June Needs a New Home!


June here needs a new home – isn’t she just such a cutie? She is wearing a cute dress designed by Julie over at  ZoZoBugBaby. To enter all you need to do is leave a comment on this blog (don’t leave a comment by clicking the picture) . One entry per person please with a maximum of 2 entries per household. Contest closes on Wednesday August 4th at 8pm PDT (11pm EDT) and the winner will be contacted by me via email. Winner is selected via random number generator. Contest includes shipping!  Good Luck!

As a side note – thank you so much ladies for the awesome – ness of you all during this last round of custom dolls! Really! It’s gone so smoothly and the way everyone is helping eachother out over on Facebook is incredible. What a sweet and amazing little Bamboletta community we have! I swear – as soon as I’m able to and can we’ll have a get together – we’ll all bring our dolls and meet in real life – you gals rock!







1,213 responses to “June Needs a New Home!”

  1. Casey Avatar

    Oh my goodness. I literally got a lump in my throat seeing her!!!

  2. Lori Robison Avatar

    Oh how I would love to win this doll for my little girl! She is also a redhead and is currently sick with roseola so I know it would make her feel much better to have such a cute baby to cuddle with!

  3. Charles Avatar

    My wife would love this doll, hope I can help win it for her.

  4. Kristina S Avatar
    Kristina S

    so so so so so cute!!!! I have a crush on June!!!!

  5. Jen. Avatar

    Oh, how sweet. I don’t know what I adore most — the green eyes or those delicate freckles!

  6. Elizabeth Avatar

    beautiful dress. Wow- I love her hair too.

  7. Stephanie Avatar

    She is just lovely!

  8. serena Avatar

    She is sooo adorable!!!

  9. Holly Avatar

    Love her!!

  10. Amy Baske Avatar
    Amy Baske

    Oh goodness she is so pretty! We would love to give her a new home 🙂

  11. Jolene Avatar

    June would be loved by 3 girls at our house!

  12. Lisa Avatar

    She’s adorable!

  13. Misha Avatar

    Oh she looks so much like how I imagine my daughter will look when she’s a bit older. Those freckles… that hair… those eyes! LOVE!

  14. Lisa Avatar

    She’s just lovely! And her hair is such a fun color.

  15. Teresa Avatar

    Such a cute doll. My dd would love this.

  16. Rebecca Avatar

    Love her (and her sylin’ Zozo dress!) Please come to live with us!

  17. Bj Ketterman Avatar
    Bj Ketterman

    June can come live with us. 🙂

  18. Rebecca Avatar

    I don’t have a chance, but she is too cute not to try!

  19. kim Avatar

    Oh she’s SO cute!!!!!

  20. Amy Avatar

    So cute! I love her hair.

  21. Candice H. Avatar

    She is so adorable!

  22. jennJK Avatar

    🙂 she’s a cutie!!!
    thank you!

  23. Kat Avatar

    She’s a GORGEOUS doll! Today is our youngest’s 1st birthday so both my husband and I will be casting our comment on her behalf! 🙂 All your dolls are beautiful and any child would be blessed to have one as their little friend!

  24. Cheryl Avatar

    She is beautiful! I love her green eyes!

  25. Tanya O. Avatar
    Tanya O.

    What a little beauty!

  26. Hannah Avatar

    How wonderful! Want her to live with us 🙂

  27. Christina A Avatar
    Christina A


  28. Felicia Avatar

    Beautiful! Love those freckles!

  29. Meredith Klobucnik Avatar
    Meredith Klobucnik

    Oh she is GORGEOUS and I love her pretty dress, thanks for having a giveaway!

  30. Hilary Avatar

    So pretty! Thanks for your hardwork and generosity…and to John, your family and all the sewing Mamas!

  31. Peter Avatar

    The girls would love her.

  32. Sara Avatar

    Absolutely adorable! <3 Redheads!

  33. Mary Avatar

    Oh my goodness!!! I have two boys [whom I love with all my heart] and June would make the most perfect little daughter! I want her!!

  34. Lucas Avatar

    She is so cute!

  35. Jessi Woods Avatar
    Jessi Woods

    Adorable, as always:) I just want to squeeze her:)

  36. Amy Avatar

    She is adorable!! Thanks for all you guys do!!!

  37. Evette Avatar

    I cannot resist the red-heads! She’s gorgeous! Thanks for the chance!

  38. Jennifer Avatar

    I’d love to give her a home she is so pretty!

  39. Lori M Shomphe Avatar
    Lori M Shomphe

    eeep…a redhead would be the perfect addition to our bambo family

  40. Aaron Johnson Avatar
    Aaron Johnson

    My daughter and my wife would love this!

  41. Kim Avatar

    LOVE her! She’s my favorite giveaway yet! <3

  42. emily Avatar

    love her with pink, puffy hearts!!!

  43. Chelsie Avatar

    Awww I love her! Thanks for the giveaway, one lucky winner is going to be so happy!

  44. Ashley Avatar

    Very sweet!

  45. Ali B. Avatar

    My daughter is turning 2 next week, she would LOVE this doll! It has crazy hair just like she does, haha. Also, it will give me that much more incentive to buy a zozobug dress for her to match! 😉

  46. Joe Avatar

    she is so cute!

  47. Dave Avatar

    Know my wife would love her and it would make me feel good to see “jump for joy”

  48. Sundee Avatar

    I would absolutely love to have this little girl – for MYSELF!! Her name is my middle name (I was born on a Sunday in June).

    What sweet little freckles.

  49. Jennifer G Avatar
    Jennifer G

    We would love her here at our house, love her eyes.

  50. Christine Avatar

    She is just soo pretty! Love the dress too!

  51. Jennifer Avatar

    Oh she is so cute! My daughter would have such a great time playing with her!

