New Year Doll Giveaway!


Hey Everyone! To celebrate the new year and to celebrate the year passed I’m having another doll giveaway. This time it’s Jasmyn that needs a new home. Jasmyn is made with all the good Bamboletta ‘stuff’ – wool, cotton and a mohair/alpaca mix for her hair. I’m feeling especially generous this time and am throwing in a merino sweater ’cause it’s just so chilly outside! (sweater handknit by Nonna BTW). To enter just leave a comment on this post. Open to everyone (if you live really far away I may have you pitch in for some shipping). Winner announced on January 15th!

For the rest of you who don’t want to leave getting a doll to chance, I’m posting a bunch of new dolls on Etsy next week – probably Friday. I’m hoping to get back to a regular Friday upload of new dolls on Etsy until I get my store together.

Have a great new year everyone!

Hey! Are you on Facebook? Friend Bamboletta Dolls for updates and random things – I’m not the best at updating it but I do try. I’m on Twitter as well.. don’t really ‘get’ Twitter but I’m on there. Really, my life is pretty boring – I don’t have that much to post about.






437 responses to “New Year Doll Giveaway!”

  1. love and laughter, Amy Avatar
    love and laughter, Amy

    please random universe pick me!

  2. andrea Avatar

    I’m in! We love you Jasmyn!

  3. Alicia Avatar

    Yay! another chance, thanks xxx

  4. wendy wager Avatar
    wendy wager

    Wow! I just discovered your dolls and they are lovely. Jasmyn looks like a very nice fit for my little AvaJane!
    Happy New Year!
    Wendy Wager

  5. Heather Avatar

    Wow that doll is beautiful!!! My six year old would love to have a bamboletta. You’re so generous for having all of these giveaways, it sure keeps things fun and interesting.

    Heather T.

  6. kirsten Avatar

    oh……i love her! we would love to have a big sister for Jackson’s new ‘baby Jack’ that you made for us. you are so talented!

  7. Nate Avatar

    Oh, my niece would just love her-your dolls only get cuter!

  8. pascaline Legros Avatar
    pascaline Legros

    finger crossed again and thank you ever so much for giving us a chance to win a amazing doll… take care and happy new year …

  9. Lehe Elarar Avatar
    Lehe Elarar

    Dear Jasmyn,

    I know a sweet girl named Kali who lives in the East Van Canyon and who frolicks in her garden with her denim and her cowgirl boots. Her hair is brown and flowing and her eyes are ocean blue with a cedar wood freckle in her right eye. She comes to play at our house often where she spends many hours doting on one of your cousins who came to live with us one year ago. If you lived with her, she would love you all her days.

  10. Jane Avatar

    I just know she would love to live with us in Hollywood! Your dolls are so beautiful!

  11. Amber Avatar

    She’s beautiful! My little girl’s birthday is in February, and she would be a perfect gift. 🙂

  12. Tabitha Smith Avatar

    Oh she is so lovely. We would love to adopt her. Count me in please.

  13. Adriana Avatar

    Oh Christina! Jasmyn is so beautiful, as all your creations! We’ll keep our fingers crossed! My two daugthers would be honoured to welcome Jasmyn to our home. Thank you so much for your generosity!

  14. Cheryl Avatar

    She is beautiful. I would love to play with her myself, but honestly I am crossing my fingers in hopes that she is able become friends with my lovely neice Brien.

  15. Chris Avatar

    Thanks for hosting another give-a-way. Jasmyn is adorable. I hope we get lucky this time and she gets to come live at our house. Cheers! Happy New Year!

  16. Leanna Avatar

    Oh my fingers and toes are crossed!! Hope your family had a very nice holiday season!

  17. Aubrey Avatar

    Another contest…hurrah! Please add us to the list. Jasmyn would have such fun at our house!!!

    Thank you for your generosity and Happy New Year! =)

  18. Jessica Avatar

    Oh fingers crossed! Thank you so much for doing this, I think it’s so nice!

  19. taimarie Avatar

    Oh, she is so lovely- we have our fingers crossed over here!

  20. Perry Avatar

    Such sweet little soft people! My young snuggly boys would adore one. Thanks for the offer to send one off to a lucky recipient! Here’s to a promising and care-full new year!

  21. Loriza Avatar

    Yay!!! Another contest! My fingers are crossed!! I absolutely adore your dolls. I love reading your blogs about balancing work with Motherhood as well! I know that Jasmyn would be well loved at our house! Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family!
    Thank you for creating such a beautiful doll and being a true inspiration to me:)

    Loriza Knapton

  22. Kris Avatar

    WOW! another absolutely gorgeous girl. I am always amazed by your talent. fingers crossed.

  23. Sue Avatar

    Have a Happy New Year and all the best for 2009!

  24. Sara Avatar

    I just ordered a doll for my daughter but sometimes fate has a funny way of working! Should fate bring Jasmyn to the far North then we welcome her with open arms. Beautiful dolls and how very lucky for any child to own this one or any that you lovingly create.

  25. Jennie Avatar

    would love to win jasmyn for my little sister. she is wishing for one so deeply. thanks for hosting another contest. BIG FAN!!!

  26. melissa Avatar

    what a beautiful doll!
    happy new year to you and thank you for hosting another amazing contest!

  27. Manca Avatar

    Wooow, she is so pretty. I love your dolls my little girl would love this doll:)
    I wish you a happy new year, with best regards from Slowenia!

    Manca Meglič

  28. Monica Avatar

    Well, you know I must enter this lotto….I’m going to link you at my blog too. 😉
    I hope you had an amazing holiday with your family. Both our dolls were present on Christmas day…and even received presents! 🙂

  29. Kerry Avatar

    Jasmyn looks to be another amazing creation by you. She would be a great addition to our future family which will hopefully grow in 2009. Happy New Year!

  30. Anže Avatar

    You are fabolous with your dolls, best regards and a happy new year!


  31. Donna E Avatar
    Donna E

    Hello Christina,Amazingly wonderful doll,would love her to find her way to our house,4 littlies that would love on her! Thanks for such a great chance. Hoping you have a wonderful New Year,you are a wonderful soul,thoughtful and gifted!
    Blessings for the year to come

  32. Lauren T. Avatar
    Lauren T.

    Oh my stars!! She is absolutely gorgeous, and would make a wonderful addition to our family. My little one would be so blessed to love sweet Jasmyn, anyone would. Thank you for your amazing generosity. Happy New Year all. Lauren

  33. melissa t. Avatar
    melissa t.

    Thank You for your kindness to offer such a beautiful creation.My little Maren who is 3 (and myself) would love a chance to win Jasmyn.She is lovely and we are an Island .Thank you again. Melissa and Maren

  34. Monique Avatar

    super cute doll Christina!

  35. Elisa D Avatar
    Elisa D

    Once again soooo gorgeous. I love the fall tones, so warm and cozy just like I know we’d be cuddling with Jasmyn. Also love that the hair has alpaca (we raise them) so super soft. We’re crossing our fingers 🙂 (ok and toes!!!)

  36. Adrienne Jack Avatar
    Adrienne Jack

    Your New Year doll is beautiful, just like all the others. I love her!! Thanks for creating all these amazing dolls:)

  37. Adrienne Jack Avatar
    Adrienne Jack

    (also, not sure why, but my computer only says 11:45 pm, but the blog says 12:45. I hope I can still be entered in the draw:(

  38. Leann Avatar

    Your dolls are so adorable. My daughters, Natalie and Norah, and I would love to spend time with Jasmyn, having tea parties, going on picnics and showing her the sites in our western Pennsylvania home. Right now her beautiful sweater would help keep her warm on these very cold winter days! You are so generous. Thank you for the opportunity to be a winner.

  39. Garland Avatar

    I’m in! Love her!

  40. nathalie Avatar

    can i pretty please have her??? this is too sweet and generous of you!! she is a beautiful girl. i know abby would love a sister. we need one more girl for our dress up adventures. and i need my own doll to cuddle with. happy 2009!! may the sun continues to shine upon you! ps: i don’t get twitter either. lol!

  41. Melissa L. Avatar
    Melissa L.

    Your dolls are amazing. I have a son and another baby due in 3 months – maybe a girl this time? We’re looking for a sweet dolly to join our family.

  42. Brooke Avatar

    You have such a generous soul to give your works art away! Jasmyn would be a warm addition to our family. My two little girls who would love to have her for tea parties and such!I am in love with her, she looks so warm and toasty in her golden glow just what our family needs to warm us up over the next few winter months. We will be keeping our fingers and yes even our toes crossed,as we would feel very blessed to have such a beautiful girl added to our home. Happy New Year!

