Just Because Giveaway … Bluebell


Isn’t Bluebell a sweetie? We had an unfortunate incident with Bluebell and snipped her so she couldn’t be sold.ย  Bluebell was SO excited to get a family that we had to put her up as a Giveaway asap! No other real reason for the Giveaway other than we need to find her a home …

So, here’s the rules – ONE entry per household (please play fair). Contest is open to everyone, everywhere and includes the doll and shipping (for FREE!) Contest ends Friday June 17th at 2pm PDT.

If you comment comes up as ‘Awaiting Moderation’ that just means I have to manually approve it – this can sometimes take a few hours so please hang tough.

Thanks to all of you gals – you are the BEST!






1,569 responses to “Just Because Giveaway … Bluebell”

  1. Natasha Avatar

    How do we enter the contest? Would love one of these for my girls! My 2 y/o loves playing “Mommy” and would love being a “Mommy” to this precious little girl!

  2. Tammy Howard Avatar

    If I win Bluebell she will be auctioned off for Team Breezy in my daughter Brianna’s memory…

  3. Sherri Avatar

    I would LOVE to give her a home with our Penny and make our Bambo home complete. Crossing fingers!

  4. Rhonda Avatar

    She is darling!!

  5. April C. Avatar
    April C.

    Bluebell is adorable, she would be well loved and cared for at our home!

  6. Tracy L Avatar
    Tracy L

    Awww she’s cute

  7. Vilate Thacker Avatar

    She is simply adorable!! I have 5 girls and everyone of them would love her!! Thanks!

  8. Becky W Avatar

    We would love to give Bluebell a home!

  9. erin kimmons Avatar
    erin kimmons

    shes gorgeous

  10. Xilan Avatar

    She’s lovely!!

  11. Michelle Avatar

    We sure would love her here….thank you for the chance!!!

  12. Bree Scott Avatar
    Bree Scott

    What a pretty little girl! Would love to bring her home to Australia!

  13. Malia G. Avatar
    Malia G.

    Love the blue hair!!!

  14. Julia B. Avatar
    Julia B.

    Oh, how we would love pretty Bluebell! Thanks so much for doing a giveaway!

  15. Mary S. Avatar
    Mary S.

    My daughters would absolutely love Bluebell. What a nice giveaway!

  16. Jamie R Avatar
    Jamie R

    I would love to win Bluebell. We don’t have any blue haired dolls.

  17. victoria Avatar

    She is amazing!!!

  18. Janice carpenter Avatar
    Janice carpenter

    Loooove her so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. kathlin Avatar

    enter me please ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Kristin Avatar

    What a sweetie! We’d love to give her a home!

  21. Laura Ring Avatar

    I would love her!

  22. Dee A. Avatar
    Dee A.

    Ever since I found you on Facebook, my 3 year old loves to look at the pics of dolls. If Bluebell comes to our home, she will be well loved! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for this chance.

  23. Jennifer Schneider Avatar
    Jennifer Schneider

    Oh… Christina she is wonderful!! We would love her to come live with us!! My daughter would take care of that BooBoo. Thank you guys!! You are the most kind hearted ladies I have EVER met!!!

  24. stephanie Avatar

    fingers and toes crossed that this is our lucky doll!

  25. Jerri F Avatar
    Jerri F

    I love her blue hair!

  26. Denise Hoffmann Avatar
    Denise Hoffmann

    Bluebell would find a great home here with my daughter.

  27. Julie L Avatar
    Julie L

    Too cute!

  28. Julie templeton Avatar
    Julie templeton

    Bluebell is just a gorgeous little lady!

  29. Cindy Avatar

    Ooooh a pretty blue girl!

  30. Sarah G Avatar
    Sarah G

    There’s no way I could ever afford one, I would love to win one for my daughter.

  31. Amanda W Avatar
    Amanda W

    I LOVE HER!!!!!!!

  32. Sally Avatar

    LOVE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Tagan Avatar

    I could pore my heart out and explain all the reasoning for how bad I want her but I know you will get a lot of that. I’ll simply promise to ensure her a home to a little boy who would love her to death and daily deals with big imperfections. I promise to cherish her and embrace her unique characteristics because in this home. Imperfections must be seen for the beauty they are xoxox fingers crossed

  34. Samantha Avatar

    She is just precious! Love her!! ๐Ÿ™‚ You are very sweet to give her away!

  35. Tiffany U Avatar
    Tiffany U

    I’d Looove to have her nose played off over here!!!!

  36. Mandy E. Avatar
    Mandy E.

    We would love her!!

  37. BJ K Avatar
    BJ K

    Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Love! Love! Want! Want!

  38. akasha forest Avatar
    akasha forest

    bluebell!!!!!! i’m in love with you … and you will be a celebration for a sweet little one winging his/her way to Earth …
    you’re celestially beautiful, bluebell

  39. Katie R. Avatar
    Katie R.

    We would love to give her a loving home!!!

  40. Twyla Avatar

    She can come live with us, it would make us very happy.

  41. Megan Avatar

    Absolutely love her!

  42. Ashley Avatar

    O we would love her at my house!

  43. Megan Avatar

    I love boo boo babies just as much as the real ones! My son is obssessed with dolls lately and only wants girl dolls. lol She would be perfect for him! ๐Ÿ˜€

  44. Tia Avatar

    She really is beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Lori G. Avatar
    Lori G.

    So beautiful and so special! Thanks for the chance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Joan Rieg Avatar
    Joan Rieg

    Such a sweetie

  47. Jenn Avatar

    My three little girls would LOVE to give this beautiful dolly a home ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Allison Avatar

    She’s gorgeous and we’d love to give her a home.

  49. Misty Thomison Avatar
    Misty Thomison

    would love to give this doll a home!

  50. Colleen S. Avatar
    Colleen S.

    We would give her extra attention so she heals well!!!

  51. Nadxieli Avatar

    She is beautiful, we want to love her!

  52. Candace Reed Avatar
    Candace Reed

    We would love if Bluebell came to live with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Vanessa Tentes Avatar
    Vanessa Tentes

    what a gorgeous girl. We would LOVE LOVE to have her!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Melanie S. Avatar
    Melanie S.

    Bluebell would love living with my little bella ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the chance!

  55. Jocelyn Avatar

    This is amazing…and so is she!

  56. Sharon T Avatar
    Sharon T

    My granddaughter would love her blue hair!!

  57. Shevaun Avatar

    we would love to welcome her to our girly home ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Lori S Avatar
    Lori S

    Swoon. I am just starting to think about a Bambo for Zoey’s first b-day she would be LOVELY ๐Ÿ˜‰

  59. Amanda Avatar

    This is a sweet giveaway, we would love a chance! My 3 year old Arielle would adore Bluebell.

  60. Jaime Thomas Avatar
    Jaime Thomas

    We love her ๐Ÿ˜‰

  61. Julie Vila Avatar
    Julie Vila

    What a lovely blue doll. My favorite colors!

  62. Laura D Avatar
    Laura D

    So pretty.

  63. Jennifer Evangelista Avatar
    Jennifer Evangelista

    I know a little girl who would love her…

  64. Sue LaFleur Avatar
    Sue LaFleur

    She is beautiful and love that color!!!

  65. Rebecca jennison Avatar
    Rebecca jennison

    She is beautiful!

  66. Suzi Avatar

    She is beautiful and we need a blue haired girl! Thanks for the chance at getting this cutie!

  67. Zeida M. Avatar
    Zeida M.

    She’s gorgeous!

  68. Cassie H Avatar
    Cassie H

    We would love the chance to bring Bluebell into our home! I know a little girl who would give her booboo lots of TLC!