  52. Rebecca Avatar

    So adorable! And love that dress! Thanks for having a giveaway!

  53. Kim Ihle Avatar
    Kim Ihle

    So cute!! I would love to have her for my little redhead!!

  54. Laura D. Avatar
    Laura D.

    She is so cute. My daughter would love her. I can’t wait to be able to buy her one of your dolls.

  55. Samantha Martin Avatar

    She is just perfection! Green eyes, strawberry blonde hair and freckles…SWOON! <3

  56. nikki Avatar

    i absolutely LOVE june! her hair is amazing!

  57. Lindsay Avatar

    She is adorable! I’ve been stalking your website, hoping for our very first bambo! Maybe we’ll be lucky!

  58. Kirsten Avatar

    She is just the cutest!

  59. Cara Avatar

    She is darling!!!!!

  60. Megan Avatar

    I would love her! 🙂

  61. Jennifer Wiggins Avatar

    YAY!!!!!!! I soooo want one of your dolls and I would do almost anything for a ZZ!

  62. Amber Levinson Avatar
    Amber Levinson

    Wow! She is gorgeous! What a great giveaway, you are very generous!

  63. Monica Avatar

    Well I hope all of us bambo-less mommas can join in your get together as well! lol She is beautiful! I would love to give her a home!

  64. Dan Avatar

    She is so cute and my daughter and wife would love her!

  65. Kim Avatar

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! She is soooo cute , and Zozo dress is amazing, Littel Miss June looks just like my “Jadyn” , she is my middle daughter , I am very glad to have this oppertunity to enter to win “Miss June”

  66. Kellie Avatar

    June would be a well loved member of our household if she were to come live with us.

  67. Shannon Avatar

    June is just lovely!

  68. Erika Davison Avatar
    Erika Davison

    Oh I would love for June to come live with us. I am patiently waiting for the time a Bambo finally lives with us.

  69. Jodi Haselden Avatar
    Jodi Haselden

    We would love to give June a forever home!!!

  70. Casey Arenberg Avatar
    Casey Arenberg

    I just love the hair!

  71. Cassandra Avatar

    ♥‿♥ She couldn’t be more perfect! A sweetie for sure with red hair and green eyes!
    √v^√v^√♥ Swoon….in love!
    ✿♥‿♥✿Freckles I cannot get enough of and the outfit is soooo perfect for her!
    ஜ۩۞۩ஜ THANK YOU TEAM BAMBO ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

  72. moirae Avatar

    June can come down to live in Oregon any time!

    My daughter is one and would love a bamboletta doll.

  73. Tina Avatar

    She is lovely!!! Her freckles are adorable! 🙂

  74. rachael Avatar

    she is such a sweetie!

  75. Catherine Avatar

    Very Cute! Great hair!

  76. Jesse H. Avatar
    Jesse H.

    June’s hair is so awesome! My nieces will love her!

  77. Lindsay Avatar

    Too adorable not to comment…LOVE LOVE the dress! She is beautiful, just like all your dolls!

  78. Linda Avatar

    Lil’ Junebug! What gorgeous green eyes you have. I know a little girl that would be your best friend!

  79. Carrieanne Avatar

    OMG she is beautiful, I LOVE that face, and the dress is fab as well!!

  80. Steph Avatar

    Would love to give her a new home….

  81. Shelly Avatar

    I love those carrot-tops!!!

  82. Shelby Avatar

    My 4 year old just informed me that if she had that doll she would love it forever! So here’s hoping I’m the lucky number on the random job. Beautiful doll!!

  83. Lindsay Avatar

    We would love to give this gorgeous girl a home! Love her name, love her hair, love her dress! And we love you!

  84. becky Avatar

    she is lovely! thank you very much for the chance 🙂

  85. Jennifer I. Avatar
    Jennifer I.

    I have a darling niece who would love to be June’s mommy 🙂

  86. Renate Avatar

    What an amazing doll… Thanks for the great giveaway!

  87. Jenn A Avatar
    Jenn A


  88. Tia McFarlane Avatar
    Tia McFarlane

    A perfect combination of Bambo Bug Baby cuteness!!!

  89. Johanna S. Avatar
    Johanna S.

    She is adorable!

  90. Thea Avatar

    Beautiful doll….I know a little girl who would just love her!

  91. Rebecca Avatar

    She would be a perfect addition in our home, shes so cute!

  92. Vanessa Avatar

    Love, love, love her!!!!!!!!

  93. Lisa Dryden Avatar
    Lisa Dryden

    She would be perfect for my little girl, a sister to my older daughters bamboletta Callie

  94. Elaine Avatar

    She is absolutely adorable!!!!!

  95. celine Avatar

    super cute!!! 🙂

  96. Nicole Avatar

    Wow another amazing doll would love to bring her home as our first Bambolleta.

  97. Carol Avatar

    Thanks for the opportunity

  98. Vivienne Avatar

    So adorable! Love her expression, and her rockin’ dress! Thanks for all that you & your crew do! 🙂

  99. Jonathan Avatar

    I’m a man who loves redheads. We’d love to welcome a third redhead (after my wife and daughter) into the family.

  100. Todd B. Avatar
    Todd B.

    Rad redhead.

  101. Patrick Avatar

    I have two little girls who would make great mommies June! Thanks!

  102. Carol Avatar

    Thanks for the opportunity. She’s lovely. Carol

  103. Katie B. Avatar
    Katie B.

    Um, looooooove. <3

  104. Kristen Avatar

    I know a little redhead who would love to meet June!

  105. Marty Avatar

    My little girl would love this!

  106. Wendy Avatar

    She is adorable – love those freckles!

  107. Kobi Avatar

    I would looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to have this doll pleasssee

  108. ZCMM Avatar

    She is fabulous!!!

