Long time no write…

Me doing faces. I put on all of our doll faces and I don’t go anywhere without a basket of dolls. I’ve always got these little ladies around me!

I keep saying that I’m going to blog – then another week goes by and I still haven’t blogged. And here it is – like MONTHS now.. I genuinely love writing on here – I love letting you all know what’s going on in the doll world and it’s neat for me to not be limited to 250 characters ( Facebook posts max out at this). All I’ve been able to manage lately has been a post here and there on Facebook.  It’s just been BUSY – around last October, John and I were looking forward to things ‘calming down a bit’ so we could think about Bamboletta where it’s going and what we want to do .. we’ll it’s not slowed down one bit – it’s just gotten busier and busier. I’m excited by every thing that is happening but once in a while I think ‘What the heck am I doing?’ haha.. it honestly feels like everything has sort of happened, the right people came along at the right time, opportunities opened up – I feel like I’m just along for a lovely ride.


messy floor and everything!


The icing on the cake – I LOVE this chandelier!!

So – the biggest thing lately has been our new studio. Getting our own digs  has been SO incredibly good for us. Leaving the house to go to ‘work’ has been really good for me personally. I think about the dolls all the time, I think about them, their clothes, how I should cut their hair, what sort of yarns I can use as well as a million other business-y sort of things – I really can’t ‘shut down’ – so to not be living in it as well has been very good for me – I always have sewing and paperwork with me but it’s nice to have a bit of seperation. When it was just me – or just me and Brandi working – being in the house was great. But we literally busted out of my basement and having so many people coming in and out all day was a little much for my family – anyhow, the move has been rad. I’m in a great location with a weaver beside me and a yarn shop about 60 steps away – heaven. I know most of you have seen these pics and know about the studio but lots of my family aren’t on FB so I thought I should post them here. I’ll take more from the other angle and post them soon! I’m incredibly content with this spot and feel like it’s the starting point for the next step in our business – just not quite sure where that step is just yet – or if there is even a next step , I’m dang happy here where I am. Okay – I’m making no sense now .. should go back and sew on some more little faces 😉

PS What is happening to Vince on Entourage? Such a dark season – I love it!






16 responses to “Long time no write…”

  1. Julie Avatar

    Your studio looks so happy. It makes ME happy looking at it!

  2. Tressa Avatar

    So so so happy for you, Christina. What an accomplishment and bold and totally awesome decision. Yeah, you!

  3. Amber Avatar

    I’m so glad that you share this journey with us. I can’t wait to see where you go (or stay!).

  4. lark Avatar

    I can’t believe that my two favorite ‘virtual’ friends–you and Amanda Soule–have both gotten new spaces within the course of a few weeks–and both places are so perfect for each of you. It’s so inspiring to witness this blossoming.

  5. Cassie Cardinal Avatar
    Cassie Cardinal

    So nice to hear that the move was such a good thing and you all are so happy. We love our dolls!!!! Thank you.

  6. Jan Avatar

    What a lovely photo – those dainty hands sewing the eyes (and the souls no doubt) into the dolls!

  7. bindu Avatar

    loads of love and sunshine for you all 🙂

  8. Alicia Avatar

    I love how the new studio already looks lived in 🙂 It’s so great to see how this business is evolving and it’s good to hear you’ve got a bit of separation between home and work finally <3

  9. mominco Avatar

    So happy for you!!!You completely deserve this,Congrats.

  10. Kristina S Avatar
    Kristina S

    So glad it is all working out!! And can you believe next season is the last one?!!!! What direction are they going in? I am starting to miss my happy go lucky Vince!!!

  11. erin Avatar

    sooo happy for you, and sending you lots of love! xo e.

  12. moirae Avatar

    Don’t tell me you are next to Sweet Georgia’s studio!

  13. Monique Avatar

    So pround of all your acomplishments Christina! Your studio looks great- I MISS YOU;)

  14. cheryl Avatar

    So love your new studio and think I should go on a field trip. Wouldn’t that be fun!

  15. Veelana Avatar

    I always love behind the scenes pictures! Your new space is awesome…

  16. nathalie Avatar

    so i have to ask…where did you get the chandelier? i love it so!

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