Lucy Joins Project Somos , or, the Adventures of Lucy – Part 1


Lucy and Tika, the night before Lucy heads off on her journey.

I posted a bit yesterday about Heather and Project Somos. Today is the first installment of Lucy ( a Bamboletta that I made for their journey – she is my ambassador!) joining Heather and Greg on their journey to Guatemala. I will be following Lucy along her trip down there. I’m hoping to one day help out with this amazing project by providing some work for the people involved in the project, a social enterprise if you want to be fancy about it.

Here is an update from Heather

Lucy is on her way! We started our journey yesterday. It starts with a two week drive south; visiting family and friends along the way. On February 3rd we fly to Guatemala out of Dallas, Texas. Our goals for this trip are to find a piece of land to purchase so that we can start building the children’s village, register our society, register to receive children, etc. etc. The list is LONG. We’ll be taking photos of Lucy every step of the way and posting them on Facebook and on our blog. And of course sending them back to Bamboletta headquarters! lots of love, Heather and Lucy


Ethical Bean company is a huge supporter of Project Somos, donating $1 from ever pound of coffee sold in December to the Project. They raised over $10,000! Wow! Here’s Lucy joining in a goodbye drink at Ethical Bean in Vancouver with Heather and some friends ( Lucy, I’m told, had a hot chocolate).






9 responses to “Lucy Joins Project Somos , or, the Adventures of Lucy – Part 1”

  1. erin Avatar

    adios lucy – que le vaya bien.

  2. Jesse & Juana Avatar

    OH MAN!!! is that your dog? Looks just like my last dog, the best EVER!!!! please, please, i need to know about the dog!?!? name, age, size, where he/she is from…etc…ok, sorry this is a crazy post, but i was in love with my dog, gopher! thanks, juana

  3. Naomi Avatar

    Lucy’s travel ensemble is adorable… love the cords peeking out!

    Have a safe trip and I hope you find the perfect site for your amazing village.

  4. Roseanne Perkins Avatar
    Roseanne Perkins

    I had never heard of this project before but I love what they had to say on their website. Sounds like a great idea. I’ll have to look into it some more. Happy trails to Lucy!

  5. Heather Avatar

    Tika is a corgi-shephard cross and is two years old. She is THE best, smartest dog ever and we’re heartbroken that she isn’t coming with us to Guatemala this trip. Her future role will be Village Puppy as she is awesome with kids. Does lots of tricks too!
    Thanks for the well wishes. So excited to have you all following along!

  6. Julie Avatar

    Looks like Lucy is on a journey of super importance, what a wonderful project. I am really looking forward to reading more….X

  7. nathalie Avatar

    what an amazing journey they will have. the world need people like them. they will have such positive impact on the children. just amazing@

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