar
    Jennifer N.

    She is a cutie! LOVE the olympic inspired outfit!

  361. Stacey Avatar

    Another beautiful doll-my violet would love her!!

  362. Nancy Avatar

    I am new to the computer world, so I do not think I would be able to get a doll any other way. My great grand daughters would love her to pieces.

  363. Sally Avatar

    you are both so generous. thank you, thank you for the chance to win

  364. billy Avatar

    what a great doll! thanks so much.

  365. Kristin Avatar

    The hat and sweater are priceless, just like my daughter who’d love her to pieces! Thanks for the offer!

  366. Rebecca Avatar

    Oh my goodness, she is so sweet! Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  367. Angela Avatar

    She is sooooooo sweet! I just wanna squeeze her! hehehe
    Her knitted ensemble is the best! I learned to knit a few years ago- soley to make cloth diaper covers for my kids. Now that they’re starting to outgrow diapers I’m venturing onto sweaters.. let me tell you I have grown in appreciation for hand knit sweaters as I myself don’t have a ball with them (it’s the seaming, I tell ya! & why does this piece have more rows than this piece? hahaha) This design is so cute & what a brilliant way to celebrate and remember the 2010 winter Olympics!
    Thank you Christina, Ingrid & all the sewing Mama’s! 🙂

  368. CanCan Avatar

    So cute! I have been thinking about maybe trying to go to the 2014 Olympics in Rio.
    And Deeds is really ready for his own doll. He drags “Little Jojo” around everywhere. 🙂

  369. Debra Stallings Avatar
    Debra Stallings

    So adorable!! Love the Olympics. Sophie has been watching with me and her Daddy.
    Really sweet of you.

  370. Andrew Avatar

    What a great opportunity. My baby will need her own special dolly one day. We would love to adopt her and give her a loving home!

  371. Gregg Avatar

    She is adorable! thank you!

  372. sara Avatar

    she is awesome!! Love the outfit!!

  373. Claire Avatar

    The best way to deck out a handcrafted baby is in handknitted love! Fingers are crossed 🙂

  374. Cara Avatar

    She is lovely Christina!!! You know I have a soft spot for the AA girls!!! I just LOVE them 🙂

  375. Nathan Avatar

    The perfect doll for my perfect, active little girl!

  376. Tracy Avatar

    Oh- she is so stinkin’ cute! I love the photography of the dolls as well 🙂

  377. Jenny C. Avatar
    Jenny C.

    She’s beautiful! I love the outfit and background too, so pretty! How sweet of you to give her away 🙂

  378. Jen Avatar

    That is lovely! Our daughter has loved watching the competitors, especially when they wave at “her” at the end of their runs. 🙂

  379. Sarah Riggs Avatar
    Sarah Riggs

    OooooOH! Thanks Christina & Ingrid!!! I have so admired Ingrid’s beautiful Olympic outfit that she made – I can hardly believe that there’s one up for “grabs”! And as part of a Bamboletta giveaway?!? Be still my rapidly beating heart!!!! I so these dolls and the amazing group of people behind the Bamboletta magic.

    Here’s hoping that Emily (my daughter) and I can win this giveaway!! (But even if we don’t, I’m sure that SOMEONE is going to be a VERY happy recipient of a lovely doll AND Olympic outfit!!!) THANKS!

  380. Tasha Avatar

    Beautiful doll! Oh please, oh please, oh please!

  381. Emily Kate Avatar
    Emily Kate

    Oh I love it! I want one so bad!!!!!

  382. Wendy Biel Avatar
    Wendy Biel

    OMGosh Christina, she is perfect. If we won this little lady she would definately be finding a new home in Haiti. My husband and I have a huge heart for the Haitian people and have been on a missions trip there. There is a very special little girl in Haiti named Emmaneila, She is our World Vision Child that we have been supporting for the last 5 years and I think this baby would be perfect for her!

  383. paola Avatar

    I love your giveaway! I love Bamboletta dolls!!! Choose me, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!Please please please!
    Anyway thank you for your wonderfull dolls… They inspire me so much!!!

  384. Theresa Avatar

    Aw, love this idea! And that Olympics outfit is perfect!! I wish I couldve made the drive up from Seattle to catch some part of the Olympics!!

  385. AE Avatar

    Love the outfit.

