Jointed Doll Giveaway!!!!

Hi Friends!

We have another VERY exciting giveaway this week for one of our beautiful rainbow boucle Bamboletta jointed dolls!!! Meet Analise, she is super excited to make her journey to the winners forever home!!

A little bit about Analise: She has sunkissed skin, long hair made with mohair boucle in rainbow colours and bright blue eyes. She is wearing the pictured outfit, underpants and wool felt shoes.

The limbs of our jointed dolls are attached using teddy bear joints, and are reinforced inside the body to withstand years of childhood play. These dolls measure approximately 15″ in height. They fit our clothing created for our 15″ dolls. They are hand made with wool, cotton, and lots of love. Skin tones and color of clothing may vary slightly because of circumstances beyond our control due to lighting and various computer monitor settings. Made by team Bamboletta in Canada.

You have three chances to enter! You must post a comment on our blog below as your first entry, then you have a chance for two more if you ‘Like’ our Facebook page and also if you Tweet about it!!

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Not only does the winner get this beautiful doll, but we are also offering free shipping on her…worldwide!!! Please review our terms and conditions. This doll is intended for personal use only…please, please don’t resell her  🙂

The contest ends Tuesday at 12:01am EST. If you don’t see your comment right away that’s because we need to moderate them. Thank you everyone and good luck!


Team Bamboletta







823 responses to “Jointed Doll Giveaway!!!!”

  1. Janet Avatar

    Oh, I LOVE her!!

  2. Kim Giovannini Avatar
    Kim Giovannini

    Wow. she’s beautiful Team Bamboletta!

  3. Kara Avatar

    She is soooo cute!

  4. Tomi McDonald Avatar
    Tomi McDonald

    She is so adorable.

  5. Melissa Avatar

    EEk! super cute!! I would love to win, thanks so much for the chance!! I have yet to own a beautiful Bamboletta doll <3

  6. tara fernandez Avatar
    tara fernandez

    Love love her!

  7. Angel J Avatar
    Angel J

    Shes gorgeous! Would love her! Thank you!

  8. Sonya Duffee Avatar

    She is adorable.

  9. Maegan Davies Avatar
    Maegan Davies

    Love all your dolls! Rainbow hair is my fav 🙂

  10. Jenn A Avatar
    Jenn A

    Would love to win her! Sooooo CUTE!!

  11. Angie D Avatar
    Angie D

    Love her hair!

  12. Claire Hope Avatar
    Claire Hope

    Hoping to get this one!

  13. Kandi Avatar

    Aww, thank you for the chance!

  14. kelly Avatar

    Love her!

  15. Rebecca Kolkow Avatar
    Rebecca Kolkow

    So excited for a chance to win this beauty! Would make my daughter’s adoption day celebration extra special this year!

  16. Rhonda Avatar

    Love your dolls so much

  17. Marie Avatar

    Sweet! I’m also on the Bambo FB page! Hip hip hooray!

  18. Brenna J Avatar
    Brenna J

    She is beautiful!!

  19. Lin Avatar

    So cute!

  20. Jennifer Whitehead Avatar
    Jennifer Whitehead

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  21. Alana Hermsen Avatar
    Alana Hermsen

    Yummy hair!!!

  22. Lara Avatar

    Love her hair!!!

  23. Emily O Avatar
    Emily O

    She is super cute! Would love to give my dd a jointed doll for Christmas! 🙂

  24. kristineH Avatar

    I love her rainbow hair!!

  25. Jenny Avatar

    Her hair is adorable!!

  26. Molly Ceppetelli Avatar
    Molly Ceppetelli

    She is so so sweet!

  27. Darice/Healing Gems Avatar
    Darice/Healing Gems

    Analise is a very beautiful doll. I would love to have her. Good luck to all who enter.

  28. Tracy L Avatar
    Tracy L

    <3 her

  29. Joelle Parkin Avatar
    Joelle Parkin

    she’s so cute!

  30. Allison Avatar

    A jointed doll would be So fun!!

  31. Kelly S Avatar
    Kelly S

    Beautiful hair!

  32. makala Avatar

    love her!

  33. Andrea Halbig Avatar
    Andrea Halbig

    Oh I LOVE her! She has gorgeous hair! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  34. Shannon Dockery Avatar
    Shannon Dockery

    Aw this doll is sooo cute!!

  35. Gina Avatar


  36. Nat Avatar

    Adorable 🙂 Thank you for the chance!

  37. Diann Avatar

    Love her! I want to win! 🙂

  38. christina horn Avatar
    christina horn

    so adorable!

  39. Michelle L Avatar
    Michelle L

    what a beautiful doll Team Bambo!

  40. Tiffany Avatar

    She is perfection. <3 Thank you for this chance!

  41. Sue Brayton Avatar
    Sue Brayton

    Lovely little doll.

  42. Angie S. Avatar
    Angie S.

    Beautiful hair! Would love for her to come home to us & our newly arrived Thamar.

  43. Mel Avatar

    A girl’s gotta try!

  44. Lisa Briones Avatar
    Lisa Briones

    Love her!

  45. Morgan Nahanee Avatar
    Morgan Nahanee

    pretty please pick me! She is lovely and I still haven’t been able to cart a doll my son and I love!

  46. Ashly S Avatar
    Ashly S

    Hoping I did my entries properly and that we get to meet this little lady very soon!:)

  47. Jaime Swan Avatar
    Jaime Swan

    So cute!

  48. Katie B Avatar
    Katie B

    Love her!!

  49. Skye Copeland Avatar

    You all are AWESOME!! 🙂 She is so cool looking! <3

  50. jen Avatar

    love her!

  51. Kristin R Avatar
    Kristin R

    Super cute!

  52. mark Avatar

    very cute!!

  53. Kelly Hall Avatar
    Kelly Hall

    Love her!

  54. Mary Avatar

    So pretty.

  55. bethany killian Avatar
    bethany killian

    Love her! I so want a jointed doll and I love her hair too!

  56. pamela r. Avatar
    pamela r.

    Oh, so cute!! Would love to bring her home!!

  57. Stacie Avatar

    She is the perfect Bamboletta!!

  58. Amy OConnell Avatar
    Amy OConnell

    color-full girl!

  59. Jennifer Avatar


  60. Kathleen Avatar

    Would love this girl to be our first! Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. Nicole Avatar

    So beautiful! Would love to get our first Bambo! 🙂

  62. Jessica Avatar

    She is amazing! Thanks for the chance!

  63. Ang Wilson Avatar
    Ang Wilson

    Oh she is fantastic! She would be perfect to be the big sis to our LB and our first jointed gal too!

  64. Alicia Summe Avatar
    Alicia Summe

    She is very cute!!!

  65. Courtney Avatar

    She is absolutely adorable!

  66. Bev Avatar

    So cute. Love her hair! : )

  67. Anne LW Avatar
    Anne LW

    So pretty, we would love her!

  68. Amber P. Avatar
    Amber P.

    She is precious, thank yoU!

  69. Melissa Avatar

    She is beautiful! My daughter would love her!

  70. Athena Avatar

    She is gorgeous!