  109. Jon K. Avatar
    Jon K.

    That is a really cute, doll!

  110. Melissa Avatar

    Oh she is precious!! She needs to find her way here. 🙂

  111. Jennifer Avatar

    LOVE HER HAIR!! She is beautiful – my daughter (and me!) would just love her.
    Great Job C!

  112. Danita B Avatar

    Oh gosh…she is my absolute favorite that I’ve EVER seen here. We would love for her to come to our home. My son thinks she’s “purty!” And she would be our first Bamboletta.

  113. Angela Avatar

    I do my dream shopping on this site and ZOZO. I would love to have her!!

  114. Valerie Avatar

    June is gorgeous and would love the redheads here at our house 🙂

  115. Ona Avatar


  116. jenka Avatar

    I love her. Her freckles are so cute:)

  117. JulieR Avatar


  118. Jennifer Avatar

    Beautiful! I want one for my little Kayla!

  119. Kim C Avatar
    Kim C

    We would love for June to come and live with us! She is precious!

  120. Jason Avatar

    My daughter would love her!

  121. Greg Avatar

    June for our June Bug dd. 🙂

  122. Jenny Avatar

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. She is sooooooo beautiful! She would be an awesome beginning to our Bamboletta adventure, since we have never been able to buy one.

  123. Nik Avatar

    My baby girl would love to love June!

  124. Liliana Avatar

    oh, she is so adorable, my 2 girls would love to take care of her, and her name is adorable, one of my girls b-day is in June.

  125. Chris Avatar

    love the freckles!

  126. Angela Avatar

    She’s ADORABLE 🙂

  127. Charlie Avatar

    too cute!

  128. Melissa Scala Avatar
    Melissa Scala

    We’d love to have her at our house!!

  129. Maria Avatar

    oh how sweet! we’d love her!

  130. carrie Avatar

    she is precious. love the name june. it’s on my baby name list 😉

  131. Trisha Avatar

    love these dolls.my daughter needs one!

  132. Wesley Bracewell Avatar
    Wesley Bracewell

    LOVE to win this for my baby girl!

  133. Jenny Avatar

    So lovely, she would make my daughter so happy 🙂

  134. Jennifer M Avatar
    Jennifer M

    Such a lovely girl!

  135. Danielle Avatar

    She is so cute!!! I just love her and her dress! Can she go home with me puhleeeeez! 🙂 Actually, whoever she goes home with, will be a super happy momma! or papa!

  136. Jennie Avatar

    I adore her hair – the color especially.

  137. Curtis Avatar

    My wife and daughter would love to win this doll!

  138. Shari Avatar

    All the bambos are adorable. Haven’t been able to get one yet… thanks for giving this opportunity!

  139. Regan B Avatar
    Regan B

    what a beautiful little girl…june is such a great name!

  140. WE Avatar

    She’s trendy and cute!
    Love to have her for my daughter!

  141. Sonya Avatar

    So so cute!!!! My daughter would love her!

  142. Sascha Avatar

    Oh my gosh she is beautiful. I would lover her!

  143. Carey Avatar

    Oh my, look at that hair! She is wonderful 😀

  144. Kristi Avatar

    Such a cutie! My daughter would love her!

  145. Phil Avatar

    My wife and daughter would love her. Even I think she is pretty cute.

  146. genia Avatar

    Oh my she is a sweet thang:-)

  147. Sarah Avatar

    She is so cute.

  148. Nathalie Stringer Avatar
    Nathalie Stringer

    I know two little girls who would become fast friends with June. She is adorable- like the rest of her Bambo sister/friends!

  149. ruth Avatar

    noni (grandma) needs one at her house for grandkids to play with when they come to visit and can’t bring their dollies!!

  150. Shayne Ostrowski Avatar
    Shayne Ostrowski

    MUST have her!!!! She is adorable!!!!

  151. Cara Avatar

    She is a beauty. Would love to have her live here with my daughter Lila :o)

  152. Trisha D Avatar

    What a fantastic doll! I love her hair color and the bright colors of the dress!

  153. Sarah Avatar

    SHe is super sweet! Love zozo too!

  154. Rachellee Jones Avatar
    Rachellee Jones

    She is so beautiful! We’d love hug on her:)

  155. Francis Rose and Adèle Avatar
    Francis Rose and Adèle

    She is very cute. We love her dress.

  156. Crystal Avatar

    Love, love, LOVE the dress. Her green eyes are gorgeous!

  157. Kate Avatar

    What a magical doll, thanks for a chance to win! It would be a dream come true!!

  158. amanda Avatar

    my redheaded little boy would love you, june!

  159. gena Avatar

    love her!!! would love to have her!

  160. Shana Avatar

    She is beautiful, would love to have her!

  161. Amy Craft Avatar
    Amy Craft

    She is absolutely adorable. I know my daughter would LOVE to give her a new home 🙂

  162. Kim Avatar

    So cute!

  163. Julie Avatar

    We so love Bambos and would love to give her a new home

  164. Laura Avatar

    We would love her. She’s beautiful!

  165. Tony L. Avatar
    Tony L.

    My daughter would love her! thanks for the giveaway.

  166. Tabitha Frohardt-Johnson Avatar

    I would LOVE to win this for my littlest girl Brooke! She even has the matching Posey dress from ZozoBugBaby!! My fingers are crossed. 🙂

  167. Melinda Avatar

    What a cutie! Thanks for this opportunity!

  168. Marissa Avatar

    She is so cute!! I definitely know some little girls who would love to be her mama

  169. Josh Avatar

    What a gorgeous doll! We’d love her.

  170. Jayme L. Avatar
    Jayme L.

    She is adorable, I love everything about her!

  171. Reagan Avatar

    She’s beautiful!!!