  69. Kelli W-S Avatar
    Kelli W-S

    Very sweet of you. We would love to have her in our home!

  70. Joey-Lynn Avatar

    Bluebell is adorable, would have a loving home here!!

  71. Reagan Avatar

    She’s georgeous!!! We would love her!

  72. Rebecca Avatar

    We want Bluebell SOOOOO badly – I hope she can come home to my blue-eyed little girl!!

  73. Brooke Avatar

    We would love to have her… we need another girl here… too many boys!!!

  74. Lindsay Avatar

    She is beautiful! My little girl would love to cuddle her!

  75. Tanya G. Avatar
    Tanya G.

    <3 Bluebell <3 please send her home to us!

  76. Kimber Avatar

    She’s just gorgeous!! We’d love to give her a home.
    Thank you for the chance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. AMy hodge Avatar
    AMy hodge

    WOuld love to give this to my daughter on her birthday, july 1st!!!

  78. Melanie S. Avatar
    Melanie S.

    Little bluebell would be loved by our little bella ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the chance!!!

  79. Courtney Avatar

    Amazing… what a lovely gift! I would love to have her in our home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Rene Avatar

    She’s adorable! I’d love to welcome her to our blue eyed family!

  81. Deborah Johnston Avatar
    Deborah Johnston

    so cute. Me please.

  82. Samantha Avatar

    She is soooo lovely. We would love to welcome her into our home with open loving arms…. Just in time for the arrival of our new baby!

  83. Abbi Avatar

    Love those freckles!

  84. Misty Avatar

    My daughter would ADORE Bluebell! Thank you for the chance to win her!

  85. Shelby LaManna Avatar
    Shelby LaManna

    Can’t wait to adopt one of these sweeties for my little girl!

  86. Elaine Avatar

    she’s perfect!!

  87. Janet Wagner Avatar
    Janet Wagner

    I would love to have Blue Bell to give to my cousin’s little girl who is the love of my life

  88. Rebecca M. Avatar

    Bluebell is gorgeous! I have a particular love of things that are different and the fact that she was “snipped” makes me love her that much more! We would love to provide her a loving home. Thank you so much for your consideration!

  89. Andrea Avatar

    Blue is my favorite color and her freckles are perfect… dream doll!!!

  90. Karen Avatar

    She’s just beautiful. I know a very special little lady who would welcome Bluebell with open arms and nosy-kisses. <3

  91. Alison Loveri Avatar
    Alison Loveri

    Love her blue hair and freckles – super cute!

  92. alicia marie Avatar


  93. Whit Avatar

    Recently a good friend had to give up her bambolettas. Hoping to win to give her what she lost!

  94. Abbie M Avatar
    Abbie M

    She is a darling! We would love to give her a forever home. ๐Ÿ˜€

  95. Tiffany Seghini Avatar
    Tiffany Seghini

    She is beautiful!

  96. Lissa Avatar

    Such a cutie! Love her blue hair!

  97. Felicia Adkins Avatar
    Felicia Adkins

    I’d love to give her a new home ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. Kris R. Avatar
    Kris R.

    We would love her – thank you!

  99. Susan Avatar


  100. Jamie Avatar

    She’s so beautiful- thanks for the chance!

  101. Sarah Avatar

    So cute! My daughter would love to have a bambo!

  102. Julie Avatar

    I’ve longed for a Bamboletta doll for my little girl for a long time! This would be a perfect birthday gift for my daughter!

  103. Sharon Avatar

    Love her Bright Blue Eyes they remind me of my daughters blue eyes

  104. Wendy Belor Avatar
    Wendy Belor

    My daughter would love her, it would be our first Bamboletta doll ๐Ÿ˜‰

  105. Ally Avatar

    I gotta try! She is very sweet.

  106. Jennie Avatar

    A boo boo doll would be perfect for my daughter who has tons of boo boos from playing so rough! I think it would really make her connect with her!

  107. ktaffe Avatar

    She is wonderful <3 I would love to give her a new home, here! Whoever gets this precious girl in their life is surely blessed <3

  108. Anna Avatar

    Thanks for the chance Christina! Go Canucks Go!

  109. Jasmine Mcclain Avatar
    Jasmine Mcclain

    She is precious and perfect for Mischa, with blue hair and freckles for mommy, and dreads for daddy!

  110. Carol F. Avatar
    Carol F.

    Bluebell is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for the opportunity to give this sweetie a home!

  111. Anna R. Avatar
    Anna R.

    Cutie! We’d love to welcome her into our family. I so admire your generosity… it makes me smile to think that someone will get to enjoy her because of your generosity.

  112. Claire D Avatar
    Claire D

    She’s gorgeous! Love that hair. ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. Meli Avatar

    I love her so much. My daughter would be so thrilled with this blue haired beauty!!!

  114. Nancy Avatar

    My 3yo says that she would like Bluebell to come live at our house ๐Ÿ˜€

  115. Beth Avatar

    Bluebell would find a loving home with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. Rebecca Avatar

    She’s precious!

  117. Renee Avatar

    We would love to give her a home.

  118. Lee L Avatar
    Lee L

    We would happily give all sorts of love to this blue haired cutie!

  119. Holly Avatar

    Bluebell, please come to our house!!!

  120. Sarah Jane harvey Avatar
    Sarah Jane harvey

    If I win Bluebell she will go to a sweet little girl who just lost
    Her mommy tragically last week. Her mom’s name was Netti
    And she had the most beautiful blue eyes! Thank you!

  121. Rebecca Gorton Avatar
    Rebecca Gorton

    Hooray! She’s so perfect!

  122. MelissaR Avatar

    We’d love to give Bluebell her forever home!!! She’s a beauty!!!

  123. Jane Nakadomari Avatar
    Jane Nakadomari

    She’s beautiful! My dd would be so happy to have a beautiful friend!

  124. Tamara Avatar

    Love her!

  125. Erin Avatar

    We would love Bluebell. She would fit in so well with my blue-eyed girl and I!

  126. Rachel Avatar

    She is stunning! We would love to give her a home!

  127. Mindy Avatar

    We would love for her to come live with us!

  128. Mia J Avatar
    Mia J

    We would love this blue girl!

  129. Sarahjane Avatar

    I love her name, i love her cute little face, if she came here she would be given so many cuddles.

  130. Gina Avatar

    She is adorable!

  131. Kathy Garcia Avatar
    Kathy Garcia

    Oh please oh please let it be us…. We adore blue hair.

  132. Jessica Hammond-Brouwer Avatar
    Jessica Hammond-Brouwer

    Oh…me, me, me!!!! Blue is my daughter’s favorite color!!!

  133. Kevin B Avatar
    Kevin B

    She is fabulous!!!

  134. Jaime Avatar

    Love her!

  135. Carrie Avatar

    Spunky little thing!

  136. mandi Avatar

    Love her!!

  137. Jane villareal Avatar
    Jane villareal

    She’s beautiful!!!

  138. Jennifer Avatar

    She is simply adorable!

  139. Tara B Avatar
    Tara B

    She is just gorgeous!!!

  140. Nicole Avatar

    I would love to give her a home! What a wonderful way to get my first Bamboletta doll! My girls (3 and 9 mos) would love her and I would treasure her!

  141. Merrill Avatar

    Oh please please ! she is so pretty!!!!! we would love love her

  142. Beckie Hultman Avatar
    Beckie Hultman

    Oh, how I would love to have her. I have 2 great nieces that I could give her to. They would never be able to afford to buy her. Bluebell, I hear your beautiful voice, calling from the garden. You speak to my heart.