  43. Mandie Avatar

    I need something good to finish of this horrible year 🙂

  44. Steph Avatar

    I would be more than happy to chip in for shipping just to win an adorable doll like this!

  45. Thalita Dol Avatar

    WOW! Jasmyn looks perfect!!

    I just found out I’m pregnant with my first baby… Jasmyn would be the most darling friend for my little baby!
    Oh, please, please, let us win! ^^

    Lots of kisses from Brazil!

  46. Mare Avatar

    hi jasmyn–
    i would love to be your new mommy & my mom could be a special grandy to you.
    baby harper& mommy mare

  47. dottyspots Avatar

    We would love to give her a home in England :0) Nin would be thrilled to have one of your dolls!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year.

  48. liz frazier Avatar

    oh my goodness, she’s amazing. those green eyes! my little would be so, so happy to have her. thanks so much for offering another generous giveaway!

  49. Michelle Avatar

    She is so sweet. There are three little ones here who would love to play with her.

    Not sure that I understand twitter either.

  50. Deuce0214 Avatar

    Jasmyn, I know of a little girl who received a doll cradle from Santa who would love to rock you in it!

    Have a Happy New Year full of family, love and comfort.

  51. Christine Avatar

    She’s lovely! I’m hoping I’ll be lucky this time. 🙂
    And of course all the best wishes for the new year!


  52. MJ Avatar

    Oh my gosh! She looks just like my niece@ I’d love to give Jasmyn to her!

  53. MaryLucy Avatar

    Your artcraft is gorgeous, dear Christina. Please accept my entry.

  54. Ashley Avatar

    We love our Bamboletta ‘Pollyanna’ that came for christmas! I have to admit that I’d love to have Jasmyn for myself as I’ve always been doll crazy. But if we win, she’ll go to a special little girl in our community who could never expect to get such a beautiful gift. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  55. greta Avatar

    Oh jasmyn is scrumptious!
    Here’s hoping your new Year is JOYOUS!

  56. Annie Avatar

    My family would love Jasmyn 🙂

    what a great giveaway! I love your dolls!
    thank you! and have a great new year!

  57. Rebecca Avatar

    What a gorgeous girl you’ve made there! She’s such a juicy, sunny girl, perfect to warm up the cold winter. Here’s hoping she can come live with us! Your work is truly inspiring. All the best, Rebecca

  58. Catherine Avatar

    What a sweet doll! We have a special fondness for redheads here. 🙂

  59. Roseanne Perkins Avatar
    Roseanne Perkins

    She’s beautiful. My girls and I are hoping we are the lucky ones this time!
    Happy New Year!

  60. Lisa Z Avatar

    Oh she’s beautiful! I want her, I want her. (Oh gosh, that sounds greedy…)

  61. kristine Avatar

    I *love* her. My daughters birthday is on the 15th so it would be perfect timing to win such a sweet doll. She would be so loved.

  62. Emily Avatar

    She is gorgeous!! She’d fit in very well in our house! Happy New Year!

  63. cheryl Avatar

    I don’t think they could be any cuter and every doll is just that. We would love Jasmyn at our sunny home. I know a little girl who would make cool bases for her and fantastic snuggly beds. Share bedtime stories while a brother whips up the latest creation of pretend food fit for princesses. Thank you for your gift to all of your fans.

  64. Bonney Avatar

    Jasmyn looks like a fun little girl! She’d love it here in NH!

  65. Rachel Avatar

    I just love her. All that red hair is amazing!

  66. Josy Avatar

    She is so darling! I have four little ones that would love to love her!
    You are a very talented doll maker, we would be so happy to welcome her to our home.
    Thank you for your generous doll give-aways!

    Josy as well as
    Ruby, Penelope, Hazel, and Reed

  67. Jennifer Avatar

    Once again, she’s beautiful and thank you for being so generous with these giveaways! Good luck to everyone (:

  68. Colette Palamar Avatar

    Your dolls are amazing! I’m hoping to be the chosen one… I love this one’s hair!!!!!

  69. Becci Longstreth Avatar
    Becci Longstreth

    I just stumbled onto your site. I love your dolls!!!

  70. Claudia Avatar


    Jasmyn is such a cute little one. My two little girls are enthusiatic and I am too!
    Thanks for your dolls and their love. Happy New Year!

  71. Ursa Avatar

    Your work is amazing. I am blown away by your talent. Came over through Soulemama’s website. Thank you for your giveaway.

  72. jill scripps Avatar

    she is lovely!!

    my little girl sage would LOVE to take care of jasmyn!

    you are amazing.


  73. Nicola Avatar

    Wow! She’s absolutely stunning with her vibrant red hair and her sweet outfit. Our little girl would love to love her.

    Thanks for offering us the chance to welcome her home…

  74. Christine from Ontario Avatar
    Christine from Ontario

    Pick me, pick me!! My daughter would love Jasmyn and take really good care of her. Your work is spectacular! Thanks! Christine

  75. Ashleigh Avatar

    Oh this would be too perfect for our new daughter…on her way…from a country far far away…sometime this year…pick me pick her pick us.
    …And, thank you for your generosity, from another Vancouverite 🙂

  76. Kim Avatar

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway, you are going to make someone very happy (maybe my daughter,sigh.)!

  77. Colleen Avatar

    awww….I adore redheads! She is beautiful as are all of your amazing art pieces!

  78. Rok Avatar

    I would love to have her:)



  79. Alice Towery Avatar
    Alice Towery

    My precious granddaughter form Wisconsin has two of your precious dolls, and I would love for my adorable granddaughter from Tennessee have one. I sm an elementary teacher (for 37 years!) and cannot afford, but I am praying that I can win one for her. You are blessed with an incredible talent.

  80. rubyellen Avatar

    oh please oh please! i recently learned of you from a friend and your dolls are just so lovely! Jasmyn is calling out for my little girls named Brave and True to give her lots of love. We are hoping and wishing!!!

  81. Erica Hildebrand Avatar

    My little Abbykins could sure use this special friend just in time for her third birthday to :o)..what a cutie!

  82. Alice Towery Avatar
    Alice Towery

    Well, I just read my email to you in which I tried to win a doll for my other granddaughter and realized that I typed several words incorrectly! As a teacher I am really better at spelling than that!

  83. Mindy Taylor Avatar
    Mindy Taylor

    I just discovered your dolls and they are so fabulous..I hope I can be luck enough to win!!! Thanks for the chance.

  84. Reiza Avatar

    Yay. I’ve been waiting for the new giveaway. Gorgeous doll (as always).
    What’s your username on Twitter? I’d love to add you, but can’t find you. I’m ReizaM

  85. Emma-Silke Avatar

    We give her a warm place in a winterly sweden
    She is beatyful,

  86. Julie Avatar

    Please enter my daughter Nora–she is a very loving and responsible “mommy” and would love to adopt Jasmyn. Love the sweater–Nora’s Nona knitted her a hat and scarf for Christmas this year :).

  87. Sophia Avatar

    Wow, Jasmine is beautiful and you’re so wonderful to share her goodness with a giveaway. Happy New Year and all the best in 2009.

  88. Anne Avatar

    I’d so love one of your beautiful dolls to give to my beautiful girls! Thanks for the opportunity!

  89. Sarah Powell Avatar
    Sarah Powell

    Very cute-able! I’m praying right now that I can be the winner! Thank you for doing these giveaways! from Sarah

  90. Alicia Avatar

    Your dolls are amazing. My family is excited about adopting our very own Bamboletta soon 🙂 Maybe Jasmyn will be a new addition to our family 😀

  91. Emily Avatar

    Your dolls are so beautiful, I would love to be entered!!

  92. Tanya Avatar

    She is beautiful. My little girl would LOVE her!!

  93. erika Avatar

    We would love to give Jasmyn a new home 🙂

  94. Mindy Miller Avatar

    Oh, Jasmyn is gorgeous! I would love to welcome her into our home.

  95. Leanne Avatar

    Beautiful doll, as always.

  96. Nathalie Avatar

    What a lovely name for such a lovely doll! I hope to welcome her in our home. Thank you so much!

  97. Lisa Avatar

    My daughter would love to have a new little friend 🙂

  98. Naomi Avatar

    Oh, she is lovely! And the mermaid dress is divine, too. And the tree swing… goodness.

    Happy New Year! I’m on Twitter and Facebook, too, although I am totally clueless with both. I’ll look you up.