  172. Geneviève Avatar

    She’s so cute!! I know my daughter would love her!!

  173. Amanda Avatar

    She is lovely and is stunning in her ZoZo!

  174. Gardia Avatar

    She is lovely! I would love her for my grandaughter, thats if I could let her leave our home.

  175. Diane Avatar

    My granddaughter turns 1 on August 4th. It would be great to bring this beautiful doll home.

  176. Anne Avatar

    LOVE! We would love to give her a home! She is a cutie!

  177. Teryn Avatar

    Oh, we love her! What a sweetie!

  178. Hali Frohardt Avatar
    Hali Frohardt

    She’s adorable! My baby sister would LOVE her!

  179. Erin Avatar

    She is beautiful. Good luck everyone!

  180. Rachel Avatar

    Ooooo, this is so exciting! She’s adorable! I’m a sucker for the sweet freckled faces! 🙂

  181. Sabrina Avatar

    love! And my daughter has this very dress 🙂

  182. Brie Avatar

    Oh she is just precious! I love all the new Zozo outfits. I know June would fit in perfectly at our house 🙂

  183. Jeannine Avatar

    Love her, Christina – she’s a beauty!

  184. CarrieB Avatar

    She is so cute!! Thank you for such a generous giveway!

  185. Felicia Avatar

    She’s fantastic! My daughter, August, would love to take care of June 🙂

  186. Evelyn Clementine - Age 1 Avatar
    Evelyn Clementine – Age 1

    She would fit in my arms perfectly 🙂

  187. Lea T Avatar
    Lea T

    Oh, I loved her when you posted her first preview pic and I didn’t know she was the giveaway doll! She’s dreamy!!

  188. Laura M Avatar
    Laura M

    Love all your dolls. You are so talented and sweet. 🙂

  189. Joe Avatar

    I know my daughter (and wife) would love her.

  190. Sara Avatar

    she is beautiful!! thank you for still making time to have giveaway dolls in the busy-ness of you business!! my daughter would be so excited to have her join our family!!

  191. Natalie Mitchell Avatar
    Natalie Mitchell

    My daughter would adore June. She
    does not have a Bambo but would love one!

  192. Naomi Avatar

    Love her orange hair!!! Very cute for my little girl.

  193. Joni Avatar

    squeeel! so cute!!!

  194. Christina Avatar

    My 6 year old would just love her!! those freckles and that hair! So cute! Zozo and your bambolettas are a good match!!;)

  195. victoria Avatar

    that dress is to die for! sooo cute! love it

  196. Connie Avatar

    We would love to have June for our granddaughter

  197. janine Avatar

    Oh…she makes my heart skip a beat!

  198. Devin Avatar

    Love, love, love her! Thank you for the chance!

  199. Melissa Avatar

    OMG!!! Love her, she is soooo cute!! I wish I would get lucky this time!

  200. Chere Avatar

    Such a sweet doll

  201. Annie Avatar

    My daughter would be in complete bliss!!!

  202. Diana Avatar

    I love her freckles!!!! She’s adorable.

  203. Lisa Cavaliere Avatar
    Lisa Cavaliere

    OMG she is TOOOOOOO darn cute!!!! Looks kinda like my cousin back home in KY. Love her hair!! Hope I can win her for my daughter!

  204. Audra Costello Avatar
    Audra Costello

    You’re such a cutie, you dolly named June. If the Costellos won you, we’d be over the moon.

  205. sheena Avatar

    she is a beauty!

  206. Danyelle Avatar

    How sweet of you!!! She is so beautiful! I would love to have her for my sweet baby girl!

  207. Prairie Girl Avatar

    I was just talking to my Dad this morning about finding a special doll for my second daughter. I’d say this fits the bill beautifully. We would be so lucky 🙂

  208. Theresa Avatar

    I would love to get this doll and give it to the mom with the special needs child. I can take care of the shipping to the mom if you like. The doll is gorgeous.

  209. Cody Avatar

    My daughter would love to have June.

  210. Vivian Daly Avatar
    Vivian Daly

    Wow, she is adorable. Would love a chance. Thank you so much!

  211. MariaH Avatar

    She is sunshine on a cloudy day! Beautiful!

  212. Joanna Avatar

    Could she be any cuter? PICK ME PICK ME!!!!

  213. Heather Avatar

    We love your freckles, June!

  214. Kimberly Avatar

    June please come live with me!! <3

  215. Sandra Troche Avatar
    Sandra Troche

    She’s a adorable! Betcha she makes the birds sing…

  216. Ellie North Avatar

    June is my birth month….I would love her. She even looks like me 🙂

  217. Sharon Tachenko Avatar
    Sharon Tachenko

    Would love to win this cutie for my tiny mommy granddaughter!

  218. Anne Avatar

    We would love to make June a part of our family : )

  219. Addison Avatar

    Beautiful!! Love the hair!!

  220. Ana Ramos Avatar
    Ana Ramos

    Christina, we are all grateful that you decided to share your talent with us. June is a beauty and I am sure she would love to come home with us!

  221. Cristen S Avatar
    Cristen S

    Love her! How nice of you!

  222. Jeanette Avatar

    Oh, I know a perfect little girl who would love her…she just made a bog international move and needs some new friends:)

  223. Kim Avatar

    So sweet. Love Her!!!

  224. Tiffany Underwood Avatar
    Tiffany Underwood

    My daughter would adore her!!!

  225. Beth Avatar

    Oh June is too sweet!

  226. Reese Avatar

    Beautiful doll, her green eyes are my favorite!!

  227. Michelle Avatar

    Shes a cutie!!

  228. Angie Avatar

    We would LOVE to welcome June into our home!!

  229. Audrey Avatar

    I just love her freckles! Hope I win!