  71. jennJK Avatar

    she is adorable!! 😀

  72. Amy F Avatar
    Amy F

    Thanks so much!

  73. Toni Avatar

    My daughter would love this beautiful girl!

  74. Britt Avatar

    My daughters Birthday is coming up! She would absolutely love her!!

  75. Jennife Nickles Avatar
    Jennife Nickles

    <3 <3 <3

  76. Tanya Apodaca Melby Avatar
    Tanya Apodaca Melby

    WOW she is adorable!!!!! Love her hair <3

  77. Rebecca Avatar

    She’s so wonderful! My daughter would flip for her hair! Thank you for offering her like this, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed 😀

  78. Korin B Avatar
    Korin B

    This would be wonderful for my Daughter’s second birthday <3

    We love rainbows!!!!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!! <3

  79. Aunie Hauge Avatar
    Aunie Hauge

    Beautiful girl! Thanks for the chance to win!

  80. Danyiel Johnson Avatar
    Danyiel Johnson

    OMG, a jointed doll I didn’t even know you did those. She is perfect and would fit right in with our family.

  81. Christin Wyckoff Avatar
    Christin Wyckoff

    Oh please pick me I would love to win this beautiful doll for my daughter!!!!

  82. Anne Avatar

    Rainbow boucle would be the best! Thanks!

  83. Vera B. Avatar
    Vera B.

    She’s a cutie! 🙂

  84. Michelle Q Avatar
    Michelle Q

    So beautiful! Thank you!

  85. Tiffany L. Avatar

    My DREAM doll!! Pastel Rainbow Boucle!! *Fingers Crossed*

  86. Celeste JW Avatar
    Celeste JW

    She’s outstanding! 🙂

  87. Spencer Wiggins Avatar
    Spencer Wiggins

    You guys have the biggest hearts, thank you so much for the chance! We would love to give her a home <3 thank you!

  88. Trinity Dawn Maura Avatar
    Trinity Dawn Maura

    Love her!!

  89. Pam Avatar

    Oh my goodness!!! We would love to have her join our family!!!

  90. Danielle H. Avatar
    Danielle H.

    She is dreamy!

  91. Kristie Avatar

    LOVE her!!

  92. Erica Avatar

    My daughter would love her! She is beautiful!

  93. Melissa K Avatar
    Melissa K

    She is adorable!! 🙂

  94. Pam L. Avatar
    Pam L.

    What a beauty! My fingers are crossed!

  95. Christina Avatar

    Jointed!!! Hurray!!! THank you!!!

  96. Sasha M Avatar
    Sasha M

    She is lovely! My daughter would adore her.

  97. Molly Avatar

    Oh, I have been wanting one of your double jointed dolls…for my daughter of course! 😉

  98. Dana Avatar

    Thank you for the chance!! XO

  99. Heather Avatar

    Wow! THank you for the chance! she is beautiful!

  100. amy Avatar

    So cute!

  101. Beth McDonough Avatar
    Beth McDonough

    She is lovely! What a cool giveaway 🙂

  102. Renea Pike Avatar
    Renea Pike

    I love her!

  103. Becky Avatar


  104. Heather Avatar

    So beautiful! Sunkissed, rainbow boucle. Who could ask for more?! ;o)

  105. Deanne Avatar

    You ladies continue to outdo yourselves. We would love her forever!

  106. Karie Avatar

    What a pretty doll! My daughter would love her!!

  107. Kelsey F Avatar
    Kelsey F

    Love the hair as sweet face

  108. simi Avatar

    she’s cute and i would love to add her to our doll collection here in germany! xoxo simi

  109. Maureen Avatar

    She is very lovely. Thank you for the opportunity!

  110. Lauren Hartley Avatar
    Lauren Hartley

    Love her!

  111. Kim C Avatar
    Kim C

    She is beautiful and would put us over the top! Would love to be entered!

  112. Amy G Avatar
    Amy G

    I love her hair – she’s just fabulous!

  113. Kristie Broom Avatar

    WOW, she is gorgeous in every way. Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  114. DeRae Avatar

    Thanks again for the awesome giveaway opportunity!!! 🙂

  115. Jen Avatar

    Oh my goodness! She’s fabulous!
    Thank you for your generosity!

  116. Rebecca GM Avatar
    Rebecca GM

    Wow! She is perfection! Rainbow, boucle, jointed, and so cute, what could be better! Thank you for the chance.

  117. Kelli Avatar

    She is adorable! My daughter would love her to start a collection!

  118. Kristina Avatar

    Wow! How fun!!!!

  119. JLG Avatar

    She is absolutely gorgeous!

  120. Catarina Avatar

    I love her 😀

  121. Jennifer Avatar

    Oh gosh, i have just found out about these cute as button dolls. And yeay i have a little girl now, so fingers crossed 🙂

  122. Ana Avatar

    She is stunning!!!

  123. peggy Avatar

    Lovin her hair colors!

  124. Rhonda Avatar

    Count us in – we’d love to have all that rainbow hair at our house. Love it love it love it!

  125. Shana Avatar

    She is gorgeous!

  126. Corina Avatar

    Fingers n’ toes crossed, thumbs pressed (german custom) that Analise’s path brings her here to our home address- she is the One.
    Thank you so much for this chance to bring Bamboletta Analise Home!

  127. Meredith Klobucnik Avatar
    Meredith Klobucnik

    Oh my gosh my little girl would LOVE to give this doll a home, she is the sweetest <3 Thanks for the chance!

  128. Laurie Green Avatar
    Laurie Green

    I could use a little cheering up from such a happy little girl:)

  129. Jess Avatar

    She is spectacular! I would love to bring her home!

  130. Susie Avatar

    OH MY…yes:)!!

  131. Caroline Terlaje Avatar
    Caroline Terlaje

    She’s darling! She would make a perfect birthday gift for me, since my b-day is on the 3rd of Oct. 😉

  132. Casey U Avatar
    Casey U

    You guys are just too much! Thank you so much for another generous chance to win one of your sweet dolls! <3

  133. Anita Avatar

    love this little girl

  134. Sara Avatar

    So incredibly kind of you. She is so beautiful.

  135. Linda J. Avatar
    Linda J.

    LOVE HER!!

  136. Tanya Avatar

    Ooooh, she is so cute & funky!

  137. Kirsty Avatar

    You girls are so generous! Her hair is amazing!! She’s beautiful, we would love to give her a forever home <3 xx

  138. lynette linton Avatar

    Pick me Please 🙂

  139. Angie T Avatar
    Angie T

    Beautiful! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  140. Gwen Avatar

    Which one of the sweet little girls in my family would I give her to?????

  141. Libby Avatar

    Oh – she is beautiful! Thank you for giving us another chance to win one of your lovely dolls!

  142. Lisa Avatar

    Would love a chance. Thanks.

  143. Jessie Goodwin Avatar
    Jessie Goodwin

    She is truly gorgeous and the contest ends on my birthday, so she would be a fabulous present. lol. I love your work, and am amazed at just how many beautiful dolls I see each week! Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. Melanie C Avatar
    Melanie C

    She is beautiful 🙂

  145. Michelle P Avatar
    Michelle P

    She is super cute!!! Rainbows always make the day brighter!!!

