Markets and Thursday Finds


Last year’s farmer’s market in Vancouver..

I’m thinking about doing Farmer’s Markets again. This is something John finds insane as I can hardly build up any stock – and it’s only June (he tells me this several times daily -because the Holiday Insanity is on the horizen). But, truth be told,ย  I miss it. I really do. There is seriously something so special about watching kids with my dolls – it fills me up with so much creative ‘love’. The most special moment is when a child actually gets to buy a doll – seeing them choose and ponder and then finally connect with the one they want – this puts a huge smile on my face. I miss connecting with other artisans, I miss the bustle and the good chats , I miss finding yummy eats and getting first dibs on the seasons produce . Anyhow – I’ve done some research into where I’d fit over here on the Island and I’m thinking that the Sidney Farmer’s Market may be something to try – just one or two this season. I sent in my application today – we’ll see how it goes. Ha! Like I don’t need enough on my plate!

Thursday finds this week is fairly weak. I haven’t been perusing Etsy as much as I usually do. I did find this song though – which if you are a Radiohead fan I can almost guarantee you’d like. It’s called ‘Percussion Gun’ by White Rabbits. Then, I found this recipe for spelt and vegan muffins for Benjamin’s Kindercottage class. His birthday was celebrated yesterday (way late – he hasn’t been in school because of his whooping cough) and parents have to make something for the children to share. Spelt. And vegan. This recipe is fantastic – so, if you are in a spelt vegan bind – here’s your recipe! These are yummy and moist and wonderful. Yeah spelt vegan!

I’d love to know if any Van Island peeps like this market. There are a few other markets, but I hear such great things about the Sidney one and it’s good for my schedule. Any imput on it? Thanks!

I’ve got 5 new cuties ready for tomorrow’s upload on the shop! Should be around noon – ish that they’ll go ‘live’.






8 responses to “Markets and Thursday Finds”

  1. Monica Avatar

    Hum…..Is it wrong to plan a vacation around where you’re going to market? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Petra Avatar

    Oh you naughty girl! I was in Victoria last week and at the market in Sidney… and I thought oh I wish Christina was here with her lovely ladies… and now I’m back in Calgary. It would of been death to my pocket book but who cares? My partner is still waiting for more boxes to show up. “Are you sure you haven’t already bought another one?” ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. April Avatar

    Yay, thanks for the muffin recipe, my little guy is on an elimination diet and I’m trying so hard to find yummy treats for him!

  4. Tricia Avatar

    The Sidney market is great! Lots of great vendors and is a lot of fun! You should totally do it! Oh and you should do it say July 1ist….when I’ll be in sidney

  5. Fabiola Avatar

    Oh Christina I hear you! being a one woman operation over here makes it extremely hard to build any sort of stock of whatever…i’ve only done a very small craft market and seeing other people/talking to them is so cool! besides…the best part, like you say, is to see children grab something…to see that a tiny one likes what you make (because obviously is mostly the moms buying the dolls) is SO rewarding…big smile on my face too. Seeing that photo makes me realize though what it’s needed to be done when attending a real farmer’s market…and seeing the dolls in such a big bunch must be so awesome! hopefully your attendance this year won’t be too hard to pull off!! best wishes ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Keri Avatar

    I love your display in the photo. It’s a child’s paradise.

    It reminds me of the couple that used to sell these wonderful stuffed animals at the neighborhood market in the town where I grew up. I still remember the skunk my mom bought for me–and the deep disappointment of my cousin getting the almost-life-sized dolphin stuffed animal instead of me! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck with the market. I know if you were at our neighborhood farmers market, I would be in deep trouble.

  7. Wendi Avatar

    Oh, the market would be delightful! Wish you were local!

  8. Lisa Avatar

    Gah! A possible appearance at the Sidney Market? Why oh why couldn’t I still be living in Victoria? ๐Ÿ˜€

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