  230. Ethan Underwood Avatar
    Ethan Underwood

    My daughter loves dolls! This one would probably get the place of honor at naptime!

  231. Heidi Marineau Avatar

    My birthday’s in June! I’ve never entered before. Hope I win her!

  232. Melissa Avatar

    Thanks for the chance!

  233. Zak Avatar

    Our daughter would be more than thrilled to have this beautiful doll…

  234. Melissa R Avatar
    Melissa R

    I would love to win June for my daughter.

  235. Vicki Avatar

    We’ve never been lucky enough to score a Bambo, hope this is our chance!

  236. Jenny Avatar

    She is way too cute! I know my little girl would love her silly.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  237. Aubrey Avatar

    Love her and love you, too! =) Thanks!!! xxoo

  238. marla Avatar

    She’s so cute! Love the freckles!

  239. Tracy Avatar

    She is so adorable- and I love zozobugbaby!

  240. Scott Avatar

    She would be perfect for my little girl. Thanks for the opportunity it is very generous of you!

  241. Linda Avatar

    She is just adorable.. She will make any little girl happy to have as her girl…

  242. Adrienne Avatar

    She is ADORABLE!! 🙂

  243. MelissaR Avatar

    She is such a cutie. My daughter would love her!!!

  244. tracy Avatar

    oops- typed my email wrong I was so excited! anyway, I love this doll and the awesome zozobugbaby dress!

  245. Travis Avatar

    This would be great for my little princess!

  246. Danielle Avatar

    She’s adorable!! I love her little dress, freckles, and her orange hair!!

  247. Kelli W-S Avatar
    Kelli W-S

    June is a cutie. Her outfit is adorable!!!

  248. Erin Avatar

    She would be a sweet companion for my little girl!

  249. Ashley Avatar

    Oh goodness! She is a sweetie! Count me in! =)

  250. Sam Avatar

    Thanks for the chance!

  251. Claudia Duellman Avatar
    Claudia Duellman

    What a sweet doll – my granddaughters would love her.

  252. Alicia Avatar

    Adore her! Beautiful dress!!

  253. Jane Avatar

    She’s practically perfect in every way!

  254. Sharon Avatar

    I have been trying to get one of your dolls for my granddaughter! Sooooo cute!

  255. Ally Avatar

    She will be well taken care of in our home!

  256. andie Avatar

    what an adorable doll!!!

  257. Tina @ Squirrel Acorns Avatar

    June is absolutely gorgeous. I love her hair!

  258. Angela Simpson Avatar
    Angela Simpson

    We would love June to come home to us in august! <3 Her

  259. Melissa T. Avatar
    Melissa T.

    Oh my! She has the sweetest little face!

  260. Marie Avatar

    you make very beautiful dolls, i love them all!!

  261. Dayna Avatar

    Oh my, she is just stunning C! I love her hair, and her dress – oooooh, I’d love to win her! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  262. Florence Avatar

    My great grand daughters would love June! 🙂

  263. Nikki Avatar

    She is sooo cute!!

  264. Catherine Avatar

    How do those redheads always end up looking so wonderfully extra cute?

  265. Olya Avatar

    June just took my breath away… June is a special month for us in many ways, so she would fit right in with the rest of our family 🙂

  266. James Avatar

    My daughter would love her!

  267. d Avatar

    She’s so lovely and the dress is To DIE For!!!

  268. kate Avatar

    Lizzie has that matching zozo dress:)!!!

  269. Sean B Avatar
    Sean B

    I got the home just for her! She will never leave my daughters sight, she has been begging like crazy for this doll.

  270. Jessi Avatar

    LOVE HER and the dress! Would love for her to come and live with us! Thanks for the opportunity!

  271. Eden Avatar

    Gorgeous girl!!! I’m sure whoever she goes to she’ll be vey loved!!! Hehe

  272. Laura Avatar

    She’s so very lovely!

  273. Andy Avatar

    would love to win her for my daughter!

  274. Cindy C. Avatar
    Cindy C.

    Ooh, she’s beautiful! And June is what we’re planning to name our baby-to-be!

  275. Sue Ray Avatar
    Sue Ray

    She is really beautiful! Would love to own her.

  276. Amy Avatar

    She’s a cutie-pie! Love the freckles!

  277. Leah Avatar

    She’s great! fingers are crossed.

  278. erin Avatar

    june is stinkin’ cute…and you, my friend, are the best! xo e.

  279. Aly Kantor Avatar
    Aly Kantor

    Oh, I’d love it if this stylish girl came to join our Bambo family! Thanks for doing this! She’s lovely!

  280. Jeff Ray Avatar
    Jeff Ray

    Wow, my granddaughter would really love this. Hope to own her.

  281. Amy Avatar

    Love her & am Begging as I type! 🙂

  282. Penny in TX Avatar
    Penny in TX

    Love, love, love the freckles. Feel free to come live here in sunny southeast Texas.

  283. Diane Avatar

    I love your dolls (and so does my daughter and granddaughter)!

  284. mari Avatar

    so sweet! i love her!

  285. Nick Avatar

    Per strict instructions from my wife, I’m adding my name to the pool!

  286. Ann Kilbreath Avatar
    Ann Kilbreath

    I have a thing for orange-red-copper hair. I would be overjoyed to win this doll.

  287. Michelle Piel Avatar
    Michelle Piel

    Love June! She is beautiful!!!

  288. Ray Avatar

    Junie, we have already made space for you here. 🙂

  289. Summer Avatar

    She’s gorgeous!

  290. Alison Avatar

    Oh please! Her name is June, and my birthday is in June, so you have to send her to me! For my little girl (whom we shall call Doodle, because that’s her Internet pseudonym;-)

  291. Bobbi Avatar

    Oh! she is so cute!!!!