  146. Joyce Avatar

    Thanks for the chance to win this beauty

  147. ronda brodmyer Avatar
    ronda brodmyer

    oh, she is so lovey. you are always so generous with your sweet giveaways.

  148. Lesley Wheeler Avatar
    Lesley Wheeler

    She is gorgeous!!! Could be our butterfly’s twin jointed sister!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  149. Lisa Avatar


  150. Katie G. Avatar
    Katie G.

    We love her!!!!

  151. Kristen K Avatar
    Kristen K

    thanks for the chance!

  152. Ely L Avatar
    Ely L

    She is beautiful!

  153. Heather Avatar

    L. Love her!!!!

  154. Jan W Avatar
    Jan W

    I love her hair. What a cutie pie!!

    You all do amazing work!

    Jan W

  155. Ashley Avatar

    She is beautiful! I hope she can come home to me!

  156. Chantal Avatar

    Love her!!!

  157. Valerie H. Avatar
    Valerie H.

    I love her hair 🙂 she’s adorable

  158. Taleen Avatar

    Thank you for the chance!

  159. Katie Pratt Avatar
    Katie Pratt

    Gorgeous 🙂

  160. Jennifer K Avatar
    Jennifer K

    She is stunning!

  161. Tina Avatar

    Would love to give her a home! Rainbow is my all time favorite. 🙂

  162. Hannah Avatar

    She is beautiful!! I especially love the curly rainbow hair 🙂

  163. Nicole Schulte Avatar
    Nicole Schulte

    so cute!!!

  164. Jennifer L. Avatar
    Jennifer L.

    She is AWESOME!! Love her!! 🙂

  165. Melissa H Avatar
    Melissa H

    She is so cute! 🙂

  166. Kathryn M Avatar
    Kathryn M

    What a Darling Girl, would love to have her!!

  167. Nikki F Avatar
    Nikki F

    Sweet! Fingers crossed

  168. Amy H. Avatar
    Amy H.

    In love! <3

  169. Sarah Avatar

    Holy camoley! I would LOVE for her to come live with meeeeee!

  170. Melissa Avatar

    Pretty girl. We would love her.

  171. Morgan L Avatar
    Morgan L

    Seriously my favorite EVER EVER EVER!!!! <3 Maybe she will meant to be my birthday girl and our first Bambo!

  172. Stephanie Avatar

    Love the rainbow curls!

  173. Barbie harwell Avatar
    Barbie harwell


  174. Misha G. Avatar
    Misha G.

    She is amazing!! Lucy and Wyatt would love her.

  175. Paula M-B Avatar
    Paula M-B

    She is amazing and beautiful:) I love the rainbow locks:)

  176. Madeline Alsworth Avatar
    Madeline Alsworth

    She’s adorable! Thanks for the chance to win her!

  177. LynnMarie Avatar

    Love the rainbows and her pretty smile.

  178. Lindsey B. Avatar
    Lindsey B.

    AAAAGH! I WANT THIS ONE :))))) I hope I pasted in the right tweet URL…anyway, my name is Lindsey you can find my tweet.

  179. Amy N Avatar
    Amy N

    Love her! My girls would love her to come live here.

  180. Cassidy T. Avatar
    Cassidy T.

    Love her!

  181. Laura Muzinic Avatar
    Laura Muzinic

    She is DIVINE! My kids would LOVE her!

  182. Kimberly Avatar

    We’d love her! She’s so pretty! Thank you for the chance. 🙂

  183. Gina Davis Avatar
    Gina Davis

    She needs to live with me!!!She’s beautiful:)

  184. Shannon Avatar

    She is gorgeous!!!

  185. Kristey Avatar

    LOVE! Love, love, LOOOOOVE!

  186. KimberlyY Avatar

    OMG- she is stunning- love, love, love her!!!!!!!

  187. Michelle Clark Avatar
    Michelle Clark

    My daughter would flip for the colorful hair! So cute!

  188. Nicole Seaman Avatar
    Nicole Seaman

    We just LOVE our little bambolettas! What could be better, right? Well, perhaps a jointed doll! We’d love to have her join us, especially for our newest member of our family!

  189. Tiffany S Avatar
    Tiffany S

    Love her!

  190. Jenelle Avatar

    She is gorgeous!

  191. Rebecca Harvey Avatar
    Rebecca Harvey

    She is divine. Beautiful work Team Bamboletta.

  192. Barb C. Avatar
    Barb C.

    Wow she is stunning. My girls would love her.

  193. sara Avatar

    ohhh….what a beauty!

  194. Erin Ladybug Avatar
    Erin Ladybug

    She’s beautiful! Rainbows are just all kinds of awesome. 🙂

  195. SusanB2773 Avatar

    Wow – another gorgeous one!!!! ♥ her

  196. Kelli W-S Avatar
    Kelli W-S

    Wow!!! She is gorgeous!!!! We’d love to give her a forever home!!!

  197. Michele Avatar

    She’s beautiful! We would love to win her!

  198. Susan Daulton Avatar
    Susan Daulton

    she is lovely!!

  199. Gidget Avatar

    Oh how we would love a jointed dolly……our maiya would love to give her hugs:)

  200. Elizabeth C. Avatar
    Elizabeth C.


  201. Felicia Adkins Avatar
    Felicia Adkins

    I would love to give her to my girls.

  202. stacey Avatar

    She is beautiful! Please please please please!!

  203. Stacy W. Avatar
    Stacy W.

    Yay, thank you so much! Still waiting in our first bambo to come home!

  204. Tracy Avatar

    What a gorgeous girl! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  205. mary Avatar

    very beautiful doll! love the joints 🙂

  206. Susan Avatar


  207. elaina marcotte Avatar
    elaina marcotte

    She is soooo precious!

  208. Rosalyn Avatar

    I love her hair, and how the dress coordinates with it. I’d love to win her!

  209. Lisa Avatar


  210. Hope C Avatar
    Hope C

    My daughter would love her. Me please

  211. Kandis Avatar

    another cutie

  212. Heather Knobbe Avatar
    Heather Knobbe

    We would love to have her!!

  213. Elizabeth Utley Avatar
    Elizabeth Utley

    ohhh what a Christmas gift she would be!

  214. Sheila Avatar


  215. anne Avatar

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!!! PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. Charla Nicholson Avatar
    Charla Nicholson

    I cannot tweet to save my life so hopefully one of the other two will do it!

  217. Shannon Avatar

    She is gorgeous!

  218. Olive Avatar

    She’s gorgeous!

  219. Mary Jane Avatar
    Mary Jane

    So cute!

  220. Jen Pigeon Avatar
    Jen Pigeon

    My daughter loves her!

  221. kara Avatar

    i love her:)

  222. Amy Brooke Avatar
    Amy Brooke

    We would love to be her forever home!!

  223. Rachel Avatar


  224. Tanya W Avatar
    Tanya W

    She is SO cute! Her hair and dress…fantastic! Thanks for the chance!

