Looking at Yourself

It must be really weird to be a celebrity. I’m on a new blog program where I can see who’s said what about my dolls, where they come from and a million other stats and I have to admit..it’s weird (for me anyways, I was always the shy kid). It’s all good, but still very strange to me. Goodness, if I were a celeb I’d probably buy 50 acres and hideout from everyone and every paper and not read naughty things online like JustJared or TMZ….not that I have ever read those things (blushing).

I’ve finished up 5 sweet tan dolls. I’m working on my tan and dark dolls at the moment as I have run out of my fair fabrics. I have more on the way, it should be here either today or tomorrow. I buy things in pretty big quantities so it’s not often that I run out. I guess with having Jasper I was a tad preoccupied. Next week I’m working on more med and large Bambolettas and then I’m starting on the Babies – this will make many people happy I’m sure, I get at least one request a day for Babies! While doing all this I’m trying to get some seasonal figures made for our nature table at home, I’m working on a little autumn gnome. I have all these grand ideas for our nature table but time seems to be moving so quickly that I just can’t keep up with it. By the time I finish  the autumn gnome will have to have a quick makeover to become Saint Nick!






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  1. Amy Atkinson Avatar
    Amy Atkinson

    I found your blog while researching how to make Waldorf dolls. I have four little girls, and I would love to give them made by me alternatives to store bought dolls. Your blog is an ispiration to me, and I love your new website. I need a creative outlet, and hopefully my girls will benefit as well. Thank you for sharing your story, and I will be checking back for more inspiration.


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