NEWBIE Serendipity Doll – Bluebell


To enter for a chance to buy Bluebell  please leave a comment at the end of this post (NOT THE PICTURE) ONE comment per family. Winner will be chosen on May 9th at 7 pm PST. Doll costs $185 plus shipping. NEWBIES ONLY PLEASE.

Please note that people who have never commented before will get the note comments ‘await moderation’  – please don’t keep entering – I have to manually approve these comments and sometimes it takes me a few hours. Thanks!

This is Bluebell. She has fair skin, mid-length hair made with mohair and wool yarns in a multi-tonal blue color and blue eyes. She is wearing the pictured outfit, underpants and wool felt shoes.

These dolls measure approximately 15″ in height.  They are hand made with wool, cotton, and lots of love.  Skin tones and color of clothing may vary slightly because of circumstances beyond our control due to lighting and various computer monitor settings.  Made by team Bamboletta in Canada.






187 responses to “NEWBIE Serendipity Doll – Bluebell”

  1. Carrie Mc Wright Avatar
    Carrie Mc Wright

    Love Miss Blue!

  2. Laura Ring Avatar
    Laura Ring

    I love this Dollie! Would love it for my little girl.

  3. Kelly Otte Avatar
    Kelly Otte

    i love love love her <3

  4. Tarsha-Marie Avatar

    I would love one of your dolls with blue hair and Bluebell is gorgeous!!

  5. Judith Newman Avatar
    Judith Newman

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. Breanne Kaiser Avatar

    She’s beautiful!

  7. Kristie Dover Avatar
    Kristie Dover

    My parents house burned do to lighting, my little girl lost all her dolls at Nana’s, this would be a great replacement! She’s ADORABLE!

  8. Holly Goeing Avatar
    Holly Goeing

    Bluebell is perfect for my little southern belle!

  9. Stefanie Grissom Avatar
    Stefanie Grissom

    We looove Miss Blue!!

  10. Stefanie Grissom Avatar

    We loooove Miss Blue!!

  11. Erin Walker Avatar
    Erin Walker

    She is beautiful!

  12. Marie-Claire Avatar

    She is the one I’ve fight for two times, maybe it’s a sign!!

  13. Amy Drissel Avatar
    Amy Drissel

    Oh she’s a beauty!

  14. Tiffany Seghini Avatar
    Tiffany Seghini

    Love her!

  15. Stacey Poortenga Avatar
    Stacey Poortenga

    Love her!!!

  16. Missy Avatar

    Love bluebell!!!

  17. shannon campbell Avatar
    shannon campbell

    I would love her!! Thanks!

  18. Sherri Adams Avatar
    Sherri Adams

    I would love to have Bluebell! She is a cutie pie!!

  19. Jessica Avatar

    So sweet!!

  20. Chaos Avatar

    I adore her!!!!!!!!!

  21. Brandy Wade Avatar
    Brandy Wade

    Hopefully I do this correctly 🙂 Entering for a chance to win bluebell since I couldn’t get her in my cart today! Thanks!

  22. Kiran T Avatar
    Kiran T

    Love her!!

  23. Sharon Avatar

    She is absolutely adorable… my daughter would love her!

  24. Sara H Avatar
    Sara H

    Dream doll!!!!!!!

  25. vicki walker Avatar
    vicki walker

    Love her!

  26. Brooke Avatar

    She has such a sweet face.

  27. linda jones Avatar
    linda jones


  28. Connie Evens Avatar

    Beautiful! Her name is a great!! xoxxo love love love her

  29. Bambo lover Avatar
    Bambo lover


    So so so Cuuuuuuuute please o please can you come to my house

  30. Heather D. Avatar
    Heather D.

    Wow! She’s a beauty!

  31. Tana W Avatar
    Tana W

    So cute and love her name!

  32. megan c. Avatar
    megan c.

    love her!

  33. Mary Jane Pilgrim Avatar
    Mary Jane Pilgrim

    Such a blutiful girl!

  34. Gita Avatar

    So Springy!

  35. Melanie Avatar

    She is more than welcome to come live with us!!

  36. Tammy Whitehead Avatar
    Tammy Whitehead

    Absolutely adorable!! 🙂

  37. Karyn Avatar

    She is gorgeous! We would love to give her a home with us.

  38. Heather Avatar

    Not only is she the prettiest, but her name makes me think of sweet Texas Blue Bell Ice Cream!

  39. Channey Avatar

    how could blue be a sad colour looking at this lovely!

  40. Rachelle Avatar

    My sister’s favourite colour…I’d love to get this for her daughter and her to share. GORGEOUS!

