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Here it is!! This is so exciting – my new website. It’s been a work in progress for a few months now and I am just thrilled with the results. I feel as though I’m entering the next phase in my business right now. We aren’t quite ready for John to be leaving his work yet, but we are heading in the right direction. I’ve hired on two mama’s to help me out a few days a week which is a huge help. It is so much fun with them around, drinking tea, chatting and making dolls….this has been my dream for years! They are the sweetest ladies, I couldn’t have two better mama’s by my side. I found a lovely girl to watch Benjamin while I work in the workshop downstairs and he is just in love with his ‘Rachel’. He’s got a playmate that will make voices for all his trains for hours on end!

Lately I’ve been hanging around a few 2 year old girls with mama’s that have incredible style and have become inspired by them. So, I’m working on developing some new styles of clothing for my dolls. Think organic fabrics and simple, clean design. My friend Constance is doing all the pattern drafting for me as I write. Gillian (one of my mama’s) used to be a costume designer in New York and is going to start sewing up some samples for us to play around with. I’ve always wanted my dolls in very simple clothing- kind of like clothing that kids would wear themselves. I’m not really one for aprons.






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    Very exciting! The website looks great.

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