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John and I used to be huge music nuts. We would go out every weekend and check out new bands back in the ‘day’ before the little ones and the move to the Island. We had so much fun back then.. sniff, sniff (just joking! I have fun now too- it’s just different- you know what I mean!) Anyhow, I just wanted to post some pretty great new songs I’ve heard lately. These aren’t that new but if you are a mama like me, it isn’t very often we listen to new tunes. Thank God for Dan Zanes, he makes children’s music bearable.

First one I recommend is My Drive Thru by Santogold, Julian Casablancas and NERD.. how catchy is this song? You can down load it for free here (it’s a Converse promotional thing)

Then there is ‘Winter White Hymnal’. Oh my goodness, this song is beautiful. The video is so haunting. It’s by the Fleet Foxes.

Up next is ‘ No One’s Gonna Love You’ by the Band of Horses. I’m a sucker for love songs.

These are what’s on the iPod at the moment in heavy rotation, they make me very happy while I sew.






2 responses to “New Tunes”

  1. Christine Avatar

    I’ll check them out when nobody’s napping, the low volume I can use right now will do no justice to any music. 🙂
    I did *cough* illegally *cough* download the GoldFrapp you mentioned a while ago and I really like it! It’s something I would never have picked myself, but it’s very relaxing when I’m in bed listening.


  2. admin Avatar

    Hi Christine.. I’m so glad that you liked should go and watch the ‘happiness’ cute! You really have to crank the volume on ‘My Drive Thru’..

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