I haven’t had a good trip to a fabric store for quite some time. I have a huge stockpile of fabrics That I usually pull from. Reggie usually makes most of my clothing, so often I’ll just buy a bunch of stuff from Superbuzzy and then have it shipped directly to her. Yesterday I was able to sneak out to Fabricland, John had the kids so I was free to peruse and fondle at my leisure.   I needed some new inspiration for a new line of clothes that Con and I are starting on and for a little dress that I’m making up for my new 8″ doll.

Speaking of the 8″ doll, OMG, so cute and little. She was inspired by Jaspers love of this small little mermaid that I made. I think he loves how little she is. I’ve also noticed that lots of moms are buying my dolls as a 1st birthday present or for little babies. This is fine, but, I don’t think the dolls really get played with until the child is about 2 or 3 depending on the particular child- they are kind of big.  A little 8 inch gal is small enough to be dragged around, the clothing will be bright and simple with nothing to go over the head and all the fastenings with velcro and the hair will be totally stitched on in permanent braid or pigtails to prevent little ones from sucking on the hair or trying to pull it out. I’ll post a pic of one as soon as I get her finished. I have to do one more sample and get some clothing made. I think this has been my favorite project.. I love little things!






4 responses to “Inspiration”

  1. Monica Avatar

    Oh…I can’t wait to see an 8 inch doll! So exciting!
    I went to the fabric store alone yesterday as well…bliss!!!

  2. Meike Avatar

    I have a thing for small dolls as well. I’m now making a bigger one, and it’s just so… different! Most of my dolls are small. I’m a fiddly person, always have been, according to my mom. 🙂 I see the same thing in my daughter! I must say though that sewing a bigger doll is so much easier, now that I’ve actually tried it! 😀

  3. Christine Avatar

    I’m real curious to see the small one too! And those fabrics look so good and beautiful out in the sun.


  4. Victoria Avatar

    I can’t wait to see the little one. My daughter is a “little one” too so I understand the appeal.

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