  225. Mandy Conly Avatar
    Mandy Conly


  226. Rachel Apodaca Avatar
    Rachel Apodaca

    She’s so cute!!

  227. Bea Avatar

    Oh, how great it would be if she came to live in my home 🙂

  228. Laura Avatar

    OMG!! My dd’s dream doll! I would love her! I “like” your facebook page already!

  229. Lindsay S Avatar
    Lindsay S

    Love her!

  230. eidolons Avatar

    She’s beautiful! I love her curly rainbow hair. (:

  231. Amy G Avatar
    Amy G

    Wow! Wow! Wow!

  232. Regina Avatar

    Such a beauty! We’d love her!

  233. Claire R Avatar
    Claire R

    What a beautiful girl! Thank you for the chance! 🙂

  234. Mary Avatar

    Love your dolls!

  235. Erica Avatar

    Oh thank you for the chance, rainbow boucle is my absolute fav! <3

  236. Christine Blanek Avatar
    Christine Blanek

    OMG!!!! She is so perfect!!!! simply adorable 🙂

  237. Mary S Avatar
    Mary S

    Me!!!!! :))

  238. Rei Tsou Avatar
    Rei Tsou

    Dream cutie!! how can anyone not LOVE HER!!! please do come to Switzerland, there will be two little girlies and one dolly mama awaits for you with lots of love and hugs!!

  239. Amanda G Avatar
    Amanda G

    She is my dream doll! I know the odds are against me so can you please make lots more rainbow bouchle??? Everyone loves them so much!!!

  240. Liza Avatar

    Loving the giveaways!!! Thanks

  241. Tonya Iles Avatar
    Tonya Iles

    Throwing my name in the hat. She’s stunning!

  242. Nikki B Avatar
    Nikki B

    Eek! She’s adorable!

  243. Rickiann Avatar

    She’s beautiful

  244. Chrystel Avatar

    SWOON! I would just die if this sweetie came to our home! she is perfection!

  245. Lindsey C Avatar
    Lindsey C

    Love love love her hair and cute little outfit! We’d give her a good home 🙂

  246. Amanda Alexandrowicz Avatar
    Amanda Alexandrowicz

    I would love to have her come to my home…

  247. Steph Avatar

    Oh she’s adorable! My kids would love her.

  248. Rebekah Stockton Avatar
    Rebekah Stockton

    She is adorable!

  249. Diane Avatar

    I love her colors!

  250. Monique Avatar

    Beautiful girl! Thanks for the chance!

  251. April Martin Avatar
    April Martin

    I love her hair and blue eyes!!

  252. Sarah F Avatar
    Sarah F

    She is stunning ! thanks for the chance 🙂

  253. Amanda Pinder Avatar
    Amanda Pinder

    very cute 🙂

  254. Michelle Avatar

    These are always such fun – thanks!

  255. Catherine Avatar

    Wow! She is a dream girl! Thanks for the chance to win

    Catherine Ellis

  256. CaTherine Scott Avatar
    CaTherine Scott

    Love her colours:)

  257. carol white Avatar
    carol white

    She is a beauty! Thank you for the opportunity!

  258. JJ Vitale Avatar
    JJ Vitale

    She’s such a cutie!!!

  259. Bonnie B. Avatar
    Bonnie B.

    so cute!

  260. Rene Alldridge Avatar
    Rene Alldridge


  261. Jennifer Avatar

    She is just gorgeous!!!

  262. Mark Bentley Avatar

    We love these. My wife has been trying to win one of these for ages and assures me that our daughter would love it (although I suspect that so would my wife).

  263. Ashlee M Avatar
    Ashlee M

    She is gorgeous!! Love the rainbow hair!

  264. Dawn-Marie Avatar

    Sooo cute!! Love the hair. Thanks for the chance.

  265. Joyce Hermans Avatar
    Joyce Hermans

    This doll is gorgeous with the rainbow hair. Hope I win her.

  266. Joyce Hermans Avatar
    Joyce Hermans

    I hope I can win her for my granddaughter. So pretty.

  267. Carrie Avatar

    love her!

  268. Heather Avatar

    Oh my! A jointed doll AND Rainbow AND Boucle!!!!!

  269. Renee Avatar

    Cutie patootie!

  270. Tracy Avatar

    so pretty!

  271. Rebecca Avatar

    She’s gorgeous!

  272. Kinda Avatar

    Love her!

  273. Jennifer Kitakis Avatar
    Jennifer Kitakis

    Would love to give her a loving home!

  274. Erin K. Avatar
    Erin K.

    Oh my gosh! That hair and those eyes. She’s precious!

  275. Jennifer G Avatar
    Jennifer G

    She is fun! Love the outfit and hair combo.

  276. Dana Williams Avatar
    Dana Williams

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  277. Autumn Avatar

    As usual, you have outdone yourselves. She is gorgeous.

  278. Candy Avatar

    Oh! she could have a lot of fun here!!!!!!

  279. Lola Avatar

    Wow, so beautiful, love the hair!!

  280. Amy LP Avatar
    Amy LP

    Cute!!!!! <3

  281. Amy Avatar

    I wish I had rainbow hair just like that! Maybe someday I will.

  282. Jen Cronyn Avatar
    Jen Cronyn

    I so love that you do this 🙂

  283. Julie Avatar

    She is so sweet.

  284. shannon Avatar

    She is adorable! Love the hair:)

  285. Simone Whyte Avatar
    Simone Whyte

    She is beautiful as all Bambo’s are! My daughter would be thrilled to have her as she adores rainbows!

  286. Diane Avatar

    Just too cute, you ladies are so creative!!

  287. Cindy Avatar


  288. Lisa Avatar

    Gorgeous girl!

  289. Carma Rearick Avatar
    Carma Rearick

    Oh my goodness!!!! She is exactly what my almost 4yo dd wants for X’mas (a curly rainbow haired girl) I sooo hope we win as this would really be the perfect gift from Santa! Daddy’s company may be going of business within the month (which means no severance) and job prospects are still very bleak in in the auto industry in Michigan, so I have been worrying about how to do something special for my kiddos who have had a rough year, and are too young to understand that Santa needs to cut way back this year…so winning this doll would be so awesome! I know it is a looooong shot, but I am crossing my fingers, toes, eyes…Thank you Team Bambo for this very generous offer!!!!!!

  290. Carrie Avatar

    Inspiring generosity.

  291. Renae K Avatar
    Renae K

    You girls are just so sweet….With a little bit of Spunk 🙂

  292. Carolyn Avatar

    Wow, such generosity! Beautiful gal!

  293. Sherry L. Avatar
    Sherry L.

    Thanks so much she is adorable!

  294. Kathleen Avatar

    She is just beautiful! Any little girl could go to faraway places with a doll Ike this!!!

  295. Gena Avatar

    She rocks!

  296. Sascha Avatar

    Would so so so love her!!!!

  297. krista Avatar

    She is adorable! LOVE the rainbow hair 🙂

  298. Indra Avatar

    She is beautiful and we would love to welcome her!

  299. Lisa T. Avatar
    Lisa T.

    Do you believe in love at first sight? She’s beautiful!!!!