  292. Andrea Swan Avatar
    Andrea Swan

    oh my goodness! she is adorable…i love those freckles!!!

  293. Crystal Fulber Avatar
    Crystal Fulber

    June! You would be loved very much here with us! My fingers are crossed. 🙂

  294. Michael Scala Avatar
    Michael Scala

    Adding my name for my wife/daughter!

  295. Rebekah Avatar

    June looks an awful lot like my little 5 year-old.

  296. Theresen Cleversey Avatar
    Theresen Cleversey

    I have always wanted a red haired baby, now it might realy happen

  297. Eryn Avatar

    She is sooo adorable!!

  298. Mindy Avatar

    My little girl would LOVE this beautiful doll!

  299. Sara Avatar

    What a beauty! Come home with me, Junebug!!

  300. Kirsten Avatar

    My mom and I were just looking for a doll for my niece’s first birthday. We couldn’t find one that wasn’t creepy. So glad I found your website! Your dolls are adorable!!

  301. Linda Avatar

    June would love it here in Arizona!!!

  302. Melissa Avatar

    June looks like she is getting ready to hug me! 🙂

  303. Nancy Avatar

    WOW! This is so nice of you! Thanks!

  304. Heidi Avatar

    My youngest daughter’s birthday is in June and she would just love to share her life with little Miss June! You do beautiful work!!

  305. Tara Avatar

    We’ll take her! Thank you for the chance!

  306. Kirsten Wallevand Avatar
    Kirsten Wallevand

    What a cutie! My one-year-old niece would love June! She’s celebrating her birthday this weekend!

  307. christine Avatar

    Oh my goodness!! she is a sweetie! Need some goodluck this way 🙂

  308. Jen Avatar

    I love her hair – she looks quite “mermaid-like”, which would be a big hit around our house!

  309. Sharon Avatar

    I would love this for my daughter!

  310. Mel Avatar

    My daughter would love this!

  311. Carly Avatar

    That red hair is intense! She looks like she’s going to love getting into shenanigans with her lucky new friend…

  312. Don Avatar

    Enter me!

  313. Marissa Avatar

    Oh my goodness! I would love to win her! She is so cute!!!

  314. em Avatar

    adorable!! thanks for the chance!!

  315. Jeff Avatar

    Trying to help out my wife!

  316. Pam Avatar

    Thanks for the giveaway! We would love to win June!

  317. Ron Avatar

    Great doll – would be special to win this for my girls!

  318. Cathy Avatar

    I’ll make sure she gets looked after! June is adorable

  319. Lisa Avatar

    Oh, she is so sweet! I’ve wanted one with cheeto dreds for a looong time! 🙂

  320. Joanna A Avatar
    Joanna A

    Cutest doll ever, love the outfit!

  321. Yvonne Avatar

    I would love to win her for my granddaughter!

  322. Kristen TW Avatar
    Kristen TW

    Just adorable. I know a little someone who would just adore her.

  323. tree Avatar

    She is absolutely gorgeous! Love her hair, and the dress is beautiful. Thank you for the chance!


  324. jenna Avatar

    love ‘dem redheads!

  325. Gina A. Avatar
    Gina A.

    My Granddaughter Blair would love June. She has a doll now that we call “Molly Dolly”, she goes everywhere Blair goes. 🙂 I know she would love June, she’s so bright and cheerful just like Blair.

  326. Katie Ethridge Avatar
    Katie Ethridge

    She’s wonderful! Whoever wins her is quite lucky!!

  327. amy Avatar

    My sweet Lucia turns 6 on Aug. 12th so I am entering for her. SO BEAUTIFUL!

  328. janice rieg Avatar
    janice rieg

    adorable, would so love her!

  329. Carolyn Ellis Avatar
    Carolyn Ellis

    My great granddaughter has a birthday coming up! How devine would this little gal be?

  330. Scott Ethridge Avatar
    Scott Ethridge

    Thanks for the chance.

  331. Cari Avatar

    love! redheads rule 🙂

  332. Di Avatar

    Oh how loved this little one would be! 🙂

  333. Jason Avatar

    What a pretty girl! Hope I can win her for my baby girl!

  334. carey Avatar

    Thanks for the opportunity. She’s amazing -as all your dolls are.

  335. Nicole Avatar

    Gasp! Adorable. Love the dress too.

  336. Tricia Avatar

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I hope we’re the lucky ones!!!! Great work as usual Christina, John & crew!!!

  337. Meghan Schmidt Avatar
    Meghan Schmidt

    Oh oh oh my. She is beautiful. Our daughters middle name is June and her nickname is Junebug!
    She’s only three months now but would just LOVE this beautiful doll

  338. Heather Avatar

    She is perfect. I would love to welcome her into our home.

  339. Stephanie Avatar

    What a cute doll!! My daughter would LOVE her!!

  340. Sara Avatar

    What a beauty! Come home with me Junebug!!

  341. Jenn Avatar

    My little strawberry blonde would love this cute redhead! Thanks for the chance to win!

  342. scott Avatar

    Entering for my wife. Thanks for the giveaway.

  343. Val Malucci Avatar
    Val Malucci

    I love her green eyes and her freckles….too cute. I would love to win this doll for my daughter. She deserves a special sweetiepie.

  344. Lance Avatar

    I would love to win her for my daughter!

  345. Micah Avatar

    My daughters and wife would love her.

  346. Tina Glover Avatar
    Tina Glover

    Is there anything cuter than a red head with green eyes? 🙂

  347. Nathaniel Avatar

    My dd would love her!

  348. Miss Carey Avatar

    June, I love, love, love your hair! 🙂

  349. Jill Avatar

    She is perfect in every way!

  350. Joan Avatar

    June would be perfect for my granddaughters! Thanks!

