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We’ve got John’s parents staying with us for the next few weeks. Benjamin is in heaven, Grannie Annie has surpassed mama and is his number one lady. I don’t think I saw him all day. It’s amazing, he has met her once when he was 8 months old- but he took to her immediately, he really just knows that she is his Grandma – it’s pretty cool to see this bond developing.

I’m not too sure about the doll availability this week. I’m almost out of clothing and am getting in a new batch from the wonderful Reggie next week. I may wait to post dolls on Etsy and just put up some new Pouchy dolls and some little mermaids..yes, that’s right, little mermaids! I’ve made a few up and they’ve left me before I could even photograph them. So cute and little.. about 7 or 8 inches long.  I’ll see what I can get done tomorrow- all things depend on the nap situation.

I’ve had loads of ‘inquiries’ for Cherry Blossom Fairy. I wasn’t sure why I was holding on to her so dearly. Usually if someone wants a doll enough, I take it as that doll was meant to go to that home. I thought I was keeping her for a future daughter or grand  daughter or something like that. Anyhow, I was having a good chat with Grannie Annie about the dolls and showing her around the workshop when spotted the Fairy and started to cry. John (my husband and her son) had a little tradition in which he would pick the first blossoms from their cherry tree and give it to her each Spring.  This doll reminded her of those special times. Goodness, how could I not give her this doll!

BTW Almost every email from friends and contacts has included a ‘I read your blog too’ comment. Thanks! I think this brings us up to 15! 






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  1. Meike Avatar

    Goosebumps from your cherry blossom story.Isn’t it magic, the way dolls just find their own way??

  2. nathalie Avatar

    i hope you had a wonderful mother’s day!!! isn’t it so great to see this bond developing?! grandmas are always so caring and gentle.

  3. devon Avatar

    I love that story! Please save a mermaid for me, it is the perfect present for my friend’s daughter. She is mermaid CRAZY!

  4. Berrie Avatar

    Oh sweet. Here’s a little secret. I’m sending 10 outfits to you tomorrow or Saturday. I’m going to put pics on my Flickr page because they are too darn cute.

  5. admin Avatar

    Yeahh Berrie! I’m so excited about this, your clothing is AMAZING! I’m going to have them for sale at the Farmer’s Markets. I’ll model them on the gals and take some pics of the ‘collaboration’ 🙂
    Mermaid is yours Devon!
    Thanks Meike and Nathalie for the sweet comments. I’m really enjoying my mother in law’s presence right now, we get on so well. It’s like having a friend come and visit..but she cooks dinner and holds the kids all the time.

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