Let’s Get Grannie Rita Some Wheels!

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As many of you know I’m doing an auction this weekend to benefit one of my knitters – Grannie Rita. Grannie Rita and Nonna are the 2 ladies who do all the knitting for Bamboletta – so all those cute little sweaters are passed through their hands. I know for a fact that these two ladies hardly ever have the needles leave their hands – Rita makes at least one sweater a day and Nonna often tells me that she knits late into the night because she just can’t stop…. hmmm, I wonder where I get it from?

Rita told me a while back that all the money she earns from sweater knitting is going towards her buying an electric wheelchair. She has a very modest pension and lives in an appartment on her own so there isn’t much left over. When she told me this my heart nearly broke – Rita works so hard for us and I wanted to reall. Wanting to do something I decided to auction off one of my dolls – a coveted Little Buddy Fairy – in a  ‘Let’s Get Rita Some Wheels’ auction. I started this last night and we are already at over $400! And I’m taking donations for Rita as well and have made over $250 (donations can be made to info@bamboletta.com).  You are all AMAZING – together we are really going to make a difference in Rita’s life!

So the auction is here if you’d like to check it out! Fun times!

Thank so much everyone – you’re the bestest!


Sherri and Julie have just donated some goods to sweeten the pot – and Reggie donated clothing to keep this Little Buddy very well dressed! Thanks Ladies!






3 responses to “Let’s Get Grannie Rita Some Wheels!”

  1. Janie Avatar

    Can I join Granny Rita’s fan club? I hope the fame won’t change her too much. xx

  2. Ingrid Avatar

    Had to comment. This was such and excellent thing you did C! Grannie Rita is lucky to have you in her life. I hope to someday be able to make a change in one person’s life like you have done.

  3. vera Avatar

    That is very nice of you. God bless you and Rita!

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