  351. Paul Avatar

    Our kids would giver her a good home!

  352. Joanna Avatar

    I lover her dress! My daughter would love her.

  353. samantha Avatar

    As always good enough to eat!!

  354. Carlin Avatar

    She’s amazing!

  355. Tonya Avatar

    Cute strawberry blond hair – I have 3 daughters who would love to play with her!

  356. Kali Avatar


  357. Judy Avatar

    Too, too sweet and precious

  358. Alicia Avatar

    Eep! June is so beautiful! This giveaway ends the day before my birthday, so here’s hoping for some birthday wish luck! 🙂

  359. Gina Avatar

    SHe’s lovely!!! We’d LOVE to win her!!!! She’s be our FIRST Bambolette!!!

  360. Elisa Avatar

    Every girl needs one.

  361. Melissa Avatar

    LOVE her, LOVE Bamboletta, LOVE ZoZoBugBaby! I have the worst luck in the world, but maybe this will be my time!

  362. Alexis Berg Avatar
    Alexis Berg

    Oh I love her green eyes!! She is beautiful!!! Thanks so much for this offer!

  363. Jennifer Roach Avatar

    She’s so cute!! I’ve LOVE to give her a home….just in time for my daughter’s first birthday 😉

  364. Sarah Smith Avatar
    Sarah Smith

    Love her!!

  365. Suzannah Avatar

    June would like my house, and my daughter…she’s so lovely!!

  366. Adam Avatar

    we just welcomed our first red-haired little one into the family. June would make a perfect playmate to our red-headed wee one!

  367. Erin Avatar

    She would be right at home at my house…

  368. Danielle Avatar

    June, wouldn’t you love a new home in Hawaii??!! We would love to have you here, my daughter would adore you!

  369. Nancy Avatar

    Oh my! Her hair is the same color as my daughter’s! What a darling creation. We love you, June!

  370. Fawn Avatar

    My daughter would take very good of June.

  371. Matt Avatar

    Entering for my wife. She would be beyond excited if I won for her!

  372. Sharyl Avatar

    We would love to have her, so cute!

  373. Miriam Avatar

    Oh, she is beautiful! My son would love her!

  374. Dawn Kruse Avatar

    Beautiful 🙂

  375. Kristin Avatar

    Love her! I am a sucker for freckles. 😉

  376. Rebecca Avatar

    She’s amazing! I hope she will be able to come live with us. Merida would adore her! Beautiful work!

  377. Adrienne Jack Avatar
    Adrienne Jack

    love her!!!

  378. Rachel Avatar

    Oh I would love to win her for my neice!

  379. Jamie Avatar

    What a kind giveaway! She is beautiful and we would love a chance to win her.

  380. Matt Avatar

    Would love to give my daughters a new sister 🙂

  381. Hillary Avatar

    Maisy would be thrilled to have a sister and it doesn’t hurt that she is ADORBIBLE!!! Thanks C

  382. Heather B. Avatar

    What a sweet one! And I adore the Zozobug dress!

  383. Jeremey Avatar


  384. Marsha Avatar

    She is BEAUTIFUL!! My Granddaughters would love her 🙂

  385. Nicole Goodsell Avatar
    Nicole Goodsell

    Love her!!!

  386. Ann Avatar

    Too adorable! My grandaughter would love her!

  387. Deb Avatar

    love her! the outfit is great, too!

  388. Angel J Avatar
    Angel J

    You are so good at naming the babies! She IS June! I love her ! I know my girl would too!

  389. Julie Avatar

    we would love to enter.

  390. Jennifer Avatar

    Another stunner!! You ROCK!

  391. Dani Avatar

    She is beautiful! We would love to add her to our family!

  392. Jim Avatar

    Would like to enter for my daughter.

  393. Mary N. Avatar
    Mary N.

    LOVE the freckles!

  394. Bianca Avatar

    She can fly on over here!

  395. Stephen Avatar

    My daughter would love her!

  396. Lynn Avatar

    would love to have her come live with us!

  397. Robert Avatar

    She’s so cute I could hunt ducks with a rake.

  398. Steven Kasapi Avatar

    Lovely doll – her friends are waiting for her!

  399. Dorothy Avatar

    I’ve entered before with no luck, but this one really is one of my favorites, so I’m trying my luck again.

  400. Melissa Avatar

    Oh, I’d love for her to live at my house!

  401. Jason Avatar

    we’d love to have her join our family!

  402. cheryl Avatar

    June can live with us alright, She will climb trees and attend a lot of tea parties and of course always be a welcome addition of storytime. We would love to have her join us!

  403. Sara Kellam Avatar

    My little red head would love this cutie!!

  404. Karen Avatar

    Just adorable!

  405. Sharon M Avatar
    Sharon M

    Oh my Oh my!!! What a sweetie pie!

  406. Laura Avatar

    I would love to have this for my daughters!! cute!!

  407. Kelly Avatar

    She is totally cute.. Fingers crossed

  408. phaedram Avatar

    My daughter would love her (and me too)!

  409. Jennifer P Avatar
    Jennifer P

    Eeep – June has hair like my daughter – MUST cross all body parts crossable and hope luck shines down on us – we LOVE her!

  410. irina williams Avatar
    irina williams

    She is so cute !!!

  411. Ellen L Avatar
    Ellen L

    Would love to give June a hug!

  412. Shari Avatar

    Wow, is she gorgeous or what. I know that Finley would LOVE tucking June in (her birth month!)

  413. Helena Avatar

    We would love to bring June home.

  414. Diana (Ladybug Limited) Avatar

    Would love to win her for my Bug — and I’d have to thank Zozo as she brought me here 🙂 Beautiful!

  415. Megan D Avatar
    Megan D

    That would be perfect for my youngest’s birthday in August.

