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Every so often I get an email from someone asking how I do a certain ‘thing’ on my doll. Whether it be attaching hair or putting a doll together. I always try to answer these questions because I remember when I was starting out many years ago wondering about the very questions I get asked now. Anyhow, if you ever have a question go ahead and email me and I’ll try my best to help you out. That being said, I’m going to post a little dollmaking ‘tip’ once in a while. Little things that I’ve learned to make dollmaking that much more pleasurable.

So my first tip is to sew your doll body with a Schmetz Jersey Ball Point Needle size 70/10. This is the best needle for this job as you don’t get those little holes in your fabric that the Universal sometimes can leave you with. I’ve mentioned before that the Lightning stitch is where it’s at, but a small zigzag will work as well.

It has been an exciting day at our house I got 40 pounds of wool today! Ohh the dolls to be made. Is this weird that this excites me so much? Do I need to get out more?







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  1. Berrie Avatar

    My mouth waters just looking at it. I totally understand!
    xo, Berrie

  2. emilykristin Avatar

    I just made my first Waldorf style doll yesterday and I’m thrilled! The sewing is not phenomenal, and it’s only a simple blanket doll, but it was wonderful. If you post another tip, I’d love to know a good way to sew the head to the blanket (or to the doll body in the case of the big kids). It is absolutely my wonkiest area. Beautiful work, I so enjoy this peek into your life!

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