  41. Bernardete Avatar

    How adorable. We would love to have her!

  42. Tami-Lyn Avatar

    Wow she is amazing My 2 year old is stuck on the color Blue it would be so perfect fingures crossed!!!

  43. Cassie H Avatar
    Cassie H

    She was one of my favorites!! I would love to enter!!

  44. Holly Leigh Avatar
    Holly Leigh

    She is the perfect color for the “BLUEgrass” state of Kentucky!

  45. Julia Avatar

    she is so sweet 🙂

  46. Kristin Greniet Avatar
    Kristin Greniet

    Miss Bluebell, it’s time to join your new family in Alberta 😛

  47. Melanie Avatar

    Would love to be able to buy her!

  48. Carrie Avatar


  49. Denise Avatar

    Darling! Thanks for this chance. 🙂

  50. Simone Avatar

    Fingers and toes crossed. We NEEEEED you Bluebell!

  51. Steph Avatar

    We would love to give her a home.

  52. Libby Cantrell Avatar
    Libby Cantrell

    Pick me please! I love her.

  53. Jamie Scott Avatar
    Jamie Scott

    She is beautiful!!

  54. Deborah johnston Avatar
    Deborah johnston

    Please make me a newbie no more.

  55. megan Avatar

    Fingers crossed xx

  56. Kelly W Avatar
    Kelly W

    Sooo pretty 🙂

  57. Allison S. Avatar
    Allison S.

    We would love to have her!

  58. Lori Avatar

    As always, this newbie is thankful for the chance, C! 🙂

  59. Dana Avatar

    I would really love to have her!!! <3

  60. Brenda Smith Avatar
    Brenda Smith

    Love her!!

  61. Lisa P Avatar
    Lisa P

    We would love her! I can see my Ava running around saying “Blue” =)

  62. Rebecca Gorton Avatar
    Rebecca Gorton


  63. rasberrysink Avatar

    We got to have this doll!!! LOVE HER!

  64. Suzanne Hurlston Avatar
    Suzanne Hurlston

    We were soooo trying for her! She would be a dream doll for us!!

  65. Megan Avatar

    <3 her!

  66. Lisa Avatar

    I have heard such amazing things about your dolls! She is a cutie pie! We would be willing to have her join our family!

  67. Aimee B Avatar
    Aimee B

    she is cute! i <3 the blue hair!

  68. Jenne Hayden Avatar
    Jenne Hayden

    Please, please, please!

  69. Melissa H. Avatar
    Melissa H.

    Blueberry belle! She’s yummy. I’ll take her.

  70. Katie Jane Goode Avatar
    Katie Jane Goode

    Oh, Bluebell… you were my pick from the beginning!! I love you sweet girl! Come live in Nashville and we will make you a fine Southern home!! XOXO Katie Jane and Paisley

  71. Brian Lima Avatar
    Brian Lima

    My little girl would love this one!

  72. Robin Morey Avatar
    Robin Morey

    Would love to give this to our daughter for her birthday next week!

  73. Sarah C Avatar
    Sarah C

    Would love to have her!

  74. Jenne Avatar


  75. Hilary Avatar

    Such a great doll!

  76. Melissa Herrle Avatar
    Melissa Herrle

    She would make such a lovely gift!

  77. Sheryl M Avatar
    Sheryl M

    Just yesterday I was introduced to Bamboletta dolls…. I am very impressed with the success of the business, the model used and the popularity of the beautiful babies. Bluebell Bamboletta would be loved in my family.

  78. Jenne hayden Avatar
    Jenne hayden

    Please come home!

  79. Jeanne Kimble Avatar
    Jeanne Kimble

    How sweet! Would love to give her to my granddaughter.

  80. Andrea Avatar

    Blue’s my favorite color… Feeling lucky this week!!! She’s beautiful 🙂

  81. Cindy Roberts Avatar
    Cindy Roberts

    Love the blue hair! She would be so welcomed into our home. We love different expressive hair colors!

  82. Emily Avatar

    Oooooh I think she’s precious!

  83. Jennifer Thibodeaux Avatar
    Jennifer Thibodeaux

    Would love to bring you home 🙂

  84. Jackie M Avatar

    Oh, I`d love the chance to get her to her forever home!!

  85. Jenn Avatar

    Too cute, would love the chance to take her home

  86. Nikki E Avatar
    Nikki E

    I’d love to win this serendipity!

  87. kara s. Avatar
    kara s.

    yes please!! we have 4 little girls who would love a bambo!!

  88. gaby Avatar

    oh,she is our favorit doll!! LOVE her!

