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I’m working on a few new ideas for clothing right now. One of which is this cute little top. I work with a friend of mine Constance who pattern drafts them up for me. I love the cute look and versitility of this piece. This gal is going to Toronto to a photo shoot. More details to follow. I hate to talk about something and then if it doesn’t end up working out I’m embarrassed.

I bought a new sewing machine for Julie to use and I am so impressed with it. I have a BabyLock, which I love and adore but this time I bought a Brother CS-5000H. Great machine for under $200! It has a zig zag stretch stitch or ‘lightning stitch’ which I think is essential for sewing doll bodies. The stitch stretches when you are stuffing the doll eliminating broken seam and stress points. This is just something to keep in mind if you like to make dolls and are looking for a new machine.


New gals up on Natural Pod for sale today. Except for the dark haired bob.






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  1. Ingrid Avatar

    Hi Christina,
    Just checked out naturalpod today and LOVE the new fabrics you’re using on the new dolls’ clothes.


  2. kelly Avatar

    is that Opehlia on the right? if it is, I bought her for my daughter… and unless she has a twin, I think it is Ophelia!! she is gorgeous..

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