  99. Ginger Avatar

    Happy New Year!

    Jasmyn is beautiful and would have a good home with us. Here’s hoping.

  100. Jill Avatar

    Ohhh-Jasmyn would have a delightful time living here. I have two girls that would take excellent care of her and have a wonderful time playing with her!

  101. CanCan (MomMostTraveled) Avatar

    Hi Jasmyn!
    I would love for you to come join our family! Maybe you are meant to be our little dolly girl!
    PS, I love your outfit!

  102. Denise Avatar

    Another beautiful doll and testimate that you have many admiring customers. Thanks for making lovely dolls and of course giving away them on occasion.

  103. Brenda Avatar

    Oooh, Jasmyn is a cutie… my little 2 year old would love her! Count me in for your drawing. (ps I was lucky enough to receive a Christmas card from a friend who also lives in Cobble Hill BC – small world!)

  104. Kelly Avatar

    Your dolls are beautiful. My little monkey would love one!

  105. Merry Avatar

    We would love to add her to our family!

  106. Helen Griffin Avatar
    Helen Griffin

    We are expecting a new grandbaby and would love to win this doll for her to love! Happy New Year to you and your family! Will look for you on Facebook.

  107. Angie Froese Avatar
    Angie Froese

    Sophie would love a new friend for her and her dolly Holly!

  108. kristen Avatar

    She is lovely and my daughters would love her!

  109. Jennifer Kleckner Avatar
    Jennifer Kleckner

    Crossing fingers, toes, eyes… 🙂

  110. Kim Avatar

    Jasmyn is BEAUTIFUL, and I especially love how well she is color-coordinated, from her head (hair) down to her toes (shoes)! She would make a lovely 3rd birthday gift for my daughter’s best friend, Lulu, who just became a big sister a few weeks ago 🙂

  111. Chris Avatar

    *fingers crossed* Pick me. Pick me.

  112. Geoff Avatar

    My wife is making me post for our daughter. 🙂

  113. Barbara Avatar

    Posting for my granddaughter.

  114. Christine Avatar

    Hoping to win this cutie for my little peanut. Thanks for doing the doll giveaways.

  115. April Avatar

    Here’s hoping!

    Come March, I can’t wait to bring Bambolettas to the East Coast 😉


  116. wendy Avatar

    My daughter would just LOVE this doll ~ they are sooooooooooo beautiful!! PLEASE pick me!! ~

  117. Natalie Avatar

    Your dolls are SO beautiful… If I had had one when I was a little girl I would have played with dolls!

  118. Raven MacKenzie Avatar
    Raven MacKenzie

    This doll would be so sweet for my little sister who’s birthday is in February!

  119. Ashley Avatar

    Definitely count us in! I don’t think there will be a time when I don’t sign up for one of these drawings….especially after receiving a Bamboletta for our daughter this Christmas (whom we’ve named Orly) and seeing just how special these dolls are.

    Fingers crossed we can welcome Jasmyn into our lives! =)

  120. Rae Avatar

    I’m brand new to your site and brand new to crafting and I would SO love to win Jasmyn for my daughter – this is her middle name and she has started using it regularly!

    She is amazing, but as I’m such a novice I expect it would be many years before I was producing anything so awesome!

    Have a wonderful new year and thank you for all the inspiration on your site.
    Rae x

  121. Lee Ann Avatar
    Lee Ann

    What a beautiful little creature. A fantastic addition to any lucky winner’s doll house family!

  122. Ella Avatar

    seriously 115 comments already?? funny how blog comments really pick up for a giveaway. Anyhow, yes i have a doll already who i love and little A too but the sweet gal who i babysit on Tuesdays is in great need of a natural doll to replace her powder smelling plastic doll that is making her pregnant mommy very ill.
    Happy New Year Christina.
    xo Ella.

  123. Nicole Avatar

    What a beautiful doll! Happy New Year!

  124. Michele L. Avatar
    Michele L.

    Gorgeous doll-baby! I was reading the blog “Two Straight Lines” and she mentioned getting one of your dolls for her daughter for Christmas. Jasmyn looks more like me than my daughter, but I know she’d love her.

  125. Emilie Avatar

    Oh she’s so beautiful! Thank you!

  126. Wendy R Avatar

    Just discovered your blog, and I love it. Your dolls are absolutely beautiful. Have a happy New Year!

  127. Stacy Avatar

    Oh she is the sweetest thing ever! fingers crossed x

  128. Wendy Avatar

    Thanks for another chance to win. She is so very precious.

  129. Vanessa Avatar

    Jasmyn is a beautiful doll! We would love to give her a home!

  130. erika~ inspired mama musings Avatar

    awwww, look at her pretty red hair!! jasmyn would be very loved in our home! thanks for the chance to win 🙂


  131. Jill K Avatar
    Jill K

    What a cutie! Like her, I’m Canadian-made too and would love to give her a chance to see the foothills, mountains and plains of Calgary. Pretty please choose us! I know a little one who would be thrilled to have her come and play in the Rockies!

  132. Dawn Avatar

    Thank you for another chance to win one of your amazing dolls. I know two little princesses who would adore Jasmyn and would welcome her into their world.

  133. Courtney Avatar

    Jasmyn is beautiful! I am truely amazed at how there is so much goodness and love packed into a small package.

    I was kinda sad to give Polly to my niece. Is it wrong to have a child just so you can find reasons to buy another bamboletta doll? Just kidding however when I adopt a child, I will make sure that they experience the same joy my niece had when she opened her package which revealed Polly for the first time.

    The pictures don’t compare to the real thing!

  134. lindsay Avatar

    what beautiful and inspiring dolls! thank you for this opportunity! many blessings in the new year.

  135. Alison Avatar

    SJasmyn is beautiful. I love her colouring. Thanks for offering this chance to win one of your creations.

  136. Heather Avatar

    Oh! What a cutie! She would be real cozy at my house!

  137. Anna & Kiana Avatar

    We love you on Etsy, we love you on facebook…we follow your talent wherever you go 🙂
    You have found your calling- to make little children and big grown-ups smile. Whimsical and never forgetable, your dolls bring warmth and joy!

  138. Jennifer R Avatar

    Sign me up too! She’s so beautiful!!

  139. Tracy Avatar

    My daughter, Gemma, and I love your dolls – they are always the first thing she goes to when we are at Babyeats! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  140. kate Avatar

    what a beautiful doll! My daughter would love her!
    Happy new year!

  141. Katie Avatar

    What can I say.. I would love her.

  142. Tessa Avatar

    I have all my fingers and toes crossed…
    Happy New Year!

  143. Diane Avatar

    Oh would one of my grandaughters love that sweet little baby girl. My daughter in law sent me here and I am so happy I found your site!

  144. Poppy Powers Avatar
    Poppy Powers

    I really like that dolly, especially her smile and the way her hair matches my hair. If I won her, I would pretend that she is my daughter and I love her name. Thank you. Poppy, age 5 (as dictated to her mommy. 🙂

  145. Nancy Sprott Avatar
    Nancy Sprott

    I hope luck is in my favor, I adore that you are a resident fellow Canadian (and amazing artisan). Here in Winnipeg its minus 38 today (love the windchill)and that gorgeous doll would sure warm things up around here and its just in time for my adorable grandbabies birthday too.

  146. kate Avatar

    oh man is she sweet! jasmyn, we would love to give you a warm home in ohio! but, would i have to share you with my daughter???

  147. Herbwifemama Avatar

    You can’t win if you don’t try, she says. And my daughters birthday is January 21st. It’s perfect timing!! *crosses fingers*

    I will also take this opportunity to tell you that you are an amazing doll artist, and I love your work. Your dolls are so beautiful, and the care and love that goes into them is obvious. Even if I don’t win one, I hope to own one one day.

  148. tressa Avatar

    you are generosity and gratitude personified! so excited to have my name thrown in the mix again. thank you christina! xoxo t.

  149. Trina Wright Avatar
    Trina Wright

    Wow, what a beauty. My red-haired one year old would love her!! Here’s keeping my fingers crossed! Love your beautiful dolls!!

    Trina Wright

  150. Jade K. Avatar
    Jade K.

    She would have a happy home here! Thanks for the chance.

  151. Jenny Avatar

    She is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us!

  152. Glenda Avatar

    I love the dolls, and Jasmyn is just gorgeous! We’ll look for the new collection on Etsy. Happy New Year!

  153. Alice Avatar

    My granddaughter Julia wants me to win Jasmyn for her!! I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish I’ll win Jasmyn for her tonight.Julia loves Jasmyn..

