market and good times

I had my Farmers Market this weekend at Trout Lake. John came with me this time, which was wonderful. He hasn’t done a market in about 4 years. Usually, it’s because he’s working but really I think it’s because I tend to get, well, a bit bossy when I’m doing these things. I need someone to make up boxes, write up receipts, etc for me to make the whole thing run smoothly. This weekend we worked so well together, John totally knows his stuff. Lol, I overheard him talking about why we use Romney wool as opposed to  any other wool (it’s got  higher lanolin in it so it’s really antibacterial). He is really a part of this now, it’s cool. Instead of it being  ‘what my wife does’, it’s ‘our’ thing with him taking full credit for his skillful head making. Sniff, I love him so much!

Aside from John embracing dollmaking, I had a rockin’ good sale. I did a market a back at the end of May which went really well- but I thought it was a bit of a fluke to be honest. Now I know it wasn’t a fluke! Check out these before shots…



And after…


Many little girls and a few boys now have new dolls!

The little 10″ dolls did really well. I sold 4 of them in about half an hour. The only negative is that I think I gained 10 pounds that day as I was wedged in between Chris from Rise Artisan Bakery (Vancouverite’s may remember him from Ecco il Pane) who makes the most unbelievable bread stuff and Small Pleasures bakery where they make the these unreal cheddar scones with red pepper jelly.. John and I ate 4 of these alone. So bad, but so good. I’m salivating right now thinking about those scones and Chris’ Pear and Chocolate bread.

So, the pictures, BTW, are taken with my new camera that John ‘gave’ me for my birthday.. which is in 2 weeks, but I did need it for this weekend. I still haven’t got the hang of it but I’m getting there!

More on the weekend, new retail locale and book recommendations tomorrow!

One more thing though. This is the cutest story. A little guy came by the market with his mama , he was about 2 years old.  He picked up a blanket doll, rubbed it on his face and said ‘home’ and kept rubbing it allover his cheek. I almost started to cry it was so sweet.






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  1. Meike Avatar

    Silly girl, of course it wasn’t a fluke! 🙂 Congrats on the wonderful sale, and on working so well together! It looks truly lovely. I’ve already had my birthday present as well, my husband bought me an awesome sewing machine, so I can’t ask him for a new camera anymore, unfortunately. 😉 Maybe next year! 😀

    P.S. I love the story of the little guy and his doll… That’s what you all do it for in the end, isn’t it? Very, very sweet!

  2. tab Avatar

    congrats on the awesome sales! aww, i just about cried reading the story of the little boy and the blanket doll :o)

  3. Sue Avatar

    Congratulations on the great market success!
    Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun too !
    Isn’t it great when you see that your husband is promoting your business? Mine has done it with my dolls and Baby Slings as well.
    Heheheh… it’s so funny when he talks about why you should carry your baby in a sling and what the benefits are, and why I use sheep wool in my dolls.
    That’s why we love them, right!! :0)

  4. Christine Avatar

    Wow, look at how empty your stall is!! Many congrats, that is just wonderful. What a great feeling that must be.
    Now you need to produce even more for the next market (if there is one)!

    PS: what a cute story. Why did the boy say “home” you think?

  5. Stacy Avatar

    Congratulations! I would say that’s a good days work. And how nice that so many children have those beautiful dolls.

  6. Monica Avatar

    What a fantastic success! Your stall looked so lovely when you began, and so lovely (in a different way) when you were complete.
    Let me say, once more, how much I wish I lived closer! I would love to have hugged each of those dolls!
    Congratulations on such a successful weekend!

  7. Berrie Avatar

    Yeah! What a wonderful weekend. John is such a keeper! Congrats on the new camera too.
    You know, as the crow flies, I am pretty close to you. Just need to get my passport finally.
    xo Berrie

  8. admin Avatar

    Hey gals, thanks so much for the congrats! I’m still on cloud nine over it all 🙂

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