  386. Cheryl Avatar

    Thanks so much for the giveaway. We love your dolls. The outfit is too cute.

  387. Tricia Avatar

    I feel a little guilty even entering with so many new mommas waiting, but I can’t resist the thought of this little beauty joining our “team”.

    Thanks to all at Bamboletta and to you Ingrid for the beautiful knitting!

    Good luck everyone!

  388. Pablo Varela Avatar

    It’s a lovely doll for my lovely daughter.

  389. Jennifer Avatar

    Oh my goodness! She is so beautiful; my little one would love her. She just turned one so she doesn’t have a doll yet.

    Great work on the knitting. Very inspirational.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  390. victoria Avatar

    Go Canada Go! Yeah a gold medal giveaway! Thanks!

  391. Anne-Odile Avatar

    Wow, this is again, so generous of you Christina… And Ingrid is awesome! That outfit is to die for… This inspire me to start knitting again… Good luck to the winning Mama!

  392. Miranda Avatar

    Great idea! Keep up the great work and keep the dolls comin’. I need to get one for my mother!

  393. Jenni Avatar

    She is adorable! My two year old likes watching the skiing. He keeps saying “careful, don’t fall!” but he doesn’t like curling at all! Everytime we turn it on, he screams!

  394. Della Carroll Smith Avatar
    Della Carroll Smith

    I have become a fan, love these girls..wow…beauties..

  395. Amy Avatar

    Sooooooo cute!!! Just love her 🙂

  396. colleen Avatar


  397. Whitney Avatar

    It’s Olympia! : ) Love love love!

  398. Naomi Avatar

    Absolutely adorable! What a great way to commemorate the games…

  399. Alyssa McConnell Avatar
    Alyssa McConnell

    This doll is so cute. i would love to have it for my little sister. She loves the dolls!

  400. Tuesday Lee Avatar
    Tuesday Lee

    Wow, what a beauty! She is adorable.

  401. Coreena Avatar

    You do amazing work. Such beautiful pieces 🙂

  402. Christy Davis Avatar
    Christy Davis

    I love it, love it, love it. Thanks for the giveaway and to Ingrid for the adorable knitting!

  403. Shane Avatar

    Great doll! Thank you for the chance at winning.

  404. Mary Lee Avatar
    Mary Lee

    These are beautiful dolls. Hope to own one of these one day. Maybe this will be the one. Absolutely gorgeous.

  405. Dani Avatar

    Yay, Canada! Would be thrilled to be the owner of this doll. Spirit is it?

  406. Melanie Avatar

    She’s beautiful! I’m so excited about this little Olympian in Vancouver…. I hope I hope I hope!!!

  407. Robyn Avatar

    Oh, she is gorgeous and her outfit is priceless, a beautiful tribute to Canada hosting the Olympics! We would be so proud to win her! Thanks so much for your beautiful work, generosity and the opportunity to become Bamboletta mommas.

  408. laura-lea williams Avatar
    laura-lea williams

    What a wonderful way to celebrate the winter Olympics!

  409. michelle Avatar

    I would love to win her for my daughter!!!

  410. Monique Avatar

    Love it! absolutely beautiful!

  411. Tamara Avatar

    She’s adorable- great outfit!

  412. Jennifer Hillier Avatar
    Jennifer Hillier

    My niece Kennedy would love to add this doll to her family. She already has two dolls of this type, one of which she just bought with her OWN money, scrounging loonies and toonies from her piggy banks. 🙂 She would be so proud to have another member!!

  413. Ryan Avatar

    My wife loves your dolls and so do my two girls. I’m hoping to maybe win this for them. Thanks!

  414. Cheryl Avatar

    Oh my, how adorable. thanks for the giveaways!!

  415. CherylPeach Avatar

    This is so perfect. . .you guys never cease to amaze me!

  416. Lauren Avatar

    My niece would love a sporty bambolettta. . . you are so kind with your generosity

  417. Karen Avatar

    So, you are combining my current olympic obsession and my fascination with your dolls… you are cruel! (laughing!) Cheers, and count me in 1001 times! Love your giveaway surprise!

  418. Jackie F. Avatar
    Jackie F.

    You are so talented and generous!
    Thank you for a new love and obsession! 🙂

  419. jennifer lacson Avatar
    jennifer lacson

    She’s adorable! 🙂 Thanks for doing the contest!