  143. Joan Avatar

    Electric blue hair?!? Perfection.

  144. Simple Mama Avatar

    she’s beautiful.

  145. MamaM Avatar

    Oh she is adorable, would love to give her to my daughter on her b-day <3

  146. Barbara Avatar

    She’s gorgeous! My 7 year old would love to be her mommy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  147. Stacie Avatar

    Gorgeous! We would love her and giver her a good home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  148. Heather Avatar

    Bluebell, come play in our garden with the giant slugs and bears.

  149. Heather Knobbe Avatar
    Heather Knobbe

    I hope we win!

  150. Ayrjia child Avatar
    Ayrjia child

    Oooooohhhh! I love her blue hair! And freckles! And sweet smile! ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. Meredith Avatar

    We would love to have Bluebell, she would be a wonderful friend for my youngest DD, then both DD’s would have blue haired dollies. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for your generosity and all the love you but into these wonderful dollies!!!!

  152. Erin Avatar

    Aww! She’s precious!

  153. Patricia P Avatar
    Patricia P

    She is adorable my daughters would love her thank you!

  154. Natalie Avatar

    She is so cute! My children would love her. Thanks for the giveaway. You are so kind.

  155. Lisa Shebib Avatar
    Lisa Shebib

    Would love to give her a home.

  156. Rebecca Avatar

    Blue, blue, BLUE!!! We would love to give her a home. Thank you sooooo much for the chance ๐Ÿ˜€

  157. Shelly Gudmunsen Avatar
    Shelly Gudmunsen

    Love her! Thank you, C!!

  158. pamelaG Avatar

    que sera seraaaa ๐Ÿ™‚ love all around for blue. ’tis a favourite here. would be a first bambo. how very sweet!

  159. TotallyBlessed Avatar

    Oh my….what a beauty!! Would love to give her some lovin!!

  160. Kelly Skinner Avatar
    Kelly Skinner

    My daughter always picks out the blue-haired Bambolettas from the set. This one is too sweet!

  161. Tina Avatar

    We have been looking for a new babe with fabulous hair and she would work great!! ๐Ÿ™‚ She has a fabulous face! We are in the middle of a really bad case of chicken pox and this would be a wonderful help!

  162. Sarah Styles Avatar
    Sarah Styles

    She is beautiful! I would love her for my 2 little girls!

  163. Angie T. Avatar
    Angie T.

    She is gorgeous!! Love the blue hair and the freckles!!

  164. Katie Barnes Avatar
    Katie Barnes

    My daughter Ava would love to give bluebell a home! She doesn’t have one yet and she is such a good little mama to her dolly’s!!

  165. Jill L. Avatar
    Jill L.

    She’s adorable, boohoo and all!

  166. sophia mayfield Avatar
    sophia mayfield

    This little beauty would be well loved…..thanks for the chance!

  167. Jennifer K. Avatar
    Jennifer K.

    I love her hair!

  168. Micaele Avatar

    Love her, and all your other beautiful dolls. Please enter us in!

  169. julia g Avatar
    julia g


  170. Amy Fisher Avatar
    Amy Fisher

    It would be a pleasure to love Bluebell!

  171. Melissa Avatar

    She’s just perfect!

  172. tara Avatar

    What a little a little sweetie! She reminds of a Strawberry Shortcake friend! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  173. linda jones Avatar
    linda jones

    She’s wonderful!

  174. Kristy Avatar

    Yes, please!

  175. Lisa W Avatar
    Lisa W

    Lily would love to give Bluebell a fabulous new home!

  176. erika Avatar

    shes a sweetie

  177. Anna Avatar

    Oh, that blue hair! I think my daughter would love her.

  178. Caitlin Avatar

    Bluebells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row! What a cutie!!!

  179. Sage Avatar

    All my little Savannah wants is a doll with blue hair. Bluebell would be so loved in our home!

  180. Jenny Avatar

    crossing my fingers

  181. Amanda Avatar

    We would love her!!!

  182. Nadia Avatar

    Always wanted a Bamboletta, just cant afford one at the moment, but a freebee would be amazing!! And shes a cutieee!!!!!!

  183. Lisa W. Avatar

    she’s such a cutie!!

  184. Denise Avatar

    Would love to welcome Bluebell into our family!

  185. Claire Avatar

    Awww, she’s so sweet! I know a home where she’d be cherished and played with sooo much! My little ones would surely love her!

  186. Meaghan Hubert Avatar
    Meaghan Hubert

    What a beauty! She would be the perfect first doll for my girls (and I)! <33333

  187. Emily M Avatar
    Emily M

    What a cutie!!! Blue is my daughter’s favorite color!

  188. Holly Jean Donovan Avatar
    Holly Jean Donovan

    Love her blue hair and freckles, she’s adorable and her name is too cute. She would make two girls here very happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  189. Linda Avatar

    She is beautiful. Little Bluebell for my new granddaughter Isabelle.

  190. Mitra Avatar

    She is adorable C we would love her!

  191. Jennifer L. Avatar
    Jennifer L.

    She is so incredible!! We would absolutely love her! She is just perfect!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  192. Allison Rae Avatar
    Allison Rae

    Wow we would love to give Bluebell a home. We don’t need perfection here and we know how it is to get cuts and bruises lol. We love her!

  193. Buffey Avatar

    My little blue-eyed baby would love to have her own blue-eyed baby:)

  194. Karissa Wolfe Avatar
    Karissa Wolfe

    Oh, how I love Bluebell! My blue-eyed daughter, Faith, would make a wonderful mommy to her! She would be such a special first birthday gift…they could have so many special adventures for years to come. Thank you for the opportunity!

  195. kristine holland Avatar
    kristine holland

    she is adorable โ™ฅ

  196. Jodi Leininger Avatar
    Jodi Leininger

    We would love bluebell!

  197. Maria Avatar

    My daughter would love her!

  198. Julie Avatar

    Bluebell is totally adorable and I would love her to come and live with me xxx

  199. Diana Avatar

    Oh Bluebell! I’d love to call you mine…er my daughters’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  200. Nicole mayfield Avatar
    Nicole mayfield

    My baby blue eyed girl would love this baby to pieces ๐Ÿ™‚

  201. Jennifer Avatar

    Oh she is so lovely my daughter who just turned nine, thinks that she would be the best nursemaid to this cutie and even better she’s her favorite colour. She has so wanted one ever since she saw my best friend who is a mamahelper

  202. Amy Fisher Avatar
    Amy Fisher

    We would love to welcome her!

  203. Amber Avatar

    She’s so cute! I would love to have her! ๐Ÿ™‚

  204. Leann Avatar

    We would love to welcome her into our home with open arms and hearts.

  205. Liana Avatar

    She’s sooooo sweet, we’d love her!

  206. Ashley Avatar

    She’s adorable!

  207. Nadine Avatar

    Would love for miss bluebell to come live with us!

  208. taisa Avatar

    Oh Bluebell, you are so lovely!

  209. Carol Avatar

    My daughter would be thrilled with her!

  210. Eryn W Avatar
    Eryn W

    What a Cutie!!

  211. Kim Smith Avatar
    Kim Smith

    Bluebell would love living in TN!!! My two little girls will kiss her boo boo all better.

  212. Allison Avatar

    She would be very loved here!

  213. Katie Avatar

    Bluebell is just what I have been hoping for for so long! I can only hope THIS is my time to get lucky.

  214. Shelley C Avatar
    Shelley C

    She’s a cutie and a keeper!

