You know when you meet someone and you instantly connect, like that person has been your friend forever, it’s rare but a wonderful thing when it does happen. I was fortunate enough to have this connection with one of my customers, Jackie, who’s daughter Liv saved up her own money to buy one of my dolls last summer. I met Jackie last Christmas and had the pleasure of seeing Liv with her dolly ‘Maisy’. Jackie and I have kept in touch through our blogs, Facebook and general comments. You instantly know that Jackie is an amazing soul, so kind and a wonderful human being.

Anyhow, my heart aches for Jackie right now. Her love, her partner, father to her young children died suddenly about a week ago. Jeff suffered a pulmonary embolism and was only 45 years old.

Jackie now faces the daunting task of raising her beautiful children on her own. I cannot imagine how lonely and devastating this time must be for Jackie.

I am sure you will join with me in keeping Jackie, her children and their family in your thoughts at this time.

If you are interested in helping Jackie and her children, please visit this blog for more information; her friend Rach has been kind enough to organise a fund for the Chandler family.

It has made me realise just how quickly our lives can change forever…






4 responses to “Jackie”

  1. Tressa Avatar

    ah, my heart is breaking for jackie. i will send her all the loving grace and trust that i can muster.


    chris, the link to rach’s blog doesn’t work. here’s the full address: http://grandyandbaa.blogspot.com/

    peace, my friend.
    xo t.

  2. nathalie Avatar

    This is a very sad situation. My heart goes out to Jackie and her children. And you are right, life changes in a minute. That’s why I try so hard to cherish my moments together with my daughter and husband. Human life is a delicate balance. One minute wasted could mean an eternity wasted, if you know what I mean. I better go hug Kennedy and tell her how much I love her. Have a bright and wonderful day!

  3. Meike Avatar

    Oh no, that is absolutely heartbreaking. 🙁 They will definitely be in my thoughts.

  4. admin Avatar

    Thanks gals. I know Jackie appreciates all this outpouring of support.

    Thanks T for the link correction 🙂 C

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