Little Onion

My bedside table is, most of the time filled with some random stuff. Some books, hand cream,  massage oil from Weleda (I love the brand) and some rescue cream. This week though, I had to add a few more little helpers…. those handy dandy things in times of a bad cold and crazy headache.
I never, well, allmost never, have a cold. I’m one of those lucky ones that gets away with just eating an extra orange and taking an extra vitamine C tablet and I will be good for another year. But not this week…. I have been sniffing and coughing, could hardly look out of my eyes and was not fun to hang out with at all….. but I worked hard to get better and wanted to share one of my old time favorite little tricks in times of a cold emergency. As soon as I feel my throat itch and breathing thru my nose becomes a problem, I grab a fresh onion, cut it open and place it on my bedside table. My parents taught me well. The onion will not solve the problem but will give you a great nights sleep since it keeps your airways open, and we all know, sleep is the best remedy.

Oh, and I will explain my toilet paper roll :), it’s a handy replacement for expensive tissue (since you need a lot when a REAL cold has hit you). Even at work I have to make sure my tissue replacement is close by 😉








3 responses to “Little Onion”

  1. Tanya W Avatar
    Tanya W

    Thamar, we share the same love of the humble toilet paper roll 🙂 I used to keep one in my stroller for school drop off and pick up…always handy!

    My mum used to use the cut onion when we had a cold and you’ve just reminded me!! Thank you~ such a great way to sleep better when you are sick.

    Hope you are now feeling much better!! Take care.

  2. Erin Avatar

    Not only does the onion help you breath, but it gets just filled up with all of your germs that are in the air. DON’T EAT IT!! lol

  3. thamar Avatar

    Hi Tanya and Erin,
    I feel much better now, thanks… no toiletrolls and onions
    next to my bed anymore….
    And like Erin said, eating the onion after the good night of sleep, not such a good idea ;)you might end up being sick again.

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