  215. Angie Wiser Avatar
    Angie Wiser

    I truly truly want this baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. nancyh Avatar

    Would love a chance

  217. Monica Matthews Avatar
    Monica Matthews

    I would love to give this beautiful girl to my granddaughter! I know she would be delighted to have a dolly as special as Bluebell!

  218. kelly Avatar

    What a beauty! We would give her a good home ๐Ÿ™‚

  219. megan gillikin Avatar
    megan gillikin

    She is a sweetie. Would love to love her and give her a home!!!!

  220. michelle h Avatar
    michelle h

    Simply WOW!

  221. Carissa Shoemaker Avatar
    Carissa Shoemaker

    My 3 daughters would LOVE her!!! They love all of their WAHM toys and are huge doll fans!

  222. Chantelle Bentley Avatar

    She is lovely! Would love a chance to win her! Thank you!

  223. crystal Avatar

    snipped or not she is gorgeous!!

  224. Molly m Avatar
    Molly m

    Love love love her!!!!

  225. Susan K Avatar
    Susan K

    she’s very sweet! good luck everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  226. Linsay Avatar

    What a cutie!

  227. Ashley Avatar

    I would love her!!! My Daughter saw her and said. I love her mommy!!!

  228. tracy c Avatar
    tracy c

    She is perfect with all her flaws!

  229. Bambii Crawford Avatar
    Bambii Crawford

    She is a beauty! My daughter’s favorite color is blue. We would love to give her a loving home. She would be our first, hoping and wishing ๐Ÿ™‚

  230. Jeanne F. Avatar
    Jeanne F.

    Love her, please! Little flower come live with us!

  231. Kerri Avatar

    Oh Bluebell, I know a little preemie girl that is turning one on June 28th that would really really love you! I hope you come to live at our house! You would be very happy here. We would make you dresses and take you on exciting trips to the park and other far away lands.

  232. Jenn Hayley Melanie Avatar
    Jenn Hayley Melanie

    Bluebell is gorgeous :). Thank you for this chance to give her a home with us in Brisbane :). Good luck everyone :). Jenn :).

  233. Tina Avatar

    You guys are the sweetest!

  234. Nicole Merryman Avatar
    Nicole Merryman

    Bluebell you may come home and play with us, your boo boo will not make us love you any less! We would love for you to come have tea parties and slumber parties with the girls <3

  235. Jenelle Avatar

    Love her!

  236. Megan Avatar

    We hope to give this beauty a home with our newborn daughter!

  237. Carolyn Bradford Avatar
    Carolyn Bradford

    Oh the poor thing…getting snipped! We would love her so much, and treasure her! My daughter Jaidyn would adore her!

  238. erika Avatar

    WE LOOOOOVE HER!! wish, wish, wish! please come us, bluebell :)*

  239. Sara C Avatar
    Sara C


  240. tammy Avatar

    In love with her blue hair!! would love to have her as an addition to our family!

  241. Amber Levinson Avatar
    Amber Levinson

    LOVE her! She would be greatly loved and part of our family if she comes home to us! ๐Ÿ™‚

  242. kathryn turner Avatar
    kathryn turner

    Absolutely lovely!

  243. Mandy M. Avatar

    Funky blue with freckles! Just perfect for my oldest daughter!

  244. Shannon Avatar

    Love her hair & freckles!

  245. Ann K. Avatar
    Ann K.

    I would love to give Bluebell a home. Thanks for your generosity. Team Bambo makes so many people happy.

  246. Jenn A Avatar
    Jenn A

    We would LOVE her!!!

  247. Khris Avatar

    Love her! Thanks so much for the chance

  248. Heidi H Avatar
    Heidi H

    She’s a beauty! My three little girls would great moms to her!

  249. zulekha Avatar

    thank you for the chance!

  250. Tam Totter Avatar
    Tam Totter

    Awww, you ladies are great and Blue Bell is super cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  251. Brenda Leonard Avatar
    Brenda Leonard

    Would love to have an Oops doll !

  252. JennyL Avatar

    Bluebell! Please come live in my house and be my daughter’s best friend. She will love your blue-ness and your freckles!!!

  253. Katie Avatar

    I have a little boy here who would love her to pieces, boo-boos and all.

  254. Jennifer Avatar

    Love her! Thanks for the chance!!!

  255. Jennifer gehres Avatar
    Jennifer gehres

    Oh, Bluebell… I don’t care if you’re snipped. mY husband is getting snipped in a few months too and you can keep him company!!

    Jennifer and Avery (who will love you)

  256. Kelly Bacon Avatar
    Kelly Bacon

    We would absolutely love to bring little bluebell home. My DD is a Laila-Belle and would adore her ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

  257. Heather Derksen Avatar
    Heather Derksen

    Awww, the sweetheart needs a home pronto!!! Thank you for the chance to win! <3

  258. Ashley Avatar

    My DD would love this ๐Ÿ™‚

  259. Jennifer Bohlen Avatar
    Jennifer Bohlen

    Thanks for the chance. Love her.

  260. Megan Avatar

    Bluebell is such a sweetie! We’d give her lots of love ๐Ÿ™‚

  261. linda jt Avatar
    linda jt

    Thanks for the chance, C. Love her!

  262. Melissa Elliott Avatar
    Melissa Elliott

    just beautiful!

  263. Virginia Spencer Avatar
    Virginia Spencer

    Wow, what a thoughtful and fun thing to do, she is sooo cute and her name, well it is perfect and adorable!

  264. Sarah Avatar

    Would love a sister for our Bluebell!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  265. Gina Avatar

    She would be perfect for my sweetie’s 2nd birthday. Thanks for the chance.

  266. Jessica Nelson Avatar
    Jessica Nelson

    Miss Avery would LOVE to give Miss Bluebell a home!

  267. Nicole Avatar

    Oh Bluebell, and every doll, is perfect, no matter what! We would love to give her a loving home here in Oregon!

  268. mari Avatar

    bluebell – we will give you lots of love here!

  269. Mary Avatar

    Lovely little Bluebell!

  270. Alysha Avatar

    Oh we would love to welcome Bluebell into our Bambo family x

  271. Lori Avatar

    Shes dreamy!

  272. Meghan Kohles Avatar
    Meghan Kohles

    She is lovely! That blue hair is to die for!:)

  273. Annethra Shreffler Avatar

    Would love a chance to bring bluebell home with us and give her a very loveable home..xoxoxo=)

  274. Samantha Cardiff Avatar
    Samantha Cardiff

    Bluebell needs to come to TX so she can go take a Bluebell Tour and see how “Bluebell” Icecream is made!!! We would LOVE to have her she is beautiful~

  275. Melanie Moore Avatar
    Melanie Moore

    ohh how lovely! Thanks

  276. Andi Avatar

    Pretty blue hair and super sweet little face!

  277. Patsy Avatar

    What a pretty little lady!

  278. Kate Avatar

    Sweet little Bluebell – we would love to have you live with us in Australia x

  279. Kim Avatar

    OMGoodness. Poor Bluebell! That’s ok Bluebell, scars add character! I would LOVE to win you so I can give my niece something I otherwise could not! She loves your Bambo sister here! Oh luck, please be on my side!

  280. Lashara Avatar

    Love the blue hair!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  281. Sarah martin Avatar
    Sarah martin

    We would love her!!

  282. Tera Avatar

    LOVE the freckles!

  283. Michelle Avatar

    Would love her here!!!

  284. Suzie Avatar

    Very sweet!

  285. Yvette Haver Avatar
    Yvette Haver

    So precious.