  300. Mary Avatar


  301. Carol M.` Avatar
    Carol M.`

    VERY!!! cute!

  302. Kristin Avatar

    Her hair is lovely!

  303. Stefanie Turley Avatar
    Stefanie Turley

    Yet another beauty. You guys are very talented. Thank you

  304. Bernetta Avatar


  305. Daniela Avatar

    sweet and adorable

  306. Kim Avatar

    She’s so cute…my daughter would love her!!!

  307. Trish B. Avatar
    Trish B.

    beautiful work, as always!

  308. Janet Avatar

    She is so beautiful. We would love to share our home with her.

  309. Mindy reese Avatar
    Mindy reese

    Yes we would love her!

  310. Amber I. Avatar
    Amber I.

    What a beautiful doll!

  311. cas z Avatar
    cas z

    my babe has been loving rainbows lately, hopefully this sticks!

  312. Idelle Avatar

    Very cute

  313. Judy Brock Avatar
    Judy Brock

    Would be thrilled to have her come to live with us!!

  314. donna Avatar

    Love rainbow hair !

  315. Jack Avatar

    Fun for the Grand Daughter

  316. Heather K. Avatar
    Heather K.

    Beautiful! My DD really loves her rainbow hair. 🙂

  317. Kelli M. Avatar
    Kelli M.

    Now THAT is a gorgeous rainbow! Love the jointed dolls … and she’s just stunning! 😉 Well done, team Bamboletta!

  318. Bree Avatar

    What a beauty! She has the most divine hair 🙂 thank you for a chance!

  319. april Avatar


  320. Kimi Shibata Avatar
    Kimi Shibata

    Love !

  321. Donna Johnson Avatar
    Donna Johnson

    She is beautiful!!!! Would love to have her; thanks for the chance.

  322. Christine Akers Avatar
    Christine Akers

    Another beautiful doll! Love your lottery style give aways . . . keeps it exciting! Thanks.

  323. Catherine Evans Avatar
    Catherine Evans

    She has the sweetest little face!

  324. Katie. S Avatar
    Katie. S

    Eeep she’s adorable. Analise would have lots of fun here.

  325. Brenda Mc Avatar
    Brenda Mc

    Love her! – <3

  326. Catherine Avatar

    Cutie Pie!

  327. Sharla Avatar

    Love her!!

  328. Jennifer Avatar

    Love her!

  329. Kathleen Avatar

    Love the rainbow hair!!!!

  330. Andrew Avatar

    I hope to win this one. It’s awesome!!!!!

  331. Tam T. Avatar
    Tam T.

    Very cute!!

  332. Elaine Avatar

    so pretty!

  333. Jasmine Davies Avatar
    Jasmine Davies

    She is ADORABLE!!!!

  334. Cassie Avatar

    Love this – she is beautiful!!!

  335. Courtney Scaggs Avatar
    Courtney Scaggs

    <3 love!

  336. Bridget Avatar

    She is so adorable!

  337. Robyn Danielle Avatar
    Robyn Danielle

    Can Analise with the rainbow hair come live with my rainbow babies? Please??

  338. Sara Avatar

    Whoever gets her will be one lucky family! Thank you so much for giving us all the chance to win!!

  339. Wendy Avatar

    she’s a colourful beauty — love her!

  340. Maya S Avatar
    Maya S

    Wow! So pretty!

  341. marie Avatar

    Your never-ending imagination and generosity is so inspiring. The phrase, ‘if you love what you do, how can you call it work?’ certainly applies to all of you at Team Bamboletta!

  342. Nickie Cardozo Avatar
    Nickie Cardozo

    LOVE her!

  343. Diana Avatar

    Would love to win this ray of sunshine for my ray of sunshine.

  344. Kayley S Avatar
    Kayley S

    OMG I love her!! Love love love to win her! <3

  345. Angela Avatar

    Love her hair ….. what a darling.

  346. Cassandra Avatar

    Yay!!! Thank you! She is adorable!

  347. Anne Avatar

    She is beautiful!!!!!!! Hoping we are lucky enough to bring her to live with us!

  348. Katherine Avatar

    would love her!

  349. Liz Rego Avatar
    Liz Rego

    I love this doll and my little girl would too! Thanks for the chance~

  350. Denise Duval Avatar
    Denise Duval

    I’d love to win this doll!!!

  351. Amanda Avatar

    What a sweet, bright, cheery baby… 🙂

  352. Danielle Avatar

    That hair is just gorgeous! Beautiful little lady!

  353. Kennita mains Avatar
    Kennita mains

    She is Wonderful!

  354. Amanda Rae Smith Avatar
    Amanda Rae Smith

    What lovely hair! Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  355. Alanna George Avatar

    Amazingly beautiful as always!

  356. Melissa Leung Avatar
    Melissa Leung

    My friend would love this!

  357. Lisa Avatar

    She is adorable,thanks so much for the chance!

  358. cheryl lynne Avatar
    cheryl lynne

    She is a beautiful girl and I want to touch that hair!! 🙂

  359. jenna Avatar

    rainbow boucle jointed dolly! I’m in!!!

  360. Genny Avatar

    She’s gorgeous!!!

  361. HLN Avatar

    Hello sweet analise! We would love to be your forever home!!! 🙂

  362. NAJ Avatar

    I honestly think this is my favorite jointed doll so far! Love her.

  363. Eryn Avatar

    Oh, she is spectacular!!! Grats to whomever her new mama is! 🙂

  364. AnaRamos Avatar

    So cute!

  365. Susan D Avatar
    Susan D

    Love her & her name!

  366. Nadine Melanson Avatar
    Nadine Melanson

    love her!

  367. Kristin Avatar

    She’s just lovely, with all of those rainbow curls.

  368. melissa Avatar

    Love her, wow!

  369. Becky Lee Avatar
    Becky Lee

    I need to have her!!! so cute!

  370. Samara Pelkey Avatar
    Samara Pelkey

    I Looooooove her!

  371. Chrisitna Avatar

    Thank you for the contest! She is so pretty 🙂

  372. mandy m Avatar
    mandy m

    Super cute!!!

  373. jan Avatar

    Commenting here for entry 1. I have always “liked” your page. Do I dislike it, then relike it for my second entry? LOL And I don’t tweet so that’s out.

  374. sarah styles Avatar
    sarah styles

    Just love her! Would be a perfect addition to our family!

  375. Emily Avatar

    Just discovered these dolls! DARLING!

  376. Bonnie Avatar

    So so cute!

  377. Mindy Avatar

    She is amazing! Thank you for the chance

  378. Megan Maddox Avatar
    Megan Maddox

    Me Me Me – pretty please! 🙂

  379. robin Avatar

    Another beautiful dolly! Great job 🙂

  380. Kali Avatar

    she’s got the sweetest face, we would love to be her forever home!

  381. Emily S Avatar
    Emily S

    so cute!!!

  382. Darlene Avatar

    another giveaway, yahoo!

  383. Jill Cruz Avatar
    Jill Cruz

    She is so precious! An explosion of colour!!!