  420. Helen Holley Avatar
    Helen Holley

    My granddaughters really play with their bamboletta dolls. They have Canadian roots so I know that the Olympic doll would have special meaning to them. Thanks for making her!


  421. Barbara Avatar

    Thanks for the chance to win an adorable doll and a Vancouver 2010 Olympic souvenir.

    Go Canada!!!

  422. Tia McFarlane Avatar
    Tia McFarlane

    Okay, I’ve scanned over the 400+ entries and it seems that I somehow forgot to enter the giveaway!! Not sure how I managed that. Beautiful doll Christina and awesome outfit Ingrid! Go Canada 🙂

  423. carey Avatar

    Wow — very cute! I’ve got my fingers crossed — this would be perfect for my niece.
    Thanks again for the contest. What a lovely idea.

  424. Ashley Avatar

    She is just beautiful! I am always up for a chance to add another sweet doll to our brood! =) Thanks so much to you both, this is quite a lovely doll to have a go at! =)

  425. Erica Avatar

    Ooooh, please enter me!!!!!!!

  426. Julie Avatar

    What a beautiful doll! I’m going to get lucky enough to purchase one of your dolls on an upload someday!!!

  427. Brandon Avatar

    my daughter and wife for that matter would be eternally grateful to win one of these dolls!

  428. Margaret Avatar

    This doll is very cute! My nephew would love to play with her, even if he is a little young to watch the Olympics yet.

  429. Heather Avatar

    She is sooo beautiful, I’ll throw my needle in the haystack for a chance!! We love our doll, and so do our neighbors, and our friends, and sooo on!

  430. Jennifer Avatar

    My DD provided the comment for this Blog contest while I sat looking at the screen trying to compose my thoughts “Mummy I wish I could have that doll ’cause I love her hair” we both are hoping that one day we are lucky enough to have our very own Bamboletta dolls 🙂

  431. Carrie B Avatar
    Carrie B

    She is beautiful!! Great work on the outfit Ingrid, such a sweet thing for you and Christina to offer!

  432. Alysha Avatar

    Wow she is super cute. Lovely work x

  433. Lisa Avatar

    please enter me! 🙂 I have yet to be able to snag a bamboletta for my daughter 🙂

  434. Kristin Avatar

    My niece loves these dolls, but sadly doesn’t have one yet! Enter me!

  435. Katie Avatar

    I can’t resist a giveaway either! She’s adorable, and my daughter loves dollies that are different colors 😀

  436. Lisa Avatar

    She’s beautiful! I aimed the screen at my 13 year old daughter who was listening to her Ipod and she yanked out the earphones to exclaim, “She’s sooooo cute!! I want her!” Another one bites the dust, you’ll have fans for generations to come.

    Good luck to all!

  437. Chelsea Avatar

    Ooh she is adorable!!

  438. Con Avatar

    I’m sure its illegal and unfair for me to enter…but how can I not…that sweater that hat!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and Ingrid make for excellent doll’s!

  439. glen Avatar

    Such a great idea and very cute. My girls would love this one.

  440. Alicia Avatar

    Too cute! Count me in 🙂

  441. Katie Avatar

    So cute! Would love to win this for my nephew.

  442. Megan Avatar

    We are recent transplants to San Francisco and after just returning from an amazing week at the Winter Olympics, my 6 year old daughter is missing her friends back in Van. Maybe an Olympic outfitted Bamboletta doll would make it that much better?! 😉 Go Canada Go, eh!?

  443. Allison Avatar

    Oh my goodness! My niece would love her! Love love love it!!

  444. regina Avatar

    lovely as usual! she would be loved in california 🙂

  445. Sarah B. Avatar

    Oh she’s gorgeous! Addie would love to have another sweet Bambo playmate – or maybe it could be for her someday sister or brother. Thank you for the chance!

  446. Satu Brampton Avatar

    Oooohh, she is adorable and so representing the spirit of the Olympics. Need a bambo for my youngest daughter who is now constantly after her older sibling’s Valentine Bambo. Poor Aila has to hide her precious doll. We believe!

  447. Catherine C. Avatar
    Catherine C.

    Such an Olympic cutie!!!!

  448. Satu Brampton Avatar
    Satu Brampton

    Ooops Christina, I think I typed something wrong in the ‘required info’. Hope this is easy to fix. Anyways, I am so excited to have a chance to win a doll for my youngest daughter. Thank you for being so giving of your talent.