  286. Bret Avatar

    Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Please consider our family for Bluebell. We have two little “belles” who are all about dolls right now (dancing with a doll, doctoring a doll, tea party with a doll, feeding a doll, trying to bathe the doll, putting a doll in time out ;), the list could go on and on and on). We would love to add a new best friend to the mix. Plus, she looks like so much fun and just makes you want to smile! Thank you for the chance to win.

  287. Janice Avatar

    Love the electric blue! xo

  288. Jessica P Avatar
    Jessica P

    She’s got a sweet face and will be loved in our home! Still a newbie but hoping lucky Bluebell will make us not ๐Ÿ™‚

  289. susie reed Avatar
    susie reed

    Me, Please:)

  290. Alison Avatar

    Yes please…..

  291. Melanie Avatar

    She is beautiful!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  292. vicki Avatar

    We would LOVE her at our house!

  293. Angel Gardner Avatar
    Angel Gardner

    What a perfect birthday present Bluebell would be for my sweet baby girl!

  294. Amy Avatar

    as i said earlier on Facebook … she is a dream! Gosh!

  295. Ryan Summers Avatar
    Ryan Summers

    My daughter would adore getting one of these. Hopefully she would share with her sisters too!

  296. Adrianne (Little Bluebell) Avatar

    I *think* she is supposed to come home with me since I am “Little Bluebell” online. I can tell just by looking at her sweet face that she would love to come live with me and learn to quilt! Have you ever heard of spirit babies? I think she may be my spirit Bamboletta. ; ) Thanks for the chance Christina. I LOVE your work. xx

  297. Stephanie MC Avatar
    Stephanie MC

    Would love to give this lovely to my sweet daughter. She would have a great home.

  298. Ashley Clark Avatar
    Ashley Clark

    Would Love Love Love to give Bluebell a new home ๎€ข๎€ข๎€ข

  299. Stephanie Avatar

    Love her!

  300. Dustin Brent Avatar
    Dustin Brent

    My 3 year old daughter would take such good care of her. She loves treating boo boo’s on all of her baby dolls.

  301. Susan F. Avatar
    Susan F.

    This doll would be perfect for my Grand Daughter.

  302. Kelley Avatar

    My little one would love to give Bluebell a home!

  303. Paula Avatar

    Blue hair! We love her!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  304. Sonya J. Avatar
    Sonya J.

    What a great addition this would be to our family :)!

  305. Jennifer Avatar

    WOW Bluebell is so beautiful. We would love to give her a loving home.

  306. Amy Avatar

    Love her!

  307. Karen Avatar

    She looks absolutely perfect to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  308. Kelly Franz Avatar
    Kelly Franz

    So cute!!!

  309. Lynn M. Avatar
    Lynn M.

    My daughter’s first baby calf is named Blue Bell! This little gal would fit right in on our farm! Precious.

  310. Melissa H Avatar
    Melissa H


  311. Tineke Avatar

    OMG! Is she not the cutest darn thing ever! 2nd to Sage of course :o)

  312. Heather Avatar

    Love the blue gals!

  313. Ashley P. Avatar
    Ashley P.

    Blue is a favorite color in our house…would love Sissy to have a doll of her own. LOVE HER!

  314. Heather G. Avatar
    Heather G.

    I’m my family, we accept all booboo’s with open arms, person or dolls. Just makes them more special! Bluebird would be very special surprise in my house.

  315. Windy M Avatar
    Windy M

    We’d love to give Bluebell a loving home! We have a baby loving toddler and a new little girl on the way in a few more months. She’d surely get a lot of love and attention here <3

  316. Shannon Avatar

    My favorite color!

  317. Catherine Avatar

    oh she looks perfect! my little girl would adore that blue hair!

  318. Jennifer Pesetsky Avatar
    Jennifer Pesetsky

    We’d love a blue eyed, blue haired beauty to match our blue eyed, brown haired family.

  319. Susan E.S.M. Avatar
    Susan E.S.M.

    She’s cute.

  320. Melissa Avatar

    Fingers crossed! She is so pretty!

  321. Jennifer Avatar

    so cute!

  322. Dorothy D Avatar
    Dorothy D

    Love her!

  323. Jess W-O'B Avatar
    Jess W-O’B

    She is so pretty! I’m sure my daughter would love her. She would be our first Bambo! ๐Ÿ™‚

  324. Lauren Avatar

    My daughter would be thrilled for Bluebell to come live with us! ๐Ÿ™‚

  325. Kathy Avatar

    She would make my day (and week…even month!)

  326. Jeanne Kimble Avatar
    Jeanne Kimble

    Tooo cute! Thanks once again for this opportunity.

  327. Nicole Mc. Avatar
    Nicole Mc.

    She is simply adorable

  328. Jen Avatar

    We would love a chance for our first doll! ๐Ÿ™‚

  329. Rebecca Avatar

    She’s lovely! I am also hoping for a chance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  330. deborah Avatar

    the giveaway ends on my due date! maybe that’s good luck? thanks christina – she is gorgeous! we would love to be her loving home!

  331. Kelly Z Avatar
    Kelly Z

    she’s so pretty! would love to have her come live in our house ๐Ÿ™‚

  332. Julie Avatar

    Bluebell, I know a little girl who would love you to bits!!!!

  333. Tanya Walery Avatar
    Tanya Walery


  334. Danielle Hurt Avatar
    Danielle Hurt

    I would love to give her a home with my blue loving girl!! It’s her favorite color and I could never afford one myself!!

  335. RICKIANN ROUSH Avatar

    love her

  336. Emily Avatar

    She is just lovely, lovely, lovely! We would be stoked to give her a home! ๐Ÿ™‚

  337. Stacey Avatar

    She is beautiful!!!

  338. Sharyl Avatar

    We would love her!

  339. April Avatar

    Just love the blue eyes blue heair combo

  340. Tatiana Tugbaeva Avatar

    My little Jules would love to have have numerous tea parties with this cutie ๐Ÿ™‚

  341. Naomi C-W Avatar
    Naomi C-W

    She’s adorable would love to give her a home <3

  342. Robin B Avatar
    Robin B

    My 2 year old would love to give her a home and would take such good care of her!

  343. Wendy Avatar

    we would love this little sweetie!

  344. genia Avatar

    EEEEKKKKKK Bluebell we LOVE you!!!

  345. Jennifer G Avatar
    Jennifer G

    She is a pretty girl, love the blue hair.

  346. Jody Avatar

    There’s room for one more in our crowded family bed…come to the Midwest sweet blue haired Bluebell!

  347. Jennifer Taylor Avatar
    Jennifer Taylor

    June 17th is my daughters 3rd birthday…. so I believe that means her and bluebell have faith to be together since she ends on her birthday… We would love her so so much, we have a crib waiting on her..lol

  348. Rakelle Avatar

    She is lovely. Thank you for the chance.

  349. Hillary Avatar

    Bluebell you are lovely!

  350. Erin M :) Avatar
    Erin M ๐Ÿ™‚

    crossing my whole body.

  351. Katie Avatar

    Another cutie! Looove the hair!!

  352. Bryr Harris Avatar
    Bryr Harris

    She’s so lovely.

  353. Heather Avatar

    Bluebell Cockleshells…come & live with us! ๐Ÿ™‚

  354. Joni Avatar

    so cute and sweet! love her!

  355. majic2lee Avatar

    Love her hair!!!

  356. Jessica Avatar

    This doll is beautiful and my daughter would really love to adopt her. As a single mom I cant afford to purchase a Bamboletta but they are so pretty!!

  357. steph Avatar

    What a great doll! Thanks for putting her up!