  384. Amber Avatar

    She is gorgeous!!! 🙂 thanks for the chance sweet ladies!

  385. Nicole Avatar


  386. Kim Avatar

    Super cute! <3

  387. Emily S. Avatar
    Emily S.

    So Very Cute!

  388. Shelly M Avatar
    Shelly M

    Yes please!!

  389. Katina Avatar

    Gorgeous!! We’d love a jointed doll to add to our Bambo family. 🙂

  390. jennjk Avatar

    i already like your page. i need to figure out how to tweet soon. 😀

  391. C Clark Avatar
    C Clark


  392. Keiran Avatar

    She’s rainbowlicious!

  393. Laurie Sewell Avatar
    Laurie Sewell

    We would love to win her!

  394. Rebekah Avatar

    Thank you for another chance to win a beautiful doll! You’re going to make someone very happy!

  395. Janice Avatar

    A rainbow cutie! <3

  396. Kathryn G. Avatar
    Kathryn G.

    ADORABLE! Such a cutie!

  397. Ann Avatar

    Love boucle and rainbows.

  398. Tanya Avatar

    My rainbow girl needs a rainbow doll! 🙂

  399. liz Avatar

    Gorgeous! Hope I win!

  400. Casandra Helzer Avatar
    Casandra Helzer

    Very Cute!

  401. Rachel Avatar

    Thank you so much for this wonderful chance <3

  402. Theresa Avatar

    I love her hair! 🙂

  403. Allison Avatar

    Very cute!

  404. Jen b Avatar
    Jen b

    She’s so cute!

  405. Sara Avatar

    Gorgeous girl!

  406. alison paige Avatar
    alison paige

    Thank you for yet another chance to win a BEAUTIFUL doll! Love love love!

  407. Alison Avatar

    fingers crossed

  408. Chantelle Avatar

    colourful beauty!

  409. Karen W Avatar
    Karen W

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  410. Elaina Avatar

    Super cute

  411. Mery Avatar

    Wonderful doll!

  412. Holly Avatar

    Love her : )

  413. Lissa T Avatar
    Lissa T

    She is adorable! <3

  414. T Lynn Avatar
    T Lynn


  415. Traci Avatar


  416. Austina Avatar

    OH she is just GORGEOUS.
    I LOVE her.
    BIG HUGS to everyone….

  417. darcie lee Avatar
    darcie lee

    love her!

  418. mary anne c. Avatar
    mary anne c.

    She would love living in Hawaii with our family! 🙂 Love the lil beauty!

  419. Angela Saeki Avatar
    Angela Saeki

    Thank you for giving me a chance to win a Bamboletta doll as I am a newbie who has never had one before! I just started collecting dolls for my daughter though so fingers crossed! xoxo

  420. Katherine Avatar


  421. Donna Avatar

    She’s so pretty, thanks for this chance

  422. Stephanie Avatar

    She is precious!!! We love her already!

  423. Kristen P Avatar
    Kristen P

    Another beauty! Would love to win. 🙂

  424. Annalise Avatar

    Omg! What a precious doll! Must say I love the name! I’ve been looking and waiting for a doll that shares my name for a very long time! Maybe this will be the one! Can only hope 🙂
    Thanks for this amazing chance!

  425. Becky Bowman Avatar
    Becky Bowman

    The arms of my granddaughter are open and waiting!

  426. Bretton Avatar

    got an error message so sorry if re-post… Love, love, love her hair. I would love to give Annalise a loving home in the Colorado Rockies!

  427. Laura Avatar

    That is some wild hair! Love it.

  428. Stacey Avatar

    Would love our first jointed doll!!!

  429. Linda Todd Avatar
    Linda Todd

    Thanks for the chance!!

  430. Allie Rae Avatar
    Allie Rae

    We would love to have a beautiful rainbow girl to add to our family. THnaks for the chance 🙂

  431. Kelly W Avatar
    Kelly W

    Such a cutie!

  432. Lis Avatar

    Love love love her hair!

  433. Andrea Swan Avatar
    Andrea Swan

    she’s beautiful! my little girl would love her!

  434. Ying Avatar

    What a beautiful doll – as always!

  435. Mindy Avatar

    she is gorgeous

  436. elizabeth c Avatar
    elizabeth c

    She is a bright rainbow on this rainy day! such a happy doll!

  437. brenda Avatar

    She’s gorgeous

  438. Rebecca J Avatar
    Rebecca J

    Amazing doll!

  439. Kelly Avatar

    She is beautiful!

  440. Rebecca J Avatar
    Rebecca J

    Very beautiful!

  441. Shawnika Hickey Avatar

    i love your dolls my little girl loves the hair colors and wants one so badly

  442. Jennifer B. Avatar
    Jennifer B.

    She is adorable!

  443. Amanda H Avatar
    Amanda H

    She is gorgeous and would fit right in here! We would LOVE to have her!

  444. Shana Avatar

    So excited about the new jointed dolls! This girl is amazing 🙂

  445. Brittany Avatar

    My daughter would love her!

  446. Tia Hall Avatar
    Tia Hall

    My 6yr old would LOVE her!!

  447. Karen Avatar

    Beautiful!!! Fingers crossed!

  448. Ben Avatar

    My daughter would think I’m the best dad ever!!!

  449. Lydia Avatar

    She is so cute!!

  450. Kelli Avatar

    AHHH I wish this day would get here already I no its a very hard chance of winning but I am so happy that I have a chance eeek she is so beautiful …DD is turning the big number 2!! This would be the perfect gift!! crossing everything that can be crossed!! Thanks for giving us all a chance!!

  451. Ann Avatar

    I’ve loved these dolls since forever!

  452. Nicole Avatar

    I love her rainbow hair! Thank you 🙂

  453. Chelsi Avatar

    So beautiful!

  454. Jennifer Bouvy Avatar
    Jennifer Bouvy

    Thank you for the chance! She is so adorable!!

  455. Laurie Schwartz Avatar
    Laurie Schwartz

    Been stalking your blog and FB for awhile. Would LOVE to have one of these dolls for my little girl! I’m a little panicked at how difficult it seems to be, so winning one would be super!

  456. Laurie Schwartz Avatar
    Laurie Schwartz

    Been stalking your blog and FB for awhile. Would LOVE to have one of these dolls for my little girl! I’m a little panicked at how difficult it seems to be, so winning one would be super!

  457. Theresa Avatar

    Oh my goodness! Yes, please!

  458. Theresa Avatar

    Oh my goodness! Yes, please! We would love her

  459. Sarah Poskitt Marlow Avatar
    Sarah Poskitt Marlow

    She is very cute, love the hair

  460. ameliaw Avatar


  461. Erin Walsh Avatar
    Erin Walsh

    She is absolutely adorable! Would love to win her for my daughter! Thank you!

  462. Mia Jones Avatar
    Mia Jones

    We would love this girl here!

  463. Jennifer I. Avatar
    Jennifer I.


  464. Melinda Avatar

    She is divine!!!!