  449. Annele Asikainen Avatar
    Annele Asikainen

    I’m in Love!!!! Turning 60 in 2 weeks and I’m ready for my next challenge with the adorable and the most lovely Olympia. I have been a fan for awhile now since my grand daughter got her first Bamboletta Doll on Valentine’s Day. I wish myself luck!

  450. Tiffany Avatar

    Oh, my little sister would LOVE her so much! *Fingers crossed*

  451. Satu Brampton Avatar
    Satu Brampton

    Oh dear, she is just sooo beautiful. Crossing my fingers and toes that my youngest daughter can get her first Bambo. I believe!

  452. Bernardette Avatar

    My little girl and I would love to give her a home. She is too cute.

  453. Marta Avatar

    WOW! I have long loved Bambolettas, I am so lucky i got mine, I mean my daughter’s, over a year ago when it was easy! This is amazing to read about and watch the business go from small to huge so quickly! And it makes me so happy that in this day of cheap, plastic barbies and bratz, Bambolettas are the doll of choice for so many. Maybe it’s time to do doll making classes, or take on some apprentices. Thanks Christina!

  454. Carol Avatar

    What an adorable doll, she is absolutley gorgeous! I am having such a good time with Olympics…it’s great having it in our home province. Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  455. Ray Avatar

    I’m not a lady, but I hope I can still enter! I’ve been trying to buy a doll for my daughter but haven’t been quick enough with the mouse yet. Thanks for offering such a beautiful product!

  456. Kate Avatar

    She is precious and such a nice tribute to the Olympics!

  457. Kara Avatar

    Gorgeous! Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  458. Kathleen Melchert Avatar
    Kathleen Melchert

    Oh my goodness!These dolls just get cuter and cuter!! I would love this girl as the mascot for my classroom – she would be perfect!! I hope I win! I hope I win!!!

  459. Lea Thomas Avatar
    Lea Thomas

    This doll is so beautiful! I have got to get my hands on a Bamboletta :o)

  460. Steven Kasapi Avatar
    Steven Kasapi

    She looks like a real athlete! My partner and I have been trying to get a doll for our daughter – it’d be a great surprise to WIN the doll, but either way we’re going to keep trying. Thanks for bringing joy to the world!

  461. Shelley Avatar

    What a cutie! We would love to win our first dolly!

  462. Stacey Avatar

    Great job Christina & Ingrid! She’s ADORABLE!! Crossing fingers! 🙂

  463. leanne Watson Avatar
    leanne Watson

    She is so adorable, and the outfit is fantastic. Thank you for this opportunity!

  464. Susan Avatar

    Love the winter olympics and Bamboletta – a fan for a few years now of both!!! I’m avidly watching the Olympics on television and you ladies are “owning the podium” with this little beauty.

  465. Carrie Avatar

    You are a lovely lady Christina! The doll is gorgeous and good luck to everyone! I am sure she will go to the home she is meant to!

  466. Nicole Avatar

    She is adorable. My kids are loving the Olympics – especially my three year old son who plans on trying ski jumping and ariels someday (eek).

  467. liz Avatar

    Love this dollie !! My 3 yo dd has decided it’s time for a “real” Bamboletta doll (she currently has a baby) – and this would be perfect for her 🙂

  468. Julie R. Avatar
    Julie R.

    What a lovely doll. A great way to celebrate the 2010 games.

  469. Elizabeth Avatar

    We love the olympics! our baboletta dolls will look great with this sweater.

  470. Leia Avatar

    How precious! We’ve been hooked on the Olympics here!

  471. Katie Avatar

    What an adorable doll – she gorgeous. Loving watching the winter Olympics

  472. Bj Chrestay Avatar
    Bj Chrestay

    LOVE!! She’s just adorable.

  473. JulieO Avatar

    She is beautiful! Love her!

  474. maria carpenter Avatar

    This doll i amazing!! I am in awe of how beautiful the clothes are. I have been trying for a doll for my daughter for about 5 months now!!

  475. Michelle Avatar

    The olympics are on 24/7 here – can’t get enough! Super cute sweater too!!!! Awesome job!

  476. lindsay brunswick Avatar
    lindsay brunswick

    oh, i love it !!!!

  477. Anne Avatar

    I LOVE her! She deserves a gold!