  89. Shannon Avatar

    Love her!! She would fit right in with our Alaskan family!

  90. Sarah Sabo Avatar
    Sarah Sabo

    Miss Bluebell is gorgeous!!

  91. Stephanie Avatar

    Love her! I’ve got an empty doll bed waiting here for her1

  92. Melissa huber Avatar
    Melissa huber

    Love her!!!!!

  93. Isabel Avatar

    please!!! love her!!!

  94. Audrey Avatar

    Thank you for the opportunity to post here and win this unique little doll for a sweet and precocious little girl!

  95. Amanda Thornton Avatar
    Amanda Thornton

    I tried so hard to get her yesterday. My little girl cried when I told her that we didn’t get her. I would love to surprise her with this beautiful doll.

  96. Delaney Avatar

    love her!

  97. Elizabeth Avatar

    Just sooo sweet!

  98. Angela Avatar

    What a cutie pie!

  99. Ani Avatar

    Love love love the blue girls!

  100. Rana Bryant Avatar
    Rana Bryant

    Dearest Bluebell,
    Are you a true Southern Belle? My beloved sister is. In fact, she is your biggest fan! For weeks, my sister has stood beside the bed of her best friend and watched her best friend’s only child (who was invetro) go through unexpected cancer. My sisters heart has been broken. My heart hurts when I see my only sister cry. We southern belles love our sisters you know. My sister and I LOVE dolls. We love true handmade dolls and have been in love with you since the first time we laid eyes on your precious little face! Please send me a message, and I will personally drive you to your new home, Nashville, Tn., so that you can make my sister a very happy girl. We will have our very own photo session once we arrive and you can send your mom back every picture of all of us together!
    Now, sweet Bluebell, I must tell you, I know my sister perhaps more than anyone else..I am pretty sure she will give you to baby Grace, the child who needs God’s grace and healing right now more than we need (or want) anything at all. Either way, you will be loved and adored! Rest Assured.
    Please tell your Mother Happy Mother’s Day! She Rocks! 🙂
    Most Sincerely,
    ~Rana Bryant

  101. Caitlin gossen Avatar
    Caitlin gossen

    Love her!

  102. Hope carter Avatar
    Hope carter

    My daughter would love her. Please pick us
    Hope and Rachel

  103. Christie Brown Avatar

    Love her hair!

  104. Stacey Henderson Avatar
    Stacey Henderson

    We would like to get her!!

  105. Lauren H Avatar

    Love her:)

  106. Janet Avatar

    blue hair…wow:)

  107. Faith Avatar

    She is SOOOOO sweet!!!! Blue happens to be my favorite color!!! 🙂

  108. Rob P. Avatar
    Rob P.

    My daughter would adore her! That’s her favorite color.

  109. Susan H Avatar
    Susan H

    A blooming flower. So lovely to look at. Can you imagine a field of bluebells !!

  110. Shan A Avatar
    Shan A

    Such a beauty!

  111. Ted Avatar

    What a cutie.

  112. kim steffen Avatar

    blue please:-)

  113. Heather Davis Avatar
    Heather Davis

    What a pretty doll. I love the fair skin! My little girl loves this one.

  114. LeeAnn Reinfurth Avatar
    LeeAnn Reinfurth

    Would love her for my girls!

  115. Elizabeth B Avatar
    Elizabeth B

    Oh my DD would love her

  116. Jennifer A Avatar
    Jennifer A

    My dd would also adore her! We would lover to giver her a home!

  117. Stacia Gear Avatar
    Stacia Gear


  118. Desiree Avatar

    I love her!! Hoping for a chance to purchase:). Thank you!

  119. Dane Avatar

    would love her

  120. Kathleen M Avatar
    Kathleen M

    love her

  121. Pam Bailey Avatar
    Pam Bailey

    She’s gorgeous!

  122. Jennifer Chesla Avatar
    Jennifer Chesla

    love all that blue 🙂

  123. Amy Shepperd Avatar
    Amy Shepperd

    Absolutely beautiful!

  124. Janet Wagner Avatar
    Janet Wagner

    I woulde love to have this doll for one of the cutest little girls in the world

  125. Lizzie Rego Avatar
    Lizzie Rego

    We would love you forever <3 ! Please oh please come home to us!

  126. Amie Wargo Avatar
    Amie Wargo

    The color Blue is our Family Favorite and Bluebell will be too 🙂

  127. Shana Avatar

    Love her!!

  128. Bethanne Avatar

    She is so cute!! Love her 🙂

  129. ameliaw Avatar

    Our garden is full of bluebells at the moment …. you’d be perfect!