  465. Heather Y. Avatar
    Heather Y.

    I would LOVE to win this doll for my daughter. I haven’t gotten a doll from you, yet, but I am hoping I win one!!!! 😉

  466. Marina Avatar

    She is super cute!

  467. Amber H Avatar
    Amber H

    My girls would LOVE her! Thanks so much!!

  468. Lisa W. Avatar
    Lisa W.

    She is adorable!!

  469. Breanne Kaiser Avatar
    Breanne Kaiser

    She’s beautiful!!

  470. Lexi Lucas Avatar
    Lexi Lucas

    She’s gorgeous! We’d love to give her a home.

  471. Claire D Avatar
    Claire D

    Love her!

  472. Sundee Avatar

    Super sweet!

  473. Stephanie E. Avatar
    Stephanie E.

    Oooh! So excited to see the new jointed dolls up close! Plus she is just too sweet!

  474. Shannon Avatar

    My baby would love to hold this cutie! 🙂

  475. Hk Avatar

    Love the pretty rainbow hair 🙂

  476. Aimee Avatar

    Entering for my daughter! What an awesome Christmas present this would be!!

  477. Elizabeth Jones Avatar
    Elizabeth Jones

    My girls would love her <3

  478. Vicki M Avatar
    Vicki M

    OMG Us please!

  479. Czume Avatar

    Love her!

  480. Heidi C. Avatar
    Heidi C.

    WOW! another chance to win a beautiful Bamboletta doll!
    We would love this rainbow haired lovey to come to our home!

  481. Xochi Garcia Avatar
    Xochi Garcia

    I love love love her!!!

  482. Jane Avatar

    Rainbow boucle – what a sweetie 🙂

  483. Andrea Avatar

    She is beautiful!!!!

  484. Sandra P Avatar
    Sandra P

    Would so love to have Analise as a forever member of our home

  485. Elizabeth Avatar

    Love her colorful hair.

  486. Barbie Pantoja Avatar
    Barbie Pantoja

    My daughter would love this!

  487. Erica R Avatar
    Erica R

    She is super cute!

  488. Jill Gustafson Avatar
    Jill Gustafson

    ohhh you have no idea how much I would love to win this doll… she is gorgeous..cutest I have seen. I LOVE rainbows and so want a jointed. Thank you for offering her.

  489. jessica filina Avatar
    jessica filina

    I love her, she is so beautiful! I want her to be my friend!!! thats what my 3 year old daughter said!!!

  490. Catherine Avatar

    She’s lovely! Thanks!

  491. Jennie Avatar

    I love everything about her! I would love a jointed doll 🙂

  492. Willow Avatar

    Rainbow hair! 🙂

  493. Jill Gustafson Avatar
    Jill Gustafson

    OH my goodness… it would be unbelievable to win her… WOW!

  494. Megan Avatar

    My kiddos would love her!

  495. Katherine G Avatar
    Katherine G

    Super cute girl!!!

  496. Abby Avatar

    Amazing. She is a dream…would love that dream to come true for my dd.

  497. Shelly Gudmunsen Avatar
    Shelly Gudmunsen

    She’s sweet <3

  498. jennifer Avatar

    So cute!!!

  499. Linda Z Avatar
    Linda Z

    She is gorgeous. We would love to have her!! Thank you for this opportunity :))

  500. Sheridan Bunch Avatar
    Sheridan Bunch

    Oh my goodness! She is too adorable. 🙂 We would love to be her forever home.

  501. Kristin Z Avatar
    Kristin Z

    We would love to make her part of our family!

  502. Nikki Avatar

    So colourful!

  503. Susie H. Avatar
    Susie H.

    She is GORGEOUS. And a jointed doll – she will be a lifelong friend to someone very lucky!!!

  504. Suzi Avatar

    Thanks for the chance, i would love her!

  505. Piccoli Caitlin Avatar
    Piccoli Caitlin

    We would love a first Bambo here. Awesome hair!

  506. Jacqueline Avatar

    She’s lovely

  507. Catherine Scott Avatar
    Catherine Scott


  508. Tabatha Avatar

    Would <3 her!!!!!!

  509. Jackie Avatar

    such rainbow cuteness. She’s beautiful. 🙂

  510. Mo Avatar

    very cute 🙂

  511. Merrina Zhang Avatar
    Merrina Zhang

    So beautiful, I would love to give her a home!

  512. Kandis Avatar

    what a cutie!

  513. Samantha Avatar

    She is stunning <3

  514. Nicole Crane Avatar
    Nicole Crane


  515. Theresa Avatar

    Sweet doll

  516. Melissa Alberque Avatar
    Melissa Alberque

    This doll is beautiful!! Thanks for such an amazing opportunity!

  517. Johanna Avatar

    I love her!!! She’s adorable.

  518. Tracy Gaito Avatar
    Tracy Gaito

    Analise is wonderful! That hair is fabulous – my (very soon to be) 4 year old would love to give her a forever home.

  519. patricia Avatar

    Gorgeous!! The kids would LOVE her!!!

  520. Kelly Avatar

    Would love her!!!

  521. Heidi F Avatar
    Heidi F

    Recently found these and am surely falling in love! Would be an amazing present for my little girl with 5 older brothers 🙂

  522. Linda Avatar

    Ohh. she’s gorgeous!! My daughter (20 months) took one look, and said “Awwwwww”!

  523. Ashley Avatar

    Would love to give her a good home 🙂

  524. Michelle C. Avatar
    Michelle C.

    Love her.

  525. Tiffany Hatch Avatar
    Tiffany Hatch

    She’s so gorgeous! What a generous giveaway. <3

  526. Mery Avatar

    Beautiful doll!

  527. Angela Komljenovic Avatar
    Angela Komljenovic

    Your company is so sweet and lovely it shows through in these beautiful dolls that I so want for my little one. Thanks for the chance

  528. katharine Avatar

    Would love to see a jointed dolly in person – she’s so sweet…! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  529. Vanessa Ellen Avatar
    Vanessa Ellen

    Oh my goodness, she is positively lovely

  530. Heather Withers Avatar
    Heather Withers

    Would love to have little Analise join our family. I would never be able to afford one of these dolls, but they are so sweet and adorable and my daughter would love to have her join her little family of dolls. Thank you so much for the chance to win 🙂

    My little Elise has her fingers crossed

  531. sherri smith Avatar
    sherri smith

    Very cute!

  532. Aimee C Avatar
    Aimee C

    Fingers crossed!

  533. Anna Avatar

    Thanks for the chance!

  534. Christine Avatar

    Love the rainbow curls!!

  535. Nancy Avatar

    I’m thinking lucky thoughts!!

  536. Melissa Elliott Avatar
    Melissa Elliott

    Thanks for the chance! <3

  537. Robynn Avatar

    She is gorgeous!!

  538. n. pulver Avatar
    n. pulver

    thank you for the chance

  539. Stephanie C. Avatar
    Stephanie C.

    Supercute!!! LUV these dolls.

  540. Marina Avatar

    She’s so sweet! Would love to give her a for ever home!!!!! My son would love her!

  541. Brittany T Avatar
    Brittany T

    Fingers crossed! 🙂 Both of my daughters would love her!