  416. Nicole Cox Avatar
    Nicole Cox

    She is so cute!!

  417. liz Avatar

    she is gorgeous of course!! love her hair 😉

  418. Matthew Avatar

    My daughter would adore her!

  419. Amy Bortell Avatar
    Amy Bortell

    Awesome! She is so cute. No one will judge me if I don’t give it to my daughter, right? C:

  420. Taylor Cox Avatar
    Taylor Cox

    I just love her!

  421. Lelonie Avatar

    My daughter would just love her!!!

  422. Amy S. Avatar
    Amy S.

    What a beautiful doll !! I know my daughter would love her 🙂

  423. Aimee B. Avatar
    Aimee B.

    Oh, she is so sweet!

  424. Heather E Avatar
    Heather E

    She’s a cutie!

  425. Danielle Avatar

    She is beautiful..June is my birthday month!! 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

  426. Inga Avatar

    She is adorable! I know my little girl would really like her.

  427. meg Avatar

    Oh she is wonderful. Everything about her is perfect– even her freckles!!

  428. andy Avatar

    my wife would be over the moon if I could win June 🙂

  429. Susan Avatar

    June *does* need a new home–and I think I know just the place…

  430. Gabrielle Avatar

    OH, joy! Thanks for the sweet giveaway. 🙂 She’s a doll! (umm… unintended pun. suppose it happens here alot!)

  431. Jane Little Avatar

    OOOh! She’s a cutie! Thanks for having contests from time to time.

  432. Joel Avatar

    Entering for my wife. I mean, my daughters.

  433. Maria Avatar

    She is too cute! Love her hair and the dress is adorable.

  434. Emily Avatar

    Love her!

  435. Melissa Schmidt Avatar
    Melissa Schmidt

    I love the color of her hair! and those freckles!

  436. Georgina Avatar

    We would love to have June come live with us!!!!!! She is so sweet!

  437. Carrie Avatar

    She is very sweet. I just love her freckles’

  438. Will Avatar

    My wife insisted I enter for our daughter who just turned one. I have to admit it’s pretty cute!

  439. Carrie Avatar

    She reminds me so much of my darling niece Cloey! I’d have to consider gifting this baby to her if I get lucky and win. So cute!

  440. Jan Avatar

    She is soooo beautiful…my Granddaugther would LOVE this!!!!

  441. Laine Avatar

    She’s a beautiful dolly! She would make my daughter so happy!

  442. Sarah Avatar

    I hope that she can come live with us!

  443. Kathy Capps Avatar
    Kathy Capps

    I would love for June to come live at my house!

  444. Kelly Avatar

    Ooooohhh, love her!

  445. Serena Avatar

    June is as beautiful as her name! Just lovely!

  446. Amber Avatar

    Oh she is so darling! Love the freckles!!

  447. Melinda Tamkin Avatar

    Too cute!! I don’t know how you do it, each one is indeed a very special treasure!! Love them all.
    xoxo. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  448. Melissa Avatar

    She would fit right in at our house! What a doll, literally!

  449. Marisely Avatar

    She is so beautiful. She looks so happy.

  450. Alysha Avatar

    Naw she is super cute!! Love her freckles ♥

  451. Gina Avatar

    Wow! Adorable! Thanks for the chance!

  452. Dave Avatar

    Our daughter would love her!

  453. Theresa S. Avatar
    Theresa S.

    First time seeing these dolls and wow are they beautiful! I would love to win one!

  454. Judy Brown Avatar
    Judy Brown

    What a beautiful doll. My grandaughter would love her.

  455. Diane Avatar

    She is perfect!

  456. Michelle Avatar

    We would LOVE to give June a new home!

  457. Richard Avatar

    Our grand-daughter would love her!

  458. fuzzmama Avatar

    june, we love you!

  459. Michelle Avatar

    How cute!

  460. Kaytlyn Avatar

    She is adorable!! My daughters would love her!!!

  461. Hannah Avatar

    Oh my isn’t she CUTE!! Tre chic with the bold floral print, too!

  462. Matthew Avatar

    My wife says that I need to get June home to us!

  463. Heather Avatar

    Oh June… please come live with us! <3

  464. BootsB Avatar

    Absolutely charming, grandaughter would love her.

  465. Maria Jones Avatar
    Maria Jones

    Would love to give that cutie a home with us!!

  466. Jamie Robinson Avatar
    Jamie Robinson

    She is so cute. She would be perfect for my daughter’s birthday in September.

  467. Michelle Avatar

    What a dolly! (no pun intended!) She really is sweet!

  468. Kathi Weiss Avatar
    Kathi Weiss

    June looks like she belongs with my granddaughter. She’s lovely.

  469. Rochelle Avatar

    Beautiful! Love her freckles!

  470. Sarah Avatar

    Oh isn’t she just adorable! I love her hair!

  471. Casey Avatar

    Very cool!!!!! 🙂

  472. Nick Avatar

    🙂 Cool beans

  473. TJ Avatar


  474. Meredith Avatar

    This is so nice of you! I have watched from afar for a few months now and would love to win June!
    Thank you.

  475. Melanie Avatar

    It certainly is a lovely community, with a wonderful heart Christina – you and the gorgeous Bambo dolls!

    (I know I know, I said no more this year – but I just can’t resist a giveaway!)

  476. Theresa Avatar

    So cute!

  477. Lisa W Avatar
    Lisa W

    What a cutie! She would be perfect for my girly’s birthday in August! She wants a Bambo really badly for her b-day!

  478. Katie Pike Avatar
    Katie Pike

    Here is hoping! <3

  479. Maria Avatar

    I call my granddaughter “bambolina” because she reminds me of a little doll. June would be a perfect addition to our family.