  358. megan Avatar

    Oooh, pick me, pick me *jumps up and down in an undignified fashion*

  359. Amy Avatar

    Love the BLUE!!

  360. Kari Avatar

    She is a cutie!

  361. Cassandra Avatar

    My son would really love her and will promise to share with his sister! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Fingers crossed and how generous! <3

  362. Kelsey F Avatar
    Kelsey F

    Love her! She has the cutest lil face. We just happen to have an empty doll bed needing to he filled at our house

  363. Marijke Avatar

    We’re currently tobogganing in the Australian alps and bluebell would fit in a treat with her blue hair!

  364. Joanna Avatar

    She has freckles … Swoon!

  365. DennisW Avatar

    My daughter would love her. thanks!

  366. chris kubo Avatar
    chris kubo

    thanks for the chance to win bluebell. YOU are the best!!!

  367. Cricket Avatar

    Thanks for this so cool!

  368. Ashley Swindler Avatar
    Ashley Swindler

    So cute! We would love her :).

  369. Melissa Avatar

    Thanks for the chance ๐Ÿ™‚

  370. Meredith Avatar

    I remember a few months ago you had a giveaway doll named Bluebell and I fell in love with her………..I’m falling in love twice!

  371. Jill Avatar

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  372. Kristina busenitz Avatar
    Kristina busenitz

    My DD has been so sweetly asking for a blue haired doll! She is perfect!

  373. Ashley Avatar

    She’s so beautiful!!

  374. Jessica Lynn K. Avatar
    Jessica Lynn K.

    Just lovely!!!

  375. Robyn Avatar

    Bluebell is very sweet and a lovely shade of blue! We would love her here. Thank you for the chance, very generous!

  376. Jennifer P Avatar
    Jennifer P

    Oh those eyes – oh those freckles!!! Love her!

  377. Cathy Avatar

    My daughter would cherish her! We are moving soon and I would love to give her a little friend she can take with her. Love you dolls, thanks for the chance!

  378. Melinda Avatar

    OMG Bluebell is DIVINE!! Chloe is in lve with her!!!

  379. Melissa Avatar

    OMG!!! Your remade Bluebell my love!! I so love her she would be awesome here!!!

  380. Valerie Avatar

    Would love Bluebell!

  381. Stephie Anne Avatar
    Stephie Anne

    I love how Bambos inspire so much <3. Bluebell has such a sweet face!!

  382. Stacey R Avatar
    Stacey R

    Hi Bluebell, you would be a perfect addition to our family:)

  383. fern Avatar

    my girls and i have coveted your dolls since way back when at the vancouver waldorf school faire(s) i had thought about buying one of your faeries but decided not to. how i wish i had now. not sure if i will ever be lucky enough to win one or get one on an upload, but its worth a try. love your work Christina. you are goodness in the world.

  384. Autumn Avatar

    I believe bluebell would be a great teaching tool! Travels around the united states posting photos of where she has been and the historic sites! My mother travels around the states and blogs daily. Communicating and still teaching children at her former school, were she was a school teacher for YEARS!! Bluebell would fit in perfect! One day at San Diego zoo and the next visiting Mount Rushmore! Cant you just see her now in Forks Washington!!!! Just a taste what her incredible life could be like! ๐Ÿ™‚ pick us!

  385. Paige B. Avatar
    Paige B.

    My daughter would love her! Blue is her favorite color, thanks for the chance.

  386. Ily Avatar

    My 2 yr old saw Bluebell and said, “I wanna go pay!” I guess he’s needing someone to hug him to sleep at daycare in place of mummy…

  387. Aimee Avatar

    I love your dolls and the story behind the name….would love to win this sweet little lady ๐Ÿ™‚

  388. Jasmine's Mommy aka Jennifer P Avatar
    Jasmine’s Mommy aka Jennifer P

    Would love to be able to win Bluebell for my daughter, since I’m a struggling full time student, full time single mom, and unable to afford trying to buy her a Bambo at this time but I think she would love to have one. Thanks for the chance to win this cutie!

  389. Hope C Avatar
    Hope C

    Oh bluebell we tried for a girlie that looked just like you today!!! No luck but maybe it’s because you were meant to be ours!!! Good luck everybody!!! I know she will be loved where every she goes!!!

  390. Tara A Avatar
    Tara A

    Oh what a love! I’m looking for a doll for my niece now so please enter me ๐Ÿ™‚

  391. Tiffany U Avatar
    Tiffany U

    We would Loooove to love her nose off over here!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  392. Suzanne Hurlston Avatar
    Suzanne Hurlston

    Bluebell would feel right at home with us <3

  393. Monique Avatar

    Would love to bring Bluebell home. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  394. josey Avatar

    oh, she is perfect first doll for my little blue eyed girl. thank you for this giveaway. everyone needs a home ๐Ÿ™‚ !!

  395. Denise Avatar

    She has a great smile and beautiful hair!

  396. Teryn Avatar

    Oh, she is a sweetie! We would love her here !!

  397. megan spisak Avatar
    megan spisak

    Would love her!

  398. Megan Avatar

    My daughter just loves blue, she would be very well loved at our home!

  399. Michelle C Avatar
    Michelle C

    Love her–boo boo and all

  400. Jodi Avatar

    Fingers crossed!

  401. Sarah M Avatar
    Sarah M

    The freckles slay me.

  402. Michele Avatar

    She’s adorable! Would love to welcome her:)

  403. Crystal A Avatar
    Crystal A

    She is such a doll!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We would love to add Bluebell to our home! Thanks so much.

  404. Brittany W Avatar
    Brittany W

    She would be well loved in our home!

  405. Kristen Avatar

    Bluebell we’d love to have you in our home as our first bamboletta!

  406. Kim Lawrence Avatar

    Gorgeous! My family would be so honoured if we were chosen. ๐Ÿ™‚ booboo babies remind me of those sweet older cats at the SPCA that you just can’t help but fall in love with. And also… I just live on the other side of the Malahat in Lantzville… surely that’s a shoe-in. lol

  407. Erika Teigland Avatar
    Erika Teigland

    Love that sweet face! Thanks so much for the chance!

  408. natalie Avatar

    My baby daughter would absolutely love Bluebell, to her the brighter the better, she’s so cute booboo’s can be fixed up!

  409. Steph Avatar

    We would love to give you a happy home, Bluebell!

  410. Shannon Avatar

    We would love to give bluebell a home! Thank u for the opportunity!

  411. Angela Simpson Avatar
    Angela Simpson

    She is the sweetest! Thanks for the giveaway!

  412. Kathleen Avatar

    I would love to give her a home! ๐Ÿ™‚

  413. Kim Fotheringham Avatar
    Kim Fotheringham

    Thank you, we would love to have a chance to have her ๐Ÿ™‚

  414. Kelly Avatar

    She is AMAZING! We would love to have a Bambo in our house! Fingers Crossed!

  415. Erin Avatar

    She’s a sweet Spring dollie! xo!

  416. Shannon Avatar

    I would love to give her a home! I <3 her!

  417. sarah w Avatar
    sarah w

    Would love this doll!!

  418. Helena Avatar

    I know a very special little girl we would love to gift Bluebell to.

  419. Sarah Iles Avatar
    Sarah Iles

    Would love her as the perfect new addition to our family. ๐Ÿ™‚

  420. kristie o Avatar
    kristie o

    I know two little girls, here, who would love little Bluebell to bits.

  421. megan Avatar

    she is delightful! love!

  422. Amy R Avatar
    Amy R

    love her!!!

  423. Cheryl Avatar

    Bluebell is precious regardless of her imperfection! If I were to win her, I would donate her for auction to help raise money for the American Cancer Society to aid in finding a cure for childhood cancer in honor of my friend Tammy’s sweet child Breezy’s memory!