  478. Lauren Ralph Avatar
    Lauren Ralph

    This is such a cute doll. The Olympics (especially the winter ones) are my favorite things to watch every 4 years. I am so happy that Vancouver is hosting them and you all are doing such a great job of keeping the spirit going. Bravo and hopefully this doll will find a great home to commemorate these Olympics!

  479. Stacey Avatar

    she’s too cute 🙂

  480. Sarah Avatar

    Love your dolls! Would love a chance at winning one!

  481. Annie Avatar

    We’re all about the olympics around here — what a great giveaway 🙂

  482. Carrie Avatar

    this doll is too cute not to try for!

  483. Lindsey Avatar

    Pick me, pick me! :O)

  484. Allison Avatar

    She is soooo cute! She’ll be well loved!

  485. Melanie Moore Avatar
    Melanie Moore

    ohh wow Thanks so much!!! xoxox

  486. Sarah Avatar

    what gorgeous dolls… my girls (5 and 3) would be such great “mommies” for a doll like her… you are very talented

  487. Karl Avatar

    That’s adorable. My 21 month-old grand-daughter Olivia would love this.

  488. Melanie Avatar

    That is just the cutest dolly knitwear *ever*! I’m sure ‘lightning’ won’t strike twice, but there’s no harm in entering now is there?!

  489. twinsurs2005 Avatar

    What a sweet thing to do. She is adorable!

  490. Jessica Avatar

    Oh, how cute she is! I would love to give her a home!

  491. Neal Avatar

    I really, really need one of those dolls.

  492. Jen Avatar

    love her!

  493. Angelika Avatar

    Me please! I love a raffle, What a great idea!

  494. John Avatar

    Good luck to my partner! She’s expecting our first child in April and loves these dolls!!!

  495. Naomi Avatar

    I love her, and I know my 3 yr. old daughter would, too!! 🙂

  496. Lisa Avatar

    She’s just lovely. We’d love to have her here! Thanks for the opportunity.

  497. Amanda Avatar

    Oh she is a cutie for sure! She’s welcome to come live at my house!! 😉

  498. Jenny Avatar

    I love her! Thanks so much!

  499. Lee Avatar

    Pretty little gal! We would give her a lovely home.

  500. Shelly Avatar

    How adorable! I would love to welcome her into my home! <3

  501. Carol Avatar

    WOW, I love her. She is so cute and good job to the person that made the outfit. It is soooo cute. Here’s to hoping!! I just recently found your website and love your doll’s, they are works of art and if I was young again I would take one of yours over anything else on the market! Keep up the great work, it is amazing how they are all so different, each seems to be an individual.

  502. Sara Avatar

    She is so cute. I am watching the Olympics right now!

  503. Lorinna Avatar

    CHRISTINA, like all your dolls, she is beautiful 🙂 Thank you so much for the raffle. I love your heart!

  504. tava/yarnmama Avatar

    Wow! How lucky we would be to get this lovely doll!

  505. Marilyn Avatar

    My daughter’s birthday is in a few weeks… she would love this doll if we won!

  506. Kathy Palmer Avatar
    Kathy Palmer

    Soooooo happy I found the link to the raffle for this cutie!!! We would LOVE to give her a happy home!!

  507. joe carpenter Avatar

    Great Giveaway!! My daughter would love this doll!!

  508. Jennifer Avatar

    What a beautiful girl! Fingers crossed that she can come home with us.

  509. Kim Rempel Avatar
    Kim Rempel

    She SO “owns the podeum”! I love love LOVE her! Go Canada!!!

  510. Ramona Avatar

    so adorable with the olympic dress up. ingrid rocks!

  511. Malanie Avatar

    You make truly beautiful dolls. I would be honored to have one.

  512. Jennifer Banz Avatar
    Jennifer Banz

    She is beautiful!

  513. Lilia Avatar

    She is one those those girls who still look girly in the sports clothes. Would love to play with her 🙂

  514. Heather Avatar

    What a beautiful doll!!! Fingers crossed I… I mean… my daughter gets to hold one soon. 🙂

  515. Christina Avatar

    I Love it!! Your dolls are so adorable!

  516. Julia Avatar

    Yeah…love this beauty!! Go CANADA!!!

  517. nalie Avatar

    amazing! thank you so much for this beautiful giveaway!

