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My great friend Heather is on her way to Guatemala today. She is there to lay the foundations for her Project Somos, an eco-village for orphaned and abandoned children. Heather has been working so hard on this project and has had amazing success fundraising and raising awareness around this project. I have so much admiration for her, she is entirely selfless. Anyhow, I made her a doll – Lucy- to take with her on her journey. While Heather is in Guatemala she’ll be looking for ways that we can work together – Bamboletta and Project Somos. I have no idea what that would be like, or what that would mean. In my ‘dreamings’ I imagine the house mothers (there will be one ‘mother’ taking care of several children in each house in the village) sitting around after the kids are asleep knitting sweaters or putting together some simple dolls for me. OMG if I could help them in this way, that would be amazing. It’s years away – but it’s fun to think about.  So Lucy will be hanging out there and Heather is going to photograph her in different locales. I’ll keep everyone posted on Lucy’s journey!






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  1. Monica Avatar

    wow! That is awesome. I’d love to see a picture of Lucy…will you be chronicling her travels here by chance?

  2. admin Avatar

    Hi Monica 🙂 I’ll be following Lucy on her journey and writting about it on the blog. I look forward to seeing where she ends up!

  3. Heather Avatar

    Lucy is on her way! We started our journey yesterday. It starts with a two week drive south; visiting family and friends along the way. On February 3rd we fly to Guatemala out of Dallas, Texas. Our goals for this trip are to find a piece of land to purchase so that we can start building the children’s village, register our society, register to receive children, etc. etc. The list is LONG. We’ll be taking photos of Lucy every step of the way and posting them on Facebook and on our blog. And of course sending them back to Bamboletta headquarters! lots of love, Heather and Lucy

  4. admin Avatar

    Thanks for the update Heather 🙂 I’ll be doing a post soon with the updated pics-this is so fun!

  5. cheryl Avatar

    It would be great fun if you made a childrens book telling of Lucys journey. Get it published, so that children could read about her adventures. Also being aware of the problems in the world and the solution that could help make a difference. Above all the sale of this book should benifit
    the project…Just send me an autographed copy for this great idea.

  6. Kate Avatar

    Wow! I looked at Project Somos site. They look fantastic!
    I’ve done some volunteer work in Rwanda and Uganda, and love hearing about exciting projects…
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Steph S Avatar
    Steph S

    Safe travels to Lucy and Heather. Will be following the adventure! xo

  8. Nicole Romeo Avatar

    Sounds awesome!!! It can only bring amazing things to you and those women!!

  9. Abby Avatar

    people like Heather make me want to do more with my life!

  10. Ingrid Avatar

    cannot wait for more adventures from Lucida! It’s a wonderful thing you and Heather are doing. I hope the news follows up to show the progress of Project Somos. It’s such an inspiring story.

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