  542. ashley Avatar

    thank you!

  543. Heather Salmeron Avatar
    Heather Salmeron

    She’s so cute! 🙂

  544. Andrea G Avatar
    Andrea G

    Oh my….you girls know how to choose them! <3

  545. Heather Avatar


  546. Carol Avatar

    I would love a chance to win!

  547. Leslie Avatar

    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!! 🙂

  548. Victoria Avatar

    she’s beautiful!

  549. Michaela Avatar

    I would love to gift her to a sweet deserving Momma!

  550. michelle yager-French Avatar

    who doesnt want a rainbow bamboo!

  551. Hanna Avatar

    Love her!!!!!!

  552. Barbara H Avatar
    Barbara H

    She is stunning and awesome in every way! Thanks for the chance!!!

  553. Sarah S Avatar
    Sarah S

    She is perfect!!!

  554. Sue LaFleur Avatar
    Sue LaFleur

    She is just precious!!!! We would love her:))

  555. Brenda Bell Avatar
    Brenda Bell

    You guys know how much we love rainbow dolls! Thanks for the chance <3

  556. Jessica Avatar

    I would love to give this beautiful girl to my beautiful girl:) Thanks for the giveaway!

  557. Jacinta W Avatar
    Jacinta W

    She is so beautiful. My Little girl would so love her. Thank You for the chance!!

  558. Christine Foley Avatar

    She’s adorable!!!!

  559. Amanda Andresen Avatar
    Amanda Andresen

    Oh my! Rainbow lovin! So pretty

  560. Sarah Clark Avatar

    Woah woah so very generous! She is gorgeous and my daughters would be totally thrilled with her. Hopeful! <3

  561. Sue Shermetaro Avatar
    Sue Shermetaro

    Sooooo cute!!!

  562. christina juhas Avatar
    christina juhas

    so pretty :)I would love to have my first Bamboletta <3

  563. Tara Avatar

    Oh she is beautiful- my girls would have so much fun with a jointed girl <3

  564. Rhonda Avatar

    Super cute!

  565. Jennifer Avatar

    I know a certain little girl who would just love her.

  566. Suzi C Avatar
    Suzi C

    I love her, she’s stunning. We love rainbows AND dollies here!

  567. Kerri Learning Avatar
    Kerri Learning

    love her!

  568. Jen Avatar

    She’s scrumptious! Here’s hoping!

  569. Annette Avatar

    She rocks!

  570. JoAnne Avatar

    Would love her for my DD, what a nice birthday present this would make 🙂

  571. Sonya Duffee Avatar
    Sonya Duffee


  572. Sandra Miles Avatar
    Sandra Miles

    Love her hair! So pretty.

  573. carol white Avatar
    carol white

    I love her hair! It’s gorgeous! My grand daughter would be thrilled to have a beautiful rainbow dolly like her!

  574. Jennifer Hartman Avatar
    Jennifer Hartman

    Amazing Doll – thanks for the chance! 😉

  575. Jennifer P Avatar
    Jennifer P

    Eep – my heart skipped a beat – she is so sweet!!! My baby turns one on the 15th and would love to snuggle her!!!!

  576. Steph W. Avatar
    Steph W.

    She is sooooo cute!!! 🙂

  577. Erica Eley Avatar
    Erica Eley

    I would love to give this beauty a forever home. Thanks for the chance!

  578. Adrian Avatar

    I LOVE her! So cute <3

  579. tree Avatar

    i absolutely love her!! i think my daughter would adore her as well. Thanks for the chance!!

  580. Xoxotova Avatar

    Sooooo soooo sweet! Would love this baby !!

  581. Julie Avatar

    Love her!!! So sweet 🙂

  582. Bridgett Avatar

    Hooray for giveaways! Thank you!

  583. Caroline Avatar

    ooh! Love this!

  584. Angela Shaw Avatar
    Angela Shaw

    LOVE!!! We need her. ( :

  585. Violet kosecki Avatar
    Violet kosecki


  586. Josefine Avatar

    Very cute!

  587. Julie Avatar

    She’s beautiful!

  588. KC Held Avatar
    KC Held

    She’s gorgeous!!

  589. Jill L. Avatar
    Jill L.

    She is gorgeous!! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity.

  590. melissa cardenas Avatar

    So precious! Thanks for the chance!

  591. casey taylor Avatar
    casey taylor

    i would love to win a beautiful bamboletta, it is my Charleys birthday soon, and she would love her forever!

  592. Wendy Avatar

    Oh my goodness! she is sooooooooo adorable!! My daughter would love to welcome her home :c) thanks for the chance!

  593. Johnna Avatar

    What a gorgeous girl!!!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  594. Shannon Avatar

    Evie would LOVE her. Thanks so much for the chance <3

  595. Claire Hope Avatar
    Claire Hope

    She is beautiful! Love her hair!

  596. Sarah Avatar

    I love her! Such a cutie!

  597. Courtney Avatar

    Super cute!

  598. Lisa G Avatar
    Lisa G

    We would love her!

  599. Liana M Avatar

    she’s incredibly beautiful!

  600. Cara Avatar

    Would love her!!

  601. megan Avatar

    she’s just lovely….so sweet! her outfit is amazing too. xo

  602. beth Avatar

    We would love this sweet dolly!

  603. Melanie Avatar

    LOVE her!!

  604. Brian S Avatar
    Brian S

    My girls would love her.

  605. Dana BP Avatar
    Dana BP

    She is so utterly amazing!!

  606. Cat Avatar

    ooooh! Lots of entries 🙂 Love the rainbow hair. Would make a good buddy doll for ours!

  607. Sommer Avatar

    She is so beautiful. My daughters will love her. 🙂

  608. Casey Steele Avatar

    LOVE HER!!!♥!!!♥!!!♥!!!♥!!!♥!!!

  609. Gretchen Gilpin Avatar
    Gretchen Gilpin

    She is just beautiful – would love to have her!

  610. Vanessa M Avatar
    Vanessa M

    Oh my goodness, me!!

  611. Samantha Riddle Avatar
    Samantha Riddle

    Great competition! Well done 🙂

  612. Roxanna Avatar


  613. kathlin Avatar

    love her hair!

  614. Kim Avatar


  615. Amy Brooke Avatar
    Amy Brooke


  616. Rona Avatar

    She is absolutely adorable, and the hair is fantastic!

  617. Nicole W Avatar
    Nicole W

    I’d love to put her under our Christmas tree for my daughter!!

  618. Annie Avatar


  619. Candice Lewis Avatar
    Candice Lewis

    Adorable as always!!!!!

  620. Colleen Sauter Avatar
    Colleen Sauter

    We would give her a great home with lots of dolly friends!!!

  621. Deb Avatar

    I can’t decide if she would be mine or my 16 month old daughter’s…I think mine! ;o) She’s beautiful!

  622. Amy Avatar

    It would be fun to surprise my daughter with her. 🙂

  623. Shannon Avatar

    Love her!

  624. Kerrie Avatar

    Please, Please

  625. Tara Drummond Avatar
    Tara Drummond

    We would love to have her come to our house!