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 I’ve been busy getting ready for my Farmer’s Market this Saturday.  The dolls take a long time to make, I’m sure that you all know that, but the dressing and tagging takes a long time too. I have a clothing section in my workroom with lots of baskets, each containing a type of clothing. So a tshirt basket, shoe get the idea. It takes a while to dress each doll and I normal do several changes before I settle on the ‘right’ outfit. I don’t spend this much time getting dressed myself. It usually starts with a sweater and then I co-ordinate it from there.  I hope to be getting a big box of new clothing from Reggie this week with lots of new fabrics that I ordered a while back. And I just ordered lots of this to make some new stuff with ( I know Berrie is a fan of this too, really you can’t go wrong with Heather Ross!). Con and I are working on a skirt that has a sewn in petticoat and we’ll work with these coordinating fabrics.

My birthday is in 2 weeks time and I’ve decided that my gift will be a new camera. It’s just the right thing to do for me to just get my own presents. John is a wonderful man but, well, last year I got 2 knives for my birthday. The year before that I got a toaster. Really. I don’t mind, I did need a new knife and a toaster. My friends gave him a bit of a talking to last year about gifts and now I will ‘not so subtly’ just get myself something or straight out tell him.  My old Cannon has had it. I love her dearly and she has been with my through 2 children and a trip to India, but she’s tired. I’ve decided to ‘upgrade’ and get a digital SLR. Nikkon this time as my great friend and fantastic photographer Devon has recommended.  This picture below was taken by her. Just look at those colors! The crispness!







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  1. Berrie Avatar

    Have a super successful weekend! I love doing our Farmer’s Market. The HR fabrics are so wonderful to play with. Go Christina!

  2. Sue Avatar

    Good luck on the Farmers Market Christina!
    Boy, do I wish I had already baskets full of clothes for my dolls. That shows that you are so much more organized. Hmmm… I guess I should get more organized myself.
    Love the fabrics!

    I think the gift thing is a male handicap (with a few exceptions). They just don’t pay as much attention as we do. I think they don’t hear the hints that we give them, or they forget them as soon as they heard them. My hubby is the same. I learned that I have to drop bigger hints of what I would appreciate to my kids and they help in getting the word out. :0)

  3. Leanna Avatar

    I was planning on coming to meet you this weekend, but I made a last minute decision to go to Nelson for a mini family reunion. Good luck at it, I hope you sell wonderfully again.

    Thanks for the fabric link so cute! I am always on the prowl for more fabric, I went to a fabric sample sale last weekend and got tonnes (well technically 6 lbs)

    I got a fly fishing rod once from my hubby, I kinda wanted it, but it turned out to be the worst because it has never been used. I can’t wait for Poppy to be old enough to tell Mark what Mommy wants 🙂

  4. Christine Avatar

    My birthday is next week and I asked my husband for a Cartier Love bracelet. Will I get it? Not a chance!! Lol. 🙂 It’s ok though, it wasn’t even a serious request because the price is just insane. I think the lamest gift I ever got was *nothing* this past Mother’s Day. Husband said I could get a new bike but when I mentioned which one I had chosen he said it was too expensive. I love him, really, but sometimes……haha.
    I’m sure you’ll love the SLR. We have a Canon and it’s just the best. So much better than the “point-and-shoot” Sony we had before. It seems as though with this camera, all the pictures turn out great and indeed the colors are beautiful.


  5. Alison Avatar

    THAT is the picture for your advert!! There is something wonderful about the hand wrapped around her waist.
    Happy Birthday, enjoy your camera!

  6. Sarah Avatar

    I would have to agree with Alison,the photo above is stunning! The colors just seem to pop against this page. I think the best part of all is the little mommy behind the doll. Happy Birthday to you(very soon).

  7. admin Avatar

    Hi Berrie, I’m so glad that I’m back at the Markets. Next year I want to do more and on Vancouver Island not just the mainland. How about you? Are you liking your return?
    Sue, I told my husband what you said about husbands to make him feel better about the knives. I have to have all my clothing ready to go, I love organizing things in baskets..I”m such a Virgo.
    Leanne- Hope you have fun in Nelson! I’m sorry to not meet you though, we could’ve talked cock! (as in chickens!!) ha, ha I’m tired!
    Christine- mmm Love Bracelet.. great taste! I hope to get the camera in time for my market..I’ll do lots of up close shots with blurry backgrounds- LOVE those shots. What date is your bday?
    Alison and Sarah- I was just talking about that to Devon, its as if the children really bring them to life! I’m getting a photo CD tonight to look at with all my dollie pics in it, I can’t WAIT!

  8. sharilyn Avatar

    oh wow, farmers market! oh i wish i could be there to check it out and say hi. We were thinking of heading over to victoria area this weekend, but didnt work out and so we are headed to bowen island instead. maybe one day…

    i love THAT picture for your advertisement! or perhaps some new shots with your new camera?

    I too use a nikon slr – D50 and i love it. I am sure that having a new camera will inspire you in so many ways. you’ll see! xox.

  9. admin Avatar

    i wish you were coming too Sharilyn 🙂 i had a few of my blog friends come by last time and it was so great to meet them in person, but i couldn’t chat for long- it was so insane..dolls flying around, people asking wool questions, etc.
    i just got the camera today! so excited! it’s a little overwhelming though. i’ll pu some pics up of the farmer’s market this weekend.
    i still haven’t decided on a pic yet. i’m not sure if i want to crop around the doll so that she is on a background of my ad, or do a picture with text beside the’s really small- only 1″ x 2.5″ , it’s a start though xo c

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