oh deer



You may know about my ongoing ‘thing’ with our neighbourhood deer, it’s a love hate relationship between us..kind of like what I think Madonna and Guy are like. A few weeks back some deer jumped the veggie fence and ,well, you can see by the photo where the dirt patches are- they basically had a good ol’ deer feast. I saw this deer come by this morning, eye our veggies, eye the fence and then walk away. Ha! Before I could get too smug about the fencing he went over to our apple tree and had a good munch… Deer 4- Platts 1.

Totally different subject.. brought the new small doll over to my gal night group tonight to give her a test run. Great reviews! I have the best possible testers for my products..lots of kids and lots of moms with fantastic input. I should have something completed by the 1st of August. That seems like a long time but Con is making up my dresses and we talked tonight about fabrics and patterns. I’ve also talked to Lori from Trendy Tots this afternoon. I’m glad to hear the dolls are getting rave reviews and selling like hot cakes! I love selling the dolls online and getting them all over the worldΒ  but there is something about seeing them in ‘person’. I don’t mean to sound like I’m tooting my own horn, but to see a bunch together all waiting for new homes..it’s pretty cute. I love looking at people’s faces when they walk by my booth at fairs and markets. This reaction was the time when John realized that what I was doing was more then a hobby, it was like, real.






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  1. Christine Avatar

    I’m sorry, Christina, don’t mean to make fun of your problem, but I was laughing out loud when I saw those pictures and read the text. That deer definitely looks NOT happy walking past that fence! πŸ™‚ Not sure about Madonna and Guy though, I think Madonna doesn’t want to loose ever, so I’m hoping you’ll be her so the deer can be Guy. πŸ˜‰
    What’s a gal night group? So cool they loved your new small doll.
    And congrats on your great selling at the shop! That must feel so good and motivating.


  2. Leanna Avatar

    We have had a young deer for the past two years come visiting, but luckily for us our yard hasn’t been planted yet, and he is just muching on weeds. I can imagine how frustrating it would be to see the plants you so lovingly nurse along be gone in a second. That would bug me too.

    On the last post about the fabrics, have you gone to fabricanna when you come over to Vancouver? it is my favorite place to go, lots of quilting fabric, I get giddy there.

  3. Monica Avatar

    Oh deer! lol Pun intended. Don’t you just *love* them? My husband calls them rats with long legs. πŸ˜‰

    Ok…just so you know, I’m dying to see this smaller doll. Dying. I’m stalking your blog. Feel free to email me pictures if you’d like. ROFL!

    I know exactly what you mean about seeing your work be loved in person. I sell just a bit locally, and it’s a real thrill…I’m glad you’re having the same thrill!


  4. Con Avatar

    You have to get to Buckerfields and get the “Bobbex” it really works spray your apple tree! Its not toxic just a magnesium mixture.

  5. con Avatar

    Oh…and the photos of the deer very papparazziesque ie:Madonna and Guy

  6. devon Avatar

    we use bobbex too and apparently it is at blue rose as well, so super close to you πŸ™‚

  7. admin Avatar

    gotta get the bobbex..they aren’t actually eating the apples I noticed, just the new shoots. i’m sure they’d be eating the apples if they were ripe. not if they’re bobbexed!!

    Ha Con.. I should go to hollywood and become a papparazi photog..what do you say dev, you in? I recently heard that the same photographer that took that picture of the little girl running during Hiroshima (super famous photo) took the picture of Brit coming out of rehab.. man, we are all so going downhill fast.

    Hey Monica..it is a thrill. I’ve been selling for a while but I still get like ‘really? you want to buy my doll?? thanks!!’ I love the customer interation..that’s why I love all you guys so much!

    Leanna (ha, I’m working up!) yes I do go to Fabricana in Van when I’m there. But my heart is with Textile Clearence House.. I go notion mental in there! I like DressSew downtown too but only if I have a few hours to peruse. I really think someone should open up a fabric store with Japanese imports and all the cool fabrics.. kind or like an Urban Yarn for fabric.. why hasn’t anyone gotten on this yet? In the shops it’s like a 1 in 70 shot you have of finding decent fabric. It so fun when you do though πŸ™‚

    Hey Christine! If you lived here I’d take you to girl group night!

  8. admin Avatar

    jeesh.. that could have been today’s post..

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