long time no write….


I’m so sorry that it’s been a while since I wrote. Baby J has deemed it party time from 7pm until 11pm, generally when I get to do emailing/blogging. He’s just about crawling now – so cute. I think that this new found almost mobility excites him so much that he has a hard time sleeping. So, anyways, this will be another random thought blog.

We had a day of sun yesterday, it was gorgeous! I took the little ones out for a drive and broke out the old Spearhead album. Benj loves reggae, the first time he bust a move was to Bob Marley. I generally consider reggae to be a summer thing. While listening to Micheal Franti’s very lovely voice Ben starts screaming out these lyrics (while listening to a song) ‘television is the drug of the nation, satellite is immaculate reception, they can look and they can listen,but, don’t believe in the system!’ the last bit was belted out with much enthusiasm. I must admit I did have a grin on my face, my little treehugger, but it kind of freaked me out too. I mean this kid hears EVERYTHING, oh my. Raffi isn’t looking so bad now.

On the dolls- I’m working on 3 new styles of dolls right now. It’s been fun to play around with patterns and try different things out. I’m hoping to have a few dolls up on Etsy this week, maybe 3 if things go well. I’m also getting a few dolls ready to put in Trendy Tot’s in Duncan. Lori from Trendy Tots and I have trying to get together for almost 2 years. She contacted me and then I wasn’t ready for retail, got pregnant and then – luck would have it- moved 10 minutes away from Duncan! I’m still doing Etsy and custom work, but I really want to focus on local stores and farmers markets. I don’t know why.. it feels like the right thing to do. Anyhow, I’ve written about my Trendy Tot love before, it’s such a fabulous store. I know the dolls will be happy there.

On other doll related news.. the gals got mentioned Vancouver magazine! When I have my scanner working I’ll do a post about it.. so exciting!






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