  424. Hannah Avatar

    Hi! I would love her to be my little girl’s best friend. Please let it be us! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  425. Nicole Romeo Avatar
    Nicole Romeo

    Love at first sight!!

  426. Jenny Acs Avatar
    Jenny Acs

    She is gorgeous! My daughter loves blue and would be absolutely head over heels in love <3 hope we win her!!

  427. Meghann Avatar

    I’d love to have her for my 20 month old!

  428. Melissa H. Avatar
    Melissa H.

    a blue boo-boo girl, woo-woo!!! send her over.

  429. Susana Avatar

    Thanks – she’s got the sweetest face!!

  430. Bernardete Avatar

    Would love her for my daughter’s upcoming second birthday!

  431. Barbara H. Avatar
    Barbara H.

    Eeeep! Bluebell is gorgy! Would loooove a chance at her! Thanks!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  432. Lynn Avatar

    I love the gorgeous blue hair and eyes. Her freckles are so adorable! My little boy would love to give her a home.

  433. Ang w Avatar
    Ang w

    Love her! Her hair reminds me of our vacations at the ocean. Makes me smile to think of the kids playing inthe water. I’d love the opportuniy to have that constant reminder around ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks so much foranother generous giveaway!

  434. Lindsay Avatar

    Oh, if we could be so lucky….

  435. Kimberly Sullivan Avatar

    Would love a blue girl, so much.


  436. Lisamichelle Avatar

    My Bluebell lies over the ocean, my Bluebell lies over the sea Now Bluebell needs to come live with me!

  437. Cathy Avatar

    We would be thrilled to give her a home!!!

  438. jen Avatar

    She is super sweet. She would be our very first! *fingers crossed*

  439. Rebecca Churchwell Avatar
    Rebecca Churchwell

    Love her!

  440. Jennifer W. Avatar
    Jennifer W.

    Bluebell is SO GORGEOUS!!!! PLEASE send her to my blue eye girl!!!

  441. Jennifer O. Avatar
    Jennifer O.

    I love her!

  442. Melissa Avatar

    We would love her.

  443. KateyC Avatar

    Dear Bluebell, I have had four brain surgeries and plenty of scars to go with them but I promise if you get to come live with us my little girl won’t even notice your “owie”. (that’s what she calls mine) and will take extra special care of you just like she does her mommy!!

  444. Doug Avatar

    I know sweet little girl who would treasure her.

  445. Lexi Avatar

    She is so cute and would be very well loved in our house!

  446. Brenda Avatar

    She is precious!

  447. Cindy Avatar

    She is just lovely!! She would be one loved baby in this household!!

  448. Vivienne A. Avatar
    Vivienne A.

    Oh Bluebell! We will give you so much love! ๐Ÿ™‚

  449. Katie McLean Avatar
    Katie McLean

    I love her!

  450. Summer Avatar

    We would love to give bluebell a home : )

  451. Michelle Hooker Avatar
    Michelle Hooker

    Super Cute!! She would be perfect for my daughter Pimsy >.<

  452. Tanya Avatar

    She’s so beautiful!! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  453. Kirsten Avatar

    Bluebell is most welcome to come live with us!

  454. Genny Avatar

    Love her! She can come and be loved by us! : )

  455. regan Avatar

    beautiful <3

  456. Jennifer Avatar

    She is so gorgeous! I love the blue hair.. she would be well taken care of! just in time for my baby girl’s second birthday!

  457. Theresa Melodick Avatar

    Super cutie!!! I need some luck soon!

  458. Ryan Avatar

    Would love to get this doll for my youngest daughter…she would love it!!!

  459. Suzanne Avatar

    We would love this little blue haired beauty in our home! ๐Ÿ™‚

  460. Christia Avatar

    Your dolls are absolutely amazing! I would love to get her!

  461. AmyE Avatar

    She is a dream! Thanks for the chance!

  462. tara Avatar

    I know a sweet little girl who would be happy to give her a forever home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  463. Amanda Avatar

    I love her sweet blue eyes. I’d love her for my baby girl!

  464. Lacey Heath Avatar
    Lacey Heath

    Oh! Blue is our little one’s favorite color, and in fact, she says that everything is blue (even when things are red or orange or pink). We would love her and love her and love her some more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  465. Kira Avatar

    Bluebell is so sweet. Just like the icecream! hehe

  466. Jessica Avatar

    pick me! pick me! my kids would love that doll. it is so cute!!!

  467. Krista Avatar

    She is a cutie!!!

  468. Carly Avatar

    Aww bluebell is just Devine and my 4 daughters would love to welcome her to Australia!!! We don’t own a bambo and would live to show her the “lucky country”.
    Thanks so much for the chance. Xx

  469. Eve Adkins Avatar
    Eve Adkins

    Love her hair and the name…:)

  470. Jennifer F Avatar
    Jennifer F

    my baby girl was just born on the 7th — we would love to have bluebell for her

  471. Amy T Avatar
    Amy T

    What a sweet girl! I love the bright blue eyes to match her hair!

  472. Danielle B Avatar
    Danielle B

    I’d be stoked to be able to BUY Bluebell – let alone win her!!!! Absolutely gorgeous and those freckles make me gasp!

  473. Lindsay Avatar

    What a pretty little one! We’d love to have her join our family!

  474. Lesley wheeler Avatar
    Lesley wheeler

    My daughter would love her! Bluebell….your friends Melinda and Pearla are here waiting for ya! Thanks so much for the chance! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  475. Heather K. Avatar
    Heather K.

    She’s beautiful! We would really, really love her!

  476. April O. Avatar
    April O.

    She would be perfectly priceless to us! ;D

  477. Erica Avatar

    snipped, eh? she looks fine in this pic!

  478. Natasha Avatar

    We’d love to be her forever family. My daughter would make the perfect little mommy for her.

  479. Cheryl Mulder Avatar
    Cheryl Mulder

    Woohoo a giveaway! Some sweet girls and a sweet boy in this house would have a lot of love to share with Bluebell should we be lucky enough to win.

  480. Sandra Avatar

    We would love to give Bluebell a home!

  481. jacqueline Avatar

    She’s just lovely!

  482. Isabel Avatar

    Bluebell would be happy with us!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  483. Lauren W Avatar
    Lauren W

    You guys are amazing! And she is, of course, absolutely adorable! ๐Ÿ™‚

  484. Michelle Avatar

    My daughter would love to look after Bluebell. ๐Ÿ˜€

  485. Irene Avatar

    Bluebell is gorgeous!!!

  486. Terra Avatar

    I LOVE her blue hair!!!!!

  487. Cindy Avatar

    I love her! Forget that my daughter’s birthday is in a couple of weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  488. Denise Avatar

    Aw… we’d love to take care of her and give her a special home!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  489. Lisa Avatar

    She’s gorgeous!

  490. Victoria Champion Avatar
    Victoria Champion

    My niece (as well as my mother) is an adopted baby, and there is nothing better than adopting a new loved one into the family. It would be so great to give my niece Kayla a new baby to adopt to her family! I also have several other aunties to compete with, and having this baby bluebell would surely give me the edge for favorite auntie!!! I know there’s a lot of people to choose from but please consider this aunt who hardly gets to see her niece since I live out of state.

  491. Casey Avatar

    Enter me, please!

  492. Penelope Haynes Avatar
    Penelope Haynes

    I would love for her to come live with me

  493. Laurie Avatar

    We would love her so much and she is meant to be it seems for us since I will be wearing blue this very day she haas been posted at 8 am for colon cancer in an 8 mile walk with my daughters and little granddaughters with over 100 people. We would give her a great home and love her so much.