  518. Tiffany U. Avatar
    Tiffany U.

    What a sweet girl! My youngest girl is such a doll lover and her first birthday is the first of March…this would be SO cool!! Please enter us! She would have such fun if she lived with us!! 🙂

  519. Grandma Laura Avatar
    Grandma Laura

    Thanks for the chance to get one of your beautiful babies!

  520. Casey Avatar

    She’s gorgeous! Thanks for being so sweet!

  521. Erin Cronier Avatar
    Erin Cronier

    WOW she is beautiful. I can’t believe how the olympics have re-connected us as a faimly. We are all so busy, but everynight we all sit down and watch the olympics together. We have room for this beauty to join us!!!!

  522. Nicole Avatar

    Another awesome give away! My 9 year has been very interested in the olympics and is constantly announcing how many medals Canada has. I Know she would love to have this amazing dolly to watch with (her favorite is figure skating!).

  523. Caryn Avatar

    OH so cute. I love the sweater. We have been enjoying watching the olympics too.

  524. Louisa Avatar

    What a sweet doll! I love her hair!

  525. Katie Avatar

    So cool! Thanks for the opportunity!

  526. Janie Avatar

    Oh WOW!!! Lovely Lovely Doll!!! And the olympic outfit is fantastic! Go Canada Go!!!

  527. becca Avatar

    love her!! <3

  528. Amy Avatar

    My daughter’s birthday is so near. She would be in love!

  529. Laura Avatar

    She looks like Snooki!

  530. Childhood Magic Avatar

    Stunning and beautiful doll, as always Christina!

  531. Sue Brayton Avatar
    Sue Brayton

    She is a winner!

  532. Dee Furr Avatar
    Dee Furr

    She is absolutely adorable. Another great personality and by her clothing you can tell she was “born” a winner!

  533. Sara Warren-Hill Avatar
    Sara Warren-Hill

    Just adorable – hoping for a Bambo for DD who’s about to turn two. *Fingers crossed*

  534. tracy Avatar

    darling and would love the chance to win her!

  535. Amy Avatar

    She is beautiful!!! Thanks Christina!!!

  536. Megg Avatar

    Wow! I would sooo love a baby to come live with us! With 3 girls under 5 it would be a battle! Also really into the Olympics this year, so exciting! Wonderful offer…good luck to everyone!

  537. Lindsay Avatar

    AWESOME – love her! Thanks for the generosity of your giveaways!

  538. Jill Gustafson Avatar
    Jill Gustafson

    I think you also embody the spirit of the olympics, Christina…always doing your best and putting yourself completely in what you do.

  539. Joan Bryan Avatar

    She is delightful! Thanks for the chance.

  540. Bridget Avatar

    A chance to win this beautiful little Olympian….YES, PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!

  541. Alye king Avatar
    Alye king

    so sweet!!!!

  542. Leah Killian Avatar


    Seriously. You make art come alive and be huggable.

    She’s fantastic!

  543. Karen Avatar

    Love all your dollies, hope to get one for my kids 🙂

    Congrats on yoursuccess

  544. Brad Avatar

    I want to be the dad that brings this doll home – and she has a sports theme!

  545. Kelli W-S Avatar
    Kelli W-S

    I don’t know if my comment worked before or not. 🙂

  546. Valerie Avatar

    What a Sporty Spice!

  547. Kelly Avatar

    I LOVE HER!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  548. Julie Avatar

    What a wonderful way to commemorate the Olympics! Go Canada Go! And thanks for your generosity!

  549. Maura Avatar

    my little girl would love her! we will give her a good home, i promise 🙂

  550. Virginia Avatar

    I WOULD so love to have her, I know the perfect little girl that would be blessed to have her! She is always asking to hold my girls dolls! Thanks for the opportunity!

  551. Michelle Z. Avatar
    Michelle Z.

    What a sweet girl!

  552. Cindy Avatar

    Thank you for doing this generous giveaway! What a beautiful doll!

  553. Cristina Avatar

    So cute, have my fingers crossed.

  554. zeb's mom Avatar
    zeb’s mom

    Oh wow we’d love a chance to win her! Thanks!!

  555. Holly Keller-Moul Avatar
    Holly Keller-Moul

    I love Ingrid… I wish I could get our first Bambo dolly… I have been trying for months now…

  556. manca Avatar

    What a good idea is this doll, you are great!
    Love to have her.