  154. Bonnie Avatar

    Oooh, she’s so sweet!

  155. Stacy Avatar

    She is beautiful, what a wonderful giveaway, thanks for the opportunity.

  156. Lauren A Avatar

    She’s a beauty! Please enter me!!!

  157. christine Avatar

    Our little Maddie just adopted Caroline for Christmas and she would love for Jasmyn to come live with us and be Caroline’s best friend. Maddie’s big sister Katelyn is 12 and feels she is a little old for dolls but when she gives in to Maddie’s pleas to have a tea party it would be nice for them each to have a little friend to sit at the table for afternoon tea.

  158. Eva Avatar

    She is so beautiful! Thank you for entering me. My little girl would love her.

  159. Hope Avatar

    My daughter’s best friend has a birthday coming up and “Abby” needs a friend!!! We would love to be able to give her one. Thanks for doing this, Christina!!!

  160. AliAnn Avatar

    Just discovered your beautiful dolls. Love them so much!

  161. Paula Avatar

    She is beautiful!
    Happy New Year!

  162. Belinda Avatar

    Thank you for the giveaway! What a gorgeous doll. I live in Australia but am happy to pay the shipping cost.

    Happy New Year!!

  163. Amber Vowels Avatar
    Amber Vowels

    I think this is my favourite doll give away yet! She’s so darling…fingers crossed.

  164. Gillian aka Silly Gilly Avatar

    Happy New Year – what a divine doll! Love her cardi. 🙂

  165. SJ Avatar

    Your dolls are SO beautiful!
    Best wishes for the New Year.

  166. Mandi Avatar

    What a beautiful doll. I’d love her to come and live in Italy with me and my 2 lovely boys.
    Happy New Year to you!! Tante belle cose per 2009.

  167. GJ Avatar

    So cute ! Happy New Year !!

  168. Janelle Stewart Avatar

    I have just found your site (and at a good time – there is a birthday coming soon!). The dolls are just beautiful! Perhaps, perhaps, we may be lucky. Happy to pay any additional shipping to U.S.

  169. Holly (Two Cheese Please) Avatar

    Yet another giveaway – you’re such a generous woman!

    Like the other 163 hopefuls I will enter and pray and pray and pray that Jasmyn can live at my house!


  170. Michele Avatar

    Lovin your dolls and very excited that new ones will be listed soon…I am hoping a new one will be coming home to my girls soon

  171. Nathalie Avatar

    She is so beautiful. Thank you so much. Hope to see her in our house soon.

  172. Jen Avatar

    We love our mermaid doll and wouldn’t mind another!

  173. Vonnie Avatar

    Oh my gosh! I just popped over here from Courtney’s blog and I’m totally awestruck by your beautiful work. Lovely lovely lovely – am I too old for a doll of my own?

  174. Morgan Avatar

    Such beautiful dolls. Thanks for the giveaways.

  175. Terri Avatar

    Such a cutie! Hoping to win for a friend’s daughter.

  176. Tracy Avatar

    There are two little redheads at my house who would love to add a friend to their Universe. Thanks for this fun contest.


  177. Shannon Avatar

    Thanks, for such an amazing giveaway. She is just precious, she really does remind me of the bright and warming sun in the summertime. Especially in this cold snap we are having her. Creates a smile on your face and a warm cuddly feeling. Your work really is amazing and I am glad we found you.

  178. Lindsay Avatar

    What a beautiful little girl! We would be so blessed to have her come live at our house!

  179. Laurie Avatar

    OH, the red hair, the green eyes, the AMAZING sweater! Your mama is such an artist Jasmyn. She’s an inspiration to crafters everywhere. Please come play at our fairy house in the front yard!

  180. lisa Avatar

    She’s awesome as always. She would be well loved with my two girls and me. Beautiful!!

  181. Lauren Martin Gauthier Avatar

    oh my. she is GORGEOUS! my 4 yo Ella would just ADORE Jasmyn! fingers crossed and fairy wishes made!!!

  182. Holly Clark Avatar
    Holly Clark

    Oh she’s wearing the same fabric as my daughter’s quilt. Super crossing my fingers on this one.

  183. Paula Avatar

    here we are again – another chance…maybe….maybe…..we will see. She is lovely with her red hair and oh so nice sweater. We will welcome her if are we lucky enough to be chosen.

  184. samantha Avatar

    What a gorgeous doll! My daughter would love this one… 🙂

  185. Marta Avatar

    Jasmyn is beautiful! We would love to win her for our friend Aspen who turns 3 this month!Keep up the good work and Happy New Year!!

  186. Monica Avatar

    What a lovely dolly! It would make a little one here sooooooooo happy! Thanks for sharing all your adventures with us! Happy 2009!

  187. Brandon Hauser Avatar
    Brandon Hauser

    My daughter would love this doll – especially her beautiful shoes!

  188. Rachel Hauser Avatar
    Rachel Hauser

    Our son, Liam, would also enjoy a doll! We would be so thrilled to have a Bamboletta!

  189. Laura Avatar

    yay for free bambolettas!

  190. Beth Avatar

    Oh, my daughter would just love that doll! I made her a wardrobe from mendocino fabric for Christmas. Jasmyn would truly be a good match! Thanks for entering me. If I win, she’ll certainly need that sweater for this cold VT winter!

  191. sarah Avatar

    your dolls are soooo beautiful. i would love to be in the running for your new years doll

  192. Judy Avatar

    Oh yay! What a great way to start a new year. I would love to be entered in the drawing for a baby. And would be more than willing to pitch in for shipping.
    With my fingers crossed…

  193. Theresa Avatar

    A red-head! She is adorable and we would love to have her to pass on to one of my nieces. These truly are amazing dolls you make! 🙂

  194. Melissa :) Avatar
    Melissa 🙂

    The details are exquisite, right down to the whimsical mermaid printed dress. I would love to give Jasmyn a new home with my daughter Lucie. They would have many magical moments with each other sharing fairy tale stories and tea for two!!

  195. Carrie Avatar

    You’ve certainly been growing quite a fan club.
    You definately deserve it!
    You’re work is amazing.
    We’ll keep our fingers crossed here.

  196. amanda ryan Avatar
    amanda ryan

    what a beautiful doll, they are indeed unique.

    my little girl would be so happy with this.
    happy new year, love amanda.

  197. Michelle Avatar

    Your Dolls are beautiful! would absolutely love to give one a home 🙂

  198. Lindsay Brunswick Avatar
    Lindsay Brunswick

    Oh YES! another giveaway! My bambolettas are a big hit at my office!

  199. Michelle Williams Avatar
    Michelle Williams

    That’s a beautiful doll, you are very talented.

    Wishing you health and happiness in 2009



  200. Catherine Avatar

    My son is so excited seeing your dolls. We are expecting, and I’ve wanted a “playmate” for him. Your dolls are amazing, and I have joined “Save Handmade Toys” in hopes of being able to continue to get toys made with such love. Thank you.

  201. Colleen Avatar

    I just found your blog and website. You make the sweetest dolls! They are lovely! Thanks for the giveaway!

  202. Chris Avatar

    Your dolls are indescribably beautiful. Our little girl would love to welcome Jasmyn home.

  203. Sam Avatar

    pick me pick me!! lol

    Your dolls are stunning and I know my little girl would love one for her birthday!


  204. Christine Avatar

    Here’s crossing fingers and toes! Could we be so lucky?
    Thanks for all of your amazing work (and your generosity)!

  205. Michelle Chapin Avatar

    Hello! I would Love Love Love this doll!!! We have a faerie doll of yours that need a new friend!! Thanks for the generosity! Happy New Year!

  206. dodi Avatar

    oh, so sweet! She would be a lovely addition to my little ones arms… thank you for posting a chance at winning.

    Happy New Year!
    Peace and Love…

  207. Jesse & Juana Avatar

    Oh my! so many fans of your beautiful work…count us as yet another! Our little Etta-monster would love to have Jasmyn a part of our family. A house full of girls…poor daddy!
    This year, 2 year-old Etta will be having her 4th heart surgery at Mayo Clinic. Jasmyn would be such a great companion during her stay in Rochester.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    God Bless!

  208. Laura Mendes Avatar
    Laura Mendes

    Hi Christina! Cousin Laura and baby Ella here. Ella is very much into dolls and babies, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

  209. Heather Hillman Avatar

    I just recently found your site… your dolls are darling!! What a fun give-away!