  494. Tracy Avatar

    We would love a chance to win her!

  495. Catherine Avatar

    So sweet. She’d be a great 1st Bambo for our family.

  496. Georgie Avatar

    She is just adorable!

  497. Rochelle Poelke Avatar
    Rochelle Poelke

    What a sweet face ! I have a 2 year old daughter that would be over joyed to give her a loving home. Pick us please !!!

  498. Rei Tsou-Pfund Avatar

    She is perfect the way she is. Her imperfection makes her unique. I know my mom would love her as she had her surgery not long ago. She will be perfect for my mom as I know she will most definitely cheer her up! THank you so much for the chance! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  499. ValerieJean Avatar

    Enter my name in for the drawing! She’s a cutie! Thanks

  500. jessandbrent Avatar

    We would LOVE to give Bluebell a new home! She is absolutely beautiful!

  501. Kylie H Avatar
    Kylie H

    She’s beautiful (as always) xx

  502. Jamie C Avatar
    Jamie C

    She is completely beautiful… imperfections make her perfect.

  503. Jenny Avatar

    My little girl was drawing bluebells today. I wonder if it was a sign….?

  504. Lauren Avatar

    Would love to be entered, thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  505. Rebecca Harvey Avatar
    Rebecca Harvey

    Please come and live with us Bluebell. We will love you forever.

  506. Anna Avatar

    Poor Bluebell! She’s just lovely with her blue hair.

  507. Yamie Avatar

    Bluebell with a boo boo. We would love to have you!

  508. jennyo Avatar

    She has the sweetest face and freckles! Love her matching blue hair and eyes.

  509. Andrea Avatar

    She’s gorgeous! We will provide her a loving family and home. . .

  510. Tuan Avatar

    She’ll find a loving home with my niece.

  511. Ida Avatar

    oooh! my girls would LOVE her!!!

  512. Michelle Avatar

    We’ll love her!!!

  513. Dawn Avatar

    Bluebell would make the perfect addition to our family. I have been blessed with 5 children so I can guarantee her love, hugs and tons f memories. My girls favorite color is blue and 3 of my children have the brightest blue eyes, just like Bluebell. 3 of my children have upcoming birthdays and with 1 income (due o the birth of our special needs baby) we could really use her as a gift to the girls. I really hope she can find her way into our lives.

  514. Leeann murray Avatar
    Leeann murray

    Thank you so much for the chance to win…she is amazing and you are amazing!

  515. Katie Gerber Avatar
    Katie Gerber

    How exciting a ‘blue’ golden ticket!
    One of my kids has had a few snips here and there so bluebell would feel very at home with us.
    All six of us have blue eyes and freckles too.

  516. laura d Avatar
    laura d

    You are such an amazing woman and I’m so happy to see that you’ve grown your business on you own terms. We would I’ve Blueell a wonderful home

  517. Suzi Avatar

    She is gorgeous

  518. Jessica Avatar

    She is so cute! The blue hair is gorgeous! Thank you for the opportunity!

  519. Kjristi Avatar

    I love her blue hair and eyes!

  520. charlotte's doll Avatar
    charlotte’s doll

    wow, she’s really cute… might keep her for myself if we actually get her.. would be our first bamboletta but we’ve been cuddling our friend’s (simi) two gorgeous bamboletta dolls in the meantime ;o)

  521. Samantha Avatar

    Oh wow, she is just the most precious little doll. <3

  522. Jessica Avatar

    Adorable! I love the freckles. We would gladly give Bluebell a wonderful home.

  523. celine Avatar

    thanks for your generosity ๐Ÿ™‚

  524. Wendy Avatar

    Yes please ๐Ÿ™‚

  525. Michelle F. Avatar
    Michelle F.

    Wonderful and amazing as always!

  526. simi Avatar

    she is the sweetest thing-we would just adore her..

  527. Sarah C Avatar
    Sarah C

    She is just adorable with her sweet blue hair. We’d love to bring her home!

  528. liz Avatar

    love her!!

  529. cheryl Avatar

    Noah just said we need a doll with blue hair, She would be perfect! Thanks for the opportunity Christina ๐Ÿ™‚

  530. Kelly Avatar

    love her!

  531. Kim Wolke Avatar
    Kim Wolke

    Bluebell would be PERFECT for my daughter to have as her “baby” as we’re expecting a baby girl in Sept. LOVE her color!

  532. Stephanie Cox Avatar
    Stephanie Cox

    We would LOVE to have her in our home!

  533. Jaime Avatar

    Enter me please! Would love to give Bluebell a good home!

  534. Heather Johnson Avatar
    Heather Johnson

    What a beauty!

  535. Jessica G. Avatar
    Jessica G.

    Oh my gosh! Shes adorable! We’d love to have her come live with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  536. Emily Edwards Avatar
    Emily Edwards

    She is just gorgeous!

  537. JulieY Avatar

    We would love Bluebell. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  538. Victoria Avatar

    We would take loving care of her! She would be a doll to love, to dance around with in the garden! Then tuck away safely in bed at night!

  539. Bonnie Moore Avatar
    Bonnie Moore

    She’s a cutie – I have the perfect “daddy” in mind for her!

  540. Amy G Avatar
    Amy G

    No, YOU are the best! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  541. Dawn McKeel Avatar
    Dawn McKeel

    Love those freckles ๐Ÿ™‚

  542. Brenda Carpenter Avatar
    Brenda Carpenter

    She is adorable! My granddaughter would love her!

  543. jen willard Avatar
    jen willard

    Freckles!!! I love her!

  544. michelle.c Avatar

    We would love to give bluebell a home. A princess with freckles. Thanks for the opportunity!

  545. Laura Muzinic Avatar
    Laura Muzinic

    She is adorable!!!! We would love to be entered! Thank you!

  546. abby Avatar

    love her!

  547. Brie Avatar

    So wonderful! What a wonderful summer treat! Thanks for the chance to win!

  548. Jennie H Avatar
    Jennie H

    Please! I love her blue hair!! Amazing!!

  549. Sandi Howard Avatar
    Sandi Howard

    We would love to give her a home. She is beautiful.

  550. Allison Avatar

    love her!

  551. Melodie Avatar

    She is perfect for my little girl!!!!

  552. Dee Avatar

    Love her

  553. Abby Avatar

    What a gorgeous lady! We would love to welcome her home!

  554. Jenna Avatar

    What a cutie, I can’t imagine she’s a mistake ๐Ÿ˜‰

  555. Lily Avatar

    I love it I want it!

  556. shara Avatar

    We would love a little sister doll for our impending arrival!

  557. Colleen Avatar

    We will take good care of her!!!

  558. Jenny Hay Avatar
    Jenny Hay

    We would love to have this little blue haired beauty come and live at our house.

  559. Julie Avatar

    She is beautiful, we would love to look after her!

  560. Jill K Avatar
    Jill K

    A little girly would LOVE Bluebell to come to Calgary!

  561. Bonnie Nassau Avatar
    Bonnie Nassau

    She’s cute and would love it here in VA.

  562. Meghan Avatar

    Love her hair and freckles!

  563. Starr Avatar

    Love her! She is perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

  564. Lindsay Avatar

    Love her!!

  565. Heidi Avatar

    Bluebell is just darling! I love freckles! Reminds me of when I was a little girl. Would love to give her a loving home!

  566. Chris Avatar

    She is so cute!!!!!

  567. gena Avatar

    Love her!!!