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Just a quicky to let my Vancouver ‘peeps’ know that I have a few dolls in Beansprouts on Main Street now. Angie , owner and all round rad gal, and I go back a few years – her store was one of the first that had Bambolettas in years ago. I feel as though the gals are at home there, it feels nice to have them there – I know they are loved. I’ll  be stocking the store about once a month or so.

One more thing for you Vancouverites… keep your eyes on Birkeland Bros. Wool in September, I’m doing a window display there – I have doll props and everything!

I have so much more to yap about but I am incredibly tired today. The picture below has nothing to do with what I’m talking about, it’s a dreamy studio space on Granville Island in Vancouver.


Berrie– if I win the lotto, you and I will get a place like this together and make dolls all day long!






3 responses to “new retail locale”

  1. Berrie Avatar

    You go buy tickets and I’ll start packing. Will John still make the heads?
    Can’t wait to see your window display. How awesome.
    xo Berrie

  2. admin Avatar

    John will still make the heads. Around the corner from this studio is one of our favorite watering holes, from back in the day! I’m sure we could arrange it that he hangs out there and makes heads while we work.. xo C

  3. Linda Avatar

    You didn’t win a lottery and yet you reached that dream.

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