It’s almost time for customs!

I’ve been trying to get organized for the re opening of custom dolls. I’ve got the fabric on order..

.Picture 1 Picture 2

Picture 3 Picture 4

Picture 5 Picture 6

I’ll probably change the fabric choices pretty often. I tend to get tired of prints fairly quickly, except the Folklore (the one with the squirrels) I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of that. In case you are wondering what I’m going on about – when you order a custom doll you can choose the fabric that you’d like the doll to be dressed in ,or, you can leave it up to me. I tried to find fabrics that I think I’d like as a child, but are still modern looking. The strawberry one at the top isn’t something I’d normally choose but I know I would have been my fav when I was a kid.  I had to get something in the ‘mix’ that was pink and flower-y.. I tend to stay away from those kinds of looks because it’s just not my aesthetic, but I have to remember it’s not just about what I like. Ha – that’s when my inner 6 year old comes in handy.

I’m going to open the customs in 2 ‘sets’. The reason I’m doing this is so that my international ladies can order a doll at a decent hour. So, the first ‘set’ will be available at 6pm PST December 15th  and then the other one will be at 8am on December 16th. I don’t know if this is necessary – there are quite a few spots opening up, but John and the rest of the mamas on Facebook seem to think they are going to go in a flash. I’m also going to increase my bandwidth to handle the increase in traffic- just trying to get prepared!

I’ll be sending out a newsletter soon about all of this, the dates will be posted on my homepage as well.

Okay – I have to go get sewing.. I’m trying to get a dozen or so dolls up for Friday!







11 responses to “It’s almost time for customs!”

  1. Amber Avatar

    If I am any indication, the spots will totally be gone in a flash. I’ll be stalking you starting at 5:55 on the 15th! 🙂

  2. Cara Avatar

    LOVE your choices Christina!!!
    and yes your “inner child” is right….Vivianrose (7 years) LOVES the strawberry print <3

  3. Candy Avatar

    I’m with Amber!

  4. ingrid Avatar


  5. cheryl Avatar

    Love the white background mushroom one with the snails…My kids like that because there are so many of them here. and of course the strawberry. We are too big fans of the squirrel one too and then I also like the doll one…Have you seen the downloadable dolls like that you can make from paper at Mahar Dry Goods…So cute, Waiting for the 15th…..

  6. Cheryl K-L Avatar

    Oh I love the My Folklore fabric too!!!! And I think others do too. I sold out in a week after I posted it and then found out that the manufacturer has discontinued it and is no longer printing it. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    I know my daughter is a bit young for the dolls but can I just purchase a shirt for a future doll made with this fabric? LOL.

  7. admin Avatar

    say it ain’t so Cheryl! thanks for the heads up. i’m going to get my fabric for curtains now then. i have a vision of my studio with curtains made with folklore.
    of course you can get a shirt with the fabric!! the kimonos are cute in it.

  8. April Avatar

    Whoa, how awesome is THAT that you have to increase your bandwidth to accommodate your fans?

    Good job!

    1. admin Avatar

      hello friend! yes, the bandwidth and I’m looking at figuring out how to make this whole process more streamlined. we had almost 1200 people on the site at the same time all after the Friday dolls. i’m learning all sorts of website things, like how to ‘span’ your site – very interesting. you are totally first on my list April – you know that 🙂 xo c

  9. Kristy Avatar

    I love the new fabric!! I think it’s great that so many families are looking to get a bamboletta. I’m glad I ordered Marlie’s custom in July though. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday time with your family and do hope you take a much needed break (and go see New Moon??) I’ve seen it twice and can’t wait for Eclipse! 😀

  10. rachel Avatar

    I sure hope that I get a chance to get dolls for my 3 kids someday. I just keep missing them on your site.

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