  210. lesa Avatar

    What charming dolls! I just found your site and am smitten.

  211. Ally Avatar

    We are moving into a new house that has a window seat – perfect for a girl and a doll…

  212. Denelle Avatar

    me me me me! our beautiful Bamboletta baby doll need a sister!

  213. Hilary Franz Avatar
    Hilary Franz

    Thank you and Happy New Year

  214. Dawn Avatar

    Your dolls are beautiful and I’m sure this would be cherished in its new home, it certainly would be here. Thankyou for this opportunity.

  215. michelle Avatar

    Your dolls are beautiful!
    Thanks for offer a contest!

  216. Nicole Avatar

    What a beautiful doll! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me 🙂 She is just lovely and I know a great little girl to gift her too! She would fall in love and take excellent care of her!

  217. Sue Avatar

    Gorgeous! I wish I had your talent – my little granddaughter would love to have a doll like Jasmyn.

  218. Marina Avatar

    We would really enjoy a big sister for Meranda.
    This doll’s red hair looks like mom’s!!

    Hope you had a great Christmas.

    Best wishes,

  219. Jenny Robulack Avatar
    Jenny Robulack

    Happy New Years!

    I wish you all the best for 2009. My good friend just had a baby girl and I just know she needs a little Bamboletta friend.

    Take care,

  220. Carris Avatar

    Your other made to order friends, Maria and Kashia are having a tea party and you are invited. Please RSVP as soon as possible. We will be serving PB and J sandwiches and chocolate ice cream sundaes.


  221. Emma Avatar

    Jasmyn would be welcomed with loving arms into our family. I must echo everyone, you do make beautiful dolls.
    Happy New Year to all

  222. Christy in OH Avatar
    Christy in OH

    What a sweet doll. Hey, you’re contest ends the day I’ll be in the hospital for the birth of our newest baby! :0D Please enter me in the contest! :0)

  223. elizabeth Avatar

    i know a small lady who would love that dolly!
    so here i am, throwing my comment in with all the others!
    thanks for doing this – it is so generous of you!

  224. Melissa Avatar

    Your dolls are beautiful and I would love to win one! Wow! =)

  225. shelby Avatar

    I woudl LOVE a chance to win!

  226. Gail Avatar

    I just found your lovely dolls! How generous of you to have a giveaway. My daughter is a red headed cutie. I love little Jasmyn. Thank you for a random chance to win 😉

  227. jenny denysenko Avatar
    jenny denysenko

    A wonderful doll needs a wonderful home.

  228. caitlin Avatar

    Please count me in!!

  229. mandy Avatar

    This angel would come just in time for my angel’s birthday! Fingers crossed.

  230. Lyndsay Avatar

    She’s adorable. My niece would love her…

    Thanks for your generosity.

  231. Michelle Avatar

    Christina!! It’s looks like you’re doing awesome. It’s so great. Mila is sucking away on her blanket doll. I’ll post a photo. Jasmyn has a home here if she likes, so come on home to mama.

  232. Lindsay Avatar

    I looovvvve your dolls and your craftsmanship. You are doing a great thing. Thanks for the opportunity! Happy new year! Can’t wait to see what you and your husband do this year.

  233. najma Avatar

    She is so beautiful-thank you Christine for this giveaway. Jasmyn is amazing!

  234. David Avatar

    I would love to win this for my niece!!!

  235. Patricia Avatar

    Please count me in as my grandaughter would love a friend like this. Her sweet little smile would brighten any girl’s day. You are so generous to have giveaways like this!!!

  236. Gail Avatar

    Oh, what a beautiful doll!! Please put my name in the drawing! Thank you!

  237. Fiona Avatar

    Happy New Year from Nanaimo.
    Please count me in! I have 2 little girls who would love her!

  238. catherine Avatar

    Beautiful as always!

  239. Genevieve Avatar

    Thank you for this new chance to win a doll!! All the best for you and your family in 2009!

  240. Cheryl A Avatar

    Your dolls are gorgeous, I’m so happy I saw the ad in Calgary’s Child!

  241. Lisa B Avatar
    Lisa B

    Love the sweater. She is adorable.

  242. Amy Atkinson Avatar
    Amy Atkinson

    I sure would love a bamboletta. My girls would, too!

  243. Rachael Stiles Avatar
    Rachael Stiles

    What beautiful dolls! Would love to have one of course!

  244. Prairie Girl Avatar

    oh she’s just beautiful! My daughter received one of your gorgeous dolls for her birthday in December. She has already taken to toting her around everywhere and smothering her in kisses. Jasmyn would join a well loved “sister” in our home.

    Happy New Year and fingers crossed 🙂

  245. Cristina Avatar

    Hi Christina,

    First of all I would like to send all my best wishes for the year to come – for you and your loved one. You are an amazing artist and your dolls are such a delight.
    You know I love them all and I would buy each and every one of them 🙂
    Once again, all my best!!!

  246. Amy Avatar

    Your dolls remind me so much of my favorite doll from childhood who has been loved almost beyond repair. I found your site when I was actually figuring out how I could repair her! Your dolls are just beautiful!

  247. Tanya Avatar

    Ooooh, hurray! Another doll give-away & with a Nonna-knit sweater?! Amazing =)

  248. Heather Avatar

    Your dolls are so beautiful and would be a perfect companion for my little girl.

  249. Jen S. Avatar
    Jen S.

    I just found your website and dolls. They are spectacular. My DD would just love one… maybe for her birthday.

  250. Jodi Avatar

    …love, love, love, love your dolls!

  251. sarah A Avatar
    sarah A

    This is so exciting that you do give aways! I think my Vi will love the doll. I am so excited.

  252. Judy Carlson Avatar
    Judy Carlson

    I just discovered these dolls. My grandchildren would love one. I hope you are having a great new year!

    Judy C.

  253. Afton Avatar

    Love the wild hair! These dolls have style!

  254. Tara Reynaud Avatar
    Tara Reynaud

    Hope we’re not too late! Alyce and Ruby would LOVE to adopt Jasmyn
    PLEEZE pick us!

  255. Stacey Avatar

    What a beautiful doll! My little girl would love Jasmyn and take great care of her. What a generous contest. Happy New Year!

  256. Aimee Avatar

    Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish!

  257. Sage Avatar

    What a sweet doll, my son would love her. Thanks for the chance.

  258. Sarah Avatar

    Your dolls are so wonderful! And this one in particular – with crazy red hair…a real beauty!

  259. Susan Avatar

    What a precious doll. I wouldn’t mind winning that sweetheart. 🙂

  260. Joanne Avatar

    Wow! Incredible dolls. I just found your site. Beautiful work!

  261. David Avatar

    My wife wants a Bambolleta doll for our daughter……hers hoping to win this beauty..thanks

  262. carey Avatar

    Hello! I am glad to say that if we were chosen to adopt Jasmyn…she wouldn’t have far to go. We live in Victoria – and my daughter assures me (well, in her two-year-old way) that our dog is a good dog. So, Jasmyn would have a dog. And a “sister” (aka my daughter) who would love her. After being hit in the head by an old (my old) cabbage patch (who was apparently just giving me a kiss says my daughter) I would love to have Jasmyn join our house. Her head looks soft — she’d likely give very soft kisses. I sit at home most days and type away at my great Canadian short story collection for a masters course so Jasmyn would have me at her beck and call. Tea is served often. Coffee even more. And chocolate is readily available, in child portions of course. What else can I add?
    Oh. We are friendly and lovable just like Jasmyn.

    We hope to have Jasmyn join our family.

  263. Carey Waye Avatar
    Carey Waye

    My little redhead would absolutely adore that doll. Fingers crossed and all that :).

  264. Kay Avatar

    thanks for my doll, Dotty- we really love her!! she’s beautiful and a wonderful addition to our family. i’d love Jasmyn to go to my girlfriend, who has 2 boys..and really wants a dolly for herself!

  265. Thimbleina Avatar

    Yes please I’d love to win her she is beautiful – count me in

  266. Karen Berry Avatar
    Karen Berry

    ooh….I know the perfect little girl for this beautiful doll! Pick me please!

  267. Tasha Avatar

    Thank you for the chance to bring Jasmyn into our family. I lived for a good many years on the island, and now that I am growing my family elsewhere it would be nice to “adopt” from a place that is so close to my heart.

  268. Laural Rueffer Avatar
    Laural Rueffer

    Thank for for the beautiful doll for my daughter Abbie for Christmas, she loved it. She has been christened Becky and goes everywhere with us. Since we are expecting a new baby in the new year we would love to add a a beautiful new doll like Jasmine to our family. Thanks so much for all the time and effort you must put into making such beautiful dolls.

