Music in the Studio

There are days when I am at work in the Studio where I have to pinch myself. Not only do I get to work with my hands, co-creating amazing dolls, but I get to do the work with a super awesome soundtrack. Christina, like me, is a big music fan. Ever since I started working in the studio, music has always been an important part of the atmosphere at Bamboletta. We used to listen to a station on Satellite Radio but now we have a couple of iPods kicking around. We have such a huge variety, anything from Bon Iver to Snoop Dog. Last Friday we were busy stuffing bodies and sewing the clothes for the following week, happily listening to Rachel’s iPod, when Dreams by Fleetwood Mac came on. I had my head down doing my work and then realized that almost everyone was quietly singing along, myself included. We have an age range of 18-41 years in the studio, on that Friday afternoon we became ageless. Women, handwork and music – perfection!

xo Shauna

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams








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  1. Eva C. Avatar
    Eva C.

    Great music is ageless. 🙂

  2. brandi Avatar

    We LOVE music in our house.. My almost 3yo has her own playlist on our ipod in the car and her new favorites are Wild Heart by stevie nicks and Ain’t no moutain high enough by Tammy terrell and marvin gaye. Yes I want her to be well rounded in her music taste. We love it all!! Good to know a little music goes into the dolls.. Do you have one name Music? Pretty cool.

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