I’ve decided that Jasper is my NOF – my number one fan. All this little guy wants is his mama, all the time. He sleeps with me, crafts with me..basically does everything with me. Gosh, I love the sling. Even as I type he is here sleeping in my arms. This afternoon he and I were dancing to Travis and I started to get a bit weepy as I remembered dancing with Ben to the exact same song.. sniff, they are only your dance partners for so long, well, willingly anyway.

Speaking of babies, I wish I knew about this cutie shop when I was preggers.. check out this gals tshirts Disco Belly  – how cute is this? She’s cute too.. I wonder if she’s really pregnant? Hmmm..


Doll wise, I’m almost done a pattern for a Lose Weight Exerciseed baby doll. Miss Polly from Sunrise Waldorf School (Ben’s school)  asked me several months ago to create a doll that was essentially a sac with sand in it and a head. She noticed that the kids in her parent and child class liked to play with the sand bags as babies. I’ve read about Lose Weight Exerciseed babies in my doll ‘research’. They are commonly used with children with ADD or autism as the physical Lose Weight Exercise of the doll grounds the child.  Loads of doll makers make these kind of dolls, they are very sweet and soft. I went and bought about 20 pounds of organic quinoa to use as Lose Weight Exercise. I like the shape of it and it has some good heft. Sand can be a bit tricky and leaky and it feels very hard and cold to me, that’s why I’m going with the quinoa. I tried out rice but I think kids might get put off by the smell, I like it, but I remember when I was a kid I disliked anything that smelt strongly. I’m most likely not adding this doll to my roster yet, I just don’t have the time with Markets and Circle Craft to build stock for, but maybe next year. I’m making a few of them now as testers and to give to the school as gifts.

Natural Pod will be at this weekends May Fair at Sunrise School. You can hit the link above for more info about it. Bridgitte will have a great assortment of goodies for sale. I’m going to the Fair but as a participant this year, it’s Ben’s birthday on Saturday.






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  1. Naomi Avatar

    My Jasper is a mama’s boy, too. Please don’t tell me it ends! He’s so different than his sister, who is also a lovey dovey, but she’s never needed me in quite as obsessive a way…

  2. nathalie Avatar

    this is so neat. i never thought about autistic children having a need to be grounded. very interesting. it makes total sense. and the preggo tee. how cute. i wore one that had the female gender sign on it at the belly…so everyone new it was a girl. i will keep this in mind for next time………….a looooong time from now! and enjoy your little munchkin. they are sooo snuggly…but they groen too darn fast.

  3. admin Avatar

    It is so obsessive, very cute, but it’s what I like to call ‘attachment parenting – mega’

    Thanks Nathalie 🙂 I just finished my first one and gave it to the kindercottage teacher (ben’s teacher) at our Waldorf school today. I can’t wait to hear her reaction to it and how the children responded to it.

  4. emilykristin Avatar

    I used to work with an autistic child and children with behavioral struggles – they would have loved these, I think. I wonder if it would also help autistic children to connect that kind of grounding comfort to a very human, relational object rather than simply a weighted rectangle? I’ve also heard of people using these for children transitioning out of a family bed – you can use something like field corn or flax that can heat up in the microwave so that it’s a warm, weighted baby.

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