  269. Aunti jeni Avatar
    Aunti jeni

    my neice Ayden Powell would be the perfect friend for Jasmyn.

  270. jennifer Hughes Avatar
    jennifer Hughes

    Such a adorable Doll, My daughter Chloe would love to win Her!

  271. Nicole Avatar

    Soooo beautiful!! Count me in! : )

  272. Rohini Avatar

    Aw, this one is the cutest yet! Love love

  273. Michelle Z. Avatar
    Michelle Z.

    She is so pretty – I’ve always wanted hair like hers: red, and really thick and healthy. LOL. I know a special little girl I’d love to surprise with a doll like Jasmyn.

  274. Trisha Avatar

    Thanks for yet another chance to win one of your beautiful dolls. I wasn’t quite quick enough to get one before Christmas. My oldest daughter’s birthday is February 7th…she would be absolutely tickled to receive Jasmyn. I am sure they would spend many a day sharing secrets and making dreams come true. Lovely work as always and Happy New Year…may it bring many more dolls to beautiful children!

  275. Sonya Avatar

    Such a pretty baby!
    thanks for the fun giveaway!

  276. Anthia Avatar

    We are *dying* to start selling your dolls at our store. I hope we win, so Jasmyn can be our “store sample (aka my daughter’s new best friend!)”. I’m going to send a request via your contact form…I feel like I am stalking a bit, but my husband keeps asking when I will order some Bambolettas for our store. So, if I’m bugging, it’s his fault! 😉

  277. Teresa Avatar

    I just found your blog! I absolutely love, love, love your dolls. Awesome work! They are lovely! Thanks for this amazing chance to win! Happy New Year!

  278. marcie c. Avatar
    marcie c.

    Oh, my…what a delightful little bamboletta. She would be so loved by our whole family. Her outfit is darling…as they all are. Peace to you and yours. Thanks for the ‘give-away’ opportunity…so generous of you.

  279. amy Avatar

    Pick me, pick me!!! Well i’m too old for dolls but my niece would absolutely love Jasmyn. Very nice work.

  280. Silja Avatar

    Just discovered your dolls, they are just adorable. What a wonderful artist you are.

  281. Annique Avatar

    I just showed my friend your website and your wonderful dolls yesterday (I am in the process of ordering one for myself) and she’s goo goo gagaing for a bamboletta! She spent that last 3 hours looking at your website as well as your flicker site and she loves the dolls. She’s due in April and she would love a bamboletta for her new arrival!

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

    Best wishes in the new year

  282. Deborah Avatar

    What a wonderful chance, please, please may I be the lucky one! Thank you!

  283. Shawn Avatar

    Count me in. She is another lovely. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Thank you for your generosity with another giveaway.

  284. tamagotchi Avatar

    We would love a chance to have our very own Bamboletta. Happy New Year!

  285. Judy Avatar

    Gosh, she’s lovely. So precious! My daughter would love her!!!

  286. kiko Avatar

    Oh, she is so lovely! pick me, pick me!!

  287. Jill Avatar

    What a beautiful doll! My daughter would love to have her sleep in the empty doll crib in her room. Thank you for chance to win!

  288. Jenna Avatar

    Yay! She is beautiful, and we would love the chance to bring her home.

  289. Agatha's Mom Avatar
    Agatha’s Mom

    This beautiful girl’s the real Jasmin – aromatic, spicy, warm… Such girls’re very cosy for our snowy winters – your Canadian and our Russian. My little daughter Agatha inspires me for creation dolls and other toys but I’m not a good hand at doll-making in the meantime:)))
    But I’ll try and perfect myself! And thank you for inspiration!!!

  290. Ellen Hole Avatar
    Ellen Hole

    My son would love this doll! And his mother allready loves it, and his sister would definitely love it. And their father… and I can pay the shipping costs to Norway with pleasure 🙂

  291. Agatha's Mom Avatar
    Agatha’s Mom

    Your wonderful doll’s real Jasmin – aromatic, spicy, warm… Such girls’re very necessary for our snowy winters like your Canadian and our Russian.
    My little daughter Agatha inspires me for doll-making but I’m not a good hand in the meantime. But I’ll be try and perfect myself:))) And thank you so much for inspiration!!!

  292. Konnie Avatar

    Your dolls are amazing, you are truly talented! Praying that my daughter gets this beautiful creature! :o)

  293. FawnDear Avatar

    Your dolls are beautiful. My girls would love this one.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful creative talent.

  294. jenny Avatar

    Such a beautiful doll.

  295. Kelly Avatar

    I’m in! She’s just beautiful. Thank you for these contests!

  296. Sarah MacMillan Avatar

    I’m in. What beautiful dolls you make!

  297. Lena Avatar

    I’m in too. My little niece would be wild for this lovely doll! Thank you.

  298. mannequin Avatar

    Yippee! Another chance; Naomi told me all about the dolls and if that discriminating little Roo loves it, then they have to be gorgeous!
    I’m crossing my fingers.

  299. Gin Nielsen Avatar
    Gin Nielsen

    She’s beautiful. A sweet package of love just waiting to be held.
    Oh, pick me, pick me.

  300. Shannon Avatar

    Your dolls look fabulous. I just bought my middle daughter a similar doll from Nova online store for Christmas but if I would have seen your website before then I would have bought one from you. I love that you make them and that you are passionate about it. Keep up the good work. My oldest daughter was jealous that her sister got a doll and she did not.

  301. Laura Avatar

    What beautiful dolls for children to cherish! My friend, Rachel, told me about your site. Jasmyn would be a perfect doll for my 4yr old beautiful redhead, Isabelle.

  302. Pink Sky Avatar
    Pink Sky

    She is gorgeous! I have my fingers and toes and legs crossed. Thank you for your generosity!

  303. Tara Avatar

    Dear Jasmyn,
    We love your auburn hair, green eyes and earthy wild woman demeanor. We would love to have you come live with us if you’d like. It would be great to start the New Year off with a new friend! Hope to hear from you soon.
    Madelyn Kay and Tara Kay

  304. Jo-anna Avatar

    I would love a chance to win such a beautiful doll.

  305. Jenny Avatar

    So cute. We would love her!

  306. leslie Avatar

    My BC girl is ready for a sweet BC girl of her own – and we’d be so happy to meet J.

  307. Tava/Yarnmama Avatar

    So lovely. I am waiting for you to have some heavy babies too if you get a chance. I saw your practice heavy baby in a post a while back. Thanks for the giveaway!

  308. kiko Avatar

    Jasmyn can come and have tea parties with us!

  309. Erin B Avatar
    Erin B

    I love her!!- I have just started making dolls and am spinning my own yarn for hair as well…I would love to hear if you ever do a workshop to teach some basics. (I have a “little lulu” doll for my daughter that has been half finished for a year!) I’m inspired by your work!! thank you for the chance to win one of these lovely girls!

  310. Ashleigh Avatar

    A nice new doll would be a great addition to my work basket of toys for foster children. They typically only get plastic crap from China.

  311. Jennifer Avatar

    She is beautiful.

    I am hoping that mine is the random entry that gets picked this time my daughter would be over the moon if she got to love this beautiful baby.

  312. Heather Avatar

    Hi Christina
    Your little dolls remind me of a doll I had as a a child in England, They are very unique and loveable, I have a 3 year old Grandaughter named Gabriella who would love to give Jasmyn a home, where she would be loved and cherished. As only a child can love a doll with such devotion, I would also like to thank you and the others, for giving all of an the opportunity to win her.
    Thanks Granma Heather

  313. Katie Velaz Avatar

    OMG, I just found you guys and I am in love already!!

  314. Emily Avatar

    Hey Christina, love your dolls, hope to get lucky and find a sister for Clara and Molly.

  315. joyce Avatar

    wow I am hoping we will win.Its my 70th birthday on the 11th and I WOULD LOVE A DOLL to also cheer up my teen age special daughter.We would give her sooo much love.I have bought many dolls for my grandchildren and Elisa.I love red hair as well.I have foster babies who could share too so the doll would really be loved and cherished.Heres hoping.Your dolls are so wonderfull can,t say enough about them.Even my grandsons want them.Keep up the Fantastic work you do.!!!

  316. Stephanie S Avatar

    We just purchased one of your dolls for our eldest daughter and she loves it. I think we’re going to need one for the youngest now too. Maybe the universe will send this lovely redhead our way. She’s beautiful!

