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I am so excited I just can’t hide it. From now on my mohair and some other types of yarns are going to be custom dyed for me by an amazing yarn company in Nova Scotia. I sent them some samples last week and am waiting for my first batch to come in. This weekend when I’m in Vancouver I’m going to try to pick up a hair colour chart so that I can get even MORE colours made up! I’ve always wanted to have a caramel type of colour… and now I can!

My little man Jasper has cut his first tooth. This can explain why I haven’t blogged in a while, it’s been cranky times here at our home. Funnily enough, I’m cutting my wisdom tooth at the same time. I can completely understand Jasper’s crankiness, I haven’t been a ray of sunshine lately either.


I got some new dolls made up this week. I’m changing the way I operate with Natural Pod and will be giving them a large assortment of dolls every month instead of posting them every week. I’m not sure how it’s going to work as far as when they do go up for sale, but I’ll keep you in the loop. I’m also working on a few gnomes for Mahar Dry Goods, I hope to have these shipped out for the end of the month. My goodness, I just realized that I haven’t made a gnome since July! It’s been too long.







3 responses to “new partnership”

  1. Kerry Eady Avatar

    WHO is going to be dying your locks??? Gaspereau? Mabou Ridge? Who?? I’m always excited to hear of businesses using local talent!

    Kerr in Wolfville Nova Scotia!

  2. nathalie Avatar

    glad to hear about the new yarn venture! i can’t wait to see what shades you will have. i’m still waiting for a bamboletta that looks just like mia bambina!

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