Lucita’s New Adventure

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Lucita and Tika – back in Canada..

As many of you know, Project Somos is something that is near and dear to my heart. Project Somos is in the process of creating a self sufficient eco village for orphaned and abandoned children in Guatemala. A dear friend of mine , Heather, and her partner Greg are the visionaries behind this amazing undertaking. This will be a village in which the children will live permanently in a safe and nurturing environment. A few months ago Heather and Greg went to Guatemala to scout the area, set up contacts and try to secure some land and I gave them Lucy (Lucita when she arrived on Guatemalan soil) to accompany them on their journey. One of the goals of Project Somos is that the village be self sufficient and not rely on donations – and this is where Bamboletta may come in. I think when this project is ready and when Bamboletta is ready we will find a way to work together. I envision the ‘house mothers’ from the project sewing up little blanket dolls. Or, maybe, sewing some clothing for me – I’m not entirely sure what or how it will happen, but I am certain that it will happen. I still want to keep most of the operations up here near me (because I’m a total control freak) but as we expand the thought of providing income to a project as special as this is amazing. Heather, Greg and I met up last Friday to talk about the project and how things are coming along. They are excited about their upcoming Benefit Fiesta , which takes place on October 14th in Vancouver. I’ve donated a doll to the Fiesta auction – which you can bid on by visiting this post.

So, without further ado – here is the latest adventure of Lucita (Lucita whispers this in Heather’s ear and she emails it to me)..

It’s been three months since Lucita, Greg and I returned to Vancouver from our long stay in Guatemala and an extended road trip through the USA. As many of you know, we were down there searching for land to establish the Project Somos Children’s Village on and Lucita, our Bamboletta ambassador was with us throughout the whole journey. The Project Somos Children’s Village will become a home and community to abandoned and orphaned children in Guatemala. It will be eco-sustainable and have organic gardens and orchards to feed the children. Guatemalan women will be hired to foster groups of children in homes that are provided for them.
It is quite the adjustment coming back to life in Canada, I must say. Once again, everyone is calling our sweet girl, “Lucy” rather than the affectionate “Lucita” (little Lucy). Lucy still, at times, likes to wear the clothes that were especially made for her in Guatemala. She is settling back into the lifestyle here, all the time amazed at how busy and full the days are. Not to mention the amount of “stuff” everyone has!
And… so many may be wondering…. what’s next? Well, we’ve been busy ramping up for our capital campaign to raise the $500K to purchase that perfect property we found. The Land Video.  Without even officially starting the campaign, we have already received $35,000 in donations! We have put in an offer and now await the owner’s response. Unfortunately, someone else has shown some interest in the land but has yet to formally come forward with their larger offer. We sit on pins and needles awaiting. Daily, we picture the children at play on the land; running, climbing trees, swimming and of course, playing with their dolls!
Other exciting news-our Non-Profit Society received its charitable status within weeks of our return to Canada! On October 14th, we’ll be hosting our Second Annual Benefit Fiesta, here in Vancouver at Heritage Hall. Once again, Christina will be donating a doll to our silent auction. There will be many other wonderful items to bid on. We have focused on collecting items that will appeal to families who may want to start their Holiday shopping early while doing good! I hope to see you there!
all the best,
Heather (and Lucy!)
I can’t tell you how happy I am to know Heather, Greg and have to opportunity to be involved in this. It’s total serendipity! As things progress I will be sure to blog about it all. It is so exciting to be involved in something from the ‘ground up’. And, as Greg and Heather say, “it takes a village to raise a child and community to build a village”.




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13 responses to “Lucita’s New Adventure”

  1. Lashara Hutchison Avatar
    Lashara Hutchison

    This is such a WONDERFUL thing you are all doing! I will be sure to bid on Poppy.

  2. CanCan Avatar

    This is so amazing. What a beautiful idea, I’m so excited to see it come to fruition!

  3. Stacey Singer Avatar
    Stacey Singer

    Amazing and inspiring!

  4. Kari Avatar

    What a beautiful plan. I can just imagine what a peacful place these children will have to live. =)

  5. Kathy Valencia Avatar
    Kathy Valencia

    I am so happy to hear of the help that will be provided in Guatemala. We adopted our daughter from Guatelama and brought her home in March 2008. My husband and I are so sad to hear about the hault in adoptions there even though it was necessary to bring some order to the adoption process. Our daughter is very special to us and hope someday that we would be able to adopt from Guatemala again. Your dolls are too cute, and I plan for Bella’s Gotcha Day in March to get her one of your dolls.

  6. Heather Avatar

    It has been really sad and difficult since inter-country adoptions closed in Guatemala. Many homes have closed and there is only so much space in the state-run orphanages. And having spent time in one and heard about others, these are no place for a child to spend their childhood! We’ve already been approached by one organization that has six kids that “fell through the cracks” when adoptions closed. We are willing to take them as soon as we can! It makes it all that more urgent to be there on the ground. Thanks for all the support!

  7. Sarah Riggs Avatar
    Sarah Riggs

    Hey, Christina!

    I visited the website and hopefully sucessfully placed an opening bid on your beautiful doll up for auction. What a wonderful charity!! :o)

  8. Alison Haworth Avatar
    Alison Haworth

    Inspirational, what a wonderful thing to be involved in x

  9. Monica Avatar

    How exciting!! Please tell me how to bid Christina…do I leave a blog comment? I see some great holiday gifts! 😀

  10. April O. Avatar
    April O.

    Oh happiness. 🙂

  11. Heather Avatar

    Sarah-we got your bid. Thanks! First one. Go crazy-leaving bids on the comments section will work or writing to us through our “contact us” page on our website. Good luck!

  12. Heather Avatar

    Sarah-we got your bid! First one. Go crazy-leaving bids on the comments section will work or writing to us through our “contact us” page on our website. Good luck!

  13. Leanne Avatar

    I love this story! Our daughter’s name is Lauren and while she was in the orphanage in Guatemala they called her “Laurita” because she was so tiny. It brought a smile to my face just thinking about it. What a wonderful cause!

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