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My friend and I joke about having LHOP days – LHOP stands for Little House on the Prairie which has to be one of my all time favorite books/television shows. We started off the day by going to the farm to pick up our milk, came home – made butter and then biscuits with the leftover buttermilk. May I just add that the biscuits are mearly the platform for the yummy butter to ride on into my mouth. Darn- homemade butter is the best! Jasper like to eat it by the spoonful – that is a bit too much butter love, even for me.


This morning Michelle dropped off 2 huge bags of freshly shorn wool. I read in this book , Earthways, (which is a HUGE crafty resource in my house) on how to clean it. So the boys and I proceeded to wash the wool. We just used a bit of 7th Generation soap and water – it’s amazing how easy it is to clean. This does all sound sweet and LHOP, but it only lasted about 10 minutes before the fighting for the ‘good’ hose ensued. Sigh. Would it be different with girls? I wonder about that.. I tried to tie in the story of ‘Pelle’s New Suit’ which is one of my favorite kid’s books. If you aren’t familiar with it – it’s about a little boy who shorn’s his sheep and has various people, wash, card, spin, dye, weave and finally sew him a new suit. My grandfather was a shephard back in Italy and this story reminds me of him – it’s sweet.


So, I will be using this wool as stuffing for 20 something little dolls I am making for Benjamin’s Kindercottage goodbye party. We are making one for each child. I’ll be making my little sleepy dollies for them. I got a huge box of sweater scraps that I’ll be using for the bodies.  Why I am telling all of you this is because in the next day or two I’ll be posting a Sleepy Dollie tutorial. If you want to get ready, you can find an old sweater, some wool, some skin-ish colour fabric for the head and some embroidery floss. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages now but it’s kept getting pushed back. Also, if anyone knows how to do a PDF – I have no idea how to post a pattern. I’ll do a bit of googling later on it.

Okay – off to pack up some gals to go home. A few gals and this little guy – I love him!







8 responses to “L.H.O.P”

  1. Your Sister Avatar
    Your Sister

    You’re sooooo LHOP. I like how you went from making your own butter to then asking about PDFs, speaking of which email me the files and I can PDF them up for you. Or, you can do it yourself on your Mac. Press “print” then PDF on the left hand side, click save as PDF and voila! Let me know if you can’t figure it out.

  2. Roseanne Perkins Avatar
    Roseanne Perkins

    I can say with some authority that if you had girls the fighting for the ‘good’ hose would probably have started even sooner.

  3. Cheryl Arkison Avatar

    Yup, the girls would definitely be fighting. Mine are only 1 and 3 and they already fight over toys. The baby is starting to learn to stand up for herself a little more. look out!

  4. cheryl Avatar

    I have the mix of kids, but the hose is the culprit. What else would there be to fight about. I cant wait to make a sweater friend. I LOVE your special order and think you should make super hero outfits to sell.

  5. Amber Avatar

    I’m with everyone else, it would not be different with girls. I cannot count how many projects I have looked forward to, and started well, only to have them dissolve into fighting and tears. I try to tell myself that the kids will mostly remember the good parts, it makes me feel much better. 🙂

  6. Leah Killian Avatar

    Girls would so be fighting- it would just be more shrill, and after they pushed and shoved and screamed, they’d nurse over-dramatized hurt feelings for at least a half an hour. You can’t win.

  7. bethany Avatar

    What a lucky, lucky class!! Thanks for mentioning the book. I may get that to read to the kids here at the studio so that they can understand a bit more about wool and yarn! I miss the days when my kids were that age… though they still play with the hose and have water fights!! Boys AND girls! 😉

  8. bethany Avatar

    p.s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Little House on the Prairie too!!! That was a favorite in our house growing up! Wow. Good memories. If only life could be that simple again. Of course I cry when I watch every rerun now… my kids won’t let me watch it anymore!!

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