my favorite books..

Since the topic of books has sparked such a great discussion – I wanted to share my fav’s seeing as everyone is sharing theirs….

I usually read 2 kinds of books business/spirituality/parenting or stories. My all time favorite authors are Gabriel Garcia Marquez (One Hundred years of Solitude – once you get over trying to figure out what everryone’s name is, it’s pure magic!), F. Scott Fitzgerald (I love his stories – Tender is the Night was so tragic), Milan Kundera, Nick Hornby, Martin Amis ( London Fields was amazing, dark, but amazing.. and ‘Time’s Arrow’ – I mean, come on, the story goes backwards!), Ian McEwan and – I think he is my favorite- Haruki Murakami. I can read his books over and over and over again (and I have.) Before children I was an avid reader but now I don’t seem to have the time except to listen to audiobooks. I find that some stories, especially by the authors above, don’t do well in audio form. I can’t even imagine listening to a story by Murakami – his stories are so non linear – I constantly have to go back and re read things to make sense of it all. But – then there are the gems like ‘Twilight’ – pure candy. A good, straightforward story. I love it.

Thanks for all the recommendations. I’m so excited that I have a good list of books to listen/read now! you ladies are the best!!

I’m working on a post I hope to finish tonight called ‘Why Wool?’. So – I may ‘see’ you again soon!






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  1. Melissa Avatar

    Ok, before the topic moves away from books, I have to get a couple of my favourites in 🙂
    First, an oldie but oh soooo good is East of Eden (Steinbeck). Such an exciting, involved story that’s full of juicy ‘soap-opera’ bits. Second is Water for Elephants (Sara Gruen). This is such a beautiful, heart-wrenching story and is so vividly told that many times I felt like I was the main character, a 90yr old man who tells his story. And I just have to share that after all the Twilight talk on your blog, I have now picked up a copy and am well through the first quarter of the book. Loving it! The Time Traveller’s Wife is next on my list..

  2. Jennifer Avatar

    I adore Time’s Arrow. It kind of broke my brain. I love Barbara Kingsolver, esp. The Poisonwood Bible, and for audio books, Margaret Atwood is pretty fantastic.

  3. Nele Avatar

    Ah! You just happened to mention two of my favorite writers… being Haruki Murakami (ever read the short story where a giant sea turtle that harasses people is overcome by putting on records of Julio Iglesias?? You gotta love it) and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. As a teenager I did not much more than reading books and I read ‘A hundred years of solitude’ in the summer on holiday when I was 14. I loved it so much I did my book report on it…. and as my teacher a. didn’t believe I had read it and b. if I had read it never believed I had understood it, I got a great big quizz about it to prove I a. had and b. did. It apparently left quite an impression cause I was known to the teachers ‘Dutch’ as the Marquez-girl for the next four years. I did mean however that they were flexible toward my book choice and I got to read ‘Love in times of cholera’ during study breaks when the nuns were in charge… Hooray for that!

    Nowadays I absolutely love the essays of Douglas Adams. They are hilarious and so sharp and intelligent.

    And I have no idea if he is translated in English (if not, he should be urgently) but Toon Tellegen writes the most beautiful and endearing fables about animals destined for children and adults alike. The titles say it all “Maybe they knew it all” and “When nobody had anything to do”. The stories last about 2 pages and are often a kind of an open thought… no beginning, middle or end… just a hint of a scene which spikes your imagination as to what may follow…

  4. shannon Avatar

    The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is hands-down my favorite book ever. Although, Kafka on the Shore was pretty brilliant…okay, I just love Murakami. I have been hoping that somehow, as my little guy gets older, I would miraculously be able to find time to read as voraciously as I once did. Alas, I think I read less now than I ever have in my life, except for parenting and children’s books…I suppose I’ll have to list Elsa Beskow as a favorite author these days!

  5. Cheryl Arkison Avatar

    Because you love Ian McEwan and he is my all-time fave I now need to seek out Murakami. Sounds wonderful.

  6. HK Golmon Avatar
    HK Golmon

    love all you dolls, they are so precious

  7. nathalie bearden Avatar

    gabriel garcia marquez is one of my favorite authors, along with paulo coelho. i read 100 years of solitude in spanish in high school and i have read it many times since. have you read the alchemyst? short and sweet and such a magical story.

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