  317. Jessica Avatar

    3 Cheers for Bamboletta Dolls! Hip, Hip, Hip, Hooray!

  318. Jules Avatar

    Just thought I’d try my luck here. If I happen to win please redraw for Jasmyn. She’s super lovely but not calling to me like some of your other dolls have.
    I so love what you ‘do’. Yes a true artisan. Keep the faith & the love. x

  319. Lisa Avatar

    Love, love, love your dolls! We’d love to have Jasmyn join our family!

  320. Cynthia Avatar

    I don’t envy you the task of choosing who gets this lovely child. I already have the dreaded skull and crossbones kid on the way for my daughter but…i’d love to send Jasmyn to my best friend Erin who lives a long way from me and is just about to get married and hopefully get pregnant right about the same time. She has long red hair and Jasmyn reminds me of her. I think it might be just the right drop of magic needed to help the stars align for a pregnancy. But if you don’t choose me, I think the woman who is turning 70 years old sounded very deserving! Happy New Year!

  321. Heidi Avatar

    Happy New Year!!! Thanks for a chance at such a beautiful doll!!!

  322. Patti Avatar

    I love her! She’s beautiful!

  323. Jesca Avatar

    Looking at her photo makes my inner child sing, and my heart smile. She reminds me of myself as a young one…I get to experience childhood all over again with my young daughter Klaye. I cherish being a Momma.

    Your service to humanity is such a tremendous blessing and deeper in it’s purpose and meaning than the surface may show. To young and old, boy and girl alike…but especially to all the future Momma’s in training. Educating and giving diverse experiences to female children and youth is of the utmost importance…dare I say…even more important than for males. For womyn are the first educators of every child born and humanities future.

    much love and thanks
    she will bring great joy AND learning to whomever is blessed to receive her~

  324. Lisa Avatar

    Just found you through a friend on facebook. Your dolls are beautiful. I’d love to win one!

  325. Marissa Avatar

    What a cutie! She has red hair just like my Katie!

  326. Marissa Avatar

    What a cutie! She has red hair just like my Katie

  327. Hilary Avatar

    Hi! Thanks for another opportunity to have a doll! My daughter loves her toddler doll she received for Christmas! Thanks!


  328. Mia Avatar

    Oh! I love redheads!

    My two little ones LOVE their Bamboletta dolls that they got for Christmas… maybe this one could be for me 😉

  329. Molly Avatar

    I wish I had hair and a sweater like that! So cute. Keep up the beautiful work of spreading little bits of love and goodness.

  330. Alicia Avatar

    Redhead and beautiful as all her other sisters*

  331. jozen Avatar

    i never win anything! but i really hope i win this doll!!

  332. kosenrufu mama Avatar

    your dolls are wonderful, i hope to win!!!!!

  333. sabine Avatar

    your work and talent inspires me.

  334. Susan M Avatar
    Susan M

    I just found your website and I am in love!!!

  335. Kelly Avatar

    Jasmyn is lovely! She has a spot in our house right along with Belinda. Thanks for all of your beautiful and inspiring work!

  336. Kate B Avatar
    Kate B

    Ohhhh… What a bright sunshiny sweet face!
    I would love to give a home to such a bright lively girl!
    Who ever does bring her home is very lucky, and surely she will be very very loved :)))

  337. Sarah Avatar

    This is such a super sweet doll. I made a Waldorf doll 16″ for my daughter for Christmas and she told me that now she needs a friend 🙂 We perused your etsy shop looking at dolls taht you have sold. They are all so very lovely.

  338. Paddy Avatar

    She’s a beauty. I admire your work and attention to detail.

  339. Diana Avatar

    Jasmyn is lovely we would love to welcome her at home.
    Happy new year!

  340. mamauk Avatar

    Ohhh I am a sucker for red haired dolls 🙂 My little dd will turn one soon and as we both have red hair how could I not enter this for a little smidgen of a chance to win? Impossible! Beautiful doll!

  341. Denise G Avatar
    Denise G

    I absolutely love your dolls and my daughter does too. Whoever you pick is one lucky lady! Thank you 🙂

  342. Lynn Avatar

    oh, my 6 oy would love Jasmyn! she hasnt recovered from Father Christmas bring her sister one of your dolls (Karen) & no doll for her…I feel such a bad mummy :0

  343. Liz Avatar

    We’d love to give Jasmyn a home here to join Margaret and Frances 🙂

  344. Regina Kirk Avatar
    Regina Kirk

    wow!! my daughter would be soooo happy with beautiful jasmyn.

  345. Jessi Avatar

    What a beautiful “Babes” as my daughter calls them. Thank you for the care given to children’s play.

  346. Melissa Avatar

    Jasmyn is absolutely adorable. My children would love her dearly!

  347. erin Avatar

    oh, jasmyn. i think you’d really like nelson! xo

  348. Emily M. Avatar
    Emily M.

    another beautiful doll!!!

  349. Alexis Jennings Avatar
    Alexis Jennings

    Happy New Year to you and your family, your new give-away doll is just too cute for words. I am sure she would have a good home to come home to with my daughter Esme!

  350. Mellissa Last Avatar
    Mellissa Last

    We are looking to adopt a baby-doll! We provide a home filled with constant hugs, kisses and cuddles. We currently have a DD, Charllotte, who promises to take good care of Jasmyn.

    Your dolls are gorgeous…

  351. Tanja Avatar


    I just discovered your blog today (actually through a danish blog) and was happy to see that you are located in BC as well. The dolls that you make are just stunning! Jasmyn would be perfect for my little daughter. Have a nice day!

  352. Michelle Avatar

    Beautiful! If Jasmyn comes to live in our home she will no doubt be pampered with hugs and kisses!

  353. Heather Avatar

    This is my first time seeing this dolls. What joy they must bring to the little girls who are fortunate enough to have one! I have a little neice that would just adore one of these! Absolutly adorable.

  354. Ramona Avatar

    Oh, that is such a lovely doll again. Wish you a great and inspiring new year!

  355. Mélanie Avatar

    What a cutie! I love redheads 🙂
    Wishing you and your family a new year full of love, health and happiness!

  356. Jennifer Avatar

    Your dolls are so cute – I love the red hair. My neice would absolutely adore her.

  357. star Avatar

    if it’s not too late please add me!
    thanks and happy new year!

  358. Michelle Avatar

    What a beautiful girl! She would make a great sister to the little lady my daughter received as a gift from her Auntie Liz!

  359. Alicia Avatar

    What a beautiful doll. My daughter would love it! Fingers crossed…..

  360. Danita Avatar

    I’ve been longing for one of your dolls for my son to have as a friend ever since I found your site. (But I really want one for me – I’ll let him play with her – honest.)

  361. Bev Avatar

    I have a GD who would treasure this!!! that is a lovely doll

  362. Allison Avatar

    Happy New Year! Your dolls are beautiful…we’d love to give one a new home!

  363. Rachel Parker Avatar
    Rachel Parker

    This doll looks just like a special little girl in my life! Beautiful just like my Grace.

  364. heather y Avatar
    heather y

    Love this doll! Beautiful!!

  365. heather h Avatar
    heather h

    Oh my is she a beauty! I have a little one that would ADORE her! BTW: congrats on being legal. I learned about the law and where to send senators and representatives by first reading your blog. Wow!

    Thanks for sharing your fun creativity on your blog. It’s FUN to read!

  366. Esther Kary Avatar
    Esther Kary

    That is a lovely doll… It would make a little girl happy….. PICK ME!

  367. Kate Avatar

    My little man thinks that this doll looks just like his little friend Jessie, so I had to enter on his behalf.

    Congratulations of being able to sell into the US, one small step but an excellent begining!


  368. kendall bc Avatar
    kendall bc

    oh, jasmyn you are so beautiful! i have just found this site and absolutely adore these dolls. i know my girls would love her just as much!

  369. Daphne J Avatar
    Daphne J

    Dear Jasmyn, would you like to join our doll family? We would love to welcome you to our home!

  370. Kara Avatar

    Your dolls are amazing!

  371. Barbara Sneddon Avatar
    Barbara Sneddon

    love your dolls. would love to care for one. Barbara

  372. Bonnie Huang Avatar
    Bonnie Huang

    My son loves his Bamboletta friend Emmett… It would be wonderful if my daughter could care for Jasmyn and they could all play together.

  373. Tara Avatar

    Love your work, thank you for the chance to win Jasmyn!