  557. Anze Stular Avatar
    Anze Stular

    Canada rocks!

  558. Ty Avatar

    USA vs. Canada hockey game, WOW. Great work on this doll!

  559. Ed Avatar

    Count me in. My little girl would be thrilled!

  560. Lindsay Avatar

    Go Canada and Go Christina and Ingrid! Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity.
    We would love to welcome this cutie to our home!

  561. Claudia Avatar

    Oh, she is too cute! And the outfit is totally adorable. Thanks for doing another giveaway!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed as I know my little girl would be thrilled to welcome her here.

  562. Elizabeth Avatar

    me, please!!! 🙂

  563. Annalise Avatar

    What a cutie
    love the outfit!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  564. Mery Avatar

    Adorable doll!

  565. Amie Avatar

    This is AWESOME! A Olympic Doll Giveaway what a wonderful thing to do for rememberence of the 2010 Olympic’s.

  566. Bonnie Avatar

    Oh what a sweet keepsake to commemorate both my girl’s first Winter Olympics!

  567. Rick Avatar

    my daughter would love her

  568. Sara Avatar

    Like always…she is just too cute! Would love to win her for my own little cutie!

  569. Marisely Avatar

    What a cute little girl! Her outfit is beautiful.

  570. Jeryl Avatar

    Thumb’s up for capturing the Olympic Spirit.

  571. Cori Avatar

    Beautiful work again. Such a great way to celebrate such an exciting event. Canada has done a wonderful job.

  572. Molly Avatar

    What a beautiful doll! Would love to adopt her.

  573. Mary Jo Avatar
    Mary Jo

    She is a beauty! My granddaughters would love to bring her home!

  574. Mary Avatar

    What a beautiful doll!

  575. Scott Avatar

    Lovely doll, she would be loved by my daughter.

  576. Aidan Avatar

    My sister would LOVE this doll! I don’t know if she would share it with me or not:)

  577. Amanda Avatar

    She is stunning!
    Thank you Christina & Ingrid!!!

  578. Christina Avatar

    Love it…absolutely beautiful…

  579. shannon Avatar

    ohhhh!!!!! shes gorgouse!!!

  580. Kate Avatar

    She’s lovely! I know a beautiful little girl with a birthday coming up who would just love her!

  581. Tina Avatar

    This doll is fabulous! We weren’t able to travel to Vancouver for the Olympic experience, but we do lots of cheering from home; I know Josephine would love a doll that will help her to remember the fun times we have been having!

  582. Jolene Avatar

    I feel so lucky to have found you. What beautiful dolls that my 3 girls would cherish. And to have one that is fashioned in Olympic gear…darling and priceless. Thanks!

  583. Jennifer Witt Avatar
    Jennifer Witt

    I love her sweater and hat! Great idea! She is super cute and anyone would be lucky to have her.

  584. Lucy Wagenaar Avatar
    Lucy Wagenaar

    We are loving watching the cool winter olympics here in very warm Australia….and Miss 3 would be completely thrilled to call this dolly her own – she is adorable!

  585. jessica Avatar

    I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t been able to watch a single second of the Olympics! My kids are GLUED to the screen though ;o) As always, even though I never win, I think you offering giveaways is so generous!

  586. Adrienne Jack Avatar
    Adrienne Jack

    I love her! What a great idea:)

  587. Jill Avatar

    Oh, how darling! We would LOVE her!

  588. waldorfmama Avatar

    oh, what a sweetie! i’d love to win her. 🙂 thank you for the opportunity!

  589. Mary Avatar

    I’m a Noni acting like a 2 year old – ME ME ME …

  590. Coral Avatar

    *Fingers crossed* my daughter would love to win this doll 🙂
    They are all so beautiful

  591. MamAmor Dolls Avatar

    Beautiful, she’ll be much loved at our place! Thanks for your generosity.

  592. Joanna Avatar

    whew! I got in on time! What a great doll- I love her hair!

  593. Travis Avatar

    GO CANADA!!!!!

  594. Wendy Avatar

    as a huge olympics fan, and a newer fan of your gorgeous dolls (with two young daughters who are HUGE fans of your dolls), this doll would be cherished in our family

  595. Sherry Avatar

    oh she is just over the top cute! Go Canada

  596. Jacob Avatar

    Very cute!