Keeping your dollie warm this fall..

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I am so happy to be able to share this with all of you! I’ve been working with Brandy over at Pixie Purls to come up with a Bamboletta sweater pattern for all of you to knit up and keep your dollies cozy and warm on these cool days. I’d love to see pictures of your work – please send them through!

Happy Knitting!

For the pattern ,  click this , Bamboletta Cardigan Pattern, to download.


P.S I’d like to give a shout out to Carla Q for being my test knitter on this – thanks lady!

* this pattern is intended for personal use only – not for resale. thanks *







23 responses to “Keeping your dollie warm this fall..”

  1. Andrea Avatar

    YES!!!!! I love this sweater and will SURELY make several! I am picky about the look of the cardis and this is just perfect for me. I’ve tried a few other free patterns and haven’t been feeling the garter stitch love on them. I adore pixie purls and her cute baby knits (and I miss the old fiber/spinning forum she used to run). What an awesome twosome you guys make! Thank you both so much for putting this out and for FREE no less.

  2. Amber Avatar

    That is fabulous! I have long wanted to knit our little girl a sweater, but didn’t dare brave it. Thank you so much for the pattern! 🙂

  3. Ramona Avatar

    oh yes. that’s what I will knit!

  4. Shelley Avatar

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have my daughter’s doll squirreled away for Christmas, and was planning to knit her a little sweater. This is perfect. Thanks so much for the pattern. I’ve really enjoyed the other patterns that I’ve knit from Pixie Purls, so I can’t wait to get out my needles.

  5. erin Avatar

    wow – maybe this teeny sweater is one i will actually complete! thanks lady! xo e.

  6. Alison Avatar

    Thanks Christina, Brandy and Carla for the sweater pattern!! You are all generous and wonderful people. There are going to be hundreds of Bambolettas all over the world that will have a warm and cozy fall or spring, and lots of happy children. The world needs more people with wonderful hearts like you. Thank you!!

  7. Bonnie Avatar

    I don’t believe it! On my to-do list is a note to send you a photo of the matching sweaters I knit for my daughter and her doll, along with the suggestion to offer knitting patterns for your dolls! You have totally read my mind! I will knit this up for sure. Great stocking stuffer idea!

  8. Mary Claire Avatar
    Mary Claire

    I haven’t even bought a doll yet but will get my knitting guru Mom on this straight away so it’s ready for the holidays! THANK YOU.

    Can’t wait to see the dolls coming out in November and to choose one for my two year old sweetie!

  9. Maddie Avatar

    I thought I’d already posted a little thank-you, but can’t see it here! Anyway, I thought I’d post an update because in the meantime I have officially started my first knit-with-a-pattern-project! This is so exciting. Thank you for the pattern!

  10. fern ives Avatar
    fern ives

    im knitting one as a christmas gift for my 4 year old. she is going to love it! i dyed the yarn myself in shades of pink. so lovely! a matching hat will make a set for her one day bamboletta doll!

  11. Janie Avatar

    I love this little pattern, but what can I knit it with? In the UK no yarn is called ‘fingering’. Please could you tell me what ply this is? Could I knit it in 4 ply? (like a sock yarn?)
    Thank you for your time and best wishes

  12. Rita Privette Avatar

    Your web site is as cute as your pattern. Thanks!

  13. Janeb Avatar

    Take my breath away~!

  14. Tara Avatar

    Gorgeous! Does a version of this or similar exist for 11″ dollies? I have a 15″ for my older daughter, but my baby has an 11″ 🙁

  15. Carrie Avatar

    I am so excited, I love to knit so I now have a new, fun thing to spend my free time doing!!!!!!

  16. marcia Avatar

    ola,sou uma brasileira que gostaria muito de aprender a fazer estas bonecas.
    voce teria apostilas com passo-a-passo dessas bonecas?
    o material usado, a montagem completa.For favor se puder me atender, vou ficar muito feliz.
    Abraços fia com Deus.

  17. robin savona Avatar
    robin savona

    thank you so much for always sharing <3 now i need someone to make this!

  18. sahara Goulet Avatar
    sahara Goulet

    I LOVE THAT SWEATER my doll would stay warm in that.

  19. Atarah Avatar

    The link seems to be broken. 🙁 I was really hoping to knit this for my little one. The Pixie Purls site also has the bad link to the pattern. 🙁

  20. Belinda Avatar

    Hi, I’d really love to try knitting this to keep my doll warm when she arrives but the link to the pattern doesn’t work. I say try because I’m not very good at knitting but I’m willing to give it a go if you can let me know how to find the pattern 🙂

  21. moBecky Avatar

    Thank you Belinda for finding the pattern! I had given up hope. I can’t wait to cast this on 🙂

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