  374. K Low Avatar

    Would love the opportunity to win one of these beautiful dolls for my 2yo daughter!

  375. Madelyn Avatar

    I see you like to swing. I swing almost everyday under our big maple trees and I’m certain there would be room enough for two in my swing! I also have a bed just your size that rocks…my mom saved it for me from her childhood. Hope you come to live with me and my family.
    xoxo, Maddy

  376. Tara Avatar

    lucky number…love your stuff!

  377. Kym Avatar

    Oh I would SO Love to win this for my daughter. Isn’t Jasmyn divine!! She would make a wonderful addition to our family and would be very loved.

  378. Kathie Avatar

    Just discovered waldorf style dolls. With 9 granddaughters ages 17 years to 2 mo. think i have found the perfect doll for each of them. they are just wonderful.

  379. Kathie Avatar

    I have just discovered waldorf style dolls. They are wonderful. With nine granddaughters from 17 yrs. to 2 months these dolls are perfect for all of them. You do an amazing job of making each an individual.

  380. Karin Avatar

    She’s just beautiful. And i love the sweater! Hope she’d be a happy girl at my house!!

  381. Lisa Agle Avatar
    Lisa Agle

    She is too cute! Our older daughter would love to have Jasmyn. Thay way she can let her little sister have Kayla all to herself. Keep up the great work. The world needs more Bamboletta dolls!!!!

  382. Cindy Avatar

    I’m so excited about the possibility of winning!

  383. anna Avatar

    oh, what a wonderful thing to do! how could one resist Jasmine? Thanks Christina.

    xo, anna

  384. Kristie Avatar

    She is beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win!

  385. Sarah Z. Avatar
    Sarah Z.

    a beautiful baby doll for my 3 babes…maybe

  386. Elise Avatar

    Came her from Mama Soule, and my little girl saw me scrolling through… I nuv dat doll, Mama! and she touched the screen and smudged it. 🙂 Jasmyn, obviously, would have a very happy life in our home. Thank you!

  387. Paula Avatar

    ok so i only have boys….but, i would love love love to have her. my little one (16 mos) would play with her and then i can keep her for my daughter….ha ha.

  388. molly Avatar

    me! me! me!
    just got back from being away and saw this ~ please, universe, pick me!

  389. Tiff Avatar

    I just found your site and blog and I love your dolls. If it’s not too late to enter, please put my name in the hat! What a wonderful 16th wedding anniversary present it could be.

  390. Jenifer Avatar

    Am I too late?

  391. Jessica Avatar

    Your dolls are amazing. Jasmine is just beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win, what a wonderful contest. I am sure that my daughter (who just turned 7 today) would just love her.

  392. Tara Avatar

    Last time I won something was at the fair when I was a little girl…it was a cute stuffed dog.

  393. Madelyn Avatar

    Please pick my number!! Yipee!

  394. Heather L. Avatar

    I love your dolls and I’m so excited to learn about your blog. Thanks for the giveaway!

  395. Catherine Avatar

    My daughter would love this doll!

  396. erica wilson Avatar
    erica wilson

    Your dolls are so beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win one!

  397. Ivy Reynolds Avatar

    Happy New Year!

    My daughter Valentine just turned 2 this month. She is a sweetheart and I can assure you that she will supply lot’s of love and prepare endless tea and cookies for Jasmyn 🙂

  398. Marcia Gruschow Avatar
    Marcia Gruschow

    My little granddaughter, Annabelle, would love crawling, cruising, trying to walk towards this beautiful doll! I hope it comes to live at her house.

  399. Chesnye Avatar

    I am in love with your dolls! My daughter is a very girly girl and would love to be able to tuck this baby in her bed every night!

  400. Aurelia Avatar

    She’s just so cute !!!!

  401. Camille Fargo Avatar
    Camille Fargo

    Please… Good Karma cometh my way…

  402. zendina Avatar

    i am in awe of your talent. thank you for sharing it.

  403. Celly Avatar

    she’s beautiful! I love your dolls !

  404. jenny Avatar

    I am in love!

  405. Marina Avatar

    Wow, there is a lot of scrolling to do on an iPhone!
    Anyway, we’d love to have a companion to little Meranda.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  406. Rebecca Avatar

    What beautiful dolls you make!

  407. Sebrina Wilson Avatar
    Sebrina Wilson

    She is gorgeous!!!!!! You are so very generous!

  408. Hilary Forrest Avatar

    She is such a lovely doll, I am so happy to have a chance, slight as it is, to win her!
    Thank you!

  409. Zsófimamája Avatar

    She is very beautiful. Thank’s for the chance to win her!

  410. angela Avatar

    We have a lovely little bamboletta baby doll here, Jasmyn would be a perfect fit for our son to have a doll just for himself. You are very generous to give away such a beautiful doll

  411. Karen Avatar

    Your dolls are beautiful. A wonderful addition to any family.

  412. Chantel Hockstein Avatar
    Chantel Hockstein

    This is such a beautiful red-head doll!!
    I would love to give her to my red-headed daughter!

  413. Leah Avatar

    Oh me me! Maggie just adores her little doll- I think she needs a sister 🙂 I just love Jasmyn’s coloring!

  414. Jen N. Avatar
    Jen N.

    Your dolls are so fun! A much friendlier twist on the Waldorf style doll. I love them. I wish I was a little girl and could get one for myself. Oh wait…maybe I can anyway!! =)

  415. Julie Avatar

    What a gorgeous doll, would be more than happy to pay postage if I am lucky enough to win, fingers crossed…X

  416. Christine Schmidt Avatar
    Christine Schmidt

    These dolls are amazing!! Very beautiful–what a talent!! I have five girls–one in particular who would give much love & care to sweet Jasmyn!!

  417. Karen Avatar

    Your dolls are so fabulous! Thanks for the chance to win one of these wonderful handmade treasures!

  418. Layne Avatar

    My wife and son would both love this doll.

  419. Rachel Avatar

    she’s simply too beautiful for words! if only i could be so lucky. . .

  420. melanie hume Avatar
    melanie hume

    It’s my four year old Hanna’s Birthday on the 29th of January. she would go crazy for one of these beautiful companions!

  421. Liz Avatar

    Your dolls are so unique and full of personality! Thanks for the chance to take one home to my little girl!

  422. Nick Avatar

    My wife is egging me on to do this for our daughter, so I am, because I see how much she loves her Christmas Bamboletta. Here’s for a win!

  423. Marci Avatar

    How adorable. Thanks so much for giving a chance to win one!

  424. Chris Avatar

    I absolutely love your dolls! I am a spinner and am happy to see others using natural fibers. I have my fingers crossed. Thanks for the chance to win!

  425. Cynthia Avatar

    I would just love this little treasure! I admire women who are so creative! My two little girls would prolly fight over this but if I win then I think I might just have to buy another, just to make sure they both were really hapy=)

  426. Holly Avatar

    she is gorgeous! you’re work is so lovely!

  427. paul Avatar

    this would be a lovely gift for my granddaughter. thanks

  428. Mary P Avatar
    Mary P

    your dolls are so beautiful. I am glad that some people are still making quality dolls for children. Thank you for the opportunity to win her for my great grand daughter.

  429. marissa Avatar

    She is just adorable – and wearing a mermaid dress too! I would love to be entered into the draw 🙂

  430. Annemarie Avatar

    I am so in love with your dolls and Jasmyn would find a lovely home here with two little girls, tho I may have to find a friend for her to avoid any infighting.

  431. Cheryl Avatar

    She is a gorgeous doll. My daughter would love her.

  432. susan monteith Avatar
    susan monteith

    My girls wanted me to write this for them, in the hopes they would be chosen as the new home for your lovely little girl…

    one two, look at you
    three four, play some more
    five six, do some tricks
    seven eight,it would be great
    if nine ten, you would come and live with us… (giggle, giggle b/c it doesn’t rhyme….)

    They would love to have a playmate for Poppy’s new little one…
    here’s hoping

  433. anne Avatar

    oh! I want this for my clementine!

  434. Brenda Avatar

    How unbelievably generous of you! Your dolls are absolutely beautiful and we would be honored to have Jasmyn come live with us! My little boys would cherish her and love her completely! Blessings to you and many thanks for such an amazing opportunity! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  435. robbie Avatar

    oh, my daughter and zoe would love to have the company!!! 🙂

  436. Amanda Avatar

    I have never heard of a doll give away before. I used to have a cabbage patch doll with that colour of hair. I’m sure my daughter would love a doll like that

  437. Christina Avatar

    Beautiful doll!

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