Jasmyn Has a New Home!

Jasmyn (contest doll from March) has arrived at her new home with Colleen and her 3 (!) little girls. I posted a few pics here and the lovely letter that Colleen sent me – Jasmyn could not have gone to a better home.

I’ll have another doll giveaway sometime in April, sign up for my newsletter for information closer to the date.






3 responses to “Jasmyn Has a New Home!”

  1. Naomi Avatar

    As usual, you are such a generous soul! How great to see all the pictures on your Flicker stream with all the happy kiddos and Bambolettas… I am especially in love with that mermaid outfit. Wow!

  2. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) Avatar

    My birthday is in April! *waggling eyebrows*
    Maybe it will be my month!

  3. Maddie Avatar

    Your dolls are just fabulous! I have just discovered your website and have been drooling (alas, it is true, but mainly because I have had braces fitted yesterday lol) over it! The pictures of children and their loved ones are wonderful.
    I will show your site to my better half and try to convince him that we need to ‘invest’ in one of your dolls for our five year old daughter.

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