  130. Jodi Avatar

    She is perfect! My daughter would love her and we wouldn’t be newbies anymore either! Thanks!

  131. Kari Avatar

    She is beautiful!

  132. Atarah Avatar

    Bluebell has such a sweet face. 🙂

  133. Joan Avatar

    She’s wonderful! We’d welcome her with open arms!

  134. Amy Schillinger Avatar
    Amy Schillinger

    perfect!!!! i love her!!

  135. Samantha Stallings Avatar
    Samantha Stallings

    i would love to have her. i have been attempting to have one of your babies become part of my family for 3 months, and yet to have been so lucky. yes i am still a newbie. blue is one of my favorte colors.

  136. Lauren Armstrong Avatar
    Lauren Armstrong

    This would be a great addition to the family:) My spunky monkey girl would love her and take her everywhere.

  137. Melissa Avatar

    Oh bluebell <3

  138. Rachel Avatar

    We would love to bring her home!

  139. tara Avatar

    yes please. Happy Mothers day!!

  140. LeeAnn Avatar

    Yes she is so pretty!

  141. karalisa Avatar


  142. Brianna Avatar

    Pick me please

  143. Jacqueline Avatar

    She’s a cutie!!

  144. Kim Avatar

    Adorable! 🙂

  145. Amie Avatar

    Try…try again 🙂

  146. Kezia graham Avatar
    Kezia graham

    Love love love her.

  147. Jessica Elam Avatar
    Jessica Elam

    So sweet! Bluebell is adorable!!!

  148. Joetta Avatar

    Oh, blue hair. Love her.

  149. Miriah Avatar

    Very cute!!!!! 🙂

  150. David Pennington Avatar
    David Pennington


  151. brenda Avatar

    She is so gorgeous!

  152. robbie Avatar

    Brennen would love her.

  153. Kimberly Avatar

    We love blue.

  154. Donna Avatar

    Lily’s fave color is BLUE!

  155. Aliisa Murphy Avatar
    Aliisa Murphy

    Love her!!!

  156. Shawnta Cermeno Avatar

    I LOVE this doll and have always wanted to get one! 🙂
    Blue is our FAVORITE color! 🙂

  157. Amy Gray Avatar
    Amy Gray

    So super cute!!!

  158. Susan Gray Avatar
    Susan Gray

    Love the blue hair!

  159. Amy Avatar

    Super cute!!

  160. Jenne Avatar

    I really love this gal!

  161. melissa Herrle Avatar
    melissa Herrle

    This one is such a beauty.

  162. Kenny Avatar

    Who could be blue, when you’ve got Blue?!

  163. Allison Avatar

    What a cutie! We’d love her!!

  164. Alli Avatar

    She’ a cutie. Love the blue pig tails!

  165. Kerrie Avatar

    She is a beauty – praying I’m chosen. 🙂

  166. Lu Phillips Avatar

    Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  167. Sarah Jones Avatar

    Oh Bluebell is SO cute!! Thank you for the chance to purchase her.

  168. Caryn Avatar

    I love her blue hair!!!

  169. LisaS Avatar

    Beautiful bluebell!

  170. Valerie Avatar

    Very beautiful!! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  171. Lisa Keenan Avatar
    Lisa Keenan

    She’s GORGEOUS! Thank you for the opportunity!

  172. Elissa Z Avatar
    Elissa Z

    Gorgeous! Would love her. <3

  173. Jeana Avatar

    What a gorgeous doll! Definitely some little girl’s best friend!

  174. Ann Avatar


  175. Lisamichelle Avatar

    This was the color of My hair until I became pregnant and couldn’t do the dying ! My daughter would love her! Thanks

  176. Stacey Avatar

    Aw, she’s adorable!

  177. Carol F Avatar
    Carol F

    I think I’m too late.. ah well…

  178. Shelley C Avatar
    Shelley C

    I’m too late, too! Oops!

  179. amy a Avatar

    Adorable, my daughter would LOVE!!!

  180. Henrietta Calhoun Avatar
    Henrietta Calhoun

    She is awesome! I love the blue hair!

  181. Lea Gose Avatar
    Lea Gose

    Would love her!

  182. Sharon Sammons Avatar
    Sharon Sammons

    This doll is just too cute!!! What a wonderful collector doll.

  183. Jennifer Avatar

    Love her!

  184. Tonya Avatar

    Reminds me of childhood and playing with my friends blueberry muffin and her gang 🙂

  185. Sandra Messer Avatar
    Sandra Messer

    She is adorable!!! Just found out I have a granddaughter on the way, how perfect!!!

  186. Janeb Avatar

    Just love her! Nothing like her!!! ~:)